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Chapter Directory 341 Domino
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

This deep valley appeared suddenly, especially when the wall fell suddenly. Everyone, including Ye Ci, had no idea that the wall would fall. According to Ye Ci's guess, after Warlock has gone through all the chess games, a small BOSS should appear. After the small BOSS is killed, Quest Items such as keys or maps that can continue to be dropped will be dropped. I didn't expect that this Dungeon was designed so upright that after playing the game, he would directly destroy a wall and then go directly to the next scene.

     Ten people stood by the fallen wall and looked down, only to feel the wind blowing from the ground. Although it was not dark below, the light was not bright. Just looking at the gloomy light, all you could see was the cuboid-like building components standing in the open deep valley.

     "Are we going down?" Cleric stretched his head to look at the dark valley, and swallowed.

     "If there are no accidents, we should go down." The Berserker who was standing next to him cracked his mouth and looked at Cleric and laughed happily.

     "No..." Cleric wailed immediately.

     This makes Ye Ci a little strange. She looked at Cleric and asked, "What's wrong?"

     Priest immediately smiled: "Childe, he has a fear of heights. At such a high place, he looks dizzy..."Ye Ci suddenly felt a little black line, isn't it, fear of heights, isn't this a game? How can things like acrophobia still be brought in? Perhaps is Because she doesn't have a fear of heights, she really can't understand the fear of heights of people with fear of heights, but looking at Cleric's somewhat pale face, she hesitated and asked: "Is it serious?"

     "It's very serious. If Dungeon encounters a gully and needs to go down in our second group, he will either find someone to perform FeatherFall or find someone to take him down. Otherwise, he will not be able to go down. "One of the Warriors looked at Ye Ci helplessly and sighed.

     Ye Ci also sympathizes with Cleric when he hears this. After all, a big man with such a serious fear of heights is a matter of face, isn't it?

     "This is so high today, how can I go on marrying?" Cleric looked at Deep Valley again boldly, then immediately retracted his eyes and wailed.

     "I'll carry you down." The MT who had just spoken smiled helplessly, took a rope from the package, found a place to fix it, then dropped the tail of the rope down the deep valley, and then waved at Cleric: "Oh, Why are you not a MM? What do you think of me carrying a big man on my back."Cleric glared at him: "I will retaliate." These people are originally the elites of the second regiment, and they have a good relationship on weekdays. They often intervene in this way and don't shy away from the conversation between the two. Instead, they laughed. Up.

     Ye Ci looked at them quietly, feeling relaxed. People in the team probably want to be comfortable with this way. She was thinking about this, and suddenly heard the system prompt that the central control room was about to collapse, and everyone only had two nose clocks to escape from the central control room into the deep valley.

     After all, the system keeps prompting several people to prepare. It seems that as long as someone starts to go down the deep valley, the system will start timing.

     "Damn, isn't it? Here again! I have never hated countdowns so much."

     Berserker heard the system's urging sound and couldn't help cursing lowly.

     "Two minutes?" m frowned slightly, looking a little uneasy.

     "What?" Ye Ci asked when he saw his look different.

     "I'm afraid I'm carrying Cleric on my back, and I won't be able to reach the bottom within two minutes. The first time I carry him down to such a high place, it may be very slow..."

     The question raised by MT is really a very troublesome question, especially under the urging of the system without shame or irritation.Ye Ci looked at the deep valley, estimated the height, then calculated his strength and agility, and finally said: "I will carry him, you go down first, and I will be there later."

     "Guild leader" Although Ye Ci told everyone, you don't need to call her the guild leader, but when she said this, almost everyone yelled out with different mouths, same voice.

     Ye Ci raised his hand to stop everyone from continuing to say, but said: "In Dungeon, the most important thing is to cooperate. It has nothing to do with others." Then she turned to look at the cramped Cleric and smiled. Said: "If you are worried about gender, you don't have to. There are only occupations in the game, and there is no gender distinction. Just remember this." She said that she had walked to the Cleric and took it. The rope in his hand, and then tied the rope firmly to Cleric's waist.

     While Ye Ci was preparing for work, the other players had already placed the rope. They waited for Ye Ci to tie the rope, and then everyone jumped out of the central control room.

     Several people stood at the gap, Ye Ci nodded at several people, and then all of them jumped into the deep valley below almost at the same time.Unlike the Warriors, who went down to stabilize and fight steadily, when Ye Ci jumped down, she seemed to fall completely with the free fall. Her hair was blown up by the wind, and there was only the sound of whirring air rubbing in her ears, cough ...And the scream of Cleric tied behind Ye Ci. Of course, not only was there a scream, but Cleric hung on Ye Ci's body almost like an octopus, and he couldn't see his usual chic appearance.

     Ye Ci only feels that his tympanic membrane is about to break. Such a screaming scream is really not like a big man would make it, but in fact, it was made by a big man. She sighed secretly. At the moment when the two of them were about to fall to the ground and die, the cat's claw she had been holding in her hand was thrown out, and then hung firmly on the rock, and in the next moment, they It stopped.

     At a distance of less than ten centimeters from the ground, Ye Ci waited until the whole person stopped, let go of the cat's claws, and landed easily on the ground, while the Cleric hanging on her body continued to scream.

     She quickly untied the rope tied to the two of them around her waist, and then said to the Cleric, "It's already on the ground."Cleric’s reaction arc seemed to be a step slower at this time. He continued to scream for a few seconds before he seemed to react. He quietly opened his eyes, then quickly looked back and forth, and touched himself again. In a kind of astonishing Dungeon, nothing will be designed in vain. Everything planned and designed has its meaning, and the existence of these dominoes is definitely not to give The player is in the way. Ye Ci looked at the five dominoes surrounding Bob, and he had a faint feeling in his heart that these dominoes were actually used to solve the boss.

     The height of each of these cuboids is about fifteen to twenty yards. If they fall down, they can hit Bob...

     "Wait a minute, don't resurrect, I will come as soon as I go." Ye Ci rushed towards the edge of the deep valley regardless of whether he would leave the battle or not.

     Several people lay on the ground, looking at the black-and-white vision. They didn't know what Ye Ci was doing. They could only chat leisurely. Just when the people were talking hotly, they felt that the ground began to vibrate strongly.

     Since entering this Dungeon, it seems that the ground of this Dungeon has been shaking...Before a few people could react to what was happening, they saw that a rectangular parallelepiped had fallen down, and its inverted direction happened to be on Bob, who was sitting on the ground in the middle!

     MT lit Bob's health bar and looked at it, only to see that after the cuboid fell down, it not only brought up a piece of smoke, but also took away 19% of Bob's blood!