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Chapter Directory 343 Ready To Work
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

When did this thing come into my package? Ye Ci thought for a while, and thought it might have entered his package when he picked up the corpse, but he didn't find it.

     She opened the book and wanted to see what Bob had recorded in the diary.

     However, it is clearly a departure from Ye Ci's idea.

     After the book was opened, the yellowed paper was filled with densely packed words, but Ye Ci did not recognize any of these words. At this moment, Ye Ci heard the system prompt: "This is an obscure language. You feel that you cannot understand the meaning with your current knowledge."

     Ye Ci blinked and felt that the system was bullying people again. He said it so implicitly, but didn't it mean that he was an illiterate foreigner?

     Although I still want to know what exactly is recorded in Bob's diary, after all, she always thinks this should be a Hidden Quest, but she is not in a hurry, wait until she finds out what language Bob uses, and then do it slowly. This Quest is not impossible. The most important thing now is to take this approval letter and go back to prepare for the construction of city defenses on the mithril vein.

     Ye Ci walked from the second floor to the first floor and saw White still standing at the top of the stairs with NPC on his faceA peculiar mechanical smile without emotion. Although he is also a high-IQ NPC, Ye Ci always feels that no matter how high IQ these NPCs are, they still lack some real emotional appeals that belong to people. When talking, Ye Ci can't really treat them as one person.

     Maybe it is because I watch too many NPCs, or I have been in the game for too long, and I have completely lost the original freshness and touch of the game. I have to say, in fact, this is also a kind of sadness.

     He looked at White again, and White just turned his eyes towards Ye Ci. The two eyes collided in the air. White's originally mechanical smile suddenly brought a hint of popularity to him. Ye Ci smiled slightly. Ye Ci was stunned, and then returned with an alienated smile. But he didn't expect White to walk towards her. After he walked to her, he smiled: "How is it? Did you approve the document?"

     Ye Ci nodded: "Yes, I got it."

     "The process must be very hard." White was not surprised at Ye Ci's answer, as if he had already known that the white elf in front of him would be able to get this document."The process is actually very interesting." Hard work is inevitable, but for Ye Ci, this kind of hard work of pioneering Dungeon is more appropriate than a kind of fun, but this kind of fun is these NPCs.

     Feeling incomprehensible for a lifetime.

     Sure enough, White was a little surprised, but he didn't comment on anything. He just tilted his head and looked at Ye Ci, and then changed the subject of not a word or movement and said: "You can log in in the wild map after you get the approval document. Buildings have been built, but building buildings on the in the wild map will be very dangerous."

     "Danger?" Ye Ci was a little strange. She was just repairing the city defense. What would be the danger? This building system Ye Ci is the first nasal contact, and there are some doorways that I don’t understand at all. Now it seems that White has the meaning of explaining to her, so she will rude all the questions she doesn’t understand and ask them clearly. . "Will building a building in the wild attract any monsters?"White shook his head: "Of course not. Of course you will not attract any monsters if you just build a building. If you build a building in the wild, it's not like being protected by guards in the city. You have to find a way to ensure that there are no monsters. The safety of the built building. You must know that no matter how strong the city defense is, it will be very fragile before it is built. If it is attacked a little, it may ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful." White does not have skills. , I told Ye Ci directly about all aspects to be paid attention to.

     Ye Ci frowned and thought, what this guy said would not mean...

     "White, what you mean is that even if the construction of the city defense will not attract monsters, other people will attack, right?" Although White avoided this question just now, it does not mean that Ye Ci did not hear it, but she did not. Get the exact answer, so, with the purpose of strangling all hidden dangers in the cradle, Ye Ci asked again."It depends on your popularity? If the popularity is not very good, it is quite troublesome." White still did not answer Ye Ci directly, but this answer basically confirmed Ye Ci's conjecture. It’s just that after White said this, he seemed to find that what he said was a bit unpleasant, so he added: "Although I don’t deal with adventurers too much, I know that you are in the wild, but you are not in the wild. It looks so peaceful in the city."

     Is not this nonsensical? If you are going to be arrested and sent to jail in the city, in the wild, even if you kill people from your own mainland, there is nothing great.

     "Then can you minimize this danger?" Ye Ci thought for a while, and felt that since White raised this question, there must be a way to solve it, so she simply continued to ask what he said. Went on.

     White shrugged noncommittal, and then said: "There is no way, but it may not be so effective."

     "what?"“It’s okay to increase the construction speed. If you decide to build a building, you can come to Guild to rent some builders to build the building for you. As long as the materials are guaranteed, their speed is still very fast. If you can improve the building The speed of building things can be reduced even if there is danger." White smiled, and then said: "Of course, construction workers are not rented for nothing."

     Having said that, someone just came to White, he nodded to Ye Ci politely, and then said goodbye.

     While Ye Ci looked at him from behind, a few black lines slowly appeared on his head. In fact, this White didn’t really want to help her find a way. In fact, this White was the architect. Guild was specially prepared for business expansion. Pimp everyone. It must be so, it must be!

     Although knowing that this leased construction worker must be severely slaughtered by the system, she thought that if she really started to build city defenses in the habitat of evil spirits, it would be impossible to be silent. After all, there are a lot of players there, and a while ago, it has already attracted the attention of many Guilds. Now if you suddenly start building buildings, it will definitely make many Guilds be suspicious.1 Zhang Yuxue Each Guild’s method of life is different. Some are sneaky investigations, and some are not so taboo. They may attack directly, not to mention that there is now a Guild like the devil incarnate of Shengshi. If she does not speed up the progress of the project, she still does not know what will happen in the end.

