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Chapter Directory 297 Forum High-rise (on)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 94 High-rise Forum (Part 1)

     Fate’s game forum is now the largest, the most online, the most detailed, and the most comprehensive game forum.

     Due to the popularity of the Fate game, tens of millions of people are online on the forum every day, so the Honor Group has to use a one-story computer room to store various data on the forum. There are hundreds of thousands of posts on various pages of the forum every day, sometimes even millions of posts. Among these posts, there are technical posts about professional operations in the game, Guild’s promotional posts, players’ show posts, and original song posts, as well as various novel posts and various gossip posts.

     In short, the number of posts and the high quality can also be hailed as the top game forums.

     Among so many posts, there will be a selection every week, and the top ten most popular posts will be selected. At the end of the month, these forty posts will be selected again. The top three posts will be selected by the players who posted the posts. Get quite generous bonuses, and the players who reply to the posts will also randomly get different small gifts.Although this kind of activity is only a small group of people profiting, but this does not prevent all players from being enthusiastic about the Fate forum. Because no one knows which day you will be lucky, your post will be ranked in the top three, and the huge bonuses are like drop from the sky pie on your head.

     Although the topics of the top three posts are different every month, the hot post today is obviously a post by a player called "Passing by the Soy Sauce Party". The title of his post was also sensational, called "Beyond aggro's taboo love, deep octave analysis of Fate's number one scandal on the first day of the new expansion!

     Tan Polang looked at the posting time of this post. It is less than three hours away from the present time. However, the number of replies has exceeded 200,000. This speed is really jaw-dropping. Although Tan Polang came to find a post about Fleeting Time, but seeing such a hot post, I had to be curious, so I clicked in to see what it was.

     This post seems to contain a huge resentment. Even when such a high-end server on the Fate forum opens this post, the speed is very slow, and it even becomes a big killer. Tan Polang frowned. It has been dozens of seconds since he clicked on the post, but the post can only see the title and the number of reply pages, and he has not seen a word of the main content of the post.When Tan Polang decided to abandon this post, the post seemed to feel Tan Polang's dissatisfaction and suddenly jumped out of the main post.

     First, the poster "Passing by the Soy Sauce Party" used gossip language to tell a story to a large number of netizens. This story is a story that took place in the Wisteria Garden this afternoon. The story itself is not very exciting, but it is a farce of chasing and killing two rival mainland players in the Wisteria Garden.

     However, after the content of the main post was sent out, there were players who followed the post and guessed: "The protagonists of this story told by the original poster are not the two I thought..."

     "Upstairs, I feel the two you think are the two I think."

     "On the top floor, I know who you are talking about, as if I saw these two in the wisteria garden this afternoon."


     After several dozens of floors, some players couldn't help but beg grandpa and call on grandma: "Everyone, don't play dumb puzzles, okay, what are the two?"

     "Yeah, yeah, who the hell is it, you guys say that, we are so entangled, hurry up and tell us and announce the answer."


     However, players who know the answer are very tacitly reluctant to speak about it, and all of these players’ questions block one's ears and not listen.And then, the players began to find the host to "pass the soy sauce party".

     "The original poster said, why did you discard the post at the beginning after only eight."

     "Call the original poster, call the original poster strongly."

     "Stop calling, the host has entered the palace."


     In this way, the first page of such a fired post is actually meaningless water, and the second page is also water, until the third page, the poster "passing by the soy sauce party" was late. He seems to be very surprised at the speed of building the post, because he just went down and edited the paragraph below. The total time was less than fifteen minutes, and the post turned over three pages (the default number of posts on the Fate forum is per page One hundred posts), after a very sincere apology, he began to describe the following things.

     The matter is actually very simple. It is nothing more than that after he found these two people, he followed far away, and then followed a corner that no one knew, which was actually the second half of the Wisteria Garden, where there were almost no players who were extremely quiet. Then, he found a shocking passion, making people blush and heartbeat, indulge in fantasy.

     Speaking of this, the players who first said that they knew which two people they were jumped out one after another: "Owner, do you know what else you said!"

     "Owner, I don't know if your blushing heartbeat, indulge in fantasy is what I guessed it!""Original, ask for photos and screenshots!"

     "No picture, no truth."

     "Passing by."

     "No picture, no truth."


     After more than one page of whistling about no pictures and no truth, the host "passing by the soy sauce party" reappeared, and he understood all the players' shouts and promised that there are definitely pictures and truths, and he is currently editing the pictures, please Don't worry, everyone.

     This post was considered lively right now. Probably because the owner promised that there are pictures and the truth, some players who started diving have surfaced one after another. They broke the news about the two protagonists who knew the players reluctant to speak about it.

     "If I'm not mistaken, the person who the host said will not be Eastern Continent's Gongzi You and Western Continent's Fleeting Time."

     A single stone stirred up a thousand waves. Someone dared to twist the tiger's whiskers, and some dared to be that bird. The players behind immediately followed like a tide, saying that they were also in the wisteria garden at that time. I saw these two people, and a hunter stood up and analyzed the process of the two people, saying that it was an absolutely wonderful battle.

     Not only that, but some female players said that the two people were under the sky full of wisteria flowers, the scene was beautiful and moving, it was really like a movie.So far, after the testimony of millions of witnesses, the fact that the heroes and heroines in this post are the two top hunters on the east and west continents has been completely confirmed. While everyone was discussing the issue of the male and female protagonists, suddenly a netizen named "1234567" came up with a sentence, and immediately led the whole post in another direction with the attitude of watching the world.

