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Chapter Directory 314 Chapter 8 Embarrassment (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci who lowered his head to eat, and couldn't help being a little funny. She wouldn't think that everyone in her family was a caveman who was so closed to the extreme, did she really deceive herself to think that everyone didn't know about the big thing yesterday? Looking at her relieved expression, it really makes people want to pierce her fantasy.

     When Zuo Xiaolan watched Ye Nantian's words, her lips changed again. , I couldn't help but cocked his mouth. This guy is actually becoming less and less guilty. Twenty years ago, he absolutely asked if he didn't ask, but now he can't ask. ? She thought about looking at Bai Mo again, only to see this guy sitting there calmly eating chaos, with a very calm expression on her face, but she didn't know what she was thinking. Looking at Tan Polang, his head is lower than Ye Ci, and he is eating Kun Nai with big mouthfuls, as if the person who made the forum incident was not Ye Ci but him.Zuo Xiaolan glanced at the people at the table and smiled inwardly. These guys don't look at each of them as if there is nothing wrong, but in fact they may be about to start cooking. Bai Mo, the little fox, as long as Ye Nantian does not speak, he will never take the initiative to say this to provoke Ye Ci, let alone Tan Polang, look at the way he doesn’t look up, and expect him to talk about this topic first, not at all. may. As for Ye Nantian, the courage he finally mustered up, after the interruption just now, it is probably not easy to speak again. And Ye Ci... she knows best about her daughter.

     Looks very calm, I'm afraid my heart is boiling and burning, unable to sit or stand still (out of nervousness etc).

     After looking at the past, you still have to count on yourself to tell this kind of thing in the end.

     However, the timing of this statement needs to be found again.

     "Combat power? Which aspect? Is it strength or intelligence or spirit or agility?" Bai Mo pretended to be very interested in Ye Nantian's recipes and spoke very positively.

     "It's strength, but it doesn't seem to add much, so I can only add 30 points." Ye Nantian seemed to be completely distracted by this question, and then began to talk boastfully about his recipes."It's not much at 30, but it's okay. It's good to be able to add half an hour without offsetting the buff of the medicine." Bai Mo also answered Ye Nantian's question seriously. For a while, it seemed that the two of them had really turned their attention to the recipe, but only they themselves knew what they were thinking in their hearts.

     Tan Polang also felt that eating with his head down all the time seemed not so good, so he discussed with two people: "Goddaddy, what better recipe do you have?"

     "Recently, I bought a few in the auction house, and I also tried a few new dishes myself, but there are not many recipes for adding Jing’s strength, but there are some weird things. For example, I made a couple’s lungs the day before yesterday. It's actually to increase intimacy." Ye Nantian chuckled: "By the way, what's the use of intimacy?"

     "Well, it is to deepen the goodwill between strangers and men and do some intimate things..." Zen Polang replied casually, but he didn't feel that his mouth was too fast until he answered, and he wanted to bite his tongue down. Come.

     "What kind of intimate thing?" Zuo Xiaolan didn't wait for Zen Polang's words to fall, and then asked while talking. She blinked her eyes as if she didn't understand it, but she was proud to betray her eyes. Her heart: "What are the intimate things?"Bai Mo looked at Zuo Xiaolan’s innocent and pure expression, and couldn’t help sighing in his heart: Aunt, in fact, you can pretend to be more innocent. You can pretend to be more pure. Why don’t you just pretend to be more innocent? Fifteen years old? Your daughters can now marry, don't you be afraid of thunderstorms if you pretend that way?

     "I'm underage, I don't know." Tan Polang picked himself up immediately, but after seeing Zuo Xiaolan's murderous gaze, he blushed and said: "But, I think, for example, kiss or hug some type of……"

     Tan Polang couldn't say anything anymore, and he slammed the chrysalis in his mouth with big mouths. It's better to stuff yourself with something. This is simply too wrong.

     Zuo Xiaolan glanced at Ye Ci, her head was already lowered. So he turned his head and asked Bai Mo: "Bai Mo, is it just a hug?"

     Bai Mo didn't expect that his aunt would temporarily turn the finger to face him. Suddenly, Dapu asked his ally Ye Nantian for help. However, Ye Nantian turned his head and drank water now unrighteously. Bai Mo was stunned in embarrassment.

