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Chapter Directory 346 God Will Not Let Me Down!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Just when Ye Ci manipulated the youngest six to throw dragon breaths in mid-air to raging the players of the prosperous age, the breeze who stayed at the Eastern Continent Guild's resident already knew about it.

     For this, he seemed a little surprised.

     "What are you talking about? Reed? A dragon appeared above the evil demon's habitat?" When Qingfeng heard the news, he only felt that he had misheard, or Reed did not say clearly, which caused him to hear something wrong.

     "Yes, a dragon appeared, and" Lu Weidang did not continue, but took a deep breath: "Boss, do you remember the Fate event summarized in the forum we saw before entering the game? ?""What you said was" the breeze gave a slight pause, and then immediately understood what Reed Dang was talking about: "Did you mean the post that the red dragon flew over on the Swamp of Sorrow in Eastern Continent?" "Huh? , That's the post." Reed Dang jumped off the rock on which he was standing, and then hunched over to hide, because he saw the light blue dragon flying in his direction. He was a little worried, this dragon will not come here to breathe some dragon's breath! If it is breathing dragon’s breath, I hope it is spitting fire. Stop spitting poison. After all, fire can be avoided, but the dragon’s breath will permeate everywhere. Although I have reached level 37, this The level of the head dragon is obviously much higher than that of himself.

     I don't know if the prayers of Reed Dang have worked, or if Ye Ci is always getting tired of playing with the dragon's breath, she manipulated the sixth to lower the height a little, and then clicked the sixth hurricane skill.

     Although the players of Shengshi are only more than 20 levels, they are not fools. After being baptized by the dragon's breath several times, when they saw the dragon flying in their direction, they all began to withdraw and ran away. Not enough, how can the speed of the player beat the speed of the dragon?According to the speed limit in Fate, the normal walking speed of a player is 20 and the running speed is 50. If you ride a mount with a 60% movement speed, it will be 80, and so on. However, the slowest flying speed of the flying mount is also 120, and the fastest can reach Ye Ci's sixth. Now because it is only a seventh-order creature and not fully grown up, its flying speed is not very fast, but despite In this way, it reached 160, which was much faster than the player's two-leg running.

     So no matter how the player hides Ye Ci and rides on the sixth person, it is a small appetizer to catch up with them. She aimed at which direction the scattered players were heading, stopped the sixth in advance on the road they were going to pass, and then released the hurricane skill.

     Then I saw Lao Liu spread his wings, and then waved it very quickly. Accompanied by its dragon roar, I saw smoke and dust puffing on the entire ground, and two huge air streams began to spin. Then, the two The air flow became a straight line and moved in two opposite directions at a speed of about 60. All the players on the route that the air flow passed through were all rolled up and thrown to a distance of about 30 from the ground. Yards of the place, and then suddenly fell down.Falling down at this height, there are not many players who want to die, and falling to death is much more tragic than blocking and burning. After all, there is physical pain. For a while, Ye Ci heard the screams of sorrow and sorrow on the ground. Both.

     She didn't want to expose herself for the time being, so after releasing the hurricane skill, she immediately lifted the youngest and flew towards other places where players are denser in the prosperous age.

     "I remember the post seemed very tragic. As long as the place where the red dragon flew was all corpses, there was no life at all." Qingfeng frowned, "Dragons also appeared in your place, no It's the same scene..." Qingfeng didn't finish her words, nor did she hear Lu Weidang's answer. I heard a very violent wind coming from the microphone on the other side of Lu Weidang, and the whistling sound was like Just like blowing in the ears of a light breeze, he could even imagine how strong and tragic the wind was over there by listening to the sound of the wind.

     Qingfeng's brows frowned, and a very bad premonition climbed into his heart. He immediately shouted loudly: "Reed, Reed! What happened to you!"

     Huashang on one side also found the problem, she stood up and looked at the breeze worriedly, and the two beautiful eyebrows also wrinkled lightly.Qingfeng yelled for a long time, but he didn't get a response from Lu Wei Dang for some reason. He stood up all of a sudden, his complexion pale, he was 100% sure that something happened to Lu Wei Dang.

     However, because the goal of this action is too large, it is not suitable for high-level players, nor is it suitable for too many high-level players. Therefore, the leader of the whole event is only Lu Wei Dang. Now Lu Wei Dang is obviously a problem. Respond to himself, and he just cut off the contact with that side directly, so that he could not directly grasp the most timely situation, how could this make Qingfeng not worry.

     "What's the matter?" Huashang looked at Qingfeng's face also very worried.

     "Something happened to Reed.

     "What's the matter?" Hua Shang frowned even more when he heard something happened to Lu Wei Dang.

     "He just told me that a dragon appeared above the evil demon's habitat, and before he could make it clear, the entire communication was broken." Qingfeng calmly replied after a long time."Dragon?" Huashang is a senior in the prosperous age, and is also the wife of Qingfeng. They have known each other for many years. Of course, she knew what Qingfeng was thinking about immediately, so when Qingfeng said this, she immediately remembered it. Before entering the game, a few people posted on Fate’s Fate Memorabilia post. There was a post in the middle of the post about flying a red dragon in the sad swamp of Eastern Continent. At that time, there were a lot of photos on that post, but photos They are all black and white, and it can be seen that the player who took these screenshots is already a member of the "dead".

     If, now, a dragon flies over the evil demon habitat, I am afraid that it will not even a blade of grass grows. When I think of this, Huashang also starts to feel headaches. They have transferred a full 800,000 players, but they are all trumpets with more than 20 levels. High-level players may not be able to withstand a sudden attack by a dragon. Don't talk about these more than twenty-level trumpets, I'm afraid it will suffer heavy casualties.

