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Chapter Directory 296 Zuo Xiaolan's Worry
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 93: Zuo Xiaolan's Worries

     For the first three hours in jail, both of them seemed to be in peace.

     Ye Ci didn’t want to pay attention to Fleeting Time. He sat alone in the corner with his eyes closed, and Fleeting Time sat in the opposite corner with his eyes closed. No one said a word. Ye Ci didn’t open his eyes until it was about to eat. After looking at Fleeting Time, she wanted to say hello to Fleeting Time and said she would go to dinner, but she didn’t think it was necessary. After all, she didn’t seem to be familiar with Fleeting Time to that extent. Besides, she didn’t want to at all Talk to Fleeting Time.

     So, she just looked at Fleeting Time and said nothing, turned and went offline.

     Until Ye Ci was offline, Fleeting Time opened his eyes and looked at the place where Ye Ci was offline, then rubbed his chin, as if thinking about something. After a while, he also went offline. .

     The dishes tonight are very rich. Ye Ci limped out of the house and smelled the scent before entering the restaurant. She wrinkled her nose and sniffed it a few times, only feeling gurgling in her belly. Screamed, really hungry.Just as Ye Ci wrinkled his nose and smelled it, Bai Mo waved his hand out of the bathroom. He saw Ye Ci standing at the entrance of the living room, and he had a rare feeling. He shook the water after washing his hands, and looked up and down at Ye Ci: "Hey, the sun came out from the west today? How can I eat meals so punctually?"

     Ye Ci heard Bai Mo's voice and turned to look at Bai Mo, frowning: "Didn't you just say you called me during dinner? Why? Seeing you like this, you don't have any plans, right?"

     "Anyway, you have to hang up. It doesn't matter if you eat early or later." Bai Mo shrugged, and then whispered in Ye Ci's ear: "What's more, I think you will have a lot to say with that Fleeting Time , I’m going to bother at this time. I don’t know it. The worst thing in the world is to make light bulbs. I’m a very interesting person.”

     "What nonsense are you talking about!" Ye Ci raised eyebrows immediately, staring at Bai Mo, gasping for breath.

     "What are you doing there with your eyebrows and your eyes raised? Come over and grab a bowl for dinner!" Ye Nantian just brought the food to the table, and saw Ye Ci and Bai Mo standing at the door of the living room, hurriedly greeted the two of them to come over for dinner.Ye Ci glared at Bai Mo again. Bai Mo scratched his hair innocently. First, he walked over to help hold the bowl and set the chopsticks. Ye Ci walked slowly to the table, and when he saw so many dishes, he couldn't help being surprised: "Why are there so many dishes! Is Polang coming back today?"

     "Well, today his mock test should be there in a while." Ye Nantian smiled and moved the stool. This was probably the happiest time for him. There were many people eating at home, it was lively, and a table filled with reunion. Only at this time, it looked the most like a home.

     Ye Ci said a few words to Ye Nantian, and heard the key ring at the door, and then heard Tan Polang's voice from the hallway: "I'm back!"

     "Polang is back?" Zuo Xiaolan stretched out his head from the kitchen and said with a smile: "Hurry up and wash your hands, and eat with one more dish!"

     "Okay!" Hearing Tan Polang's voice was very relaxed, it seemed that his results on the mock test were very good.

     The family sat around the table and ate. Of course, the most important issue was the results of the Tan Polang mock exam. The results were very satisfactory to everyone. The second issue that everyone is concerned about is that Ye Ci went to jail today."Xiao ci, will going to jail in the game affect real life!" This is what Zuo Xiaolan is most worried about. The family is all small people, who have never dealt with these officials, so she is naturally afraid What does it involve with reality?

     Without waiting for Ye Ci’s answer, Ye Nantian helped Ye Ci answer this question: “What are you talking about! How could this have any impact! The game is fake if you say it bluntly, why don’t you understand why you’ve been playing it for so long? Well! It’s as if you are full of food in the game, and you stop eating after the game? It’s not the same as eating so much, I haven’t seen you eat less."

