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Chapter Directory 340 Puzzle Solving
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Thirty Four-Solving Mysteries

     Walking the maze, especially the unfamiliar maze, the more stupid the method is, the more effective it is.

     It's like now, a group of ten people are slowly advancing against the wall. Even if they meet the intercepting monster halfway, they will not easily leave the wall that they are walking along. With such persistence, they will soon see Effect.

     After passing a corner, Priest found a very inconspicuous gap. The Concealment of this gap is in the corner, so small that it can only accommodate one person walking sideways. Not only that, but its location is also very clever. It is actually in the blind spot of the basement with the lights. It was originally dark, and there was no fire in the gap. It was just like Concealment in the blind spot, if you didn’t touch it. When the wall came over, I was afraid that no one would be able to spot this gap with naked eyes.

     "Yeah, the exit is here." Cleric was very surprised: "I have gone back and forth here so many times, but I didn't find it once. Concealment is too concealed." Several people are all about this gap Concealment. Admired by the position, Ye Ci just stood at the end of the team and smiled without saying a word.In fact, this design is just give a small demonstration of one's impressive skills for the future maze Dungeon. The Dungeon maze requires not only the player's brains, but also the player's observation and cooperation ability. Only in this way can the maze Dungeon be solved as quickly as possible.

     After several people faced the gap for a while and discussed, they looked back at Ye Ci and said, "Childe, are we going in now?"

     "I and Rogue are at the forefront. I suspect that there is a mechanism inside. You Magic based Classes take care to protect yourself." Ye Ci looked at the black gap and said naturally.

     Rogue's existence in the team is to improve the survival rate of the entire team. Therefore, in the wasteland Dungeon, Rogue explores the way, and their perception is very high, so that they can feel the existence of various institutions in Dungeon. However, in this team, Ye Ci still decided to explore the way ahead with Rogue. It was not because she did not believe in Rogue's skills, but, as the team leader, she needed to be at the forefront and think about how the entire Dungeon should be cleared. It will be faster.

     The two high-perception career paths are indeed very fast. Although it was dark behind the gap, it did not pose any threat to the advancement of the entire team. Ye Ci followed her with her high-sensitivity leader and followed the eight players behind her.In the beginning, the eight players weren't used to this way of walking solely by hearing like a blind man, but after getting used to it for a while, everyone was familiar with it, and the speed of marching became a little faster. Rogue, who was walking in the front, was very careful along the way, stopping from time to time to shake his head and look for the mechanism. His proficiency in dismantling the mechanism is still very high. He dismantled six mechanisms in a row along the way, and only one of the ground stab mechanism was destroyed. Fortunately, Priest and Cleric in this team had enough milk to let the whole team When passing the ground assassination mechanism, the person who was more scared than hurt did not hurt.

     Soon, it has reached the bottom of this road.

     However, it seems that there is no way forward. There is only one wall, and there is no gap in the fit tightly.

     A team of people kept groping at the end of this dead end, and found nothing special. Instead, Ye Ci stood in front of the wall and stretched out his hand to gently stroke the bricks on the wall, which was slightly rough. The traces seem to be somewhat different. She quickly took out the torch she carried with her body, lit it, and then held it high above her head to shine against the wall.

     Only found that there seemed to be many strange patterns carved on the wall, but there was no clue.

     "What's this?" One of Mt stared at the trace on the wall and looked left and then again, but couldn't see anything.Ye Ci stared at the wall, only to see that the masonry at the bottom right corner of the wall was smooth and blank, and the whole wall looked inharmonious. Suddenly Ye Ci seemed to think of something. She let the people around her hold a torch while she stepped back for a certain distance. Then she looked at the wall and smiled: "This is a puzzle."

     "Puzzle?" Several people obviously did not think of this answer.

     "You can see it by standing farther." Ye Ci said as the leader tried to move the masonry on the wall with a mt. As expected, it could be moved. Now that it is determined what it is, it is much easier to decrypt it. The three heads and Zhuge Liang, even if the puzzle is more complicated, but with the collective wisdom of so many people, it takes less than three minutes. The puzzle is complete.

     At the moment when the puzzle was completed, everyone found that the ground under their feet began to vibrate strongly. Such vibrations made people have lingering fears, but the system did not indicate any danger. Ye Ci did not move, and was quiet. Waiting for the shaking past, the others didn't panic when they saw Ye Ci did not move, and followed her to stand in place waiting for the shaking past.The vibration became stronger and stronger, Ye Ci looked around calmly, only to see that the wall bearing the puzzle mural did not move and open as she expected, but the wall on the right hand side of the puzzle opened, which is somewhat contrary Normal people’s thinking. However, since there is an exit, there is no need to stay here and wait forever.

     The wall on the right hand side slowly moved away, and the ground vibration became more and more violent. Suddenly a thought arose in Ye Ci's mind, I was afraid that the place I was walking would not come back for a while, and I don’t know. Why did you have this idea? Anyway, Ye Ci thought about it and said on the team channel: "Everyone will follow me and stand in the gap where the wall is removed."

     Everyone immediately followed Ye Ci. Just when a group of people stood in the gap, they heard the system prompt: "You don't know what strange device was touched. The whole basement began to vibrate violently. You watched With the stones and dust falling from the top of the head, a bad thought suddenly came to my mind, maybe this place is about to collapse..."

     After this narrative reminder was over, the soft but cold female voice of the system echoed: "The tunnel began to vibrate strongly, it was about to collapse, and the countdown to escape began..." After that, she started to count the seconds. .When Ye Ci heard this prompt, he immediately yelled: "Run!" After saying that, he was the first to rush into the channel where the wall was split. The teammates behind didn’t even think about it and immediately followed her and jumped in. In the passage, he kept running wildly.