     "This time I'm afraid it will be a terrible death." Qingfeng sat down again. Gently pressing his finger on his temple, he can see that this inference makes him very angry.Huashang was taken aback for a moment, and then comforted him: "It's okay. Anyway, when we made this decision at the beginning, we were prepared for the death and injury. You can think of another way, since that dragon can let us. If the people of Upward Ho suffered heavy casualties, I'm afraid that the people of Upward Ho would not retreat, especially the city defense, which is designated to be unsafe. You see, we replaced the deaths of so many elite players with 800,000 trumpets. In addition, thousands of city defenses have been breached. The most important thing is that we have the right to compete again with the things behind the city defenses. Although we have suffered a loss, it is not too bad, isn't it?

     Qingfeng opened his eyes, turned his head to look at Huashang, looking at her gentle smiling face, and couldn't help but exhale. He stretched out his hand to hold Huashang's weak boneless hand, and pulled out a piece from the corner of his mouth. Radian: "Hope, hope things can develop like this."

     Although he replied this way, the anxiety in his heart did not dissipate because of it.

     Is it really like what Huashang said? Is that dragon in the wild? Or is this dragon just like the red dragon that flew through the Swamp of Sorrow? really? Why has he been so upset?

     After a long silence, Qingfeng suddenly said to Huashang, "Hua Shang, how many high-end pet crystal nuclei were bought at the auction house at that time?"Qingfeng’s thoughtless question made Huashang not aware of what he meant. He could only follow his words and replied: "It seems that five of them have been bought at once." When she said it, she suddenly understood what Qingfeng said. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. There was a panic expression in her eyes: "Qingfeng, you mean..."

     "I just guessed so, and I'm not sure." Qing Feng's face became more and more solemn. He lowered his eyelids and suddenly asked, "Last time you saw Gongzi You, you said she covered a moving pet with a robe?"

     "Yes" Huashang's face has become paler and paler, she knows Qingfeng so well, of course she already knows what Qingfeng means.

     "What kind of pets do you think Gongzi You would hide from you?" Qingfeng's face darkened again.

     Huashang couldn't answer a word, she could only be stunned, shaking her lips and not knowing what to say, her heart was full of anxiety, which made her feel very flustered. This is human instinct. Of course, when people encounter things that they can't control, they will inevitably be so flustered, even Huashang can't escape this law."Gongzi You" Qingfeng raised his head, exhaled a long breath, and said in an inaudible voice: "It's from Upward Ho..."

     "Light breeze! Don't think about everything that is so bad. Maybe, maybe things are not as bad as you think. It's not necessarily." Hua Shang swallowed, although this kind of comfort could not even convince her herself. , But she still wanted to persuade Qingfeng.

     Qingfeng didn't speak, Huashang's expression already showed that she had actually realized that this dragon was not coming naturally.

     And at this moment, Lu Wei Dang finally replied: "Boss, Boss, are you still there?" His voice sounded full of hoarseness, as if he had just gone through a raging fight. So helpless, so tired.

     "I'm here. Reed, why did you suddenly break off just now?" Although Qingfeng had already made the worst judgment of the whole situation in his heart, there was still a bit of luck in his heart, hoping that the whole thing would not go as he imagined Direction development.

     "Damn! That dead dragon suddenly stopped breathing and flapped its wings. Fortunately, I hid under the rock and held the rock tightly, otherwise I would fly into the sky by the wind that it fanned!" Dang was coughing while talking. It seemed that the sand was very big just now, and he was filled with sand in his mouth.After hearing this, Qingfeng didn't answer immediately. After a while, he said, "Reed, is there anyone on that dragon?"

     Reed Dang heard the breeze asking, it was a bit strange, but he still looked up at the light blue dragon that had flown to the other side, "I can’t see clearly, the map here is not very visible, and the dragon is flying a bit. High, basically wearing it in that cloud, I can't see what's on my body at all."

     "Really?" Qingfeng lowered his head slightly, pondered for a moment, and then said: "Is this dragon only attacking our players now?"

     "Wait, I'm still behind the stone, I have to climb on top of the stone to see it. This dragon has just appeared for less than three minutes, and I am not sure for the time being." Reed Dang said as he crawled over On the stone, looking from a distance: "The dragon flew towards the front of the city defense, where is the most anxious place for our prosperous battle with Upward Ho." As he said, he smiled while taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster. Get up: "Hey, I think Upward Ho's loss this time will be very heavy. Their Guild is so small and there is no consortium to inject capital. This city defense is only their boss, this time it is destroyed by Long Yi, I am afraid this Guild will also Just cross it."

     Hearing Reed Dang's clubhouse, Qingfeng was also excited: "What! Does that dragon attack indiscriminately? Does it also attack the people of Upward Ho?""That is!" Reed Dang stood on the boulder, squinted his eyes and watched the light blue dragon opened its mouth and sprayed a huge fire dragon breath toward the anxious place of the two armies!

     "Is it because I think too much! It's not Gongzi You? Not a pet?" Qingfeng had an indescribable excitement. This excitement came a little off guard and made him stand up suddenly: "The sky is worthy of me!"

     The excitement of the breeze here has not yet passed, and Reed Dang's expression over there has become a bit ugly.

     what happened? The breath of the dragon sprayed over, why did he only see a gap in the player of Shengshi, and the skill of the player of Upward Ho was still raging on the ground, and there was no sign of disappearing.


     Reed Dang's heart suddenly tightened, and he saw the dragon turn his head and spit out a breath of dragon in the direction where the prosperous players were scattered, but in an instant, the trumpet by the thousands and tens of thousands turned into a fierce battle. A piece of corpse was made, and then turned into countless white light disappeared...

     What exactly is going on?