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Chapter Directory 338 Construction Association
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The habitat of evil spirits is still surrounded by smoke and dust as usual. Thick smoke billowed from the iron-red land, even if you didn't step on it, you would know how scorching the land was just by looking at it.

     Ye Ci rode on Ol’ Four and looked up at the gray sky. The map here seemed to have never seen the blue sky before. Ol’ Four stood quietly on the ground, making a little noise in his throat, seeming to be muttering something. Yolan is also riding on Ol' Four. She is relatively courageous. She has always been in awe of such a large creature. Now Ye Ci is riding her on this creature with her. How could it not be possible at all? Trembling?

     She held Ye Ci's cloak tightly with one hand, and firmly hugged Ye Ci's waist with the other. She didn't dare to move her whole body, for fear that a slight movement of her body would provoke Ol' Four. Unhappy, immediately dumped her, the whole person was very nervous.

     However, after riding on Ol' Four for a long time, there was no special reaction to seeing him. Yolan's courage gradually became stronger. Although she still didn't dare to move randomly, she could talk to Ye Ci occasionally. Two sentences.

     "Master, what is this place?" Seeing Ye Ci stopped on this hot land, Yolan didn't mean to move on, so he asked cautious and solemn."Evil demon habitat." Ye Ci answered Yolan briefly and concisely, and then turned his gaze to the distance. The map here is about level sixty, and now many players come here to do Quest leveling, but the number is not large. After all, the geographical environment here is not very good. Although the DEBUFF that comes with the map is not serious, But if you train here for a long time, it still consumes more supplies. Although Fate has now opened up the exchange of real currency and game currency, most players are still reluctant to put real currency into the game, so it will not be too involved in places that will consume additional supplies or money.

     Therefore, most of the players who are leveling on the map of the Habitat of Bad Demon are real currency players, or a small team appears together.

     "Inferior demon?" Yolan seemed to have never touched such a creature, and she seemed a little curious. She looked into the distance, and soon saw a few little evil demon strolling in the smoke and dust, and stared at it. Big eyes pointed at the evil demon and said, "This is the evil demon?!" Yolan's tone was a little strange, and Ye Ci couldn't help but look sideways. She looked back at Yolan's weird face and said, "Why? ? Do you know this creature too?""Isn't this a mine-eater? How could it be called a bad devil?" Yolan frowned, "Could it be that the name you call here is different from the name in our tribe?"

     Little ore devil? Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, how could he be called such a name? Then, she seemed to have thought of something, and asked Yolan, "Why do you call it a petite devil?"

     "It is said that this kind of creatures were formed after the souls of miners were corroded by demons. They have a natural hobby for ore. As long as they appear, most of them have ore. Moreover, as long as the body of this little demon is darker, It means that the more advanced the ores here, because their food is the ores, and there are a lot of these things in the hidden mines of our volcanoes." When Yolan saw Ye Ci's problem with her, she naturally wouldn't hide it, and immediately took everything she knew. Everything is said.

     Where there are bad demons, there must be ore? The darker the evil demon, the more advanced the ore? Ye Ci listened to Yolan's words and began to fall into deep contemplation.It seems that this is really the case. Although she knows the coordinates of the mithril veins on the four continents, she only knows the specific map locations of the eastern and southern continents. Now, when recalling carefully, there are really some evil spirits on the maps with the mithril veins on these two continents. , Although there are not as many bad demons on the map of the mithril vein in the southern continent than on the Eastern Continent map, there are nonetheless. As for the west and the north, although she has not seen it by herself in this life, according to her memory, it seems that they have been there in the previous life.

     In addition, the lowest-level demon creatures such as bad demons seem to rarely appear in the entire Majia continent, but they have appeared on several more dangerous maps in the central continent. Isn't Ye Ci's heart tense? If Yolan is right, does it mean that mithril is also on the maps of the Central Continent? Or a more advanced ore than mithril? This kind of consciousness made Ye Ci couldn't help but get excited. You must know that in the previous life, mithril was already the most precious ore known, and the ore more precious than mithril only appeared in secret in the official introduction. But no one has ever seen it before, let alone a birth. Could it be possible that such a secret would be caught by her?

     Even if it is not necessarily true, Ye Ci is already excited to think of this."Master, master..." Seeing Ye Ci sitting there in silence, Yolan didn't know if he had said something wrong, so cautious and solemn called Ye Ci. "Master, what's wrong with you?"

     Ye Ci was regained by Yolan's call. She took a deep breath, turned her head to look at Yolan, and smiled slightly: "It's nothing, I just thought of something and I was lost. Let's go, let me take it. Go and see where I want to build a city defense...

     "Okay." As soon as Yolan heard about architecture-related matters, he immediately focused all of his attention there. He didn't even think that his unintentional sentence would shock Ye Ci.

     While Ye Ci ran towards the burial site of the mithril vein while the leader was leading Ol’ Four, while silently thinking about this issue that he had just thought of. Naturally, you can't tell anyone about this kind of thing, you can only wait until you have enough level to investigate it yourself.Soon, Ol’ Four took two of you to the mining site of the mithril vein. Mo lì and the black iron dwarves are still mining silently, but it's just the way the system has made it, and there is no actual progress. The players who were mining around here have long since disappeared. Probably because there was no ore after digging for a long time and the evidence from the mining master's soldering iron made the mining heat quickly dissipated. Except for these few dark iron dwarves, there are no players here now.

     Coupled with the fact that there are no monsters nearby, there are only a few black iron dwarves locked by Quest without any traceable clues, which makes players reluctant to set foot.

