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Chapter Directory 307 Chapter 1 Comfort?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time and felt that she was deaf just now, or just had a short-circuit in her brain. Otherwise, why did she not understand what Fleeting Time said just now?

     Fleeting Time just quietly leaned on the prison railing and looked at Ye Ci not far away. Now her expression is really interesting enough, Fleeting Time suddenly feels very fresh. He seems to have known Gongzi You for so much time, but he has never seen such an expression.

     From the first time I saw her, she was so confident and so proud. It seemed to her that there were no other difficulties in this world. As long as she was willing, as long as she worked hard, all the victories could stretch a hand and grab it. Probably it was this kind of ambition to watch the world that made him unable to fail. He thought he was actually the same person as Gongzi You.

     Everyone said that two people are complementary to each other, but he just wants to be heaven-defying. He wants to see what happens if two people who seem to be looking in a mirror come together. ?

     Fleeting Time has never believed in fate, from the day when he was sensible, and to the present.Therefore, when facing Gongzi You, no matter what her attitude, rejection or ridicule, she can be conquered in the heart of Fleeting Time. At any cost, as long as he is alive, he will conquer, or He looked at Gongzi You's unbelievable expression, smiled slightly, or was conquered by her.

     Gongzi You now has a rare feminine emotion on his face, surprised. Her eyebrows were slightly raised, her lips opened a small slit, and there was a lot of inquiring look in her eyes. This expression looks inharmonious with Gongzi You's character, but it is so abominable and harmonious.

     Fleeting Time looked at Gongzi You like this and suddenly felt very warm. Just looking at her like this, his body seemed to warm up.

     "What else are you talking about?" Ye Ci thought for a while, really wondering if Fleting Time was wrong, or she had heard it wrong, so she did something that she regretted extremely. She asked again...

     "Why? Didn't the little childe hear clearly?" Fleeting Time's sharp eyebrows were raised at this moment, showing a rare warmth. He didn't wait for Ye Ci's answer, so he replied directly: "I mean, have you ever thought about making our relationship closer than the awkward and boring relationship of players on the hostile mainland?""Embarrassed? Boring?" Following the voice of Fleeting Time, Ye Ci gradually raised his voice as he explained his definition of the relationship, and her beautiful eyebrows also raised.

     "Isn't it?" Fleeting Time shrugged. "Don't you think it's really boring for us to call this kind of relationship as soon as we meet?"

     "Huh, you are from the Western Continent and I am from Eastern Continent. You are honor value in my eyes, and I am also honor value in your eyes. Isn't it normal to kill when you meet? How boring? "Although Ye Ci is not familiar with affairs, it does not mean that he is an idiot who doesn't know anything. Regarding Fleeting Time's words, she trembled slightly in her heart, but she quickly changed the subject.

     What are you afraid of?

     Ye Ci not a word or movement took a breath. Who knows, anyway, she subconsciously just doesn't want to face the question raised by Fleeting Time formally. It seems that facing that question will be met with unpredictable things.

     However, Fleeting Time will not change the topic just because of the change of Ye Ci not a word or movement. He squinted his eyes, of course he understood what Ye Ci was deliberately avoiding. Although she was acting unconsciously, the opponent was not a foolish person. If you deliberately release the water, then no one should try to change the topic in front of him halfway, even if it is Gongzi You.Not to mention this problem. For Fleeting Time, he was determined to win and he absolutely did not allow Gongzi You to transfer. Don't blame him for being too impatient, just because, such an opportunity, such an environment, there will never be a second time.

     Seventy-two hours were fleeting, and when the two people left the cell, no one knew what would happen. Fleeting Time suddenly felt that his time was very urgent. When he closed his eyes,

     His mind was full of the Warrior wearing the plate armor, his gentle but provocative smile, and the meek but unbelievable low-key.

     He is not afraid of challenges, nor is he afraid of opponents. He has never been afraid. That's because he needs absolute certainty in everything he does. However, there are still more accidents in his life.

     This accident is called Gongzi You.

     Because of Gongzi You, he started to fear the Warrior who wears plate armor, because of Gongzi You he started to fear the man who called her "Xiao ci". Not because of anything else, just because, for Gongzi You, he is totally unsure.

     However, the things he is facing now are different from other things. It is impossible for him to wait until he has enough confidence in Gongzi You to say these things. If it is really that time, maybe everything It's not the same anymore.

     Fleeting Time can't wait for that time.In fact, if the man doesn't show up, he doesn't mind that he can continue to wait and let himself take root in Gongzi You's heart and slowly step by step. However, the man appeared, which made Fleeting Time suddenly realize one thing. He didn't know Gongzi You at all. He just felt that Gongzi You was single because of his heartbeat. There was no other man around Gongzi You. Gongzi You will be his own sooner or later.

     He realized that he seemed to be ridiculously wrong at the initial starting point.

     It turned out that Gongzi You had never belonged to him. It turned out that Gongzi You had been too far away from him. It was so far away that he had to exhaust all his energy to reach it.

     Such a distance made Fleeting Time baffling anxious, and such anxiousness made Fleeting Time lose its calmness and reason. He leaned on the railing of the cell, looked at Gongzi You quietly, and took a deep breath.

     In fact, one cannot always be too sensible, and cannot always be too calm.

     He is only twenty-five years old, he needs the passion of this age, and he also needs the impulse of this age. However, as long as the goal of all these passions and impulses is Gongzi You, what can you do if you are not like yourself?Fleeting Time curled his mouth slightly and hugged his arms in front of his chest, while his hands were beating deftly on his arms. Then he narrowed his eyes: "Little childe, we are not discussing this issue."