     Turn over in one's mind, it seems that you have to take the knife if you don't, you have to take it if you don't.

     Of course, if you have to suffer this cut, Ye Ci would rather look for Guild, the building of Red Lake City, than in Champion City. After all, Red Lake City is its own territory, and its reputation is relatively high in Red Lake City. , There may be bargaining with the other party, and get an acquaintance price.

     Now is the most difficult time for Guild. It is necessary to develop Guild, open up wasteland Dungeon, raise various Life Players, and set aside money to build a city defense for the output of the mithril mine. Transport money, although not It is omnipotent, but it is absolutely impossible to have no money. Therefore, Ye Ci also has to consider the cost of Guild's expenses. It must not be extravagant to save money.

     Since White didn't take care of herself anymore, Ye Ci was no longer troublesome. She pulled up the cloak on her body to cover her face deeper, and then walked out of the gate of the Guild General Assembly building and walked directly towards the teleportation stone. , I arrived in Red Lake City in a blink of an eye.Sure enough, it was not wrong. According to Ye Ci's reputation in Honghupo, she got a positive answer in the Guild General Assembly of Red Lake City. If she wants to rent a construction worker, she can indeed get a good discount. Although it is discounted, the cost of renting a construction worker is also very high, but this does not affect Ye Ci's good mood. After all, grasshoppers are also meat, and one point less is one point.

     With the approval documents, architectural drawings, and the support of construction workers and union players, everything is ready for the construction of the city defense. All we need is an east wind. All that remains to be done is to prepare a variety of building materials as prompted by the drawings.

     In fact, preparing building materials is the easiest thing to say, but in fact it is also the most difficult.

     The simple point is that if you have money, you can buy what you need from the materials on the market. The most difficult thing is that sometimes some buildings require special materials that are not available on the market, and you will be caught up in this one or two. This kind of material is too much to do anything, this is a very depressing thing.The reason is that Ye Ci's luck this time is really good. Although there are a lot of materials on the drawing, there are one or two rarer materials, but Guild of Upward Ho actually bought them from the market. Of course, in order to avoid the large-scale purchase of materials that would attract the attention of the major Guilds, Upward Ho took about ten days to prepare these materials. The materials purchased every day will definitely not affect the market, let alone anything special. The turbulence of the country, and all the materials to be used will be prepared without realizing it.

     And in these ten days, Ye Ci was still soaking in the Forest of Mist, practicing desperately. It’s strange to say that in these ten days, she never met Shengshi’s killer group again, not even a player from Shengshi, and there was no one from Shengshi Guild in the world to speak. They were quiet as if they never existed. .

     However, the quieter it is, the more faintly uneasy in Ye Ci's heart. She absolutely does not believe that Prosperity is willing to eat such a dumb Guild. They must now bring the whole Fate a big wash next time in the rain. The method of the cards, just wait for the time to come, let go, let the whole Fate shock again.Ye Ci certainly didn't know what this would be, and she couldn't confirm whether her guess was correct, but these are not important to the present. The important thing is that after these ten days of precipitation, she finally rushed to the seventieth level. In fact, it is very difficult to reach level 70 from 69. Fortunately, Ye Ci found a few refresh points. It took a few days before stopping to sleep or have a rest before reaching level 70.

     This is a gratifying thing, but in the gratifying and gratifying, there is still a little regret.

     For example, the sixth child is still in the advanced stage, and he can't see the progress of the advanced stage. Ye Ci doesn't know when the sacred dragon will appear in front of him in a brand new posture. Bring yourself a huge surprise.

     When Ye Ci reached level 70, she happened to receive a message from Bai Mo, telling her that all the materials were ready. Ye Ci rushed back to Red Lake City immediately, and then quietly waited for the day and night in the game. When the whole Fate was shrouded in darkness, he immediately walked towards the construction guild of Red Lake City.The cost of a construction worker is one hundred thousand gold coins a day, even if she can get a discount, the cost of a construction worker is as high as 80 thousand gold coins. And to build a city defense on the mithril vein that can enclose all the mithril veins is not something that a dozen builders can solve. Although Ye Ci wants to rent a few hundred builders at a time to build the city defense, she doesn't have that much money. What's more, the construction union also has regulations on the number of builders that players can rent at a time.

     "Is it only fifty?" Ye Ci frowned. Fifty construction workers cost 4 million gold coins a day. Although it is very high, the investment in the early stage is very much compared with the output in the later stage. It's cost-effective, but only fifty can be rented out. Isn't this invisibly slowing down the construction speed?

     "Yes, according to the drawings you provided, you can only rent up to fifty, and you can only rent oaks for four days." The reception NPC of the Red Lake City Construction Union answered Ye Ci very reliably.

     "Can it be completed in four days? This city defense.... Ye Ci pointed to the drawing in front of him and asked.

     "If there is no interference from external forces, it is okay." The NPC replied with a smile.Ye Ci rolled his eyes, shit, doesn't this answer mean no answer? She couldn't do anything with this NPC, so she had to pay the four-day wages of fifty construction workers and get a summoner the size of an apple. It is said that as long as you get the place you want to build, press the button directly, and there will be a construction worker, and the time of the construction worker is only counted when the player calls the construction worker.

     Ye Ci looked at the summoner in his hand and took a deep breath. Now I can only pray that during the four-day construction period, there will be no moths slowing down her progress. Otherwise, Guild is the last guaranteed fund. , I’m afraid it’s going to be dazzled