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Chapter Directory 316 Tangled
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

It seems that in Ye Ci's impression, Fleeting Time rarely has such an expression.

     In Ye Ci's impression, this guy seems to have no seriousness, he always makes people hate it, especially sometimes his too random makes his staid personality challenged by the unprecedented public. At that time, she couldn't wait to completely frustrate this person.

     However, at this moment, when he was talking to himself so seriously, Ye Ci suddenly felt a sense of wandering. Is this still Fleting Time? Is this still the dead bitch and the stinky rascal?

     Is this still the guy who has no bottom line in morals?

     God, she must have opened it in the wrong way, this kind of baffling illusion would have appeared.

     It is estimated that not only Ye Ci is fresh, but also Ye Ci's stunned expression when facing Fleeting Time also makes Fleeting Time feel fresh. Probably in Gongzi You's life, she has never had such a hell-like experience. Fleeting Time can't help being funny. Would she be so surprised by her own words?"What?" Ye Ci paused for a while and then slowly replied, pulling his wrist out of the palm of Fleeting Time by the way. She didn't want to have too much involvement with this guy, it seemed that as long as she was involved with him, she would be very unlucky, all kinds of onlookers, all kinds of pointers, and all kinds of rumors and slanders flying in the sky. You know, although Ye Ci has the ultimate pursuit of ability, he is not keen on being famous. The common saying is well said, people are afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong. If anything is too high-profile, there will be countless troubles.

     By the way, Ye Ci is a very troublesome person.

     However, since she met Fleeting Time, her troubles have not been stopped.

     Thinking about it now, if she knew the consequences of today, it would be good if she didn't take the initiative to fight against Fleeting Time during the dragon dance conference. And when did the rumors about himself and his baffling start?

     Ye Tong couldn't understand.

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's still calm face, then looked at his empty palm, a faint curve appeared on his lips. The curve was just bent there, no happiness or sorrow could be seen, let alone The inner feeling of Fleeting Time can not be seen. At this moment, he seemed to be completely silent, like a pool of bottomless water.Ye Ci thinks that one of his best strengths is his patience, so no matter how calm the Fleeting Time is, it is not a big deal for Ye Ci. She just sat there quietly,

     Gu Jing stared at Fleeting Time and spoke without rushing, let alone urging.

     Suddenly, the two of them fell into an unprecedented peace, and it was not known how long it took before the gentle sound of Fleeting Time, like flowing water sliding over a stone, slowly rang.

     "In this world, experience is always cheaper than inexperienced, just like playing Dungeon. Wasteland will be muddled and completely collapsing, but if you are already familiar with Dungeon, you will not only play easily, but also play fast. And the process is very fast, you also understand this truth, right?"

     When Fleeting Time said this, he stretched out his hand and gently scratched his hair, but his expression was not as calm as his voice, and he always seemed a bit tangled.

     Ye Ci nodded. It's not clear how others understand her, but she has a deep understanding of it. She is a reborn person. In the process of playing Dungeon, she naturally knows a lot of skills that others don’t understand. So, when she started serving Dungeon, the team she led was basically invincible in the process of pushing Dungeon. The situation didn't change until she started to get a little tired and stopped playing Dungeon.It’s just that Ye Ci is a bit strange. Does Fleeting Time tell me about the exchange of Dungeon’s experience? It shouldn't be according to his expression, but listen to his words, it is true. She was confused by Fleeting Time for a while, but she nodded following his words: "Well, I understand the truth, and I have a deep understanding of it." Fleting Time still knows Ye Ci and understands what she said. Means Dungeon, and didn’t mean anything else, so he nodded in relief: “It’s good to understand, it’s good to understand.” Then he became silent again, and didn’t know if it was under the rain brewing. What he said, there was still nothing to say. In short, he lowered his head again and kept the same as before, so that Ye Ci couldn't understand.

     Ye Ci baffling, after thinking about it for a while, didn't speak, since Fleting Time didn't speak, she had better not talk too much.

