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Chapter Directory 333 Trick
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

"Everyone, go up and kill her corpse!" As soon as Honey Barbie saw that Ye Ci was dizzy, she immediately jumped out of the Stealth state and issued instructions to all the assassins.

     The March Spring Breeze said uncomfortably, "Don't go up all, let's leave some people..."

     Before the words of March Chunfeng were finished, Honey Barbie interrupted him: "Chunfeng, the leader of this assassination operation is me, right, you are only because of such afraid of the head, terrified of the tail. The leader failed in the last time against Fleeting Time! It doesn't matter if you fail yourself, don't affect my failure! This time I am the captain and you are a team member. I hope you listen to my leader!"

     Hearing Honey Barbie talking like this, March Chunfeng frowned. Although Honey Barbie is usually liked by everyone because of her cute appearance, her character is not very flattering. It's like now, March Chunfeng feels that he can't get off the stage, but there is no way that Honey Barbie is telling the truth, and he has to execute it.In the prosperous world, in the wild team that executes Quest, the captain has absolute power and can have the power to live and kill the players. Of course, the failure or success of Quest also requires the captain to be fully responsible. This is how much power there is. responsibility. After the failure of the last assassination of Fleeting Time, March Chunfeng was downgraded by two ranks in the assassination team by Qingfeng. Although the salary did not drop, it was still very aggrieved for March Chunfeng. Of course, he Knowing that this is the necessary arrangement that Qingfeng made to calm everyone's emotions, and he is not angry with Qingfeng and Huashang, but he still plans to work hard to break the merits and quickly upgrade the War Rank in Guild. Up.

     Today, he actually took the initiative to invite him to make contributions, but now he has a strong anxiety in his heart. He always feels that according to the current Honey Barbie leader, he will end up being worse than his own leader when he assassinated Fleeting Time. , However, the Majesty will do nothing, he really has no way to convince Honey Barbie, so he can only bite the bullet.When Honey Barbie saw that March Chunfeng finally carried out her order, she couldn't help feeling a little proud. It turned out that March Chunfeng had been sitting on an equal footing with her. I have been promoted, and I will never go with this pesky uncle again in the future. I feel happy when I think about it, and the steps under Honey Barbie's feet are getting faster.

     Ye Ci secretly calculated the diagnosis time. Her speed is 30, and the strange things she draws are all at z5

     Around, after a minute of roundabout running, these monsters have fallen behind Ye Ci by a long way, and it will take about four to five seconds to catch up with them, and it is likely that these Rogues in front of them will rush in front of them. Three seconds to four seconds, and her calculations are what happened between these two seconds. Success or failure is actually an instant.

     If it is the first time that Ye Ci has done such a thing, she will probably be very nervous, but this is not the first time Ye Ci has done such a thing to attract a gentleman into the urn. After all, she has done too much in the previous life. This kind of thing has become part of her consciousness. Although it was the first time in this life to do such a thing, Ye Ci did not feel unfamiliar at all, and she even had an uncontrollable excitement that kept coming out of her bones.

     And the only thing she can do is to calm this excitement and then calm down.Just as the few Rogues in the row were about to pounce on Ye Ci's body, the daggers in their hands were shining with cold light, and they were about to pierce a few blood holes in Gongzi You's body. The dizzy person suddenly disappeared!

     This happened too suddenly. The skills of the first four Rogues could no longer be stopped. After losing their target, their skills were directly thrown on the monsters that followed! In order to stop Gongzi You at the top of the row, all the rogues released were high-damage skills. All of them were thrown on the monsters. Although there is a level penalty, the damage caused is not high, even There is MISS, but this high-damage skill can't attract aggro. The next few monsters immediately put all aggro on these four Rogues.

     The four Rogues are all level 60, but all they have to face are level 78 monsters. How can they be able to withstand it, but within a few seconds, they screamed and turned into corpses and fell to the ground. !

     This sudden change made Honey Barbie stunned, but she had a lot of experience in battle. When she saw that the situation was not good, all the people in the Leader immediately entered the Stealth state. First, the next few monsters were removed from them. The chain of aggro is the key.Fortunately, none of the eleven people behind attacked the monster, so the monster quickly transferred aggro and ran away.

     This incident came so quickly that the honey Bazhou Gen had no time to react, but when she reacted, she only saw the corpse of her companion on the ground. She is gnashing one's teeth. Looking around, there is Gongzi You everywhere.