     Yolan sat on Ol' Four, poked his head and looked at the hill in front of him, and then asked, "Master, are you going to build a city defense to surround this hill?" "Can you say technically? is allowed. Yolan nodded, but there was a look of embarrassment on her face.

     "Then what else can't you?" This is half the story, so Ye Ci doesn't make it difficult for Yolan to listen to the part that she minds directly."I just went to the construction Guild to report to the station after I arrived. The construction Guild does not seem to be allowed to build city defenses in the wild without approval." Yolan is a master builder, and often goes to the construction guild to communicate with those NPCs. , Although for players, they are all NPCs, but these NPCs are advanced artificial intelligence and have their own life mode, so they often understand things that players don't know.

     Ye Ci's brows knotted when Yolan said this. in the wild map can't build a city defense without the approval of the construction trade union? When was this rule, why didn't she know? In fact, it is normal that she didn't know. In the last life, Ye Ci was a master who was full of food and the whole family was not hungry. How could she have any intentions to pay attention to what is not a building? In addition, these mithril veins in the previous life were all artificially stationed, and no city defense was built, and no one was so bored in the wild. The construction of city defense naturally did not know this.

     But in this life, Ye Ci was based on the idea of maximizing profit with the least amount of manpower, and found all the ways to get the master builder. He wanted to build a city defense outside the mithril mine. This involved the subject of building a city in the wild. Therefore, the questions that followed came up one by one.

     "Are you sure? You can't build a city without Guild's approval in the wild?""Confirm." Yolan nodded.

     "What if you build it forcibly?"

     "Then it will be forcibly demolished." Yolan replied as it should be by rights.

     Demolished Ye Ci rolled his eyes, this is really a game that keeps pace with the times.

     It seems that for the safety of her mithril mine, she has to go to the construction trade union. Thinking of this, Ye Ci only asked Yolan to carefully observe the terrain here and go back to design the city defense map, while he went to Guild, the building of Champion City.

     Champion City is still just as in the past lively, there is no difference from Shengshi before entering the game. Ye Ci wandered the streets of Champion City, looking at the players around through the cloak. They did not change because of the advent of the flourishing age, as they were in the past.

     Municipal Street has always been the most lively place, because on this street there are auction houses, Mercenary Guild, weapon refiners, etc. where players are very keen. Of course, Ye Ci’s destination building, Guild, is always on this street. However, compared to other departments and NPCs, the Construction Guild is too deserted. Although the door is not small, it is really you can net sparrows at the door, except for the players whose sideline is the humble construction, occasionally come here to patronize, no extra players come here at all.Ye Ci stood at the door of the construction trade union and looked up at the (of houses etc) sumptuous building. She sighed from the bottom of her heart that she was involved in construction. His own departmental building was indeed the most brilliant. In terms of sophistication, In terms of the shape of the building, it is all top-notch. Although it is not high-profile, it is not difficult to see from the small details that it is more exquisite and exquisite than the Royal City and the Great Monastery of Champion City.

     She pulled the cloak to cover herself more tightly, and walked up the steps towards the facade of the building.

     On the first floor of the Guild Guild of Construction, there are some skill divisions used to improve and learn construction skills from players. There were no other NPCs in charge. Ye Ci stood in the lobby and looked around, and saw the circular white marble staircase. Presumably the NPCs in charge were upstairs. Ye Ci didn't think much about it. Go up the stairs.

     However, just approaching the stairs, a young man in a long robe came over and stopped Ye Ci. With a gentle smile on his face, he nodded slightly at Ye Ci: "Hello, dear adventurer, here It’s the high-level office of the General Assembly of Construction Trade Unions. Do you have any questions?It seems that you can't go up casually. Ye Ci looked at the young man, then respectfully saluted, and then said: "Hello, I want to build a city defense in the wild, but I heard that it needs the approval of the construction trade union, so I came here. , I don’t know what procedures to go through?"

     "Are you going to build a city defense in the wild?" The young man looked a little surprised. He looked at Ye Ci and pondered slightly: "This is the first time Eastern Continent has requested such a request."

     "Why? Can't it?" Ye Ci frowned slightly, a little worried.

     "No, come with me." The young man led him to the second floor for the second time, and told Ye Ci something while walking. It turns out that this young man is called White. Don't look at his young age, he is already a master architect, and his main responsibility is to restore the in the wild city.The so-called in the wild cities are actually those deserted cities. After the player lays down the deserted city, if he wants to build and expand, he must come to him to receive a license called in the wild city restoration. As for the construction of in the wild city defense, the procedure is much more complicated. Because the construction of cities on the entire continent is strictly censored by the Guild of Buildings, if the player wants to build a building on the address selected by himself, the Guild of Building will always have to be very strict to the player. condition.

     Regarding this point, because there were no players in the previous life, and even Guild did not try to do more than is required, so naturally there is no strategy for this aspect. Therefore, in this life, Ye Ci has to try this way and can only find it on his own. .

     Not only that, but the NPC who needs to be approved in the wild to build the city is actually the guild leader of the Guild Construction Association. It is not difficult to see from White’s tone that this is a very respectable old man...

     Ye Ci has a headache. In Fate, such respectable elders are generally super artificial intelligence NPCs. Their IQ is the same as that of ordinary players, and they are even more sophisticated than ordinary players. They want to fool around. These NPCs are not easy.When the two were talking, Walter suddenly stopped and pointed to the tall and beautiful wooden door at the end of the corridor and said: "Adventurer, the guild leader already knows your purpose. He is waiting in the house now. To you."

     The baby was discharged early today, um, a zhe one zhe) 0~