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Chapter Directory 302 Reaction (3)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Mo Ling looked at the post on the monitor, and for a moment, she felt that her world had completely collapsed.

     The photo on the post, the person in it is the person she remembers deeply, the person she keeps in her heart over and over again, even if one day he becomes gray, he will never forget it, even if one day , As she gets old, even if one day comes to the end of her life, she will still not forget.

     But how can such a person do this to her? How can you take a photo like this and put it on the Internet? She was humble enough, she was pitiful enough, even if she had heard the rumors about him and that woman, she still didn’t ask anything, didn’t she?

     She is still waiting for him in the quietest corner, isn't she? She knew that she was deceiving herself by doing this, but she didn't ask much. As long as he didn't admit it for a day, as long as he didn't leave, she would be here for him.

     But why? Why is this happening!Mo Ling absolutely didn't believe that he didn't know what he was thinking, nor that he could really turn a blind eye to what he had done for many years, but how could he do such a heart-piercing passion? How can he bear the heart to let this kind of photo hiding the sky and covering the earth, can't he leave himself a breathing space? Could it be that even his silent love for him has become forbidden?

     Mo Ling staggered and stood up, raising her head to marry and crying, but her eyes were so dry as if she were in the Hara Desert, she didn't even have any tears. Did she cry for him so many tears for so many years, so many that they all drained...

     What are you going to do now? Mo Ling stood in the room and blinked, feeling helpless. Suddenly she remembered, didn't she decide to take a bath just now? Aren’t you planning to take a shower and open up Dungeon with Fang Congshu? Even if Fleeting Time is not there today, she will still wait for him, won't she?

     The shower water was put in the hottest bathroom, but Mo Ling felt unexplainably cold. It seems that no matter what she does, no matter what she thinks, the whole time has been stopped at the moment the photo was printed in her eyes, and it has never passed.In the photo, the man's gentle lowered eyebrows and the seemingly non-existent smile blended together perfectly, forming such a beautiful picture. But such a picture, why has she never seen it before! Such a picture, such an expression that she had never seen before, how could he give it to another woman so unreservedly!

     Mo Ling felt that her heart hurts so much that she was numb from the pain. The numbness spread from her left chest, and spread to the extremities and bones, and spread to the internal organs. It seemed that from that moment on, her numbness spread all the way. There is no life in the whole person anymore.

     Hot water flowed into her eyes, the stinging pain was terrible, Mo Ling clenched her fists tightly, severely smashed the tiled wall, there seemed to be something in her heart that must erupt, making her cry out with heartbreak "Why do you treat me this way! Why! What right do you have to treat me like this!!" The water from the shower was still dripping down a steady flow, poured on Mo Ling's head, and it seemed to want her to be poured on her body. The whole body melted.

     When Mo Ling walked out of the bathroom, she didn't know how long it had been. She stood quietly by the big mirror and looked at herself in the mirror.In the commanding mirror, there is a beautiful woman with jet-black hair, almond-like eyes, tall nose and small lips, her skin is fair, her room is plump, and her waist She has slender limbs and her legs are slender. Such a woman seems to be the most perfect work of God, no matter standing in front of any man, it is a huge temptation.

     Mo Ling tried to put on a few sexy poses. There is nothing wrong with her. She is not ugly. She is even rare and beautiful. The shadow in the mirror honestly told herself that such a perfect body fascinated anyone. But, why is there no him?

     After walking two steps forward, Mo Ling stood by the mirror and put her naked body completely on the cold mirror surface. It seemed that only the cold touch made her feel that she was a person, a living being. people.

     "Why...why...why can't you look at me? I just gave it to you for nothing, you don't even want to reach out and catch it, why?" Mo Ling only felt dizzy. She took a few steps back, then sat down on the sofa and fell down. Looking at the ceiling quietly for a while, Mo Ling felt that she never wanted to live anymore.But is it so dead? No, no, she shouldn’t just die like this. She’s not afraid of death. She’s just afraid that she would die like this. She wouldn’t even tell Fleeting Time the news. She was really wronged. She didn’t die from the beginning. What traces are left in his life.