     "Pick up what they dropped." Honey Barbie looked around with red eyes. Her voice was not loud, but it was full of tension. Individuals could hear the anger and anxiety in her voice. She tried to calm herself down and watched her surroundings, hoping to find the trace of Gongzi You.

     Why was Ye Ci not there at the time? In fact, it's very simple. She just squeezed a bottle of advanced stealth potion in her hand long ago. The moment she drank the potion, she turned on the darkness on the ring to disperse, and then... disappeared.

     The invisibility time of the advanced stealth potion is 30 seconds. Unless you click the invisibility state, you will always be in the invisibility state during these 30 seconds, whether you are running or walking. So Ye Ci calmly and unhurried walked to a place where these assassins could see and stopped.She discovered just now that the captain of this group of assassins was a smaller Rogue, and from her series of actions, she confirmed that the captain was actually very utilitarian. If she was a little calmer, she might not be able to do so. This pawn. So, her goal now is to provoke this guy.

     While Honey Barbie was looking around and feeling Gongzi You with her perception, she suddenly noticed that the breath of Gongzi You appeared on her right back. She immediately turned around and saw a silver-haired hunter quietly standing in the woods. There, with a slight mocking smile on her face, she stretched out a...middle finger...

     Honey Barbie is completely irritated! She has never received such an insult! Even if the other party is a woman, even if the other party's level is higher than herself, at this moment, for Honey Barbie, she is a bitch who must die! !

     She yelled: "Gongzi You! You wait for me!" Ye Ci only smiled lightly, turned and leapt away lightly toward the depths of the dense forest.

     Honey Barbie immediately ordered: "Chasing!"

     The spring breeze in March immediately grabbed Honey Barbie: "Barbie! Can't go, this is a trap! Gongzi You must have a trap waiting for us! We went to the meeting in the plan!""You let me go!" Honey Barbie can't listen to any persuasion now, she threw off the arm of March Chunfeng, severely staring at him: "Are you going!"

     If you don't go, I will deal with you as if you are fleeing, you know what the punishment is for fleeing in Guild! "After that, Honey Barbie never said a word to March Spring Breeze, and directly led the other assassination team members in the direction where Gongzi You ran and disappeared.

     In fact, many team members now know that chasing like this will not have any good results. After all, the trap set by Gongzi You is too obvious, but, as it is, it will be impossible for the foreigner to do something, in the In the wild battle, Captain Honey Barbie was the highest order, and they had no choice but to disobey, so they only sighed.

     March Spring Breeze sighed and shook his head. It seemed that today’s ending would not be too beautiful. He opened the secret language interface and wanted to talk to Huashang, but at the end he didn’t say anything. He thought about it. The management cat, who can have the best relationship with him, talked about this.

     When the cat heard this turn pale with fright, he repeatedly said: "Chunfeng, why don't you tell Huashang!""Cat, I told you that I told you from the standpoint of a friend, not a complaint with my boss. I am now a team member, not the captain. This time in the wild Quest, I don’t have the right to be a leader. You know Guild’s system. In this case, I don’t have the right to report a leapfrog. I can only send you a jail.” March Chunfeng sighed as he ran with the team, “I just hope that this time I don’t lose too ugly, but four have died. ..."

     "Forget it, I'll talk to Qingfeng and Hanai about this, don't worry about it."

     "Don't, I'm afraid of procrastination and trouble."

     "Spring Breeze! Now Guild is developing. Personal troubles or Guild's gains and losses are more important!" The cat is a little frantic. The March Spring Breeze is good everywhere, but sometimes he sticks to stereotypes.

     The March Spring Breeze pondered for a moment, and had to say: "Well, you decide."

     The cat immediately told Qingfeng and Huashang about this matter. Huashang turned pale with fright, she never thought that Barbie, who is usually so sophisticated and composed, could make such a mistake, she immediately contacted her with an ugly face.Eleven members of Honey Barbie followed Ye Ci in the dense forest. Now that their whereabouts have been exposed, they no longer Stealth and follow Ye Ci's speed fast. Gongzi You's speed is indeed fast. Even if they follow fast, it seems that Gongzi You didn't use all of their strength. She is just like a lithe. The butterfly flying back and forth in this dense forest, and this misty forest is her most beautiful stage, dazzling!