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Chapter Directory 348 Chapter 42: Air Riding
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 42 Air Rider

     Chapter 42 Air Rider

     Although the guilt value in Fate is different from the red names in traditional games, there are still different tunes played with equal skill in many areas. For example, certain NPCs cannot enter certain cities, some NPCs will not accept players’ demands, and occasionally some Dungeons are forbidden to enter, etc. Apart from these small restrictions on going out, players with guilty points in Fate actually have nothing a hidden trouble hard to mention.

     Of course, this is directly related to the setting of the guilty value in Fate. Because in Fate, every player has hostile players on two continents. There is not only no punishment for players who kill the hostile continent, but also certain rewards. Such rewards were not obvious in the early stage. After all, everyone was at that time. My own one-acre three-quarters of land is in charge of their own, but after the expansion of the expansion, the advantages of this design have immediately been developed by leaps and bounds.

     It’s like now, outside of the Hero City of the Central Continent, there are often a large number of players fighting for boredom. Sometimes the corpses are so piled that they can’t even see the way into the city... Although every death will drop a certain amount of experience and Equipment, but the merits and equipment gained after killing the players on the hostile continent are often much greater than the loss after death. This has also cultivated a large number of players to kill the hostile mainland. They are like after rain, the spring bamboo Grows up like this.This kind of killing is legal and reasonable in Fate and is highly encouraged.

     But Fate is a large-scale holographic game that is compatible with PVE and PVP after all. It is impossible to focus only on the feelings of PVP players. Of course, you must also pay attention to the feelings of PVE players. At the same time, Fate is a game that pays great attention to team building, which can be seen from the collapse of Ye Ci in the previous life.

     However, a team not only refers to a squad, a Guild, but can even be expanded to a continent or even an alliance of two continents.

     There are so many people, when everybody gathers fuel, the flames are higher, the predecessors sincerely don't deceive me.

     It is for this reason that when Fate was designed, in principle, it was not allowed to engage in combat within the same continent or alliance continent. Of course, this is in principle, and in actual operation it is still somewhat of a matter of fact. For example, even if there is a weapon fight between players with a similar level, there will be no big punishment. Although the murderer also has something called guilt value, this guilt value can be washed away with money, and , This kind of guilt value fades extremely fast, even if you don’t wash and walk in the wild for a few hours, as long as you don’t get caught by the enemy, when you return to the city, it will be almost the same as before.However, if the level of the player you kill is too different from yours, the accumulation of this kind of evil value will be higher, especially after more than 100 points, I am afraid it will not be so easy to fade. After all, the newbie material is the key to whether a game can continue for a long time, but any game player with a little IQ will protect the newbie.

     Therefore, before only when absolutely essential, no player will be bored to kill the trumpet. In addition to not wanting to be punished by the high guilt value, he also does not want to be pounded by the majority of players, right?

     However, in the game, how many times can you be attacked by the human tactical trumpet and force you to take action? Naturally, there are very few. It is possible that you may not meet once in a lifetime of playing games.

     This kind of thing is beyond expectation, how could anyone think of it? It’s like Ye Ci, a rebirth person who absolutely never thought that he would encounter such a thing in his game career during his lifetime, so when Ye Ci was holding the sin value of close to 40,000, except for rolling his eyes and wanting to vomit blood. There are no other ideas.

     Damn, if you want to use money to launder such a high crime value, don't you know how much it will cost? If such a high guilt value takes time to hang, don’t you know that it will be hanged until the year of the monkey? With such a high guilt value, if you want to use killing monsters to pile up, you don't know how many monsters you have to kill is enough?In short, this kind of evil results are ultimately counted on Sheng Shi's head. If they hadn't made such a small massacre, could she make such a high evil value? Close to the guilty value of 40,000, it means that her sixth child killed almost 400,000 trumpets alive in less than half an hour.

     I really don’t know if she is praised for her strong ability as her sixth child, or should she yell for the prosperous world to get so many trumpets to block the road?