     If one day she must die, then she must let Fleeting Time remember her and remember her for the rest of her life. It's best to be trapped in her own cause of death for the rest of her life and never get out.

     However, they are the only ones who can bring this news to Fleeting Time.

     Mo Ling struggled to get up, touched the phone from the coffee table, and then dialed Liao Dandan (the actual name of Sour Apple).

     At this moment, Liao Dandan is happily busy in the small kitchen. Recently Fang Congshu has behaved very well, so today she plans to cook a table of his favorite dishes and give him a good condolences.

     While humming a song, she was washing the vegetables and preparing to cook. By the way, she said to Fang Congshu who was studying strategy in the study, "Husband! Would you like to add dessert for dinner!"

     Fang Congshu is studying strategy with single-hearted devotion. He suddenly heard his wife's call, and quickly replied: "The convenience of the wife is the best, and you are guided by the wife's hard work."In the kitchen, Liao Dandan smiled happily. For the sweet words like Fang Congshu, he squinted and smiled happily: "That night, eat mango pudding for dessert~"

     "Okay!" Fang Congshu absolutely obeys his wife's leadership, and she does what she says. He was in a good mood. Although he was cleaned up by Fleeting Time again today, when he got the Dungeon Raiders compiled by Fleeting Time from the mailbox, all his little dissatisfaction with him disappeared.

     The Fang Congshu, who was watching the guide with concentration, was jumped by Liao Dandan's phone call. The phone ringing suddenly sounded a little bit like a reminder. He exhaled and stretched out his hand to read the book. The phone on the phone was brought over and looked at the phone display, which read Mo Ling.

     Fang Congshu felt a little bit in his heart. To be honest, the call he is most afraid of receiving is this Mo Ling's call. Every time she calls, it seems that it is not a good thing for Fang Congshu, or ask him to forward the message to Fleting Time, or else. Just let my wife go with her, or cause some trouble for myself.

     God knows, for this woman, the relationship between him and Fleeting Time is already very discordant, but she still doesn't realize it, and comes to sāo to disturb herself again and again, can't she just think about her own difficulties?What's the call today? Is it for things on the World Channel? Really, she didn't know what Fleeting Time had a different eye for Gongzi You. Since she still had to choose to wait, she waited honestly, and kept calling her wife to tell her what's wrong! Anyway, I chose it myself. Could it be that he forced her to like Fleeting Time?

     Liao Dandan seemed to hear the phone ringing, so he asked, "Husband, does my phone ring again?"

     Fang Congshu frowned, really didn't want to agree, but since Liao Dandan had already asked, he couldn't keep concealing it, so he replied in a dull voice, "Yes! Mo Ling's call!"

     "Mo Ling?" Liao Dandan frowned. Recently, Mo Ling has been quite quiet and seldom disturbs herself, because everyone is playing the game. Anything can be solved directly in the game. Now it's less than two people left. Two hours, why did you call again? Could something happen?

     Thinking of this, Liao Dandan couldn't help but sighed secretly, hoping it wasn't about Fleeting Time. As long as it's not about Fleeting Time, she would be willing to talk to Mo Ling, but if it involves Fleeting Time, Liao Dandan is really reluctant to talk about it.She stretched out her hand to turn off the fire, and walked quickly to the study, only to see her phone being thrown on a chair by Fang Congshu, he was watching the strategy.

     "Why don't you pick it up for me?" Liao Dandan walked into the study and the phone stopped, which made Liao Dandan sigh.

     "I'm too lazy to talk to her, if it's asking me to find Fleeting Time again, how can I answer it? You can say it yourself."

     "What are you talking about! The phone is hung up."

     "She will call again." Fang Congshu looked at the phone, sniffed, and did not respond to Liao Dandan.

