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Chapter Directory 347 Chapter 41—Defeat
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 41-Defeated

     Chapter 41-Defeated

     Lu Wei Dang couldn't tell what he was feeling in his heart now. He just felt as if he had fallen into an ice hole, and his whole body was wet and cold.

     Isn't that dragon wild? Is that dragon controlled by a player? Is this dragon a pet of the Upward Ho player? Otherwise, why all the players who died were all the players of the Glory World, and none of the Upward Ho players were injured at all, and the city defense, under the dragon's breath so fiercely, did not suffer any damage, Is this cheating?

     The breeze over there looked very excited, and Hua Shang on one side was also very happy when he heard what he said. She exhaled a long breath, not only for the sake of the dragon’s belonging, but also for this flourishing age. I feel relieved to be able to hit Upward Ho in one fell swoop.

     Lu Wei Dang was right. Although the Guild of Upward Ho was very small, it did not mean that Guild had no combat effectiveness. The game Fate is different from the previous games. The population base is too large. There is no way to suppress all Guilds with crowd tactics. Therefore, if you want to quickly gain the dominant position in the game, in addition to keeping up with the progress of the big Dungeon As with other early Guilds, other methods are indispensable.Although it would be a little bit mean to do so, but the so-called hero does not ask where it comes from, who will really care about the process in the world, everyone sees only the result. Those who say that they don't care about the result of enduring while the world lasts, and only care about the process they once had, are themselves an excuse for helplessness but not being able to let go. If you can really go to the end and see the results, who can still see those processes in their eyes? Although Guild's attack method is not very bright every time, in each game, which time is not the last king of laughter?

     Although there are many people who criticize Shengshi before and after others, if Shengshi wants to recruit people, more people will flood in. Qingfeng has long seen this truth clearly. In life, no one can be stained at all. Even if it is Shengren Kong, hasn't he been carrying Nanzi's infamy for thousands of years? In this era, it's enough to do your own thing, and everything else is nothing but clouds.

     It was precisely because of this understanding that Qingfeng approved Lu Weidang's proposal this time.Upward Ho is indeed a little Guild. They can’t compare with the old giant Guilds such as Tang Dynasty, Wolf Clan, Genesis, Jialan, Black Plum Guild. There is no way to compare the medium-sized Guild to be reckoned with. However, sometimes whether Guild has potential has nothing to do with the size of Guild. Although the number of people based on whether a Guild is strong is an important indicator, it is not the only indicator.

     Guild's unity, Guild's expansion, Guild Dungeon's progress, and the reputation of the union are all criteria that determine whether a Guild is strong. Objectively speaking, Upward Ho's number is not up to the standard, and the others are up to the standard.

     Such Guild counts as number one in Eastern Continent and counts as number one in Fate. Qingfeng knows that Fate has only been in service for one year now. If Upward Ho is not resolved at this time, wait until the level of all the people in Shengshi is up to deal with Upward Ho. I am afraid that there is no good opportunity and it will not be as easy as it is now Up.In fact, as soon as they entered the game, they had already marked the first Guild to be dealt with. Unfortunately, Upward Ho was in the first batch of lists to deal with. Their Guild has a big reputation and a small number of people, but there are enough celebrities on the rankings. No matter how you look at it, you have to deal with them first. It’s just that, although Upward Ho is small, he doesn’t show restraint like a loach. He seems to have known Sheng Shi’s plan a long time ago. When their assassin group wanted to assassinate the names on the rankings, they couldn’t do it several times. They were not in the city. Here, it's in Dungeon. Although I didn't mention it to anyone, this first opportunity to deal with Upward Ho gave Sheng Shi Xiao a hold back.

     Afterwards, Gongzi You who dealt with their Guild was even more miserable. Not only did he lose ten people, but also lost three secret cloaks. This kind of thing is not easy to promote, although Honey Barbie was punished for this incident. But no amount of punishment will be able to recover the losses that have been caused.

     After eating deflated twice, Sheng Shi seemed to have learned well. They all fell silent, no longer actively attacking Guilds, and no longer making any moves behind them, until the city defense on the evil demon's habitat began to be built.The secrecy of this city defense is very good, even during the first or two days, Shengshi didn't even get any news, and it was almost the third day when the news was received. But it didn't matter even if it was the news on the third day. Guild who was as strong as Shengshi quickly got all the news and knew who the owner of this city defense was. I really fell asleep and bumped into the pillow. Although the breeze still doesn't know why Upward Ho built a city defense at this location in the evil demon habitat, he can also infer what it is to protect.

     However, it is not important what to protect. What is important is that Qingfeng’s intelligence organization has detected that the money for the NPC requested to build this city defense is already Upward Ho’s bottom line. It is obvious that the things to be protected in this city defense are definitely many times more expensive than this city defense, otherwise Upward Ho would not bear so much money. Not only that, if this time the shot is taken, the city defense must not be repaired, then for Upward Ho, this is the real draw from the bottom of the pot.

     Although the human sea tactics are not useful for the entire game, it still has an overwhelming advantage for a small Guild who is not too big, especially now that the prosperity of Eastern Continent has millions of more than 20 levels. Trumpet, he can crush Upward Ho to death with only a small part, What can you have against it?Qingfeng originally wanted to send someone over earlier, but in the end it was postponed, and it was only two hours before the city's defense construction was completed that it attacked the evil demon's habitat. This is not to be cool, but he has his considerations. Although Upward Ho Guild is small, there are quite a few big Guilds in the league. If you drive too early, the big Guilds can easily mobilize people to help. Too much, public and private, these big Guilds will give a helping hand, it is too cost-effective, and with the help of the big Guild, this kind of all-small crowd tactics is really not a big deal.

