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Chapter Directory 342 Clever
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The scene near death can be viewed on the "corpse" screen, but it is not very clear, because everything seen in the eyes of the corpse is black and white, and even covered with a thick layer of gray. In their opinion, what gorgeous skills are not shocking, and what gorgeous operations are not three-dimensional. In a word, in the eyes of "corpse", the scene of death is a black and white movie with no meaning.

     However, this did not delay the nine people who died on the ground viewing the entire venue with the eyes of a third person. Probably when the team was reclaiming wasteland, they would meet the Destroyer Group, so this time, everyone was not hit by the corpse. Instead, they used the text chat in the team channel with the dialog box.

     Just when several people were discussing the weakness of this BOSS and how Cai Xiao overthrew this BOSS, the ground began to vibrate violently. Of course, although everyone has entered the Dungeon, the ground of this Dungeon has not been too flat, but the "dead" cannot practice what one preaches to feel the so-called vibration. The only thing they can judge that the ground is shaking is in front of them. His black and white vision began to shake. They are still discussing in words, when the shaking screen came from, the huge cuboid crashed down, and in the smoke and dust, it smashed on Bob's body impartially...This is how the same thing? How could this well-established cuboid suddenly fall down?

     Just when all the "dead people" were surprised by this sudden change, they saw a black and white stern figure jumping out of nowhere, standing on a tall cuboid, opened the long bow, and turned towards Bob released one skill after another.

     The mouths of the corpses couldn't be closed. Where did Gongzi You emerge from? And what happened to the cuboid that suddenly fell down just now? There are no answers to so many questions, because now there is only a one-man show in the eyes of the few lying dead.

     This is a skill display belonging to the hunter, this is a display of a player's personal operation, and this is a personal performance of Gongzi You himself. Just looking at it like this, I feel very gorgeous,

     The precise take-off, the light running and rolling, the thrilling landing and turning, every movement seems to be designed with a computer in a Hollywood blockbuster, perfect and flawless.

     Ye Ci's level is a little higher than Bob, so he didn't receive any level punishment when he hit him, and it was easy to break the defense. However, even so, Bob is still the ultimate boss of ten Dungeon, even he Only 1x of blood is left, and it takes nearly a minute for Ye Ci to play alone."Yeah! It's 20%!" Cleric looked at Bob's health bar nervously. When he saw that his health bar had dropped to 20%, although he couldn't make such an exclamation with his mouth, he was on the team channel. Li also typed quickly, and Lou issued his own warning. "Childe, be careful!" Cleric's words just came out, and he saw Bob who had been caught by the chain growl in a low voice, and then he suddenly raised his right hand, and the chain tied to his right hand was facing Ye Ci. Fly in the direction of!

     Although dragging this skill is randomly selected by a player to release, but now the only player still alive is Ye Ci, which is destined to be Ye Ci every time the call is made.

     A few people watched the chain fly straight towards Ye Ci, everyone couldn't help sighing in their hearts. When it was over, it was going to be tied up. This Dungeon was considered annihilated. It's just that they sighed in their hearts, only to find that the facts seemed to be a little bit different from what they thought.

     When she saw that the chain was about to tie Ye Ci, she turned over and jumped to the left to escape the chain.This is just a blink of an eye. No one thought that anyone could do this in this blink of an eye, and no one thought that someone would escape under the skill of a sixtieth-level BOSS. However, the fact is that it is so unpredictable, the things that should have become so unusual now.

     In the corpse, Berserker has the best angle from Ye Ci, so this time he avoided him and saw the most clearly from beginning to end. He couldn’t help but yell "Okay!" Seeing this jump, Berserker thought of Gongzi You in his heart. It can be said that he admires prostrate oneself in admiration. Although he is not an agile professional, he has seen relatively little of Gongzi You's operation videos, but he still knows that this person’s long-standing reputation is not wind from an empty cave, he naturally has real skills. It's just that I am a strength profession, and I don't have a deep understanding of the subtle movements of agile professions.

     But now, when he saw Gongzi You brilliant avoiding Bob's dragging skills with his own eyes, his heart was filled with surging emotions. It’s not for Gongzi You’s sharp moves, nor for Gongzi You’s accurate timing, nor for Gongzi You’s sophisticated skills, but just for her to be so sensible in such a tense situation. The reaction, this alone was enough to amaze him.Putting it on himself, in such a situation, don't say whether he can escape this attack, even if he can escape, he may not be nervous at all, so calmly made such a response. This made all his doubts about Gongzi You disappear in his mind, and then he sent a message to Zhen Shui Wuxiang: "Boss, Gongzi You is really ferocious."

     After receiving this message, Zhen Shui Wuxiang just smiled, and then replied: "Human, I really don't want to be convinced until I see it with my own eyes."

     "No wonder you said that you came to Upward Ho only for Gongzi You. Sure enough, it is charming enough. Just looking at her on-the-spot reaction, I think I can take a lesson well." Berserker praised sincerely.

     Here Berserker is discussing his feelings with Zhen Shui Wuxiang, while the BOSS battle over there is still in full swing.

     Bob's dragging skill did not hold Ye Ci, which aroused his anger skill faster. Almost as soon as the dragging chain was withdrawn, the anger had already erupted, and it was a large area. The thorn came out, Ye Ci leapt up lightly, avoiding the thorn.From the beginning of Bob’s dragging skill to the end of the angry skill, the entire event took no more than one glance. However, in such a short period of time, Ye Ci made the most correct and accurate response, in the eyes of bystanders. The reaction is so easy, but only those who have experienced it know how thrilling the whole process is.