     Zuo Xiaolan was still a little worried, and glanced at Ye Ci again. Bai Mo quickly comforted her: "Auntie, that's it. The game is a game, and reality is reality. It's different. Besides, being caught and jailed in a game is also very common. Don't worry about it." Ye Ci also quickly agreed. , And Tan Polang on one side didn't know when exactly what happened today, but he also patted his chest to ensure that the game has absolutely no connection with reality. This is to completely dispel Zuo Xiaolan's doubts.

     However, Zuo Xiaolan didn't finish all the words, she just looked at Ye Ci, then at Ye Nantian, and finally lowered her head to divert the topic.After eating, Ye Ci went online, because she is now in jail, and she has to go online and hang up quickly. Only by staying in the cell for 72 hours as soon as possible could she leave the place where she didn't want to stay for a moment. She clarified to Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian and went back to the house. As Bai Mo was going to open up a wild canyon today, he went back to the house to play games early. Only Tan Polang was left to help Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan clean up the dishes.

     Tan Polang helped Zuo Xiaolan wash the dishes, and Zuo Xiaolan, who was tidying up the kitchen, looked at Tan Polang a little bit hesitant. This is really a bit abnormal. You must know that Zuo Xiaolan usually thinks of what he says and says. Today, such a hum and haw makes Tan Polang even aware of something strange.

     "Godmother, do you have anything to say?" Tan Polang looked at Zuo Xiaolan while washing the dishes and asked.

     Zuo Xiaolan laughed a few times, and then touched her face. Is she so obvious? However, since Tan Polang had spoken, she stopped tweaking, and approached Tan Polang and whispered: "Polang, what you told us last time, what is the name of the person who is interesting to Xiao ci?"

     "The name in the game?" Tan Polang looked at Zuo Xiaolan, and saw Zuo Xiaolan nodding busy, and he said, "Fleeting Time."

     "Is it the flow of water, the New Year?" Zuo Xiaolan asked again."Yeah." Tan Polang nodded, then curious: "Godmother, why are you asking this?"

     "Today, it seems that Xiao ci was the one who killed him and was arrested in the cell..." Zuo Xiaolan was a little worried: "You said, did the Fleting Time be boring to Xiao ci, so they started fighting..."

     Tan Polang almost didn't get choked out of breath! What kind of news is this? He didn't go home for more than half a month. Why did he get such shocking news when he got home! He took a deep breath and looked at Zuo Xiaolan in surprise: "Godmother, you mean that the object of Ye Ci's murder in the downtown area today is called Fleeting Time!!!"

     "Yeah! Yeah!" Zuo Xiaolan nodded again and again: "That Fleeting Time is not interesting to Xiao ci, how could it be killed in the first place! Isn't it that Xiao ci doesn't like people, and they don't allow them to pursue her, and then kill them? It’s someone else!" Zuo Xiaolan knows her girl very well. Ye Ci has been in kindergarten, and this man has not been well connected. Anyway, she has been very fierce since she was a child. Basically, she was a classmate who started in kindergarten. There are few who don't cry without being beaten by her.At first, Zuo Xiaolan comforted herself. It was because the child was young and ignorant, but when she entered junior high and high school, there was still no fundamental change in this situation. Although Ye Ci doesn't beat people anymore, no boy has ever expressed a good impression of Ye Ci. This made Zuo Xiaolan very worried. She looked eagerly at other children who should have puppies and love, should be rebellious and rebellious, she was entangled! Why is it that all of these have nothing to do with her children at all.

     Especially when I went to a parent meeting and heard other parents complain about how uneasy their children were, Zuo Xiaolan simply cheeks streaming with tears. God knows how uneasy she wants to be. But Ye Ci has been a selfish and subjective guy since he was a child. Although his personality is not good, he really didn't let herself worry about it. This, this, really makes Zuo Xiaolan wonder whether she is happy or worried.

