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Chapter Directory 298 Forum Tall Building (middle)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Tan Polang really feels that this poster is really a not very kind guy. Tan Polang really feels that this poster is actually trying to whet everyone's stomachs. This poster must have gone for the first hot post of the month. It is now approaching the end of the month. If this post maintains the current rate of building a building, it will not be out Tian will surpass the current number one hot post to top the list.

     In fact, there are not a few players and netizens who have the same thoughts as Tan Polang, but there is no way for everyone to resist constantly building posts. There is no other reason, just because the content of this post is too popular, and the protagonist in the post is too attractive. What's more, most of the players who come to post now are just exiting the game. Unlike people like Tan Polang who have not been in the game for many days, they have experienced the hottest event in the game now-Gongzi You killed Fleeting Time in the street and was arrested, and Fleeting Time actually killed innocent players who consciously went to jail to accompany Gongzi You such a hot adultery.

     Everyone has always known that it is absolutely impossible for these two people to be as high-sounding as the official said that they are just normal technical exchanges between rival players on the two continents. There must be something that everyone wants to know but does not know s things.

     The most seductive thing in the world is definitely not completely exposed.It is like a beauty, if you stand naked in front of many satyrs, although the satyrs drool with desire, they will never have much desire. On the contrary, if this beauty is wearing a tulle, she wants to take it off, and if she wants to show up, she will definitely make everyone howl. People have a curious psychology. In fact, everyone knows that beautiful women are like that if they are stripped, but the point is the process of stripping. The stimulation and inner struggle that everyone endures in the process of stripping can’t compare to anything. of.

     The gossip of Gongzi You and Fleeting Time seems to be that beauty in front of everyone. Although she is beautiful and dignified in clothes, everyone definitely does not believe that underneath the clothes is ordinary. They even couldn't help but want to take off the secretive exterior with their own hands.

     Gongzi You was teased by Fleeting Time twice then three times in the world. This matter is that all players have anyone with eyes can see it. However, what makes people unwilling is that every time there is such a molestation, it is a phrase of Fleeting Time, and Gongzi You often uses such bloody sex as "Bitch, kill you to level zero" and so on. The extremely high retort made everyone feel that the so-called adultery was just a fabricated one, and the so-called molesting was just a fight between the great gods.

     This kind of speculation continued until the appearance of the moonlight post.To put it bluntly, there is really nothing in that post, anyway, it is a pk of two people, it is a good hunter melee teaching film. However, the person who shot this film is full of moonlight. This person has a pair of eyes that can capture adultery at all times. He was surprised that he found it in this seemingly inexhaustible pk instructional film. The thing that be fired up attracted many players who died for gossip and died for gossip with nosebleeds and howling wolves.

     After that post, everyone seemed to have determined that these two people must have something. Just as everyone was looking forward to any follow-up plots, the interaction between the two actually stopped cheating. The world has lost the flirting with Fleeting Time, and also lost Gongzi You's response. It seems that everything is back before nothing happened. There is no shameful adultery, and there is no screaming passion for make people. There are only two. Unrelated players, one of them belongs to Eastern Continent and the other belongs to the Western Continent.

     Other than that, it has nothing to do with it.

     The vast number of gossip friends all beat one's chest and stamp one's feet, and the sad feelings are like bereavement. And this kind of unexplorable adultery seems to come to an end here, and the head is opened vigorously, but it ends in such a bleak and lonely way, it can be said that many gossip friends are always in pain in their hearts.The days will continue, and the game will continue to play. Just as this matter became more and more peaceful, just when everyone was about to completely forget this matter, the post of the poster "Passing by the Soy Sauce Party", like a magical pen, completely saved all gossip friends. It is about to go out. His belief, the desire to explore that was once shelved by everyone, was once again inspired, and it swept the entire forum in just a few hours with a prairie fire.

