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Chapter Directory 301 Reaction (2)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

After Fleeting Time saw the posts on the forum, my brows were never lifted. To be honest, he doesn't care how outsiders evaluate himself or how to say himself. He doesn't think these have much to do with him. But, what about Gongzi You? What will she do?

     She is a girl, and this kind of private matter has been made so much that she has even become the tallest building in the forum. Would she care as much as she did? I'm afraid it won't.

     Even if she doesn't care on the surface, her heart will be sad and embarrassing. How would she react when she saw these now?

     That's right, I really like to tease her, I really like to tease her, I really like to see her hairy look, which makes him feel very happy and fun, but this has a bottom line. This does not mean that all things Fleeting Time can be spoken out without scruples, laughed out, and put out in front of the public for guidance. He doesn't care, he is a man, but Gongzi You can't! The person who made him want to spend his life to accompany him can't!How could there be players there to keep up, how could there be players taking pictures there, and how could it be outside of his perception range! Fleeting Time clenched his fists and severely smashed the table top. The sound and strength almost broke the solid table top. He stood up and took a deep breath. After calming his mind, he sat down and began to report the post to the official. The reason for the report was that the privacy of the person concerned was involved.

     However, the forum did not close any posts, which made Fleeting Time very angry. For the first time, he felt powerless as a player. He immediately called the complaint number, and soon the voice of the guest service MM on the complaint phone line came: "Hello, I am Fate Customer Service No. 181943 Customer Service representative, what can I do for you?"

     "Ask your duty manager to answer the phone."

     "Sir? Our duty manager..."

     "I said ask your manager on duty to answer the phone! Do you want me to complain to you? Old Customer Service No. 1 Duck?" The torrential torrent under the calm voice of Fleeting Time, Concealment burst into anger.

     "Do you have to find a duty manager for anything? I can also serve you." Customer Service MM's smile stiffened. This is Who, who speaks so fiercely as soon as he comes up..."Okay, I'm complaining about the reason for your poor service. I want to find a good service to receive me. Can I find your duty manager?" Fleeting Time's lips curled up, but a gentle voice But it was full of killing intent.

     The Customer Service sister paused for a long time, and finally said: "Okay, please wait a moment, I'll go to the duty manager." Then she pressed the waiting button to let Fleeting Time listen to the music, and she called the manager on duty and complained. . When the duty manager heard this situation, he felt baffling, Who, if you don't say anything, you should first find yourself and complain if you don't find it. He felt a big head suddenly, but the client was God, so he had to comfort his subordinates, and then took the call from Fleeting Time.

     "Hello, I am the duty manager of Fate Customer Service today. What do you want?"

     "What's your job number? How do I know you didn't lie to me?" I've seen a lot about Fleeting Time about the game company fooling people. Ku Yi first asked the job number.

     The manager on duty saw that this person was really hard to deal with, so he had to give his job number and then began to ask questions.

     "You currently have a post on the forum called "Beyond Aggro's Taboo Love, Deep Octave Analysis of Fate's No. 1 Scandal on the first day of the new expansion! Isn't it?"

     "Yes, this has become the most popular post this week...""I request to delete posts..."

     "Huh?" The Customer Service manager obviously did not expect that the other party's request was to delete the post and did not respond for a while. You must know that he was still chasing the post just now: "Sir, may I know the reason?"

     "I am Fleeting Time."

     The Customer Service manager was silent. And Fleeting Time went on to say: "According to the current online game law, this post on your forum has exploded my privacy. I have the right to sue you, and you must lose the case."

     This is the fact that people can't avoid it at all. The Customer Service manager is more shocked than surprised now. Oh my god, the call he answered was actually from Fleeting Time. The top hunter in the Western Continent and the leading male protagonist of the hot post, this is too scary. After a few seconds of dizziness between work and gossip, the Customer Service manager finally sighed and started asking Fleeting Time's account and identity binding information to confirm his identity.

     After Fleeting Time reported this, the Customer Service manager confirmed the identity of Fleeting Time, and then he said: "Okay, Mr. Fleeting Time, we will handle this for you right away.""What I want is not such a virtual word right away. I will give you time. Within five minutes, I want to see that the post is deleted, and all dehydrated posts are also deleted. If you can’t do it, I have All the evidence printed, I guarantee that your board of directors is in a small

     Received warnings and communications from the legal department within time. "

     The Customer Service manager has a big head. What he fears most is to meet a player who knows everything. Don't want to delay time or shirk responsibility. If you don't do what he says, I'm afraid that everyone won't have it. Have a good time. With a secret sigh, the Customer Service manager nodded: "Okay, Mr. Fleeting Time, please wait."

     After hanging up the call, the Customer Service manager immediately notified the immediate boss, and then he had to find the person in charge of the forum. Although the person in charge of the forum was very sorry for this post, there was no way to directly block the post and delete it. Lost all the dehydration stickers.

     All this was done neatly and in less than five minutes, the first hot post that was crazy just now disappeared without trace. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to completely eliminate the impact by doing this. Fleeting Time knows that many players must have downloaded the pictures, but now it can only be so. I only hope that Gongzi You will not be too sad.Fleeting Time sighed deeply. In the final analysis, this is still wrong with him. If he is not so reckless, none of this will happen. He has the responsibility to bear all the anger and accusation of Gongzi You, although this makes him the way forward. It's even more elusive, but confessing a mistake has always been the rule of life, and there are never exceptions.

     Thinking of this, Fleeting Time gave up the plan to go to sleep and climbed into the game compartment to enter the game.