     After finally going to college, Zuo Xiaolan felt that Ye Ci could finally fall in love in a serious way. However, one year passed, and six months passed, there was still no movement at all. Let Zuo Xiaolan almost despair, her daughter will not really be gay, her daughter will not really dislike men, her daughter will not be hopeless to get married in this life! ! She is still waiting to hold the third generation, her dream...Just when Zuo Xiaolan always felt that she was about to despair, Tan Polang sent her good news that uplifted her. There is a very powerful man in the game who likes her daughter! Oh my! For Zuo Xiaolan, this was the best news she had heard in her life, and she was even more excited than she won the grand prize. From that day on, Zuo Xiaolan felt that the sky had opened, the clouds had disappeared, and the sun had become particularly bright! She started to care about this player called Fleeting Time, but because this player was from the Western Continent, she didn't know much about it, but intermittently knew that this person was very powerful, very powerful, very powerful.

     And today’s news in the world made Zuo Xiaolan worry again. Finally, there was a man who was interested in the wood-like girl in his own home and had a good impression of him. The girl was directly hit so that there was no more news. If this is the case, Zuo Xiaolan feels that there is no sunshine in her world.

     Seeing the old at the age of three, even the suitors in the game can make her own daughter crippled, so she no longer expects any miracles in reality.Tan Polang of course didn’t know the twists and turns in Zuo Xiaolan’s heart, but simply thought Zuo Xiaolan was worried about the conflict between Ye Ci and Fleeting Time, so he comforted her: "Godmother, it’s okay, in this game It’s normal to die once or twice. Don’t take it too seriously. I often kill my friends, but in the end everyone still has a good relationship."

     "Really?" Even though Zuo Xiaolan heard Tan Polang say this, she still felt that her eyelids were jumping a lot.

     "Okay, godmother, don't think too much, I'm going to review my homework." Tan Polang washed the last bowl, cleaned the sink, and then patted Zuo Xiaolan on the shoulder with a comforting smile. He ran towards his house in two hops.

     He went to study? That was only a small part of the reason, and more importantly... He also strongly wanted to know what was going on! According to Fleeting Time, how could it be possible to be stabbed to death by Ye Ci in the street? According to Ye Ci's knowledge of the game, how could he commit an oolong murder in a downtown area and be imprisoned in a cell! Things will never be that simple!

     Tan Polang entered the house and looked at Bai Mo's game compartment. The light was on during the game, which proved that Bai Mo was in the game. He just turned on the computer, and then boarded the Genesis forum. Before browsing the post, he saw that he had a private message.My own account has always been diving, and I haven't even sent a word to him. Who would send him a private message? With curiosity, Tan Polang opened the SMS box and saw a message lying quietly inside: "What's your phone number?"

     This message seems to be endless, but the two words in the sender's name made Tan Polang's eyes straight. In the name of the sender, there is an impressive word-Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time Want to call yourself? what? This is how the same thing? Tan Polang was very curious, but soon he thought that Fleeting Time would leave this message to himself, which should be related to the words he talked to him before he left the Western Continent...

     Tan Polang's lips curled up, and he laughed. Then I typed a string of numbers in the reply message, and then I typed the Enter key neatly, and the email was sent out. Next, Tan Polang started diving information. However, there are few posts today. It seems that everyone is busy with the new expansion today, and there are not many players hanging out on the forum.

     There was just one post that attracted all Tan Polang's attention, only to see that the post said "Fleeting Time! Is the news on the official forum true or false? !What news on the official forum? Tan Polang clicked the post to enter, and saw only two words on the post, such as the title. No one replied to the post, and even the host abandoned the post. It seems that the onlookers may have gone to the official forum. Tan Polang is no exception. He neatly closed the Genesis forum and then opened the Fate official forum.

     Due to the large number of Fate players, the official forum is multilingual. As long as you speak your language, you can see posts written in familiar words. According to the current flow of Fate players, it is not uncommon for hundreds of thousands of posts to be posted daily on Fate's official forum. Therefore, Tan Polang had planned to fish a needle from the sea from the beginning, and wanted to find the post that made him feel sensational with his strong willpower.

     However, his worries seemed redundant.