     In short, Ye Ci, who is now riding the sixth squat on the city defense and waiting for his own construction worker to do the final finishing work, is very depressing in any way. She looked at the open space in front of the city defense, bleak and desolate, without any trace, as if the large-scale battle that happened not long ago had never existed from beginning to end. This is the advantage of the game. You never have to worry about cleaning the battlefield. You have killed or been killed. As long as you stand up and resurrect, you will be another hero. Even if the resurrected skeleton left by your former "corpse" will be in ten After a few minutes, it was refreshed, and in the blink of an eye, everything was as usual.Ye Ci took out a bottle of wine and poured a few sips into his mouth. It was spicy. It has to be said that although the result of the battle will make Ye Ci feel painful for a long time, the process of the battle still makes her, a rebirth person who is a little numb to the battle, very enjoyable. She squinted her eyes and looked further away, wondering where she thought of going.

     While Ye Ci was still wandering, she suddenly heard someone calling her on one side. Looking down, Ideal Height 1.7m is standing next to the sixth and calling out loudly to himself. When she saw her now, Ye Ci smiled unkindly. The race of Ideal Height 1.7m is Dwarf. She was originally taller than all races. Now she is standing next to the huge sixth. There is a strong contrast. This makes Ye Ci see that she really wants to Bowed his head.

     However, the unkind smile returns to the unkind smile. The dream and Ye Ci are still very good. How could Ye Ci have been riding on the sixth person to talk to her, so he jumped off the sixth person and stood To her side and greet her.The sixth child was not taken back, after all, after the turmoil of the prosperous age, a lot of hidden things were made public. For example, this city defense is Upward Ho's, such as Guild who is thinking about this city defense. Therefore, with the behemoth of the sixth child, Ye Ci Ye Ci has to make good use of it. Although the battle with Shengshi has just stopped, but this battle is afraid that many big Guilds already know, and the existence of the sixth will be known to them, maybe they are not sure whose pet is the sixth, but there is such a The behemoth squatting on the city defense is also a deterrent.

     "Hey, this thing can only be ridden by your tall races. If you change to me to ride, I guess it will be a problem to climb up." Ideal Height 1.7m raised his right hand, put it on his eyebrows, and leaned back. He smiled and looked at the sixth. She didn't say that Ye Ci hadn't found it yet. After she said that, Ye Ci saw that the length of the ideal Height 1.7m leg is not as long as the height of the sixth foot...

     So she smiled unkindly.

     Ideal Height 1.7m Ye Ci gave Ye Ci a white look and snorted: "Small, smile so cheap, don't think I don't know what you are thinking."Ye Ci was also very awkward, akimbo facing Ideal Height 1.7m with his hands on his hips, provocatively: "How about? Would you like me to hold you up to see the small mountains? Let you breathe the high-altitude air?"

     Ideal Height 1.7m was furious, raised his hand and took the Magic Staff in his hand and patted Ye Ci, and the sixth child immediately turned his head and snorted twice at Ideal Height 1.7m, the hot breath It blows her lean unsteadily from side to side, if it weren't for holding Ye Ci's cloak, it might have been blown to the sand under the city defense.

     Ideal Height 1.7m stared sadly at the sixth: "Nima, don't bring anyone who despises short feet."

     And Ye Ci had already bent over with a smile.

     "By the way, when are you going to squat here?" After a joke for a while, Ideal Height 1.7m sat on the wall, took out a bag of fine wine, threw it to Ye Ci, and took it out again. Pour a bag into your mouth.

     "At least you have to wait until Kazuki Flower blooms to make the engineering equipment that defends the city installed. Otherwise, another wave of the despicable guys in the prosperous age may not be as lucky as this time, and you can resist it. Up."

     "Yes, if you come again next time, it is estimated that there will not be so many trumpets of the level 20 this time. If they are all of the trumpets of the level 50 and 60, even if there are more than one dragon, it is estimated that Enough for us to drink a pot."Ye Ci nodded, this is what she is worried about.

     Ideal Height 1.7m is mainly responsible for the battle in this Quest, so now she has nothing to do. She doesn't have to worry about part-time jobs in city defense construction and construction machinery, so she let go of her mood and sat on the wall with Ye Ci to drink. .