     Just after Ye Ci escaped the angry ground stab attack, she heard the system prompt: "Because of the impact of the ground shaking, the second row of dominoes still collapsed, please avoid it."

     That's right, it's dominoes.

     This is the key to dealing with this BOSS. Just now Ye Ci discovered that these cuboids were like dominoes and then he did not hesitate to leave the battle and ran to the edge of the deep valley to observe. This careful inspection made her discover so many dominoes, one of which was "Loose dominoes" are completely different from other cuboid names. Therefore, Ye Ci concluded that this loose domino is the key to start this domino formation. She pushed the loose domino, and then she saw a part of the dominoes began to collapse continuously, and the direction of collapse was towards Bob. Going, she didn't care about how to activate the other dominoes next, and ran directly to Bob.When she just arrived at the BOSS battle site, what she saw was the last domino that fell down and took away Bob's 1 bang, and immediately began to attack. You should know that if you don’t attack the BOSS for more than one minute, or the player is no longer within the attack range of the BOSS, it will default to being out of combat, and the dominoes here are limited. If this is the case, the gains do not make up. for the losses.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci just ate a lot of buffs in the central control room. Bob has a thick skin, but he still hurts a lot when he fights the boss. It's a pity that his blood is too much, and he can even catch up to 70. The blood volume of the first-level boss, even if the damage is considerable, it takes Ye Ci a lot of time to get rid of the old blood.

     After the 20% skill was released, Ye Ci was still worried about how the dominoes would continue to fall, so she received a system prompt, which made her happy. It turns out that this domino array only needs to be activated once, every time the last domino is not listed, 19% of Bob's HP will be taken away, and the rest of the old and skills need to be dealt with by the player.Speaking of it, the difficulty of this BOSS lies here. However, since Ye Ci can successfully top it once, the following situation is much simpler. She emptied all of Bob’s health bar very easily, and finally he stood there. In the middle of a fallen domino, he raised his hands up to the sky and shouted: "I am not reconciled! I am not reconciled!! Calarie! I absolutely, I will never just take advantage of your heart!" under. At this time, the system also reminded Ye Ci and other ten people to Clearance Dungeon.

     However, because this Dungeon is a Quest Dungeon, not a public Dungeon, every player can come, so even if this Dungeon wins wasteland, it has not been promoted by the world system, and there is no reward for First Kill.

     However, the excitement brought to everyone by this new decryption model has surpassed all publicity.

     Because this Dungeon has no resurrection point, and there is no turning back, plus Cleric is dead, so even after Dungeon, the nine people with dead bodies still cannot be resurrected. Fortunately, the BOSS experience is obtained, which is not a pity.

     "Childe, we are resurrected. Go and touch the corpse." Mt said.

     "Wait, I'll see what's coming out, if you need it, take it." Ye Ci stopped."No, we didn't work hard to fight the BOSS..." Ye Ci interrupted them: "This BOSS is only at level sixty. I have more levels than him now. Basically, I can't use what he produces, you guys. Take it.” As he said, before a few people could speak, he smiled and walked forward to touch the corpse: “But, my hands are very dark, you have to be prepared.” It is rare that Ye Ci's hands are not black this time. Touch actually produced three weapons and two pieces of equipment, but they didn’t have Ye Ci. They were just suitable for the people in the team. What was left was an architectural drawing and a Quest Item called "Architectural Dictionary". . Quest Item went directly into Ye Ci's pocket and there was no prompt in the team channel. There were only a few pieces of equipment and the building drawing when the prompt appeared in the team channel. Ye Ci only left the architectural drawing, and gave all the remaining five things to several other people. Everyone resurrected and left Dungeon.

     After Dungeon, the nine people in the team were obviously very embarrassed about the distribution of Ye Ci. After all, the last BOSS were basically lying dead. But Ye Ci reassures them not to care, because this is a team, if it weren't for them, she wouldn't be in front of the boss. After these few people said a few more words, they finally accepted the things assigned by Ye Ci and returned to the second group to continue preparing for the Dungeon team.Ye Ci took the Quest Item back to the Guild station, got the city defense plan she had designed from Yolan, and checked the gold coins in her parcel to confirm that they were enough to pay for the Guild leader of the Guild Association. Just walked towards the building Guild always.

     Walking into the second floor of Guild General Association, Ye Ci saw a lot of NPCs at the entrance of Dungeon just now

     What was being repaired, Doubt White only knew that there had been vibrations here just now, causing a lot of damage to the basement, so the architects came to repair it.

     Ye Ci cocked the corner of his mouth. It turns out that this Dungeon also has an influence on the buildings on the ground. Soon she remembered one more thing, that is, who exactly is the Calelli that Bob called before his death. Regarding this question, White looked at Ye Ci a few glances more before answering, which seemed a little strange, but he still told it. Ye Ci, this Calelli is no one else, but the guild leader of the Guild Building Guild, the old man who released this Quest to Ye Ci.After knowing the answer, Ye Ci's heart suddenly moved. What is the relationship between this Bob and Calelli? How could Calelli lock Bob in the basement? These questions seem to be filled with layers of mist in Ye Ci's heart, but it is clear that these questions cannot be figured out now. She didn't think much about it. After handing over all the Quest Items to Calelli, she soon obtained a letter of approval to build a city defense in the evil demon habitat.

     Ye Ci looked at the approval letter in the package and exhaled a long breath. Although the process was difficult, the thing was finally obtained.

     After getting what he wanted, Ye Ci habitually sorted out the package, only to see a tattered hardcover book at the end of the package. What is this? Ye Ci can't remember where he got this stuff from.

     She picked up the book, looked at it, and saw Bob's diary impressively written on the cover.