     Sure enough, the phone rang again, and Liao Dandan quickly picked it up. She didn't say anything, she heard Mo Ling's sharp voice coming from the receiver: "Dandan! You don't even answer my call anymore. Do you want to be like Fleeting Time too!"

     "What are you nervous about? I was cooking just now, and my husband was taking a shower. Your phone broke when I ran in." Hearing Mo Ling's unkind tone, Liao Bidan was also a little upset. "what happened?"

     "Dandan" heard the other party's explanation, Mo Ling's emotions calmed a bit, she sighed faintly, and murmured like a wandering soul: "This time, I really can't live anymore."

     "What nonsense are you talking about!" Liao Dandan was taken aback, and quickly said, "Don't do anything stupid!"Mo Ling smiled faintly: "Stupid, Fleeting Time has posted pictures like that on the forum, isn't this forcing me to die?"

     "Forum? Photo?" Liao Dandan baffling, she looked at Fang Congshu, Fang Congshu also didn't understand, but immediately opened the forum, ready to see what the so-called photo is. "What more are you talking about?"

     "It's nothing." Mo Ling sighed: "Dandan, we are good sisters for so many years. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, I am leaving. Take care." After that, Mo Ling also Without waiting for Liao Dandan's response, he immediately hung up.

     Liao Dandan was said to be baffling, and only kept shouting: "Mo Ling, don't do stupid things! Mo Ling, don't hang up the phone! Listen to me! Hey hey!" Until a beep came in his ears Liao Dandan put down the phone with the beeping disconnection, looked at Fang Congshu with a look of horror and said, "It's over, it's over..."

     "What's wrong?" Fang Congshu has found the post and is using "Just look at the original poster"

     Quickly browsed the entire post, and soon he saw the photo. On the photo, Fleeting Time actually hugged Gongzi You and kissed with emotion, which made Fang Dumbstruck dumbstruck.It’s not about the scale of the photo, but Fleeting Time has never had such an intimate behavior for any woman. Even if it is a game, even if it is a holographic game, he is alienated and polite to all women, as it is now. The behavior is really split heaven and earth apart for the first time!

     Liao Dandan also found the photo. She pushed away from Fang Congshu and went to look at it. With just a glance, she already knew why Mo Ling was so yin and yang: "This is, Fleeting Time and Gongzi You..."

     "Yes." Fang Congshu was still in shock. It was so shocking that Fleeting Time actually kissed a woman. No, this expression is really misleading. An Gei said that Fleeting Time can do this to a woman. Really, really...

     "It's a fart!" Liao Dandan slapped Fang Jushu's head with a slap, and then rushed towards the bedroom.

     "What are you doing?" Fang Congshu looked at his busy wife.

     "I'll go to Mo Ling's place!" Liao Dandan ordered the other series of books while looking for clothes, "You hurry up and call Fleeting Time."

     "What are you doing! Why call Fleeting Time! If you want to go, I won't call that evil star! Actually asked me to call Fleeting Time for Mo Ling's affairs, and it is not you who are being scolded for feelings!" Fang Congshu's scalp was numb when he mentioned that he had to tell Fleeting Time about Mo Ling."Mo Ling was in the wrong mood just now. She must have seen these photos. What she said meant she was going to commit suicide. I have to go over and take a look. You should inform the Fleeting Time quickly." Liao Dandan with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically )'S changing clothes, too late to talk to Fang Congshu.

     "What? No way! Suicide? Can Mo Ling find some new tricks! Now Fleting Time is in the United States, who is she showing this show for! Don't toss us, okay!" Fang Congshu shouted in surprise There was a noise, but he complained more than surprised.

     "Stop talking nonsense, hurry up." Mo Ling had finished wearing Lou, walked out the door quickly, locked the door with a bang, and ran downstairs.

     However, Fang Congshu could only accept his fate and picked up the phone to inform Fleeting Time in the United States of the news that he was reluctant to respond to.