     Zuo Xiaolan squinted her eyes: "Bai Mo, if your age is telling me you don't know anything, it would be too fake."Bai Mo's face is about to cramp. He looked at Zuo Xiaolan's eyes, and actually wanted to roar, aunt, first start pretending that you are good! Is it good for you! ! Don't push everything on me! ! ! However, Bai Mo did not have the guts to say such a thing in this situation. He only swallowed with a guilty conscience, and then left his mouth and said, "Of course, what else is there." What else? "

     "Kiss somewhere else, hold another place" Bai Mo couldn't say anymore, he was sitting on pins and needles now. Although he is this age, he knows everything, but he knows and speaks frankly in front of his family in the direction of being completely unrelated to one another!

     "For example? Where to kiss? Where to hold?" Zuo Xiaolan obviously didn't intend to let Bai Mo go. She called me a newbie, and she vowed to clarify these issues and face Bai Mo. After chasing and beating, Bai Mo was really embarrassed.

     Bai Mo's face is a little red, which is too embarrassing...

     While Zuo Xiaolan watched Bai Mo, she stared at Ye Ci's performance from the corner of her eye. Her hands were shaking a little, and her ears were reddening. If she kept her head down. , I guess I can see a face like a monkey butt. Zuo Xiaolan seemed quite satisfied with this performance.Bai Mo felt that his liver was trembling. He looked at Ye Nantian with a guilty conscience and saw that Ye Nantian's face was not much better. Although he is still very open-minded about these things, he still feels embarrassed when he talks about such meaningful questions in front of the three children in this situation.

     "Huh?" Zuo Xiaolan was very dissatisfied with Bai Mo's delayed refusal to answer. She hummed her nose to warn Bai Mo to cooperate, which made Bai Mo's liver tremble even more.

     He swallowed heavily, and said in a voice almost the size of a mosquito: "For example, kiss, for example, hug there..." He couldn't say any more, and simply learned from Zen Polang, bowed his head and ate slumbers. , While eating, said against his will: "Ah, it's really cold today. It's really warm to eat such a big bowl of scorpion, it's so warm."

     Too hypocritical, so hypocritical!

     For Bai Mo's performance, everyone gave the most contemptuous attitude. However, Bai Mo decided not to be a gentleman at this moment, and let him continue to be hypocritical.

     People are alright.

     Zuo Xiaolan had already got the answer she wanted, so she was no longer embarrassed by Bai Mo, then she turned her head openly and looked at Ye Ci who was sitting next to her and smiled: "Xiao ci, you were kissed by someone. No?"

     …Ye Ci, who has been working hard to transform herself into nothingness, immediately felt her back cold when she heard the name of her mother. Before she could swallow the pupa in her mouth, she had already heard that her mother's shocking question had already blurted out. The various entanglements in her heart, all kinds of helplessness, all kinds of grass and mud horses immediately pushed all the chrysalis in her mouth!

     It’s just that Tan Polang, who sits opposite Ye Ci, was sorely sprayed with wontons all over his face, and he was flabbergasted. If it weren’t for Ye Nantian to wipe him quickly with the towel, I guess he wouldn’t be able to recover. It.

     Not only did Ye Ci squirt the nap in his mouth, but he also coughed violently because of his mother's problem, and couldn't say a word for a long time.

     Zuo Xiaolan hurriedly acted like a mother, and while patted the back of Ye Ci, she smiled and said, "Oh, you said you are so old. You eat so fast and do what you do, and no one will rob you. No? Look, how can you eat Polang? It makes a table so dirty."

     She chuckled happily: "How come she squirts when she hears a kiss? This is such a big deal! Who has never been young, who has not been kissed, I just ask casually. If you don’t have it, say no. You don’t have to be so excited. Look, look...Ye Ci was already coughing and speechless, but now he is so crushed by his mother that he can't even sit still.

     She thought sadly in her heart, absolutely, all these people in the family knew about the photo, this, this, this is so sad...

     "Oh, it's okay, don't cough, it doesn't matter if you are kissed. Actually, girls have to make more boyfriends before they get married. You have to find a suitable one, whether it is character or psychology. Of course, physical fitness is also very important, size, size, very important..." Zuo Xiaolan continued to chatter as she patted Ye Ci on the back.

     The consequence of this sentence is that almost everyone is choked. Ye Ci stood up even more hard, looked at Zuo Xiaolan sincerely, almost crying and said: "Mom, I'm full, and I have to hang up, so I won't help you wash the dishes" and ran away resolutely. .

     Then Bai Mo ran, then Tan Polang, and Ye Nantian until the end. He stood up, stared at Zuo Xiaolan for a long time, and suddenly said, "My wife, you haven't tried anyone before me. Are you satisfied with my size?"

     This time, it's Zuo Xiaolan's turn to be choked