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Chapter Directory 311 Chapter V Agreement
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The atmosphere is really strange.

     It stands to reason that after such a situation, the relationship between the two people will always change somewhat.

     However, if the other party is Gongzi You, Fleeting Time can't be inferred according to the truth.

     Because, Gongzi You is a person who never plays cards according to reason. Although he was still lying under his body just now and lingering with his own tongue, it was only for a moment. After looking at it, it seemed that it was just a dream.

     She sat there, leaning against the wall, with her head down, not knowing what she was thinking. There was no afternoon movement, and no speech, so quiet as if it didn't exist at all.Fleeting Time looked at Gongzi You and felt that he should say something, even if he didn't say something, he should do something. Otherwise, if he kept doing this, it would mean that he would stay on the same spot and never walk in. So he took a deep breath, and after the uncontrollable tension deep in his heart fell silent for a while, he approached Gongzi You, got close to her face, and said in a low voice: "Do you want to Do it again?" The voice of Fleeting Time was good at first, but now it has a few hoarse touches in it, making it even more lazy and charming. Ye Ci just heard his voice and felt the hot scent when it was close to her face. There seemed to be a thin layer of goose bumps behind her. She turned her face slightly, letting it grow loosely. Hair covered his face. She feels ashamed of herself,

     She seemed to be poisoned in this situation and wanted to refuse, but her body didn't have much strength.

     And the words of Fleeting Time made Ye Ci's body tremble uncontrollably. He said, "Do you want to do it again?"

     Such hooking words are spoken in such a hooking voice, maybe there is no way to resist it on anyone's body.Fleeting Time saw Ye Ci just turned his head and didn’t make any reaction. He stretched out his hand and took Ye Ci’s arm with one hand, and then pulled out her long hair. Seeing her face is like a peach blossom, eyebrows are picturesque, although it is not an extraordinary color, but there is a beauty that makes him shaking one to the core. He only felt his heart moved, and said in a low voice: "1 little childe, don't refuse me."

     Ye Ci kept her eyes down, did not refuse, but did not cater to Fleeting Time. It seemed that she had become a baby who had lost her life. Fleeting Time only felt that there was a fire in her body, and she wished to keep this woman by her side all the time and not to separate.

     He held her cheek, looked at her drooping eyebrows, her flushed face, her flowery lips, wishing to engrave this face deeply on his heart, never Forgotten.

     Just when Fleeting Time could see the gods, Ye Ci's eyebrows, which had been drooping all the time, suddenly lifted up. In those sharp eyes, there was a clear light, and there was no entanglement of lust. She just watched Fleeting quietly. Time, there is no trace of wind and waves.

     But Fleting Time was heart alarmed, body leaping by the eyes of Bubo Furui. Everything was out of his grasp. The tension in his heart came out again, and his muscles were forced. Urgency, even the ease of one thread, one hair is not left.He cocked his mouth and wanted to smile gently, but he was somewhat less capable than desirable, and he could only mutter in a low voice: "What's the matter?"

     "Fleeting Time, did you just say that you want me to be your woman?" Ye Ci suddenly said, his voice still as cold as usual, it seems to be a matter of fact, it can't be said to be like eating and sleeping as normal things, but stop In Fleeting Time's ear, the tympanic membrane was pierced and hurt. He suddenly didn't want to answer Gongzi You's question, as if only such an answer would cause their relationship to grow far.

     After hesitating for a while, Fleeting Time knew that waiting this way was not a problem. Although he didn't want to drag the relationship between the two people further, he also wanted to know what medicine was selling in the Gongzi You gourd now?

     According to what Fleeting Time knows about Gongzi You, this woman will never let herself be at a disadvantage, no matter what, she just bullied her for so long, it seems that now she is going to give a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, right? ?Thinking of this, Fleeting Time suddenly felt less nervous, and even the whole person became relaxed. In the battle, the most terrifying thing is not that the opponent is abnormal, but that the opponent does not shoot from beginning to end. In this way, you will never know what your opponent’s trump card is, and you will never know what method you should use to deal with it. opponent. However, once the opponent makes a move, once the opponent strikes back, the whole situation will change again.

     Just now, Gongzi You had been passive. She didn't make a move, and she couldn't make a move. Although Fleeting Time was approaching step by step, he had to say that he still had no score in his heart because he didn't know how to win the final victory. Although they played against Gongzi You, they seemed to draw every time, but this time he hoped to win.

     He smiled lightly, showing his white teeth, and let go of Ye Ci's face with his hands, and he held it behind him. The power of the whole person was overwhelmed by the two hands behind him, and the whole person appeared relaxed and comfortable. . He said!