     Facts have proved that as long as people are gossip. Other posts that were issued at the same time as this post were so hot that they couldn’t discuss two disparate things together with this post. There were even players and netizens who found several moderator’s vests among the many replied posts, and everyone went up and asked for a group photo. For a while, the whole post was full of peace. It can be seen that no matter what identity, everyone is curious about the gossip of the big players in the game.

     This is the shameful voyeurism of mankind. Everyone has it. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

     When Tan Polang kept refreshing his posts by pressing f5, there were too many people doing the same thing.Wang Jiangnan stretched out and planned to go to the restaurant to order a meal. He looked at his colleague, Xiao Wang, who was staring at the monitor with concentrated one's attention. The patterns and text on the monitor were reflected in his eyes. There is a dazzling feeling. Wang Jiangnan stood up and asked, "Xiao Wang, do you want to eat? Go to the restaurant and take a walk around."

     "I'm not going. You can pack a sweet and sour pork rice bowl for me." Xiao Wang didn't even turn his head back, which is really strange. You must know that this guy is the least willing to stay in the office and can go out for a stroll. One lap is definitely going to go for a stroll, but today is the sun coming out from the west?

     Wang Jiangnan didn’t take it seriously. He took a meal card and wandered to the staff canteen. Because today is the first day of the new information, there are quite a lot of people working overtime. The entire canteen is densely packed with various positions. People. Planning, Customer Service, art, editing... From the past, it certainly doesn't seem to be a state of being off work. It seems that everyone will stay in the company all night tonight. Wang Jiangnan wanted to sit and eat in the cafeteria, but there were so many people working overtime today. There was no place in the lobby, and it was drizzling again. Finally, Wang Jiangnan could only pack a meal and go back to the office. Go eat.After passing the meal to Xiao Wang, Wang Jiangnan discovered that Xiao Wang was not monitoring the data, but crawling on the post. This made Wang Jiangnan even more strange. Xiao Wang is a person who rarely goes to forums. Where did he get a convulsion today? He is familiar with Xiao Wang, so he didn’t hesitate to ask the question directly. He didn’t want Xiao Wang to raise his head and gave him a stingy look: "You are too bumpy, don’t you know it, don’t you? Never knew gossip?"

     "What gossip?" Wang Jiangnan took a bite of rice in his mouth, and stretched out his head to look at Xiao Wang's monitor. The above post was all covered with stickers, "No picture, no truth", what "marks". , "Mark", "Group photo" and other words are piles of words, it is really not like a post of any quality, he couldn't help but chuckle: "I don't know, when did you comment on such a watery post? Interested."

     "Cut, what do you know? The reason why this post is very watery is because the protagonist is very heavy." Xiao Wang glanced at Jiangnan again in vain, pressing f5 frantically while eating.

     "Have you finished your work?" Looking at Xiao Wang's fanatical appearance, Wang Jiangnan couldn't help but pour cold water on him.Who knows, Xiao Wang is an impervious to sword or spear, and he waved his hand directly: "You can sit at work every day, but gossip is impossible every day. You know, don’t you have no pursuit at all."

     The more Wang Jiangnan said so, the more curious Wang Jiangnan became: "What kind of gossip is it?"

     Xiao Wang changed hands and copied an address and sent it to the chat system of Wang Jiangnan's company. Without looking back, he said, "See it for yourself."

     Wang Jiangnan sat down and opened the link. After reading it, he was surprised to the extreme. He turned to look at Xiao Wang and said, "Gongzi You and Fleeting Time!!!"

     "Yes, the top hostile players in Fate actually have adultery. Isn't it exciting?" Xiao Wang smiled happily, and then grumbled: "Why doesn't this host continue to post pictures? If he doesn't I posted a picture or a eunuch, and it was hacked. I will hack his computer today and steal the pictures from his computer directly..."

     "Hey hey hey..." Wang Jiangnan looked at Xiao Wang, "You are not serious..."

