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Chapter Directory 318 No Responsibility
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time like this, feeling very indifferent, watching and watching, suddenly she drove. She said a word that surprised Fleeting Time. She said, "You said you liked me?" Fleeting Time was taken aback for a moment. He did say this just now, but in what he said just now, even more The focus is on the other parts. I don’t know if Gongzi You listened to the other parts. However, it doesn't matter if she listened in or didn't listen, it would be good if she could listen to it now. He didn't think too much, and directly nodded in response to Ye Ci: "Yes, that's what I said, you are the first person I like."

     "It's weird." Ye Ci tilted his head and looked at Fleeting Time with a brilliance that made Fleeting Time feel strange. That kind of brilliance is not joy, nor surprise, nor disgust, but a naked scrutiny, just like the scrutiny that a businessman shows after seeing a very valuable commodity. Unspeakable uncomfortable in the body.

     Of course, for Fleeting Time, there is a kind of depression called helplessness in this discomfort.

     In a relationship, the person who is the first to take the initiative often loses the opportunity. Although Fleeting Time does not regret that he is the person who is the initiative, but the superiority that has been set up on high makes him more or less repressed by this kind of disgust. There is an indescribable bitterness.

     "What's weird?""Why do you like me? Do you know me? Do you know my past? Do you know my shortcomings? Do you know my strengths? You haven't even seen me, don't tell me, you just like being This set of statistics in the game, in my opinion, your Fleeting Time does not look like such a naive person. In that case, what do you like me? There is no reason at all." Ye Ci shrugged her shoulders, her gaze Qingliang didn't become a little hazy because of the water-like confession of Fleeting Time, indulged in love of the river and so on, but became more sober.

     She put everything in front of her, organized, as if analyzing a cold data."There is always a reason to like someone. Or, I like appearance, which I don’t have. Or, I don’t like personality. I don’t seem to like it. Or, I like ability. About this, in the game I don’t seem to be able to see it. So what do you like me? Don’t tell me who you like to play games. I like the one who beats and kills me at the forefront. This is unreasonable. No man likes a tough guy. Women, like a selfish and calculating woman, no one is masochistic. If this is what you like about me, then I can only say that you have never had such an alternative woman around you, let you It’s just fresh. But fresh is not like. When the shelf life is over, your so-called likes will become disgusting. After all, women like me are not a suitable person to get along with, and at that time When we come up with a solution, we often have to worry about the faces of both sides. When we get the best, both sides are not happy. Do you think this is interesting?"

     Ye Ci didn't speak quickly, and her voice was humped and frustrated, and she could see that she did not lose her rationality for any other reasons, but became more rational at this moment.Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci, slightly surprised. Judging from the character's data model, Gongzi You is not very old, at most only twenty years old. Girls of this age are sensible, they are aimed at other people, and they will inevitably get confused when facing their own problems, but Gongzi You doesn't seem to be. When she analyzes, she is not only clear-cut, but also full of her own unique insights. Let's not say whether these insights are really that correct. At least, she will not not know what to do because of the tenderness of the opposite sex.

     From this point alone, such Gongzi You is enough to make Fleeting Time admire.

     However, what she said seemed to make sense, but in Fleeting Time's view, it was all false. He squinted his eyes and smiled slightly: "1 childe has a lot of research on feelings?" Fleeting Time never seems to follow the cards when he speaks. He always jumps and makes people unpredictable. What would a sentence be. In the beginning, Ye Ci would be a little troublesome to talk to him, but after spending a long time with Dungeon in Wasoko, he is also used to his way of speaking.

     When his topic jumps to other places, Ye Ci will always follow up immediately.As now, the question asked by Fleeting Time made Ye Ci slightly taken aback, and then smiled bitterly. Very researched on feelings? I'm afraid she has no research on feelings at all. She always feels that although her IQ is not too high, her emotional intelligence must be very low, and she can't handle everything that is connected with the world. From the last life to this life, I'm afraid it is the same. And what she just said was just a sigh after thinking about the entanglements between the previous life and Yu Wandering Cloud.

