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Chapter Directory 334 Chapter 28 Containment
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 28 Containment

     Chapter 28 Containment

     The sky seems to be good. Although the misty forest is full of fog, from time to time a little sunlight is projected from the dense leaves into the forest, hitting the fog, making the entire forest look wet.

     Ye Ci is running fast in the forest. Her steps are on the thick fallen leaves under the trees. The damp fallen leaves will even seep water to wet her shoes. The cold and clean air is mixed with or far away The roar of nearby monsters rushed towards her. Ye Ci travels very fast, and it is not a straight line. After spending so many days in the Forest of Mist, she has already made the environment clear. Therefore, she rushed quickly and didn't worry that the people behind could not keep up.Sometimes PVP is not necessarily all technical, but more importantly, psychological warfare. Especially in such in the wild, if you can control the other party's psychology, then you have basically won the battle by five or six points. In the process of the first match, although there was only 30 seconds, Ye Ci has basically evaluated the opponent's entire strength. Among the eleven people left by the other party, there are two hunters. Although the pets they bring are not as strong as Ol' Four, they are also surprisingly difficult, especially the dark-blade Debra Leopard. This pet is concealed for searching. Players have special strengths. If the level of Stealth and Stealth is not very high, it is easy to find them. It is estimated that these two hunters are specially used to contain their Stealth and Ol' Four.

     As for the other Rangers, his speed, agility, and stealth attack are not the best. It can be seen that this is a Ranger with a point of survival. He will definitely restore some skills to support the continuity of the entire battle.

     Except for these three people, all the rest are Rogues. From the equipment point of view, these Rogues are above level 58 and should not exceed level 62. The operation is very good, and most importantly, their cooperation It's perfect. If you get close by these people, Ye Ci estimates that he will have to wait to die.However, even though the opponent is strong, it does not mean that these Rogues have no flaws to catch. At least from the 30 seconds just now, she saw that their captain was a very impulsive person. Although I don't know why Shengshi gave such a strong team to an impulsive person, Ye Ci faintly felt that this was definitely a good opportunity for him. Of course, Ye Ci will not look down on his ability just because of the impulsiveness of the short captain.

     In Ye Ci's view, Shengshi can be strong enough to compete with the entire game. In addition to their strong financial backing support, they must also have a very complete management system. Therefore, their Guild’s appointment people by favoritism should be relatively rare. At least, they will not take it lightly when assassinating the top players on the four continents, such as killing the chicken to warn the monkey and establishing their prestige. As for why there is such an impulsive captain, it is really not the question Ye Ci has to deal with.

     Her biggest problem now is how she can get rid of, and best kill the people who are following her without being hung up.Ye Ci's fast speed, coupled with his familiarity with the terrain, quickly disappeared from the eyes of the assassination team. Honey Barbie, who rushed to the front, stopped. She looked around, preparing to perceive the existence of Gongzi You, and the other assassination squad members also stopped. They did not disturb Honey Barbie. It's just that March Chunfeng frowned. He felt that in Guild's interests, he should remind Honey Barbie again. So he said: "Barbie, now we are lost, we can actually go back and have a business."

     Honey Barbie was originally perceiving the position of Gongzi You. Hearing the words of March Chunfeng, she couldn't help but sneer: "I didn't see it, Chunfeng, you are also an old member of the Guild assassination squad, and even Guild's veteran Rogue. , How afraid of death? We just discovered Gongzi You, but if we lost it, we have to go back for business? Is it called grades when you lead the assassination team, and not grades when I lead?".March Chunfeng frowned, and he could see that he was a little bit displeased. Coupled with the conflict between the two previous people, it made March Chunfeng's tone a little bit rushing: "Fear of death and knowing that it is a failure is even worse. Going black is absolutely two different things. You are not afraid of death, so you let everyone remove one level with you, and lose a piece of equipment by the way? You can’t think about it, in this case, how much chance we have if What should I do if the total defeat of an army"

     "What are you talking about, how can the assassination squad that exterminate others' ambitions and their prestige? There are people like you who don't usually see it. You are actually like this." Honey Barbie sneered: "Which one of your eyes sees us will Lose? We now have eleven people, and there is only one other person. You are too unduly humble. You really think that Gongzi You is invulnerable. As far as I know, her micro-manipulation skills are one level lower than Fleting Time. Fleeting Time is still going to escape under our chase. Now facing a Gongzi You who is one grade lower than Fleeting Time, you actually let me give up. Are you deliberately not looking at me, okay?"."This time it’s different from the last time, is it good? "Fleeting Time". We had a great environmental advantage in the battle. It was a battle in a desert that was not blocked at all. This time it was in a forest and the fog was so heavy. We were right. The terrain here is not very familiar, and Gongzi You has been here for a long time, we have already lost in the big environment, okay" March Chunfeng really wants to take a look at Honey Barbie’s head, in this little smelly girl What is in her mind, can't she really see something so clearly and easy to see?