     After chatting for a while, Ideal Height 1.7m asked about Ye Ci's guilt value. When she heard that her guilt value was close to 40,000, her mouth opened wide. Then, she sighed again and sighed, "Yes. , Your dragon spit out the breath of the dragon, and the dead person is like losing a piece of rice. In fact, it is almost so much. However, with such a high crime value, you can't rely on the hang-up machine to wash white, right? "

     "I eat too much and spend money to wash the guilty value. This is not dozens of points. It takes a few hundred gold coins to wash it. How much money should I wash out?" Ye Ci took another sip of wine: "How can there be so much? Throw your spare money to the game company to ***?"

     "Then you are so red? Except for Red Lake City, you can't go to any big city on the eastern and southern continent." Ideal Height 1.7m is not without worry.

     Ye Ci tilted his head and thought for a while: "Actually, I plan to go to the Central Continent, where there is no limit on the crime value, and there are maps suitable for the current level, which is not bad.Hearing what Ye Ci said about Ideal Height 1.7m, I can't help but worry. After all, Ye Ci still has the four Northern Continent Guild's hunt down orders. However, Ye Ci was not worried, and the two chatted for a while, until Let Go of Sister came up to catch his wife, and then bid farewell.

     Ye Ci has a dragon guarding the city here, and I don’t know who made the post on the forum, and attached a video of the fierce battle between the sixth and Shengshi Guild. From the point of view of shooting the video, it was not taken by Shengshi players. , But on the top of the hill on one side, someone else joined in the excitement, but since it was posted anonymously, it is really impossible to know whether it joined the excitement.

     As soon as this post was clicked and replies released, it immediately became the hottest post of the day, and even the official noticed it. Of course, the official knows who the first person to bury funerary dolls is today through data search, but no stupid official will do this. After all, it is enough to achieve the purpose of hooking people, there is no need to put out all the old things. Therefore, the official even put this video in the official news, the name is also quite sensational, "When the player dominates the land, who will dominate the sky?This was originally just a video taken by the player himself, but the official publicity immediately attracted more players' attention. From the discussion on the forum whether the dragon was wild or domestic, it suddenly became The official news that is quite suggestive-the mount in the sky.

     At this moment, the players became even more crazy, and all actively participated in the discussion of the air rider, but the side-to-side massacre was quickly ignored.

     However, when some players broke the news that the dragon was still in the habitat of the evil demon, countless players of Eastern Continent all rushed to the habitat of the evil demon. Whether it's a curiosity, whether it's joining in the fun, the habitat of the evil demons, which has always been cold and cold, suddenly becomes lively and extraordinary.

     Ye Ci wore a secret cloak, and Stealth was next to the sixth. She expressed deep contempt for the countless players who came to take photos, explore, and shoot videos under the city defenses. However, with so many people, she He couldn't leave, and could only bite the bullet and watch Lao Liu being watched by onlookers who didn't know the truth.

     Of course, there is a lot of speculation on the forum about who is the owner of such a pulling dragon. The answer proposed by the most people is Gongzi You, but no one came out. In fact, it doesn't matter if there are people in this kind of thing, everyone has an answer in their heart.After another two days, Kazuki Flower finally led Upward Ho, an engineering player to install the eight meteor magic cannons placed on the upper circle of the city defense, and also stored a large number of magic cannons in the city defense warehouse. With artillery shells, with these equipment, even if a giant Guild like Wolf Clan comes to attack the city, the city defense can last two or three hours.

     Ye Ci was very satisfied with this result. When all this was done, she came to Jasmine in the city defense and opened the Quest lock, which indicated that the mithril vein of Eastern Continent was officially ready for mining. It’s just that in accordance with the requirements on Quest, in addition to the player’s ability to mine the mithril vein, it is important to hire dark iron dwarves to mine. Fortunately, hiring dark iron dwarves does not require money, only a small part of the mithril mine. That's it...

     Chapter 42 Air Rider

     Chapter 42 Air Rider