     Ye Ci froze for a moment, then did not speak, but took a deep breath and turned away, looking at the cell floor, as if there were the most exquisite murals or stone carvings in the world. Just looking at it can improve your own Art appreciation ability.

     I am not old enough to forget what I said. …Fleeting Time smiled with his mouth cocked.

     Ye Ci looked very quiet when she lowered her head and didn't speak. She sat there, her thin body seemed too weak to stand up to the wind, and she couldn't see how much explosive force was in her body.

     "I remember that what I asked just now was whether we should bring the relationship one step closer.

     Rather, there is nothing wrong with what Eastern Continent players and Western Continent players need to do after they meet. "Fleeting Time did not get close to Ye Ci. He still stood still, but Ye Ci felt that in this small cell, there was a kind of pressure that could not be seen directly spreading like this, forcing her to even pant. A kind of luxury. She backed vigorously towards the wall, it seems that only in this way, she would not get the smell of Fleeting Time, but it seemed that her backlash did not play a big role, because no matter where she hid Go, the breath that belongs to Fleeting Time has been suppressed like this, and it can't be shaken away.

     Ye Ci's silence did not make Fleeting Time impatient. He just looked at Ye Ci, smiled, and quietly said something unrelated to Fengyue. He seemed to be talking to himself, but the slight voice still got into her ears like a bug.

     He said that this is actually very good, at least it is rare to be peaceful.

     He said, who knows what will happen in the future, if he knows everything, then what to expect in the future.

     He said that he would be at the top of the mountain and see the mountains and small mountains, so it doesn't matter if there is one more person.

     He said,……

     I don't know how long he said, Liu Dong finally stopped, no longer talking, just silently looking at Gongzi You.The eyes were deep and quiet, Ye Ci was all hairy, she finally couldn't sit still, turned her head to meet her gaze, and said coarsely, "What do you want?"

     "Me? Nothing." Fleeting Time shrugged, "Just answer my question."

     Ye Ci's speech was delayed for a while, and in the end he could only look at Fleeting Time steadily: "If, I said, I think the relationship is good now?"

     Ye Ci’s answer was obviously expected by Fleeting Time. He nodded and then smiled: “It seems that the little childe still loves to hear and see the onlookers of the players now. In that case, then we Continue to maintain the current relationship."

     Fleeting Time's answer surprised Ye Ci. What did he say? When did she say that she loves to hear and see the situation of being watched as aliens by others now! How could everything change its taste in his mouth! No, no, this is not the point of the question. The point of the question is, according to what he meant, if the current relationship is to be maintained, does it mean that there will be too few things like this kind of onlookers in the future?

     Ye Ci suddenly felt a tingling scalp, and she angered: "Fleeting Time, can you not be so shameless?""I'm shameless?" Fleeting Time raised an eyebrow, and then nodded: "Well, if you say I am shameless, then I will be shameless, although I don't know where I am shameless."

     "You are threatening me if I still maintain an antagonistic relationship in the future, will the situation today reappear?" Ye Ci squinted and sneered, "The last thing I will not be threatened in my life is threats, let alone being like you. The guy threatened."

     Fleeting Time shook his head again and again: "How could it be a threat? And how could the situation occur today?" He laughed lowly and said, "I never throw two somersaults on the same rock when doing errands, so I said No matter what we do next time, I won’t let anyone sneak a photo again.”

     When Ye Ci heard these words, her whole face suddenly seemed to be burned up by fire, and her mind couldn't help but think of what happened in the Wisteria Garden a few hours ago. As for Fleeting Time, it seems to want to continue these things for a long time...

     Oh, no, no, Ye Ci suddenly felt that she was suffocating.She stood up suddenly, rushed towards the Fleeting Time, and finally stopped at a place not far from the Fleeting Time, raised her finger at the Fleeting Time and said, "Did I tell you, I hate other people threatening me. Have I told you that I hate you? Have I told you that I never want to have a relationship with you anymore! What's a closer relationship, no relationship at all? Yeah!"

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's pompous look, and listened to the voice that was basically Hysteria. I don't know why, he suddenly felt sad.

     Sure enough, it was rejected.

     Although I was prepared in this way at the beginning, when I was really rejected, the feeling was still uncomfortable. He lowered his head and rubbed his nose resignedly. But he quickly picked up the sadness of Xu, raised his head, shrugged his shoulders, and looked at Ye Ci indifferently.

     "Sure enough, I was rejected." Fleeting Time smiled. His smile was gentle and not hostile, and it looked a lot different from the usual image of a hooligan. Such Fleeting Time gave Ye Ci a bit of regeneration. She slowly lowered her hand and exhaled as she watched Fleeting Time: "What refusal?""Why? You didn't see it? Am I pursuing you?" Fleeting Time sighed, then shrugged his shoulders relaxedly, showing nothing but his helplessness.

     It's just that his words really make Ye Ci unable to answer. No, it should be said that Ye Ci doesn't know how to answer. This is a situation she has never encountered in the decades combined with her previous life. If the current Fleeting Time is a boss, then Ye Ci has no idea how to defeat this boss.

     She wanted to use a smile to ease the atmosphere, but at this time the smile seemed inappropriate.

     She wants to say something, but what will she say at this time will not be more embarrassing? The more entangled it is, the more impetuous Ye Ci becomes.

     How to solve this situation?

     Ye Ci suddenly cleared his throat, demons and gods at work, raised his hand, patted Fleeting Time's shoulder dryly, and then smiled dryly, comforting him like a buddy: "Actually, pursue This matter, as long as there is a process, the result is not important, right? Hahahaha..."

     God, what else is she talking about! Looking at the raised brows of Fleeting Time, sweat profusely