     "Magic based Classes, pay attention to the acceleration potion, don't be buried!" They just jumped into the passage, and suddenly a lot of rubble fell from the ceiling where they stood just a second ago. This rubble Falling faster and faster, as if chasing their footsteps, following them quickly. Ye Ci looked back, and the last ones were Sorcerer and Cleric. These two professions are indispensable professions in the team and must not be left behind. Therefore, Ye Ci did not forget to remind everyone while running for his life. If you have short legs, hurry up and drink potion.

     The player who can enter the Upward Ho 2nd group is definitely not a grass bag, although not a top player, but the consciousness is absolutely good. Before Ye Ci called out for them to take medicine, a few Magic based Classes had already begun to accelerate potion in their pockets, and after hearing Ye Ci's words, they poured these potions into their mouths without any scruples. Inside, and then rushed forward lifelessly.This passage is narrow and long, and it's dark and I don't know where it leads. Fortunately, this road has not been perverted to design any mechanism. A group of people just buried their heads and rushed forward. The falling rocks in the back fell more and more, and fell faster and faster. In the end, not only Magic based Classes were drinking accelerated potion, but even Warrior, such as mt, also began to drink potion.

     One minute is usually so short, but now, everyone without exception feels that this time is so long, it seems that it can't be used up. Just when everyone felt like they had been running for ten thousand years, Rogue rushed a little behind Ye Ci and shouted in surprise: "I see the light, and I can go out soon. Come on, everyone!"

     This news is undoubtedly like a strong heart needle, and immediately made all the players feel excited. It seems that even the footsteps have become a lot lighter, and each bite the teeth tightly to make the final sprint.

     I just felt that there was a sudden light in front of my eyes, and everyone jumped out of the narrow and slender passage and appeared in a hall. And just after everyone rushed into the hall, only a few loud rumbling noises were heard. Looking back, there was dense smoke and dust, and the passage they rushed out was actually blocked by huge rocks.

     It seems that I can only go forward. This labyrinth Dungeon has blocked all the way back for everyone, and now the only way left is to go forward.After a short break, everyone began to look at the hall. They saw that there was a chess board in the middle of the hall. When they walked over, they saw an unfinished chess game. Judging from the chess game, the two sides of Othello are fighting well.

     The hall is a confined space, and the only way out has been blocked, so the clue to leave here is the unfinished chess game in front of him.

     Ye Ci stretched out his hand and wanted to pick up the black chess. Not only did he fail to move half a point, but he also got the system prompt: "Your chess piece is white."

     It seems that if you want to leave here, you can only finish this game. The player's side is white, and the black side is the system. This setting was not difficult at first, but...Ye Ci can't play chess, not only can't play chess, she is actually not very good at all chess and card games.

     No way, no one is perfect. Even a game master like Ye Ci has his strengths and weaknesses.

     She looked at the endgame, scratched her head, turned to look at the nine people in the team and said, "Who can play chess?"In fact, Ye Ci is already prepared for the worst at this time, and no one can play, so he just walks a few steps randomly, loses to the system, and finds a way to solve the punishment. The reason why Ye Ci thinks this way is to pinpoint the key to the game company's design of games-planning will never make difficult problems that players can't overcome.

     It’s like the current chess game, planning may be a chess master, but he absolutely cannot guarantee that all players will play this game. After all, this thing is not as common as gomoku and flying chess, so even if the player loses Given the system, there must be a way to overcome this difficulty.

     With the ten years of gaming experience in the previous life, Ye Ci is sure about this problem and is not worried.

     However, she did not expect that there is really one player in this team who can play chess, it is Warlock. He put away the Magic Staff and said, "I'll try it." He walked to the front of the board and observed the game. After watching for a while, he sighed: "This game is a bit difficult, I don't I guarantee that I will win, especially from the current chess game, White has been temporarily at a disadvantage."

     Everyone said that he should not be burdened, and Warlock took a few deep breaths and began to play chess.After starting to play chess, Ye Ci and the rest of the people know the real purpose of designing this chess game. It turns out that the system defaults to an optimal solution. White can beat black by taking about 20 moves. However, in these 20 moves, if White moves wrongly, an elite monster will appear in the lobby. The attack power and defense power are very strong, the player must destroy it within two minutes, otherwise, after two minutes, it will be full of full health.

     This is not the most perverted. The most perverted thing is that for each move, the system gives the player the default maximum thinking time of two minutes. If these two minutes have passed and the player has not figured out how to take the next step, then the system will It will be assumed that the player has made the wrong move, and will spawn another elite monster...

     As for the player who walks in the right way, a colored ball will also be spawned in the lobby and an effective high-level buff for up to two hours will be added to everyone, and all the buffs will not be repeated and cover each other.

     After Warlock took a few steps, everyone figured out the middle way. This buff must be absolutely effective for the following battles, and the elite monster is consuming the player's supplies and physical strength, allowing the player to continue. The odds of winning in battle are even lower. After knowing this setting, Warlock's pressure suddenly increased a lot. Every move must be turned over in one's mind, and the best move must be figured out before putting down the chess piece.In this way, under Warlock’s high concentration of energy and the pressure of other people’s defenses, Warlock finally finished the game, which is three more moves than the default best solution of the system. This means that Ye Ci has only been added. Seventeen buffs and killed three elite monsters. Although it is not a grand slam, this result is already very good.

     Anyway, Ye Ci is very satisfied with this result.

     Just when Warlock took the last step and before he could express his nervousness, he saw a wall in front of him suddenly collapsed, and a huge deep valley appeared in front of everyone...