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Chapter Directory 322 Chapter 16 Holy Dragon
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 16 Holy Dragon

     Chapter 16 Holy Dragon

     Luna curled her lips and looked at Ye Ci's merciless action: "Don't you see it? This is a dragon?"

     The corners of Ye Ci's mouth twitched more sharply: "You told me that this soft and slender thing that looks like a pig is a dragon? Do you think I would believe it?".

     Luna looked at Ye Ci's inhumane actions, and finally stepped forward unbearably to rescue the overly fat white dumplings and put it on the mat. Very cautiously said: "I do this voice, of course I know that it is a dragon"

     Ye Ci looked at Luna, she was not talking, well, she didn't know the goods. But no matter how she looked at this thing, it looked like a miniature pig, or just a little hamster, and it didn't look like a dragon at all. Fate is a game with a western background. The dragon fighter here has a long tail, big wings, and a big head. But what about this guy? The tail is very long, and it is no different from the tail of a mouse. The four small claws are still pink, and the back is smooth. Where are the wings? Are the wings that are the symbol of the dragon eaten?And that head, the whole is a little girl’s favorite pet. The eyes, nose, and mouth are all pink. Now it has been shaken by itself for a while, and it seems to be awake, opening its mouth and yelling. The most terrifying thing is, This guy has no teeth in his mouth

     have you heard of it? Dragons have no teeth, do they still call dragons without teeth?

     This is just a little fat pig, no, fat mouse is a dragon

     Obviously, Ye Ci is very dissatisfied with the appearance of this so-called "dragon", and this dissatisfaction is directly expressed on her face. However, she was still very sensible and didn't say much nonsense, she directly opened the attribute panel of this "dragon" and took a look.

     Pet species: Sacred Dragon

     Pet name: None

     Pet type: attack type, land and air riding type.

     Pet classification: Tier VI.

     Pet owner: Gongzi You

     Pet loyalty: 50

     Level: 0

     Biological character: brutal, loyal, cunning

     Biological skill: Intimidation, 1st level.

     Favorite food: high-grade pet crystal nucleus, all kinds of meat.Although he was very dissatisfied with the appearance of this fat mouse, its attributes obviously stifled Ye Ci. Obediently, it's actually a holy dragon to know that holy dragons are extremely rare high-end species in the dragon clan. The general green dragon, black dragon, and bone dragon can't discuss two disparate things together with it. He is not only powerful in attacking, but also smarter than the average dragon race. Magic and Physical Attack are very good. It's a pity that such a sturdy race is very problematic in reproduction. To put it bluntly, they are very few in the world. In terms of fight alone, it's one to ten, but in terms of numbers, it's really not enough...

     However, for players, the number is not considered at all. Players only need to be domineering with their riding pets. Anyway, it doesn't matter if they are not fighting an entire dragon clan.

     Ye Ci was very excited, and this excitement quickly made her ignore the appearance of this fat mouse. You must know that in the previous life, Ye Ci was also a player with a dragon. It was a Warlock. He rode a bone dragon of the lowest order in the dragon clan. Although it was the lowest-level species in the dragon clan, he swept the entire battlefield. The flight attendant pets in the entire battlefield were killed and injured, not only that, but the damage to the ground players was also not light. And Ye Ci remembered that it was a bone dragon that advanced to level 8.In pet grading, according to the level of species, it can be divided from level 1 to level 10. Generally, pets that have just hatched are basically below level 6. The pet must be determined according to the growth coefficient of the pet and the level of careful cultivation of the player. What form can it grow into in the end?

     Although the sacred dragon in my own hand has just hatched successfully, it has already reached the sixth level. It seems that as long as it is well cultivated, it is actually very easy to surpass the Warlock eighth-level bone dragon in the previous life. of.

     Riding pets are actually divided into many types, including simple riding, land combat riding, air combat riding, and water combat riding. Of course, there are also advanced amphibious riding types, such as Ye Ci. The fat mouse in front of him. In fact, the current pet system has been fully released, but players rarely get air combat rides and water combat rides, but in the later stage, there are more and more these two kinds of pets, and more players will leave the land. To be the king and hegemony in the sea and the sky.

     Of course, this is a long time later.

