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Chapter Directory 303 Reaction (4)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

When Liao Dandan hurriedly used the spare key to poke open Mo Ling's room door, there was a big smell of gas coming from the pavement, and she quickly covered it. Nose, immediately rushed into the kitchen to turn off the gas, then rushed to the side of the window, opened all the windows, and opened the door to allow air to circulate. Only then did she have the opportunity to find Mo Ling.

     Covering her mouth and nose, Liao Dandan rushed into the study, only when Liao Dandan saw Mo Ling quietly leaning against the edge of the game cabin, she seemed to be asleep. Liao Dandan was so scared that his heart was about to jump out. Without even thinking about it, he immediately rushed out of the house and called 120. (A little common sense is popularized here. If someone in the family has gas poisoning, don’t call the police in the house, because the mobile phone can easily cause sparks when dialing the phone, and the gas concentration in the house has not yet dropped. When coming down, a small spark will cause an explosion. Of course, if you can use a landline, it is the best GC. The common sense is above 0. Based on the fireworks community last year, the fire brigade came to the community after a mother and daughter were in a bath with gas poisoning. Have a class...)After reporting to the police, Liao Dandan rushed back into the room again, cautious and solemn leaned to Mo Ling’s side, she touched Mo Ling’s nose and breathing, there shouldn’t be any problems, but, for guard against the unexpected, she still gave Mo Ling first aid measures, calling out Mo Ling's name while giving first aid.

     But Mo Ling was asleep all the time, as if she had already died.

     Just as Liao Dandan was desperate, the ambulance finally arrived. She escorted Mo Ling to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, she dialed Fang Congshu's number: "Husband, did the Fleeting Time phone get through?"

     "Just put it down, what? You've already arrived at Mo Ling's house? How?" Fang Congshu had just been rushed by Fleeting Time, and his heart was upset. He heard his wife's call and his tone was not very good.

     As usual, Liao Dandan had already seriously protested, but today, Liao Dandan did not say anything to blame Fang Congshu, but sighed quietly, and then said: "She committed suicide by driving on the gas. I got on the ambulance and was going to the hospital. On the road."

     "What!" Fang Congshu was startled and jumped up. He suddenly remembered what Fleeting Time had said. Mo Ling would not commit suicide. He felt that Fleeting Time actually didn't understand Mo Ling at all. A woman who loves to the extreme will definitely commit suicide if she is stimulated like this! "What hospital are you in, I'll come over right away!"Liao Dandan reported the name of a hospital, Fang Congshu immediately changed his clothes, drove the car and ran towards the hospital. When Fang Congshu rushed to the hospital, he saw Liao Dandan on the bench outside the emergency room and rushed over to "wife!"

     Liao Dandan raised her head, looking pale and looking at Fang Congshu, her eyes were red, and her body trembled. She was frightened. She grabbed Fang Congshu's clothes and said cryingly, "Husband, she won't die, will she?"

     Fang Congshu hurriedly hugged Liao Dandan, kept comforting her, and kept encouraging her: "It's okay, it's absolutely okay, wife, you think too much. Now that the medical technology is so advanced, nothing will happen!"

     When the two were cheering on each other, the door of the emergency department opened, and a long male doctor walked out. He had clear eyes and was wearing a mask. Several groups of family members on the bench outside the emergency department asked. : "Who are Mo Ling's family members!"

     "I am who I am!" Fang Congshu and Liao Dandan quickly stood up and rushed over.

     "You are" the male doctor looked at the two of them, a little hesitant, and finally set his gaze on Fang Congshu.

     "We are Mo Ling's friends, the best friends in this city!" Liao Dandan said quickly."Okay, she is out of danger, and now she has been transferred to the inpatient department for observation. You can go and see." The male doctor said and took it off with a smile. Hood, directed at Fang's series of books and said: "What? Lao Fang? Don't you know me?"

     Fang Congshu was stunned for a moment, looked at the male doctor in front of him carefully, and slapped his head: "Six!" Fang Congshu quickly introduced Liao Dandan and the six.

