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Chapter Directory 332 Saw
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Ye Ci put Ol’ Four away, then entered the Stealth state, walked out of the rocky nest, walked towards a big tree in the distance, and then climbed up neatly. When Ye Ci was climbing a tree, she thought, why she is so good at climbing a tree in the game, but is it still very good in reality? After thinking about it for a while, she felt that the main reason for this was that nobody cares about climbing trees in the game, but in reality, she would be fined for climbing trees, so she didn't make much progress.

     When the whole person sat on the branch, Ye Ci looked into the distance. Although she could feel someone approaching her, she couldn't accurately mark everyone's location. This was really a bit distressing, and she couldn't help but feel that someone was approaching her. Thinking of Araona, it would be nice if she could have equipment similar to the perception totem of this guy, then dealing with these people would be really easy.

     However, even if there is no perceptual totem, Ye Ci will not catch it all.

     She stood up, stood on the branch and felt the length of the distance between these players. The nearest one is about one hundred and thirty yards away from her. After entering Stealth, the movement speed of the players will decrease a bit, so this distance is still enough. These players dragged on for a while.She turned around, shook her figure, and leaped up and down the treetops in the woods like a sharp arrow. Her speed is not fast, which not only allows the other party to have a trace to be found, but also prevents them from accurately touching their position.

     Fighting in the jungle, especially in the case of few to many, is actually a kind of patience, a tactic, and a temperament that you chase after me. If whoever can't bear it first, then whoever has already lost. Ye Ci suddenly felt that this feeling was very familiar. In his previous life, he was often chased and killed. Compared with the previous life, his life in this life was really flat. Think about it. They were all spent in being hunted and killed, and looking at the present, it was really too flat.

     However, this Northern Continent's pursuit of the assassination squad attached to the Prosperity made Ye Ci feel some of the passion of the previous life. In fighting this kind of guerrilla warfare, Ye Ci has never been afraid of anyone. Even when she was a Sorcerer in the previous life, she could play around seven or eight hunter Rogues higher than her, not to mention that she is now the king of the field. The hunter went to battle with more than a dozen players whose levels were all lower than him.She thought about Fleeting Time. This guy’s luck was a bit bad. If he was hunted down in the jungle, she thought his results should not be only four people, but he was caught in the most uncontrollable desert. There is no hiding place, and it is easy to be printed on the desert, which is very inconvenient to operate in the battle. However, this time, these guys are obviously going to be unlucky, she must let these guys total defeat of an army.

     Although Ye Ci thinks this way, he has no idea of underestimating the enemy. After a long time of speaking, after years of chasing and counter-churching, Ye Ci deeply understands a truth. Don't underestimate any player at any time. You never know whose hands you will die. Maybe, in the end, the person who killed you is the most despised person at the time. In this world, there is no reason to follow.

     Ye Ci's current perception range is about 200 to 240 yards. When Ye Ci felt that the player's breath was a little weak, she stopped, and then she jumped off the tree and entered Stealth. State, carefully observe the current environment.The monsters wandering here are all around level 78 to level 80. With my current level of 67 plus Stealth, walking among them would be cautious and solemn, for fear that you will be more blameful if you are not careful. , Presumably for the players of the prosperous world behind, the monsters here are terrible.

     However, Ye Ci will never let the opponent fall into a situation where he cannot move. If he enters that situation, it is not a victory for Ye Ci, but a loss with a lot of fun.

     She arranged a few frost traps, a few frozen traps, and a few fire traps. It seems that the layout of these traps is out of order, but only Ye Ci knows the location of these traps. She carefully calculated the positions of these traps. No matter which one you step on, it will cause the surrounding monsters, and even the following traps. Play a chain reaction, which gives these assassinated players nowhere to escape. Of course, Ye Ci will never wait for them to step on it by themselves, she has to cleverly guide the monarch into the urn.