     Now, even if Ye Ci has a dragon to ride in air combat, but now the dragon is obviously still a mouse, only half the palm of his hand. It will take a long time for this guy to grow into a real dragon. time.Just as Ye Ci was thinking about it, the fat mouse was already rolling on the mat, not to overlook, nor spare. As it rolled, it made a milky scream, as if to remind Ye Ci very angrily. , Its belly is hungry. Ye Ci didn't have much experience in raising such a little guy, so she looked at Luna, "What is suitable for such a small dragon?"

     "Dragons eat more advanced food when they are younger, and it will be more helpful to their growth in the future. If you have spare money, I would suggest you to feed its advanced pet crystal nucleus or super pet crystal nucleus at this time. Although the investment is relatively large, in the future you will definitely not make your investment."

     In pet shops, pet crystal nuclei are sold, but they are expensive. However, ordinary pet shops only sell elementary and intermediate pet crystal nuclei, while advanced pet crystal nuclei must be purchased in the pet store in the main city. As for the super pet crystal nucleus, it can only be done on the BOSS in the wild. obtain.Before opening the expansion, the BOSS in the wild did not turn on the drop of super pet crystal cores, but now I am afraid it is already turned on. However, there are few pets that need to be super pet crystal nuclei, so even if the player gets these pet crystal nuclei, it is of little use. Feeding viewing pets is completely wasteful, and feeding riding pets, if it does not have offensive attributes, is not necessary. This situation causes most players who get super pet crystal cores to sell these things.

     The price is of course not cheap. It is about the same price as the high-end pet crystal nucleus in the pet store. Unfortunately, not many people sell it, and even fewer people buy it.

     Since Ye Ci decided to feed this fat rat well, he would not save that little money. Saying goodbye to Luna, Ye Ci went straight to the auction house. In the auction house, there were only four or five players selling super pet crystal cores, each selling for up to two thousand gold coins. Two thousand gold coins, it really hurts. However, Ye Ci did not hesitate, and directly photographed all the super pet crystal nuclei in the auction house.

     This was originally nothing remarkable, it was just buying and selling one by one, but what you saw in the eyes of a caring person was not the same thing.The players who consign the super pet crystal cores are actually a little surprised. And Guild, who is always staring at the auction house, also analyzed a piece of information. Someone actually bought a super pet crystal core. Does that mean that this player has a very good quality pet in his hands? Or is it just a two-hundred-and-five hundred money that has nowhere to spend?

     Suddenly, the executives of all major Guilds learned the news that an anonymous player bought five super pet crystal cores in one go. Does this mean that the era of super pets is coming in the near future? Although everything is unknown, all Guilds on the four continents have begun to consciously investigate what kind of pet a player got.

     Ye Ci didn't actually think of this. She just felt that there were so many super pet crystal cores, and she happened to have enough money. In order to avoid the hardship of going to the auction house in the future, she bought them all at once. It’s just that she didn’t think that her unintentional action would cause much trouble to her later. If she had expected that the final situation would change and make her not very upset, it is estimated that Ye Ci would only buy one at that time. Super pet crystal core.

     Of course, these are things to follow.After purchasing the super pet crystal core, Ye Ci walked into his own room in the Mercenary Guild. She threw the fat mouse that hadn't opened her eyes on a soft mat. The fat mouse immediately began to scream, and crawled in the direction of Ye Ci's hand, until it reached Ye. Ci's hand, after feeling the temperature of her palm, it seemed to calm down, and fell asleep on Ye Ci's palm, but it didn't sleep well. From time to time, it would wake up and open its mouth to Ye Ci. Screaming, looking hungry.

     This sacred dragon is very soft, and there is no scales covering the whole body, only a thin layer of soft skin covering the soft flesh of First Squadron, it feels very comfortable to the touch. Ye Ci watched the holy dragon slept on her own whirr, changing a posture from time to time, without any defense at all. I don't know why, there was a feeling of Strange Differences deep in her heart. She stretched out her fingers and gently stroked the head of the sacred dragon. This little guy actually showed a very satisfying look. He lifted his chin slightly, screamed twice, and hugged her other fingers to continue. Fell asleep.Ye Ci looked at Shenglong in surprise, it seemed to believe in itself unconditionally. This is a lucky thing. It is a lucky thing to be able to get the unconditional trust of a dragon in any way. You must know that the dragon itself is a suspicious creature. Ye Ci didn't even realize it, but looking at the holy dragon, her lips curled up with a gentle curve.

     "You're called Lao Liu." Ye Ci said slowly and softly.

     Chapter 16 Holy Dragon

     Chapter 16 Holy Dragon