     "I haven't seen me for more than 20 years. I haven't forgotten me. It's not bad!" The nicknamed Liuzi smiled slightly. He looked at Liao Dandan's anxious look and smiled: "Your wife's friend, right?"

     The series nodded. He knew his wife's thoughts. In fact, he didn't feel any reminiscence at all now, and he wanted to see Mo Ling's situation.

     But he didn’t want to. He hadn’t expressed his thoughts yet, and the sixth son had already said: “Sister-in-law, you go first. I have something to tell the Lao Fang. You should go to the inpatient department to see your friend first, and I’ll find someone to take it with you. You go." Then he greeted a little nurse and took Liao Dandan to the inpatient department.

     Liao Dandan glanced suspiciously at the doctor named Liuzi, then read Fang Congshu, and then hurriedly left with the nurse.

     After watching Liao Dandan leave, the six sons looked at Fang Congshu and said, "Actually, I don't want to ask, but if the other party is you, I will do more than is required.""What are you talking about?" Fang Congshu and Liuzi were born in childhood, but they were separated when they were in elementary school, and they haven't seen each other for 20 years, but the two are in a good relationship, and they don't talk so much.

     "Does this suicidal girl have a leg with you?" The six spoke rude and went straight to the subject.

     Fang Congshu almost didn't breathe and choked to death when he said: "I said, can you correct the problem that Hong's speech was not surprising and endless when he was a child? Don't speak so directly?"

     "Okay, then I'll just say, is this gas-poisoned lady a good friend other than your wife?" Six sons put on a fake smile jokingly.

     "Come on, don't say that." Fang Congshu repeatedly waved his hands: "No, no, I can't stand such a tossing woman. My wife and her are friends. People are after me. A friend can’t look down on me. Even if I look down on me, I can’t afford such a woman.”

     The Sixth was stunned, then nodded: "Oh, then it's okay, I'm going to work, and I'll keep in touch when I have time!" He said he gave Fang Congshu a phone number and was about to leave.

     "Hey, don't say half of your words, do you want to go after speaking?" Fang Congshu knew that Liu Zi had something to say when he heard it. He grabbed Liu Zi and asked eagerly."Since it has nothing to do with you, then forget it." Liu Zi shrugged, he is not a nosy person.

     "Come on, just do it. My friend is now in the United States, not in this city at all. If you have anything about this woman, just tell me., I can tell you that although she doesn't like me, But all the time I get tortured with my wife through my wife, and I suffer, so don’t say anything!"

     Six sons looked up and down at Fang's series of books and nodded: "Well, it's actually nothing. I just want to tell you that this woman's mind is too deep, and you can't play with her. If you have a leg with her, then Click to break, or she will make you worse off."

     The words of Six Sons shocked Fang Congshu: "You know her!"

     "I don't know, see you for the first time."

     "Then why do you say that?" I seem to hear your wife say when reporting the whole process, it was forty minutes before she received the call from this woman about to commit suicide. "

     "Almost." Fang Congshu nodded, and indeed received a call from Mo Ling from Liao Dandan, and then there should be an interval of about an hour before he called Liao Dandan."If she really wanted to commit suicide, she would have turned on the gas after she put down the phone. Forty minutes, she would have died long ago. Even if the gods came, she wouldn't be able to live, and now" the six children laughed mockingly: "She is A slight gas poisoning According to my calculations, she has turned on the gas for less than ten minutes at most and the amount is not large. It is not that easy to die."

     "Huh? Is she doing this to get rid of hair?" Fang Congshu was surprised by the six sons' words.

     "How do I know." Six sons said, turning around and preparing to go to work: "Remember to contact me. My mother often asks me to see your mother. You never come to see my mother!"

     "I know, I know." Fang Congshu nodded and greeted, but there was already an uproar in his heart. He stood in the emergency department for a while, then turned and walked towards the inpatient department.

     After finding Mo Ling's ward, Fang Congshu didn't go in. He just stood outside the empty door and listened to the conversation between Liao Dandan and Mo Ling.

