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Chapter Directory 321 Chapter 15 Pet Shop
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 15 Pet Shop

     Chapter 15 Pet Shop

     In Fate, there are many types of pets. The most common ones are hunter and Warlock combat pets. However, the hunter’s pets are captured by themselves, while Warlock’s pets are summoned by themselves. Players of other professions have no possibility of obtaining this. .

     In addition to combat pets, there are viewing pets and riding pets.

     These two kinds of pets, especially ornamental pets, are much less practical than combat pets, but they also allow all kinds of players to rush like ducks. Let’s talk about riding pets first. Before the launch of the new expansion, almost all races and occupations were riding horses, and there were few other types of riding. Even if there are occasional rides like Ye Ci's Tyrannosaurus Rex and Fleeting Time's Unicorns, it is an exclusive treatment for hunters, because hunters have always had the skill to catch pets. With good luck, it is easy to catch riding pets. .

     Moreover, since the pets captured by hunters cannot be traded, players of other professions cannot have unique riding pets.When the new information was opened, this problem was completely improved. All players have a chance to get pet eggs after knocking down Dungeon or in the wild BOSS, and there is a certain chance that riding pets or riding pets can be hatched from the pet eggs. Watching pets, such a setting, makes all players' passion for overthrowing the boss ever higher. The enthusiasm of the players is high, and the speed and number of the overthrown BOSS also grows geometrically, which also leads to a substantial increase in the explosion rate of the pet eggs.

     This also makes the pet egg incubators in various cities sound better.

     For Ye Ci, riding pets are obviously necessary, but viewing pets are obviously a piece of waste. The average female seems to be born with an irresistible ability to petite and cute things, but for Ye Ci, practicality is the most important, so no matter how good-looking, no matter how small and cute, ornamental pets are for her. It's all waste.From a distance, Ye Ci saw that many players were carrying ornamental pets. Of course, most of them were female players. These ornamental pets are not easy to obtain. Generally, there are few female players who will patiently collect these pets, which gives many male players a great opportunity to pursue the opposite sex. In the last life, the pursuit of giving a cute and beautiful pet to a female player of his choice started from the second expansion until the rebirth of Ye Ci. This trend did not dissipate.

     And now it seems that in this life, this trend will continue to be popular.

     After the female players get the viewing pets gifted by the male players, they will immediately take them out and stand outside the pet shop. Although it doesn't say anything, everyone knows that it is a kind of show off, and there are not a few female players of this kind of show off, which makes this street the most dense place to watch pets.Ye Ci crossed a female player with a white rabbit on his side, and a female player with a little piggy on his side, and then squeezed two more with a small butterfly and a small piranha Female players of, finally squeezed to the door of the hatching pet shop. She exhaled a long breath. It was not easy. Looking back at these female players with ornamental pets, she was either chatting with her friends or standing aside proudly showing off. She couldn't bear it. Shaking his head, these people must not be PK. Don't they know that these viewing pets will expose the player's position in PK?

     Alas, however, these are not within the scope of Ye Ci's thinking. Everyone has the purpose of playing the game, and there is no need to use their own thoughts to measure the thoughts of others.

     Walking into the pet egg incubator shop, Ye Ci immediately felt that the shop had grown bigger. Just now she was wearing a cloak because of the large number of people outside. She did not have time to observe the appearance of the pet shop, but now it seems that the pet shop has at least risen to a three-pole shop. Not only the area on the first floor is much larger, but also a lot of NPC shop assistants are added to help take care of the business.

     "Is there anything I can help you? Dear lady." Ye Ci just looked around the pet shop layout, and a human NPC with blond hair came up to her and asked respectfully.Because Ye Ci's reputation in Red Lake City has now reached respect, this NPC is very polite to her, and has a little more respect than other players.

     "I want to find your boss. I used to incubate a pet egg here. Today is the agreed time." In order not to reveal his identity, Ye Ci lowered his voice, using a voice that only two people can hear. Talking.

     The human NPC looked at Ye Ci, and then replied softly: "Okay, dear madam, please come here with me."

