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Chapter Directory 312 Calculation
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The corners of Fleeting Time's lips finally turned up, and there was something in his eyes that made Ye Ci shudder. That kind of thing is a calculation that belongs to a canine animal, so you can't get rid of it except for it.

     Ye Ci doesn't like this kind of calculation very much. In fact, no one likes this calculation at all.

     She suddenly regretted it. Did she do something wrong? Shouldn't you ask about this agreement, shouldn't you have to deal with Fleeting Time?

     It's just that it's a bit too late to say whether this is right now. If you say it, it's like the water thrown out by the married daughter, and it can't be collected again. Although she is a little uneasy now, she can only count one step at a time, see the opportunity and act.

     Fleeting Time didn't answer Ye Ci right away. He still maintained his previous posture, his eyes narrowed, and his gaze fell on Ye Ci's face tightly, trying to see some flaws in her face. However, Fleeting Time was still a little discouraged in the end. This woman could hide her emotions to the point of dripping water. After watching it for a long time, she didn't get any useful clues, so she could only give up.

     "One year's time." Fleeting Time slowly said a time.

     "What is the time of year?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, somehow he didn't understand what Fleeting Time was talking about."In one year, you can refuse to be my woman, but you can't refuse my pursuit of you. If one year later, you still don’t change the final answer, then I will completely disappear from your world. I will pester you, and I will never bother you." At this point, Fleeting Time gave a slight pause: "Even...I can leave Fate."

     Fleeting Time's words made Ye Ci deeply succumbed. She suddenly remembered the time when Fleeting Time disappeared in the previous life, which seemed to be a year later. So does it mean that he also signed any agreements with others back then? And then it is because I can’t ask you to finally quit the game? Or did you leave the game for other reasons? Ye Ci really didn’t know, she just looked at Fleeting Time so quietly, her eyes filled with an incredible light, after a while, she slowly said: “Why do I promise you to sign this agreement? This agreement does not seem to be of any benefit to me." "Is it?" Fleeting Time smiled: "So, you are very satisfied with our current relationship, and even very satisfied with my entanglement with you? Do you even want to continue this entanglement for ten or eight years, until the game declines?" The voice of Fleeting Time is a little more frivolous, which makes people sound a little vain.Fleeting Time's words made Ye Ci's eyes narrowed. She seemed to be a little angry. She looked at Fleeting Time quietly. After a while, she said in a calm and watery voice: "Fleeting Time, don't try to irritate. Me, the radical method doesn't work for me at all."

     Fleeting Time shook his head: "I didn't want to irritate you. Moreover, I know that this method of stimulation doesn't seem to work for you. I just want to tell you this fact. I am very persistent and I am very persistent in everything It’s not going to stop.” The fingers of his right hand bounce on his knees very beautifully, like five thin white jade tubes, delicate and not lacking in strength: “If there is no deadline, I will Will keep chasing." Fleeting Time's words made Ye Ci's eyebrows slightly frowned. Ye Ci had no doubt about what Fleeting Time said. She knew that in some respects, she was actually very similar to Fleeting Time. The same persistence, the same extreme, the same swearing to never give up.

     "In order to prevent you from being so painful, and to prevent me from being so painful, it is better for us to set a time, one year, just one year. After this year, if you still can’t warm your heart, then I Just leave." Fleeting Time laughed, and said the matter so lightly, as if it were just the most common little thing."If" Ye Ci opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, she closed her mouth, said nothing, and smiled.

     "What if?" Ye Ci's hesitation stopped Fleeting Time a little scared, he looked at Ye Ci and asked.

     "Nothing." Ye Ci shook his head, and then began to think about the suggestions of Fleeting Time. There was nothing wrong with what he said. If she agrees to this agreement, she will only be annoyed for a year. If she does not agree, if she is really caught Wouldn't it be uneconomical to worry about ten or eight years?

     It's just that Ye Ci bit her lip, but the words she didn't ask just now, have been lingering in her heart.

     What if, if you change your mind after a year?

     Ye Ci laughed at himself. If this is really constructive, it doesn't make sense.

     Fleeting Time with yourself? how is this possible! Although she admitted to Fleeting Time's í, it was just a loss of í, and even Ye Ci didn't know when she fell asleep.

     No dreams all night, this is really good quality of sleep. And the next day, she rarely woke up very early. It was almost a genius. She woke up. Looking at the sun outside the window, Ye Ci didn’t even realize where she was for a long time, until someone seemed to be coming outside. When she walked quietly on tiptoe, she came back to her senses.Turning over and getting out of bed, Ye Ci opened the door and limped to go to the bathroom to wash, but didn't want to meet Tan Polang. Tan Polang was obviously taken aback when he saw Ye Ci. After looking at her with wide eyes, he exhaled a long breath, patted his chest and said, "I was scared to death."

     "What? I look like a ghost?" Ye Ci was very dissatisfied with Tan Polang's attitude when he saw him.

     But Tan Polang looked at Ye Ci and unexpectedly remembered the photo of her kissing Fleeting Time. There was something unnatural. He quickly turned his head and explained, “No, I’ll go to the balcony to endorse, and the bathroom will let you. "After that, Ye Ci only left a baffling back.