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Chapter Directory 319 Come And Go
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Seventy-two hours seems to be very long, and many things can be done. In fact, there is not much time that really belongs to Fleeting Time. He originally wanted to take advantage of these 72 hours to cultivate a relationship with Ye Ci, but it was a pity that in the end, apart from the first more than a dozen hours

     The time was spent by two people alone, and in the remaining fifty or sixty hours, the whole cell was so lively that it was no different from the vegetable market.

     Upward Ho, Genesis, and the players who had made friends with the two rushed to the dungeon to visit them. Of course, when they discovered that the two people were actually locked up in a cell, they uttered inconceivable sighs one after another. Although they didn't say anything, from their eyes, whether it was Fleeting Time or Ye Regardless of Ci, I have seen the light of gossip flickering.

     Because there are no restrictions on the dungeons of Hero City, as long as one gold coin is handed over to the jailer, you can come in and visit. This rule also attracted a large number of onlookers who didn't know the truth. They were caught among the members of Upward Ho, Genesis and other relatives and friends. Come thick and fast, expressing strong regret and a high spirit of gossip for the two people's imprisonment.Reporting that the top masters who were locked up in the cell had no difference with the paper tigers, many courageous players even molested the two troubled gods one after another. However, it seems that no response has been received.

     Gongzi You has been sitting in the innermost left corner of the cell, Fleeting Time has been sitting in the rightmost corner of the cell, the two people seem to be better off, all facing the wall with their backs to the cell, really thinking about it, no matter Whoever asks for molesting aloud is ignored.

     Of course, occasionally some guys who don’t have eyes often ask too much questions, and they will be met with cold eyes from Gongzi You or Fleeting Time. The cold eyes seem to threaten nakedly: You are so proud, go out. It's too late to make you cry.

     Every time a player gets such a hint, he will touch his nose and leave the onlooker silently. Just kidding, even if Fleeting Time and Gongzi You, who are now locked up in a cage, are toothless tigers, but tigers are tigers after all. They are not locked up for a lifetime. They really make them anxious. It must be themselves if there is no good fruit to eat. .

     In addition to these people, a few more special people also came to visit the prison.The first is that Qiu Shui is not stained with dust, because he and Gongzi You are both important criminals wanted by Northern Continent, so Qiu Shui is not stained with dust in the first time, expressing his heartfelt condolences to Mie Ziyou.

     "Gongzi You, you can get out of prison soon, come on and hang up!"

     "Gongzi You, you have to protect your own safety, don't be killed casually!" As soon as the Great God Qiu Shui Wu Dust entered the cell, he found Fleeting Time, who was in the same cell as Gongzi You, and he was extremely vigilant and faced Ye. Ci began to mutter endlessly, and his concern was overwhelming. Of course, his appearance also made Fleeting Time very upset. Although he didn't say anything from beginning to end, he just stood quietly and not far from the autumn water and looked at this and Gongzi You. The familiar man's expression has not changed at all, but Qiu Shui Burenchen still feels the arrows in his eyes that seem to be arrow launchers are constantly shooting at him, and he has been taken without much effort. Become a hedgehog.

     It's a pity that Qiu Shui Bu Dian Chen has always been faceless and skinless. Not only did he not have a trace of understanding and awareness of the naked drive and aggro of Fleeting Time, he even sat down and continued to chat with Ye Ci.Ye Ci was finally annoyed by him, and said, "I said, what do you want me to do soon?" "Oh, you don't know. Now when you go to jail, all the goals of Northern Continent are Staring on me, it’s so annoying. If you’re out there, you can share it with me anyway.” Qiu Shui Buranchen smiled very shrewdly, but Ye Ci really wanted to punch his face with a fist. It’s good to make a smile so hard to see.

     In the end, Qiu Shui Burenchen left the dungeon "reluctant to part" under the drive of Ye Ci and the indifferent gaze of Fleeting Time, and began his desperate journey.

     Next came Ye Nantian.

     What makes Ye Ci strange is that Zuo Xiaolan did not come. The two of them have always been in focus in the game, and Meng is not out of focus. Now it is strange for Ye Ci to act separately.

     "Dad, why are you here alone?" Ye Ci took the initiative to get up and came to the cell when he saw that his dad was here, and Fleeting Time originally thought it was just an ordinary man visiting the prison and didn't care, but when he heard Ye Ci's name is almost never choked by the air!He quickly stood up. Although he was not too close to Ye Nantian, it was definitely not far away. He stood there and nodded humbly at Ye Nantian, saying hello: "Hello, uncle." It's a pity that he wants to please Fleeting Time. But I ran into Ye Nantian, who wanted to destroy him. The result of this greeting was naturally not very good. Ye Nantian just stared at Fleeting Time coldly, and there was a sentence in his breath: "I hate you!" This was a big surprise to Fleeting Time. It's not that Fleeting Time is so confident that they will definitely be liked by Ye Ci's parents, but Fleeting Time has never thought about it. Gongzi You's parents are actually in the game together. He remembered the forum events a few days ago, and expressed his understanding of Ye Nantian's disgust, but at the same time, he also expressed deep sympathy for his future troublesome Fate.