     These NPCs are very intelligent. They can judge the needs of the player from the tone of the player, whether they want to show off or keep it secret, and will make corresponding adjustments according to the needs of the player. It's as if Ye Ci lowered his voice now, obviously not wanting to let other players know about it, then this human NPC did not hesitate to follow Ye Ci, lowering his voice so that no one else would know.

     Ye Ci followed the human NPC to the back of the pet shop, raised the curtain and walked in. Other players are still incubating pet eggs with other NPCs, and never noticed that a player with a cloak once entered the pet shop, and then mysteriously disappeared into the shop with the NPC.Walking into the back of the pet shop, the human NPC who led the way reported to the undead NPC who was still busy in front of a pile of utensils and left. The undead NPC turned his head and looked at Ye Ci, and Ye Ci put down his cloak and looked at the female undead quietly. She didn't know if it was due to hard work or innateness, her face was slightly pale green, and her appearance was very upright, but no matter how upright her appearance was, the undead clan would also reveal a horrible ghost. This is probably because their race has lived in the cemetery since childhood and has been with the dead and ghosts for many years.

     "Are you here?" The female undead's memory is obviously better than last time. At least she recognized Ye Ci as the owner of the mysterious egg.

     Ye Ci nodded, "Is that egg ready to hatch?"

     When the female undead heard Ye Ci's question, she did not immediately answer, but she smiled triumphantly: "What I Luna has to do is never impossible."Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. It turned out that the female undead was called Luna. Ye Ci can be regarded as someone who is very familiar with Fate's entire story and the Quest line. However, she does not remember Luna in her memory. It seems that she is just an ordinary NPC and has no way of advancing the Quest line of the whole game. What a role. However, despite this, Ye Ci saluted her respectfully, and said hello to her fuel consumption: "Hello, Luna."

     Luna's courtesy to Ye Ci didn't show much difference. She just turned and walked towards a transparent container, in which there was a red liquid, and a smooth white egg was soaked in the liquid. Ye Ci looked at the egg, it seemed to be a little older, how could it look bigger than when she brought it over. Luna stretched out her hand and took the egg out of the solution, but the boiling solution immediately calmed down as soon as the egg was taken away, as if it had always been so still.Luna held the egg and walked to a small gold velvet table. There was a soft velvet cushion on the small table, and a stationary shelf at the corner of the cushion. It could be seen that the shelf was used. Come to guard the pet eggs. Luna put the pet egg on the shelf, and then she did not know where she took out a small golden hammer. It was not too big or too small. It was only about thirty centimeters long. The hammer was inlaid with all kinds of gorgeous gems. , And at the end of the hammer handle hangs a long decorative tassel, which looks very luxurious and beautiful.

     She handed the little golden hammer to Ye Ci: "Go, tap it lightly, and it will come out."

     Luna’s words made Ye Ci stunned. In the last life, she remembered to open the pet egg and just use a drop of blood on the eggshell. Now she actually gave herself a hammer... This seems a bit contrary to the laws of nature. , If you break the egg, wouldn't the creatures in it die 100%?

     Luna saw Ye Ci’s suspicion, and she smiled slightly: “Special eggs require special treatment. You can trust me. I am the listed incubator in Honghu City. If the hatched pet is killed, That’s smashing my own brand. I don’t have to do this. What's more, I have no hatred with you."Luna's words are also very reasonable, Ye Ci no longer hesitates, took the small hammer in Luna's hand, walked to the small table, and said to her: "Knock where?"

     "On the top and sharpest place, just a single tap, don't use too much force." Luna took a step back and gave Ye Ci the best position, smiling and giving guidance.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath, put the small hammer on the pet egg for an interview, and then tapped it lightly. In fact, she didn't use any strength herself, she saw the egg shell cracking apart with a click. And suddenly the First Squadron white flowery thing fell out of the eggshell, and fell on the velvet feather cushion with a slight muffled sound.

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and watched the First Squadron white flowery thing squirming on the velvet cushion, and could not tell what it was for a long time. After a while, she put down the small hammer in her hand, stretched out her right hand, and lifted a corner of the white flower with her thumb and index finger. She kept mentioning the angle of looking directly at herself, then shook it, and asked: "What is this?"

     Chapter 15 Pet Shop

     Chapter 15 Pet Shop