     Of course it is impossible. Honey Barbie is also a veteran of the assassination team. Although she is not very old, she has definitely participated in a lot of battles. However, this time it’s different for Honey Barbie. She always had the thought that she must kill Gongzi You this time and win the first prize and climb directly onto the head of March Spring. In addition, she has been despised by Gongzi You severely just now. It made her feel that she couldn't make it through her face.

     In life, some people think that face must not be lost, and some people think that face is the most insignificant thing.

     Obviously, Honey Barbie is the former type of person. The desire to climb to a higher position and the unrelenting and naked contempt of Gongzi You gave her the urge to chase Gongzi You anyway.

     Impulse is the devil, and sometimes people will be punished by impulse once they are impulsive.Honey Barbie looked at March Chunfeng coldly, and did not continue to argue with him. She felt that her dignity had been provoked like never before. In the case that he was not the captain of March Chunfeng, twice then three times accused herself The instruction is wrong, this has greatly exceeded the limit of her can endure. So, next, Honey Barbie did something that surprised all the team members and made March Spring Breeze unexpected.

     "You have been removed from the team by the captain'Honey Barbie'." March Chunfeng was dumbfounded to hear the system prompt, and then stared wide-eyed and said angrily: "Honey Barbie, what are you doing?"

     "My team doesn't need a player like you who doesn't obey the leadership." Honey Barbie lifted her chin and hummed coldly. Then she felt the presence of Gongzi You, so she stopped paying attention to what March Chunfeng said, directly Turned and left.

     The remaining few players, look at each other in dismay, looked at the March Spring Breeze, and then at the Honey Barbie who had already left, and didn't know what to do. After all, Honey Barbie and March Spring Breeze belong to the leadership of the assassination team, but today's division of labor is different, but they are both higher than their level.

     "spring breeze……""Go ahead, it's none of your business. If you conflict with her again, you will also be punished." March Chunfeng stood in place and shook his hand helplessly, beckoning the other assassination team members to hurry up to avoid it. Cause more trouble.

     The members of the assassination squad knew that this was not something they could handle, so they nodded at him one after another, and then followed the direction where Honey Barbie disappeared, and disappeared in an instant.

     March Chunfeng stood there for a long time, finally sighed helplessly, and followed. In fact, he can completely turn around and leave now, but he can't let go of the final result in his heart, he is still afraid that Honey Barbie will suffer in the end, so I am afraid that Shengshi will really for one's face to reach rock bottom this time.

     Ye Ci certainly didn't know that the other party had such a thing. She was very comfortable to lead the assassination team towards the trap array she had arranged long ago. She calculated the time, the trap was about five minutes away. It will disappear. If it goes well, these five minutes will be enough to end all the battles.Ye Ci deliberately slowed down, allowing the assassination team members who had been chasing far behind to catch up, and then led the assassination team members toward the trap array at their speed. These trap formations are all arranged among many monsters. If they are not careful, they will be discovered. Therefore, it is annoying for members of the assassination team to avoid the monster's aggro value and keep up with Ye Ci.

     Seeing that she was about to catch up with Gongzi You, Honey Barbie was excited in her heart. The corners of her lips curled up, raising her speed by another notch, rushing towards Ye Ci's close back, her hands The dagger inside also singed out a flower, which was about to bloom on Ye Ci's back.

     no sooner said than done, Honey Barbie suddenly noticed that her steps were slowing down, and her whole body fell into a freezing state. When she saw her state, she was actually caught in the frost trap, and she couldn't help but yell no Great.

     By coincidence, at this moment, her whisper channel rang, and Huashang’s stern voice rang in the channel: "Barbie, how are you fighting now?"

     The baby's expected delivery date was originally April 28, but it was several days later, and it was not until May 1 that some hypoxia was found to be produced by caesarean section. I saw him for the first time in the operating room at 10:10 in the morning on May 1, haha, the kid who was born was ugly...Fortunately, a boy, who is two taels of seven catties, is a more obedient, not very noisy baby.

     However, neonatal jaundice is more serious. Yesterday, that is, on May 15th, I went to the hospital to bake blue light. I probably lived for about a week. I was a little uncomfortable...

     As for me, I am still in confinement, eating food that is difficult to swallow, and I can only move in the bedroom and living room. I can’t watch TV, surf the Internet, read books, even take a shower or wash my hair, the weather is hot, and I sweat every day. I think I'm going crazy, when I'm crazy, you have to remember to miss me, 嘤嘤嘤...

     Chapter 28 Containment

     Chapter 28 Containment