     After being silent for a while, Fleeting Time’s voice rang again: "However, I think that although Dungeon will encounter all kinds of troubles in reclaiming wasteland, the most interesting thing is when reclaiming wasteland, because at that time everyone didn’t understand anything. The reactions made are the most real and the most precious. On the contrary, if everyone is familiar with Dungeon, they will feel numb to the many interesting settings in Dungeon. There is no j when he comes here and he looks at it. Look at Ye Ci! "I feel dizzy and feel your strength...Ye Ci thought about it seriously, in fact, it's really the same thing. Now she is reluctant to go to Dungeon. A large part of the reason is that these Dungeons are not challenging for her now, nor do they have any freshness. It is not like the tragic opening up of the land in the previous life, which made her remain fresh in one's. memory. Therefore, in this life, she prefers to go in the wild adventure, anyway, Fate is so old, she has not been to many places.

     "Well, it's really such a thing." Ye Ci nodded on the question about Fleeting Time, knowing that, if it weren't for you, it's time to be a newbie when playing games is the happiest.

     It's a pity that when I was doing newbie, it seemed a bit bad. My memory is full of bitter and cold information. As for happiness, I have long forgotten it.

     "So, what I mean, you understand." Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci and held back for a while, finally squeezing out a sentence that seemed to be related to the above statement, but was actually very baffling.

     Ye Ci looked up and down at Fleeting Time and nodded: "I understand."Hearing Ye Ci confirming that he understood what he meant, Fleeting Time seemed to let go of a huge boulder and let out a long breath: "So, what I want to say is something you have in your heart?" Ye Ci looked at it. Fleeting Time blinked, then blinked again. He seemed to be talking about Dungeon, but it seemed that he was not just talking about Dungeon, so what did he mean? Ye Ci pondered for a while, then cautious and solemn tentatively: "Are you discussing with me how to play Dungeon is more interesting, how to play the game is more fresh?"

     Liu Dong closed his mouth, he stared at Ye Ci, suddenly there was an urge to scratch the wall. It's Gongzi You's lack of understanding ability, no, no, no, this guy is very smart, he can see from her bargaining with Absalom on Haggle, she has a lot of minds and eyes, and is extremely bright, there will never be any insufficient understanding ability. But what is going on in this situation now? Is it because he said too vaguely? However, he already felt that he had said it clearly enough, and the examples were also very easy to understand, how could it still make her ambiguous?

     Could it be that he really wanted him to speak this matter in plain and straightforward language from his mouth?He doesn't have this experience, will he irritate the woman in front of him if he doesn't speak well? She and herself lived together peacefully for a while. If he said something wrong about Fleeting Time at this time, he rarely had this experience. Looking forward and backward, afraid of the head, terrified of the tail, so in this state he also It looks a bit irritating. He frowned slightly and sat there, as if a little angry. Ye Ci is not a word or movement looking at Fleeting Time. What the hell is this guy doing?

     There was a strange atmosphere in the cell. If it was just quiet just now, then there is more entanglement, one more anxiety, and one more inexplicable tension in the silence now.

     After a while, Fleeting Time cleared his throat, looking a bit like giving a report. However, there was no expression on his face. The peach blossom-like face had already lost a smile at this time. It was tightly stretched, his brows were slightly frowned, and his eyes were deep. Ye Ci also felt strange when he looked at it. What's the matter?

     "I" Fleeting Time paused as soon as he said the first word. After a long pause, he said, "I am serious about what I said yesterday." What happened yesterday? Ye Ci immediately thought of the weird and peculiar agreement. She laughed a little unnaturally, but fortunately, she was serious. If she was playing, she would be stuck with gadgets for a year, it would be abnormal enough.Although she thought so, her tone wasn't necessarily good, she just gave a dull grunt, which counted as an answer.

     "Perhaps, my approach is not very good." Fleeting Time carefully looked at Ye Ci's expression.

     Xin's words, for fear that she would feel unpleasant in her heart if she didn't pay attention. "It has also brought you some unnecessary troubles, but I am not bad-hearted."

     "So, you're doing it right?" Ye Ci frowned when he heard here: "What are you doing now? A slap and a sweet date? Humph, you also think I was too easy to pass. Right!"

     Alas, she really cares about what happened yesterday. Fleeting Time scratched his hair again. He really didn't want the relationship between the two people to be filled with gunpowder from the beginning. What's more, the relationship between the two people is not formed naturally. Instead, relying on a contract, it will be twisted no matter how you look at it. .

     "If this is what you want to tell me, then forget it, I'm too lazy to listen. Let's do it for ourselves in the next year." Ye Ci thought to herself, thinking that might not be a good thing to say, but, don't say so, again It's hard to understand the hatred in her heart, then, so be it. c