     "I said, guys, you seem to be discussing in the wrong direction... I think the focus of this post is not the protagonist, but the protagonist's passion. Did you forget that the host said that he has a male and female protagonist that makes people blush and heartbeat, and makes people indulge The picture of in fantasy? This is the question that needs us to face up."

     This sentence, like a magic pen flying in, immediately reversed the direction of all players' discussions now. The call for the picture and the truth that just lay down the flag and still the drums was even louder.

     Tan Polang ten lines at a glance looked at the post, and he was also full of curiosity, as well as some colorful images of imagination. The images of Fleeting Time and Ye Ci make people blush and heartbeat indulge in fantasy? What picture is that? What photo is it! Unconsciously, Tan Polang has completely forgotten his original purpose of coming to this forum, and is completely immersed in the excitement of climbing stairs.Then the growth rate of posts showed a geometric shape, and the number of replies and the water of posts were unprecedented. There are even a lot of familiar players chatting in the post, which has accelerated the speed of building buildings. At the beginning, Tan Polang was still interested in the replies of the players. However, the more posts and the higher the floor, he completely lost this interest, and finally started directly using the forum currency to buy a week of "Just look at the host." "Function, and then began to search for the replies of the original poster "passing by the soy sauce party".

     After about two hundred pages of water in this huge building, the host "Passing by the Soy Sauce Party" finally appeared again. This time he posted about 20 pictures. These pictures were taken very beautifully, but they didn't involve a bit of his so-called passion, so-called blushing heartbeat, so-called indulge in fantasy. Just a screenshot of Fleeting Time and Ye Ci in the Wisteria Garden. These screenshots are very clear. Although both of them are still wearing cloaks, because both of them have their hats removed, they can clearly identify the faces of the two, so that everyone can confirm that the players' speculation is absolutely wrong. false.

     However, this does not seem to be what the players are looking forward to. After all, when everyone knows that there is meat to eat later, who would be interested in clear soup and side dishes?Therefore, in the following posts, everyone unanimously asked the host to post so-called passionate screenshots, and strongly requested the host not to edit the pictures. Everyone is not interested in the aesthetics of the pictures. The most interesting is the content in the pictures.

     However, the host still takes a long time, continue in one's own way and continue to post the following pictures. In the original host’s words, he has taken too many pictures. If he jumps to post, he will quickly mess up himself, so only one batch A batch of posts, however, he also agreed to the players' request, not to modify the pictures.

     In fact, the poster "Passing by the Soy Sauce Party" did not over-modify the picture, but added a little soft light to the picture to make the whole picture look more beautiful, softer, and more like a movie screenshot. But for those players who desire passion to stimulate, these modifications are simply draw legs on a snake, do more than is required! What they want is enthusiasm, what they want is blushing and heartbeat, what they want is indulge in fantasy, these aesthetics, these soft lights are going to make hairy!

     Under the strong request of the popular online game players, the original poster also felt his own way, so he speeded up the speed of posting. Finally, it was sent that the two people chased to a corner where men's footprints are rare, and the picture in front of them changed from a very normal position to a distant looking up, and there was even some green grass in front of the camera.Some players expressed dissatisfaction: "Owner, why the screenshots suddenly become so far away, why there is still grass! Why are you still looking up!!!"

     "Yes! Is there any picture of pushing closer, so far away, look at the woolen thread!"

     The language of protest like this is like a strong wind, hiding the sky and covering the earth. The host "passing by the soy sauce party" only explained in a slanderous way: "There are images of pushing closer, and there are images of grass or not, but, all They are all looking up. You know that Fleeting Time and Gongzi You are both top hunters, and their perception is not low. I was already in the risk of losing the level when shooting at this location. Fortunately, there is a place where I hide The pit, there is a lot of grass, so that I can take these photos safely. If I got closer then, I guess I have been killed for several levels by now, and there is no more."

     Regarding the explanation of the poster "passing by the soy sauce party", although the players still regret it, most of the players can understand it. However, the heat wave that urged him to send passionate photos was wave after wave, and the poster said that he would like to revise the picture again. This almost collapsed the appetites of the players. In addition to continuing to call for patterns and truth, the following post is more of a question for the original poster.At this time, the building has been built faster. In an instant, 500 pages have been turned, and even the addresses of the dehydrated stickers have been released. Of course, the dehydrated stickers have indeed attracted a certain number of players, but more players are still I hope to stay in this building and witness the passion created by players on the east and west continents.

     Finally on page 627, the original poster appeared again, this time with five screenshots.

     The screenshots are actually five consecutive shots from top to bottom. The shooting accuracy and speed are very good, so that people can see the heads rubbing together of the two people in the picture and the expressions of each person. The male elf in the picture has a surprising expression. His eyes are drooping, the corners of his lips have a slight smile, and the female elf's chin is gently held up with his right hand, as if he is saying something. The female elves widened her eyes with an unbelievable look.

     These five photos are actually all of this content. It's just that what happened within a few seconds is continuously taken to make people look at the flat pictures, and there is a dynamic feeling.

     And below the picture, there is a text description accompanied by the poster "Passing by the Soy Sauce Party": "At that time, the two people were fighting, and they stopped suddenly, and then I don’t know what Fleeting Time said, Gongzi You is this expression, and then , And then Mr. Fleeting Time seems to be dishonest...""Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

     "Strongly request the following photos!"



     Ahem, continue to call for pink tickets, the results are very close now, only a few votes difference, everyone who still has tickets in hand, please support the fireworks~~~