     "I said that my memory has always been very good, and I did say that just now." "What if I say I refuse?" Ye Ci squinted his eyes, and a thin smile curled up on his lips. People have a shuddering feeling.

     Fleeting Time stared at the cold smile on Ye Ci's lips, and after a long time he said calmly, "What does that have to do with me."Ye Ci was stunned by this answer. She thought about the answer of Fleeting Time, and even more thought about how she should respond if Fleeting Time continued to play word games with herself brazen faced, but she never thought that Fleeting Time would do it. This answer. She looked at Fleeting Time like a monster: "You said it has nothing to do with you?"

     "It was originally like this. Your refusal is your freedom, and my pursuit is my freedom. There is no relationship between the two." Fleeting Time sighed from the corner of his lips, and he was not watching. Ye Ci raised his head and looked at the dark cell roof, unexpectedly thinking of Mo Ling.

     Actually, it's the same for Mo Ling. She has been pestering him, and he has been rejecting her.

     Her entanglement made herself very troublesome, and she even hoped that she had never known this talent from beginning to end.

     And now, Gongzi You and himself, do they also miss him and Mo Ling?

     One chasing, one hiding, one request, one rejection.

     Liu Dong suddenly felt that there was a heart alarmed, body leaping, would he be deeply disgusted by Gongzi You in the end? No, it feels really bad.No wonder it's hard not to ask for it. He suddenly felt that he could understand Mo Ling's pain of seeking but fail to get. Fleeting Time's fingers were almost digging into the slate, and the hard feeling made his nails sore. He definitely does not want to be like Mo Ling, he is Fleeting Time, he has his own pride and method.

     "Let's do it." Fleeting Time suddenly lowered his head and looked at the silent Gongzi You. There was a cold look in his eyes. There was no enthusiasm like fire or usual scorn, but silence like a bottomless stagnant water. Such Fleeting Time is a stranger to Ye Ci. It is so unfamiliar that she has an indescribable cold.

     "What?" Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time, and saw that he was serious, with no taste of ridicule, and he was unconsciously cautious.

     "I admit that I am interested in you. I want you to be my woman. This is my wish, my request, and also my goal. And you seem to be not interested in my pursuit, my goal, or even disdain. as beneath contempt, so you refuse." Fleeting Time analyzed it in a very methodical manner. It felt like it was talking about a cold math problem, demonstrating a cold system data, and even beating a cold dead fish as calm and sensible. And depressing.Ye Ci had to admit that she was also unable to breathe smoothly due to this repression, and she even wanted to refute the analysis made by Fleeting Time, but she opened her mouth and closed it again. What is she going to refute? Refute that she is actually interested in the pursuit of Fleeting Time. In fact, there is no disdain as beneath contempt. In fact, she does not want to refuse? A joke, what he said was a fact. Although it is harsh, it does not mean it is a lie.

     "What then?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows.

     She seems to have never talked to Fleeting Time so elegantly, and she has never said such a serious condition, they are not familiar with it.

     "But, you let me go away, I'm not delighted to (do sth, idiom), I want to be entangled all the time, and you are so annoying, but I didn't say anything wrong?" Fleeting Time has sat up straight, he He raised his left leg, but his right leg was lying flat on the ground. His left and right naturally hung on the knee of his left leg, and his right hand was placed on his right leg. His twin-length fingers bounced and tapped rhythmically. The rhythm fully proved his inner peace, rationality and calmness.

     The Fleeting Time statement makes Ye Ci difficult to refute, and he doesn't know how to refute it. To be honest, it really is what it is. It's just that sometimes it's a bit embarrassing to tell the truth. Ye Ci is like this now. She didn't answer the Fleeting Time. She just raised her eyebrows when she looked at him, confessed, and even hinted that he would go on."So why don't we take a step back and find a compromise?"

     When Ye Ci heard these words, her breathing stopped unconsciously, and then she resumed her normal stubble. She went on to ask, "What can be done?"

     "How about we sign an agreement?", Fleeting Time squinted his eyes, and an invisible smile appeared on his lips. The smile seemed to contain too much meaning, and this meaning was impossible to see through.

     Ye Ci also squinted, her eyes full of exploration and speculation, as well as the measurement of this proposal. The Fleeting Time on the opposite side kept not a word or movement, and did not leave Ye Ci with a clue that could be explored or guessed. Ye Ci persisted for a while before finally giving up, and slowly asked, "What agreement?"