     Glory Group.

     "Boss, who is the caller just now! So overbearing, I've seen such an unreasonable player for the first time! Also complained to me! My prize this week is one by one...Sister Customer Service No. 181943 Standing in front of the Customer Service manager's office, pouting, very aggrieved.

     "Do you want to know who that person is?" The Customer Service manager looked at the deleted post and smiled bitterly.

     Service MM nodded. Before the Customer Service manager spoke, he heard the idle Customer Service yelling from the Customer Service center outside: "Oh, how did that adulterous post be deleted! What's going on in the forum! What do you say? It was deleted without saying a word!""What? What? How did that post have been deleted!" Customer Service MM No. 181943 is also a little bitch. As soon as I heard that the post I was still reading had been deleted, I had to wait for the answer from the boss. At this moment, the Customer Service manager's answer came faintly behind her.

     "That person is Fleeting Time."

     Customer Service sister No. 181943 stopped abruptly, then looked back at her head and twitched her mouth: "No, boss..."

     The Customer Service manager shrugged, leaned back in the chair and smiled at her: "Close the door when you go out.

     Liu Dong was still in the dungeon after he boarded the game. He quietly looked at Gongzi You who was sitting in the other corner. Her face became paler, and he could see that the post hit her hard.

     Fleeting Time wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say anything, so I could only stand there quietly looking at her, watching her frowning more tightly, watching her paler and whiter, watching her emotions More and more uncontrollable.

     Finally she raised her head, blinked, and met her gaze. Then she saw her severely biting her lip and jumping from the ground, rushing to her and raising her hand without hesitation, severely slapped her cheek!

     Snapped!This slap was so loud, there were even echoes rippling in the quiet dungeon.

     Fleeting Time didn't hide, just waited quietly for the slap on his cheek. In this matter, she suffered the most, and she was just the first person to bury funerary dolls, so no matter what she did, she had no complaints.

     "Shameless!" Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth glared at that calm face, he still looked at himself with an apologetic expression, his eyes as deep as black crystals.

     "I'm sorry." Fleeting Time said slowly. In fact, he wanted to say a lot, but all the words seemed so pale and weak when they reached his lips. Only this sentence is the most representative of his feelings.

     Ye Ci shakes her lips. She knows what she should say now. Even if she doesn't say anything, she should have some expressions, such as continuing to beat Fleeting Time, or stab him to death with a dagger.

     But I don’t know why. At this moment, she just felt weak and unable to do anything. Her limbs were as cold as ice. After staggering back a few steps, she finally leaned weakly on the prison railing, looking Fleeting Time gnashing one's teeth: "Why would I provoke you."Fleeting Time took a deep breath, tugged at the corner of her mouth, then walked to Ye Ci, looked at her tired eyes and said, "I'm really sorry, please give me a chance to make up for it, okay?"

     "Make up?" Ye Ci sneered, raising his eyebrows to look at Fleeting Time. Although his face was pale, there was an unpredictable light: "What do you think of me? The weak heroine in Qiong Yao's drama? Or the rich and the poor. Wife? There are such ridiculous words on me."

     Fleeting Time froze and smiled bitterly. He scratched his hair and said very apologetically: "I know, everything I say now seems pale, I just want to say that I am sorry not because I kissed you. I don’t feel sorry for this incident at all, let alone regret it."

     "You!" Ye Ci was irritated by Fleeting Time's words again: "Then it's useless to say you are sorry!"

     It’s rare to hear Gongzi You’s swear words, and Fleeting Time felt a little fresh. He was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed lowly: “I’m sorry, but because I didn’t find anyone who was taking photos, I’m sorry, just because I couldn’t Stop those shameless players and expose the matter to the forum and all players without your consent."

     "You mean this post if I agree," Ye Ci couldn't say anymore, biting his lip."Why not?" Fleeting Time smiled. "If you agree, it's tantamount to acquiescing everyone's judgment on our relationship, so why should I cover it up?"

     Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time and only felt that he and this person had no common language at all, and they couldn't speak together. It took her a long time to get an angry laugh, "What is your theory?"

     "A man's normal theory, if..." Fleeting Time paused slightly and glanced at Gongzi You: "I said if you are the half of me, I will never hide it, I want to let Everyone knows who calls me, this post is a good way, why should I refuse."

     Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time like this. She couldn't understand the idea of Fleeting Time. Maybe it is because men are from Venus and women are from Mercury. She feels that she and the man in front of her have no place to communicate and the value of communication. She simply didn't want to talk to Fleeting Time anymore. Instead of continuing to waste her tongue with this person, she might as well think now about how she would deal with Bai Mo, Tan Polang and her parents after the incident was exposed. Thinking of these issues that will come soon, Ye Ci only feels that his scalp is numb.

     She turned around and walked towards another corner: "Okay, you let me be quiet for a while, and take your theory aside, I have so many big things now."Fleeting Time looked at Gongzi You with a deep gaze. He was quiet as if he had never existed before. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and said: "Gongzi You."

     "What are you doing!" Ye Ci was having a headache, explaining this to his father and mother, and his tone was a bit rushing.

     Fleeting Time was not angry. He was calm and composed leaning against the cell, tilted his head slightly and smiled at her: "What do you think is the relationship between us?"

     Ye Ci twitched at the corner of his mouth and squinted: "We are a normal relationship between players who are hostile to mainland China."

     "Really?" Fleeting Time seemed relaxed, but his heart was very nervous. He thought the next words would be the first thing he said in his life, don't he know that he would be rejected? "So, do you want us to get closer together?"