     "Why are you so stupid! You don't understand the truth of better a bad life than a good death, you are dying, don't you have no chance?""Is there any chance now. He doesn't even look at me, and even posts pictures with that woman everywhere. Can I survive? Everyone knows that I like him. I have waited for him for so many years. , And my parents always thought we were in love. Now I tell everyone that they don’t love me at all. They like other women. Can I still live? Since I can’t live anyway, I might as well die."

     "Don't be too honing a bull's horn. There are so many good men in the world, it doesn't have to be him."

     "If it's him, if it's him, if it's not him, I can't live anymore." Mo Ling sniffed: "Dandan, help me, help me, I really can't live without him. Up."

     Fang Congshu took a deep breath, and while Liao Dandan didn't answer, he opened the door and interrupted the conversation between the two people. Then after chatting with Mo Ling for a while, he found an excuse to take Liao Dandan and leave.

     "Don't care about Mo Ling." Fang Congshu told Liao Dandan, chop the nail and slice the iron.

     "But, she is so pitiful, she committed suicide for Fleeting Time""Do you think she really committed suicide!" Fang Congshu sneered, and then told Liao Dandan all the six sons had said, then turned around and walked towards the parking lot: "I will never help you pass the message again, if you must Regardless of her nostalgia, go to Fleeting Time by yourself, and" Fang Congshu paused: "This woman is too deliberate, be careful not to let her pit us Guild!"

     After all, Fang Congshu left angrily, leaving only Liao Dandan standing there alone, and a gust of wind came out, and it was very cold.

     Bai Mo was silent all night.

     This is very weird. You should know that Bai Mo is a person who likes to make jokes very much. Even Dungeon usually laughs with everyone. He has never been so silent. The silence is so suffocating for everyone.

     The whole team also seemed very silent because of Bai Mo's silence. Everyone didn't speak, and all were quietly fighting monsters. In the channel, only the leader of Milu heart alarmed, trembling in fear was left, and the silent atmosphere suppressed everyone's breath.

     Finally couldn't help it, Ideal Height 1.7m sent a secret message to Timely Rain: "Little rain, what's wrong with the boss?"

     "how could I know?""Is it because of the photos on the forum?" Ideal Height 1.7m once heard Let Go of Sister say that Bai Mo and Gongzi You are cousins, but the relationship is so good that people don’t feel like cousins, so in her mind Lenovo is all about Bai Mo. Will it be so jealous because of these photos? That's why he is so silent.

     "I don't know." Timely Rain shook his head. He is the most honest person. He doesn't know all the uncertain things. Even if he guessed that way in his heart, he definitely said that he didn't know.

     Ideal Height 1.7m Seeing that I couldn't ask anything from Timely Rain, I went to discuss this matter with Fruit Jelly. Men and women are completely different, like Fruit Jelly. When she heard about this, although she was a little worried about Bai Mo, she was more excited. She said to Ideal Height 1.7m: "You have all the photos. Where do you see it? I haven't finished reading it yet, so why is the host still wrestling with it?

     "I saw them kiss there twice." Ideal Height 1.7m. Because someone talked about gossip with them, they were also very interested, so the two main players actually started to push the BOSS. Liáo became exhilarated and started talking about Fleting. Photos of Time and Gongzi You.

     "This is the first time I have watched the date of Fleeting Time carefully. It looks very beautiful!""Cut, it's not a good thing for a man to be so beautiful! Think about it, can it be a good thing to praise a man for being beautiful? This is a good blow!"

     "Hey, let's not talk about this first, I think, is Fleeting Time really to the childe?"

     "I guess so, I haven't heard of his scandals. I have always heard that he is not close to female sex and broke the precept against Childe?"

     "I guess so, I see that in the photo, Childe is also quite cooperative, maybe she doesn't dislike Fleeting Time as much as she seems on the surface, at least, she showed it like this."

     "I guess Childe is totally ignorant in this aspect. She doesn't understand what a man is." Fruit Jelly complained directly: "She only knows Dungeon Dungeon, First Kill First Kill. You know, for women, men are men. That’s the most important goal..."

     "You are so perverted..."