     Secondly, the city will be destroyed at the last moment when the city defense is successfully built. Then it may not only be a city defense, but also the morale of Upward Ho. Afraid. As for the things after the city defense, they can also be returned to the hands of the flourishing age.

     Winners and losers have been like this since ancient times, there is nothing to say.It’s just that he didn’t seem to have expected that all of Upward Ho’s high-level players had temporarily placed the return city in the habitat of evil demon. When Reed Dang had just invaded this map, Upward Ho’s large forces immediately flew over. The interception formed by the trumpet regiment. Although this caused a little trouble for Shengshi to overthrow Upward Ho, it was only a little trouble for Shengshi. For the final outcome, there was no substantial change. This The situation lasted until the dragon appeared.

     Although there are many trumpet players, it is a headache, but a dragon is even more headache.

     That dragon is a high-level creature type in Fate. It has always been an irreversible BOSS in the major Dungeons. It often takes an elite team of 100 people with excellent equipment and similar levels to destroy a dragon in Dungeon. In the The wild dragon needs more players. Like this kind of dragon that can fly, the level is not low at first glance. If the hundreds of thousands of trumpets are against a dragon, it is like a piece of ant against a flamethrower, except for the one-sided battle. The second possibility.

     This is also the reason why Qingfeng was very upset after hearing the appearance of the dragon. However, it seems that the god of luck still favors the prosperity. At least in the case of the overthrow of Upward Ho, the process has been set back and forth, but the final outcome is not. There will be big mistakes.While Qingfeng was thinking about it, he found that there was no sound on the side of Reed Dang for a long time, and the anxiety that had not been completely suppressed jumped up again. He asked: "Reed, are you still there?"

     "Still." Lu Wei Dang answered him quickly, but his voice was terribly gloomy, and it made people feel like their spine chills.

     When Qingfeng stayed with him day and night, he could naturally hear something wrong in his voice. The anxiety filled his whole heart in an instant, and his voice sank: "Something has happened?"

     When Wei Dang's simple character came out, it was like a small hammer slamming towards a huge mirror. After a while, the mirror was scattered and smashed.

     "What?" Reed's swaying voice made Qingfeng's brows suddenly frowned, but after all, Qingfeng is a light wind. In the countless games he has experienced, what kind of situation has he not seen? Therefore, even if this incident made him a little uneasy, it didn't make him confused. The final outcome of this kind of plan is nothing more than winning or losing. There is really no need to worry too much. Qingfeng has already seen it through, but he, who has been in a dominant position for a long time, still dislikes failure."That dragon seems to belong to a certain player from Upward Ho." Lu Wei Dang squeezed this sentence from his teeth almost word by word, because when he said this, what happened before his eyes It is the dragon that is constantly chasing the prosperous players who are running around. It doesn’t have to fly too fast. After all, the dragon’s flight speed is much faster than that of a low-level player running on two legs. Moreover, the range of the dragon’s breath is farther. When the dragon’s breath comes down, it only sees the corpse in one place, and only hears it. A scream of screams.

     Lu Wei Dang brought 800,000 trumpets, ready to use these trumpets to pile Upward Ho directly, but now things turn out contrary to the way one wishes, the appearance of a dragon makes these 800,000 trumpets instantly turn into It's nothing. Of course, the trumpets didn’t want their hard-worked level to become an empty experience slot, so they fled around, constantly rushing to the teleport stone or the edge of the map, but there were too many people, which greatly reduced the movement speed, and it was cheaper. The dragon's head came down with a sigh of breath, and it was another dead body.

     Ye Ci felt very refreshed about this assault.She stood on top of the old sixth, manipulating the old sixth to chase Upward Ho's routing players, taking a breath of dragon's breath, she could only see a red damage value rising, and her eyes were red. And her guilt value is also increasing. At first Ye Ci looked at her guilt value quite emotionally, but now she doesn't even bother to look at it. The guilty value of a trumpet is 01. She has killed so many trumpets. If there is no tens of thousands, there will be more than one thousand...

     Reed's words made Qingfeng's fists tightly squeezed. He severely tapped the tabletop, but didn't say a word. He just took a deep breath, and then asked, "How many people are there now? Alive?"

     Reed Dang smiled bitterly: "I don't know, even if I know it, I can't tell you that this dragon is a corpse when it breathes. I don't even know how many people are there."

     "Forget it, withdraw." Although Qingfeng is unwilling, but he is a visionary after all, and it has never been his style to be arrogant in such trivial matters. He will pay for it. If he suffered a loss in this matter, he certainly won’t let it go. However, he will definitely not survive the inevitable momentum in front of him. The man can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of) Changes), he has always done a good job.

     If a person can only win but not defeat, that person will definitely not succeed."But, Boss...I'm not reconciled." Lu Weidang looked at the countless brothers he brought in personally, feeling that his heart was dripping blood.

     Qingfeng serene smiled, "Really? Then I'll leave it to you to kill the dragon next time."

     Lu Weidang understands Qingfeng, and now that he has spoken for this purpose, he has no possibility of staying anymore. He could only take a sigh of relief and shouted in the team channel: "Everyone retreats. Don't pick up corpses for the dead. They will resurrect themselves from the cemetery and rub them back to the city stones. As many people can walk as many as they can.

     Shengshi is worthy of being a super big Guild. All the players are well-trained. Even after such a battle, none of them said a word on the map channel or the world channel, and the retreat speed is even faster, Ye Ci is standing on the sixth , I only saw the Shengshi players around who were still alive. After a few seconds of pause, they all turned into countless white lights and disappeared before her eyes.

     Is that done?

     Ye Ci took a deep breath and raised her head to look at the sky. The clouds in the habitat of the evil demon were still so thick that even a trace of sunlight could not pass through. However, her mood seemed to clear up at this moment...

     Chapter 41-Defeated

     Chapter 41-Defeated