     If she could figure out all of this in the previous life, I am afraid that in the end she would not end up jumping off the roof of the Glory Building.

     "My EQ has never been high." Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at Fleeting Time, his lips like a smile yet not a smile, so indifferent to make people feel a little bit cold.

     Although Fleeting Time has no experience in how to fall in love, it does not mean that Fleeting Time is a fool. He can see that there is some sentiment in Gongzi You's heart. Although he does not know the reason, the smart approach is definitely not at this time. Touch it. He nodded, "...but it seems clear from what you said."

     "I just talked about the facts. I read a lot. Although I haven't experienced it, I will understand a little bit more." Speaking of this time, she unexpectedly thought of Dong Yin, why are she and He Xiao talking about this In this case."You seem to make sense, but to me, it makes no sense." Fleeting Time shook his head and met Ye Ci's raised eyebrows: "1 childe, I really don't know you.

     But, do you know me again? All of what you said is just standing in your horns and thinking. When everyone looks at a problem, they will have some personal emotions in it because of their own personality and past influences. That is to say, you are using your eyes to see the problem, and I use my eyes to see the problem. The results seen are quite different. "Ye Ci listened to Fleeting Time's words, something fresh, she smiled bitterly: "What do you mean..." "You ask me why I like you, I can tell you that Nian paused intentionally, and Ye Ci was very cooperative Asked: "Why?"

     "There is no nasal cause.""No reason!!" Fleeting Time's answer surprised Ye Ci. Her voice couldn't help but rose a bit. Then, she realized that her voice had changed a little, so she lowered it back again: "How could there be no reason? There is no love of no cause, no reason, and no hate of no cause, no reason in this world. Everything and everything has its own reason for existence, but you told me there is no reason, Fleeting Time, you When I am naive?" "How?" Fleeting Time laughed, very relaxed, his eyes softened: "What you said is not wrong, there is really no no cause, no reason love in this world, and There is no hatred of no cause, no reason, but there are some things that you can’t explain. I like you, just like you, no reason. It’s not about your appearance, your character, or yours. Ability, just because you are Gongzi You and I am Fleting Time, so I like you." Ye Ci paused, unable to say a word. Two voices seemed to be echoing in her mind all the time.

     One is Yu Wandering Cloud said: "I like you, your strengths, your shortcomings, whatever I like." The other is Fleeting Time said: "I like you, regardless of your appearance or personality. It’s not about your ability, it’s just because you are Gongzi You and I am Fleeting Time, so I like you."The voices of the two of them kept overlapping in her mind, either clear or fuzzy, making Ye Ci unclear. Who is right, and who is wrong?

     Like someone, what is it all about?

     "I don't understand." After a long time and silence for a long time, Ye Ci finally sighed and honestly expressed his feelings: "In my world, there has never been anything without a reason. I... can't accept it. What you say."

     "Why do you need to accept?" Fleeting Time leaned forward, then stretched out a hand to hold her wrist: "The things in the world are originally composed of various things that you cannot accept and what you can accept. Why must you accept everything?"

     "But..." Ye Ci didn't understand even more: "Why are you telling me? Since I don't need to accept it, why tell me?" "I'm telling you, I just want you to know that I like you." Fleeting Time laughed I laughed: "This is my own business, and you are not responsible for it."

     "No responsibility?" Such an answer subverted all Ye Ci's cognition. You Wandering Cloud didn't say that. His confession was to be accepted by himself. Whether he wanted it or not, it had to have results. However, when it comes to Fleeting Time, why is it different?

     "You, just you, nothing has changed, and I am still me, and nothing has changed.Out of the cell, we are still hostile players on the mainland. The only thing that has changed is that I like you. "Fleeting Time smiled, and then let go of Ye Ci's hand. "Don't be burdened. I like you and don't need your return. Of course, if you can like me, I will be very happy, but if you can't, It doesn't matter, just keep the status quo. "Fleeting Time" Ye Ci frowned, and finally asked what he liked: "What the hell are you drawing?" "

     Fleeting Time smiled brighter: "I think, I'm crazy."

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