     "Of course it's true. You don't believe in my technology?" Xiao Wang smiled happily, "Although my technology is not as good as yours, it can still be traceless by hacking his computer."

     "Have you been like this!" Although Wang Jiangnan was surprised by this incident, he had not yet reached the level of Xiao Wang."I'm 38?" Xiao Wang put down the mouse, picked up the lunch box, took a few mouthfuls of rice, and then looked at Wang Jiangnan and said, "Do you know how many people in this company are chasing this post now? Take a look. , This is for the technical department, this is for the planning department, this is for art, and these are for forums... There are hundreds of people, you think we are all three to eight."

     Wang Jiangnan rolled his eyes, the law does not blame the public, he understands this truth. He turned his head and looked at the computer again, and now his computer was frozen in the Fleeting Time, and Gongzi You's chin was gently held up. In the photo, the man was smiling like a flower, and his eyes flashed endlessly, while the woman was slightly surprised. The face is clear, the eyes are clear, such two faces are put together, this kind of action put together has to make people indulge in fantasy about what will happen below.

     He leaned back in his chair, and while eating, he thought of the woman named Ye Ci. Standing in the sunshine, her smile was alienated and cold, with a taste of peerless and independent. To be precise, she is not a standard beauty, and she is a little too thin, but you can’t ignore her beauty, which is a very aggressive beauty, even if the eyebrows are not stunning, but as long as she stands there, The breath radiated naturally attracted the attention of others naturally and unnaturally.Such a woman... Will there be any intimate relationship with another player? Wang Jiangnan can't figure it out, some even dare not think. He remembered the first time he saw her in the game, the second time he saw her in the game, the third time he saw her in the game, and the meeting in reality. Although it was just a glimpse, he took this woman It's lonely at the top group of people. Regarding her feelings, Wang Jiangnan is complicated, with gratitude, a confidant, and a trace of inexplicable obsession, but they are all far away. He has never regarded her as a real person in his own life. In Wang Jiangnan's heart, Gongzi You belongs to Fate, and he and her have no intertwining place except Fate.

     However, it is really strange that Wang Jiangnan had a weird feeling that he couldn't accept when he saw the photos of her and Fleeting Time. It turns out that Gongzi You is also the kind of person who can play online dating... This kind of recognition makes Gongzi You's position too set up on high a little more human.

     Wang Jiangnan looked up at the group photo of World Conqueror players placed next to the computer. Gongzi You was standing next to him. Her lips were slightly curved, but there was no temperature in her eyes, as if she even smiled. Is to cope. Such a person can also be online dating... He laughed happily, got rid of the indulge in flights of fancy in his mind, and went to read the post again."By the way, Jiang Nan, didn't you receive a few Guilds from Eastern Continent last time? Have you met Gongzi You's Taoist Master!" Xiao Wang suddenly remembered something.

     Wang Jiangnan looked at the indifferent and alienated woman standing next to him in the photo, then looked at Xiao Wang and shook his head: "No, we didn't invite Upward Ho, so we haven't seen Gongzi You."

     "Oh, this year's visit season, keep up with the request, and invite Upward Ho." Xiao Wang squinted his eyes and looked at the picture on the screen, and squinted his eyes very gossip: "I really want to know what this Gongzi You looks like... "

     "You don't want to know what Fleeting Time looks like?"

     "I'm a man, and I'm not interested in men." Xiao Wang shook his head, took a big sip of water and continued to refresh f5, while pressing, he continued to mutter: "This host really hurts, hurry up and send pictures. Hurry up and post pictures, no more pictures, I really hacked your computer tonight!"

     Wang Jiangnan glanced at the post for the last time. Regardless of whether his colleagues were still struggling with the post, he closed the post and started to monitor the data of the new expansion and the newbie data that was newly registered today. New information, flourishing age...this is what worries him the most.Wang Jiangnan remembered what he said to Ye Ci, I am a person with dreams. And he is working hard on his dream now, then, what about Gongzi You?