     Ye Ci first led out all the monsters around the trap that were more likely to step on the trap, and then rushed towards the assassin of the Prosperous World with these monsters in a very clever position.Honey Barbie's perception is the highest, so she has always played a pioneering role in exploring the path, but her perception has been in a hollow state since just now. She stood where she was frowning, and she didn't know why she had just felt the breath of Gongzi You, and how could it disappear so quickly? Just when she was wondering if she was feeling wrong, the breath of Gongzi You appeared mysteriously again. She immediately led the assassination squad behind to continue towards Stealth in the direction of Gongzi You, but after a certain distance, she again Stop once, continue to capture the breath of Gongzi You, and continue walking when you find it. Just stop and go, stop and go, several times, Honey Barbie finally couldn't help but mumbled angrily: "What the hell this woman is doing, Gongzi You! I clearly feel her, how could she suddenly disappear again," Had it not been for the perception equipment on my body that confirmed that she could not find us, I would have thought she was playing with us."

     "Are you sure that your perception is higher than Gongzi You?" March Chunfeng didn't really trust Honey Barbie's words. He always felt that if Gongzi You was so easy to deal with, then she should not be called Gongzi You."Hey, Chunfeng, are you suspicious of me?" Honey Barbie opened her eyes immediately: "Sister Huashang said that she has a high perception. I specially borrowed the set of highest perception from the union warehouse, plus My own perception is very high. In this situation, my perception can reach one hundred and sixty yards. According to Sister Huashang, Gongzi You’s perception can only reach one hundred and twenty yards. Will it be higher than me?" "I'm not suspicious of you, I just don't confirm whether Gongzi You will take some medicine or get some perceptual equipment. After all, no one can tell if it will send you a message in a few days. What." March Chunfeng is still very calm and objective. After all, he is a bit older than Honey Barbie, and he will definitely not be as subjective and impulsive as Honey Barbie.

     "Don't pour cold water on everyone at this time, okay!" What Honey Barbie dislikes the most is the suspicious character of March Chunfeng, so when she heard that March Chunfeng said this, she only felt upset and didn't listen.

     The March Spring Breeze had to sigh, and he and other members of the team should pay more attention to it, not talking to Honey Barbie anymore.

     Suddenly, Honey Barbie exclaimed in surprise: "I feel Gongzi You running towards us. Everyone quickly spread out and surround her!"The spring breeze of March was slightly taken aback, and his intuition was a little strange, but the time was too tight. He didn't have time to think about it. He saw that Honey Barbie had dispersed with everyone, and entered a hidden state, as usual. Although he was a little uneasy, he still didn't say anything. Although Honey Barbie was young, she was very experienced in actual combat. She seldom missed her hands. Although March Chunfeng was a little uncertain in her heart, he still didn't think much about it. Following Honey Barbie's arrangement, he rushed to his position and entered the Stealth state.

     While Ye Ci ran with the monsters, he inflicted minor continuous damage on them, so that aggro would not be too high and would not make people doubt his motives. She already felt that they were looking for herself when the other party stopped and walked. Therefore, Ye Ci was very confident about her strategy this time.

     Of course, she would not lead the monsters directly to these assassins, so even idiots would suspect that she ran back and forth in the forest in a very strange route, bringing down a monster from time to time, just like that, In less than a minute, she had rushed to the periphery of the encirclement.

     Honey Barbie saw Ye Ci from a distance and accurately calculated that the distance between herself and Ye Ci was only 30 yards. She said solemnly: "Hunter ready!"The two hunters stood up slightly at once, only Honey Barbie gave an order to release their pets to entangle her.

     Honey Barbie watched Ye Ci get closer, and when the hunter's range was about twenty-five yards away, she did not hesitate to issue a command: "Hunter, attack!"

     As soon as Honey Barbie’s voice fell, he heard two howling arrows rushing towards Ye Ci. Then, the four Rogues in the same circle in the first pack jumped out, and the follower’s arrows screamed towards Ye. Ci rushed in the direction.

     Ye Ci seemed to be flustered. She was very surprised by the sudden appearance of the players, and she paused slightly. After just such a meal, the first two arrows had already pierced her body, taking away about one-tenth of her life. One of the arrows was still a stun arrow, and Ye Ci immediately fell into a stun state!

     "Ha, hit it!" Honey Barbie slapped her slap fiercely: "I thought the top players of Eastern Continent were so powerful, but in this way, even if she didn't get killed by our people, she would have to be carried by herself. Kill it! It's too easy! Sister Huashang is expecting too much of her!"

     Although Honey Barbie is so happy and excited, the March spring breeze on one side is completely different from her thinking, because at the moment when Gongzi You hit the arrow, he seemed to see the appearance of Gongzi You's lips. A weird arc...