     Since Ye Nantian hates himself, Fleeting Time did not do more to make him hate himself more. He just greeted him politely and greeted him, and then stood quietly and smiled to the side, neither servile nor overbearing, nor staying out. This Ye Nantian was rather surprised. Either this young man didn't know how to look at his face, or he was confident enough. Although this view did not change Ye Nantian's dislike for Fleeting Time, he still looked a little differently towards him.

     Confidence, it's easy to say. But it is really not an easy task to be confident anytime and anywhere.The sleeping fox catches no poultry...unless you have more than one tales
Although there is a little bit of this thought in his heart, Ye Nantian's face is even more ugly, and his mouth points at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree relentlessly: "People nowadays are very bad, badly bad. You have to stare wide-eyed, and shoot to death without mercy against that kind of little gangster!" "The most important thing about a man is the sense of responsibility, not what he looks like, even if he looks like a flower, sooner or later I have to turn into burnt mud. Good to you and being responsible for you is the most important thing!" "You can't do anything that shouldn't be done in this cell! I'm going to ask the NPC if I can change to another cell! Girl The most important thing in a family is innocence. How can you live alone in the same room?" "You are still young, don't worry about anything, my girl is so beautiful, so good, what kind of girl can't be found..." Ye Nantian is still there The chattering point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree, and by the way, my licking love is infinitely magnified, Ye Ci is already full of black lines. Although she had known that her parents had known about the incident in the forum photos, in reality, apart from the discussion during breakfast that day, the family never mentioned it again. This caused Ye Ci to think that his family had forgotten this incident, but did not expect Ye Nantian to hate it very much.

     Seeing his wicked look at Flying Time severely, Ye Ci felt a little weird in his heart.On the one hand, it’s cool. It’s a happy thing to have a father give him a shot, but on the other hand, it doesn’t seem appropriate. After all, Fleeting Time doesn’t seem to have much responsibility. She was very entangled, so she didn't dare to look back at Fleeting Time from start to finish.

     And Ye Nantian stood fiercely outside the cell and talked for half an hour. The jailer finally came over to drive people. If it weren't for everyone to visit the prison once, it is estimated that Ye Nantian would come to express his strong dissatisfaction with the Fleeting Time every day. However, before Ye Nantian left, Fleeting Time still stood there relaxed, smiling respectfully, nodding his head from time to time, and seemed to agree with Ye Nantian's statement. He was not angry and did not talk back. This made Ye Nantian very much. Unhappy, severely glared at Fleeting Time and left angrily.

     After Ye Nantian left, unexpectedly, Zuo Xiaolan also arrived.

     However, a completely different attitude from Ye Nantian is that she doesn't seem to have much interest in the life and death of her biological daughter, but instead focuses all of her attention on Fleeting Time. Standing in front of him, greeting Fleeting Time, looking up and down smilingly, while talking, stretched out his hand and touched Fleeting Time's hair, touched Fleeting Time's muscles, and touched Fleeting Time's chest. Ye Ci's call was made. A dumbstruck, several exits to prevent mother's absurd behavior.For this, Fleeting Time did not express anger or unhappiness. He even looked like smiling. He definitely answered Zuo Xiaolan's questions and tried to ensure that Zuo Xiaolan was perfectly contented. So after you come and I go, Zuo Xiaolan and Fleeting Time are like a pair of year-long acquaintances, and the relationship is so good that Ye Ci's eyes are about to fall out. Before the jailer came to urge Zuo Xiaolan to leave, Zuo Xiaolan even invited Fleeting Time to be a guest at her store in Red Lake City, and Fleeting Time also promised that she would find a way to overcome her identity in return. At the invitation of Zuo Xiaolan.

     In the end there were only two people left in the cell. Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time, who was still smiling. He really didn’t know what expression or emotion he should use to face this smiling Maitreya guy. He could only stand there and grabbed. Hair, rather embarrassingly said: "Don't pay attention to what my parents say, they, they are actually quite normal..." Didn't Fleeting Time understand what Ye Ci meant? He just cocked his mouth and hooked up. With an invisible smile, Ye Ci faintly interrupted Ye Ci's words: "They are all very interesting people, very good people."

     Ye Ci's face, again, has a black line.