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Chapter Directory 353 Kill Big
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Standing in front of the Shining Gold Hotel, Ye Ci stretched a lot, and then looked back towards the door of the hotel. I saw Absalom and Qian Sing standing at the door and looking at her with a smile. Although she knew that these two people must be cursing herself at this moment in their hearts, but she still pretended not to know anything and returned a big one. Smile to two people.

     Absalom felt that he couldn't laugh, but the murmurs who stood on the side bared his teeth, grinned, and looked peaceful, but squeezed out a few words from his teeth and gave it to Absalom: "I said, can you just smile and die without hanging your dead face?"

     Absalom raised the corners of his mouth vigorously, and also squeezed out the words from the teeth to send them back and forth in a low voice: "A smile will not die, but smiling at this woman, I just think I will die."

     "Then you will die later when you go back, do you want to be slaughtered by her a little bit harder?"

     Absalom didn’t want to, of course he didn’t, so he desperately filled his face with a kind-looking smile, although this kind of smile is too ugly, he said to Ye Ci: "Childe, then we'll be fine. When the construction of our city defense begins, you come to the western continent, and Genesis will surely ensure your safety.""Of course, as long as you send all three thousand elites to my Eastern Continent and join me Upward Ho Guild, I will set off right away." Ye Ci said this, with a parchment-like thing shaking in his hand, which is a system contract. The actualization of is exactly the contract signed by the three people in the Flash Golden Hotel just now. Ye Ci gave a weird smile while shaking the thing. She said, "But, Absalom guild leader, you don’t necessarily listen to all three thousand of you, you don’t look like me alone. Whatever you say must be. what……"

     "I know, if these three thousand elites have any intentions. You can break the contract at any time." Absalom stared at the parchment scroll in Ye Ci's hand, and said quite resentfully. I can see that the signing of this paper document was not It was done in absolute fairness and openness, at least not for Absalom.

     Ye Ci threw the sheepskin roll in his hand toward the sky, and the sheepskin roll rolled happily in the air for a few weeks. It fell into Ye Ci's hands again, just as she was in a good mood. As if thinking of something, she said, "By the way, among the three thousand elites. There must be that wolf."Absalom gnashing one's teeth. He almost broke the roots of his teeth, he only felt that his heart was dripping blood, and he looked at Ye Ci rather resentfully. He turned his head away, avoiding that he could not restrain his emotions, and rushed to beat the woman. Of course, it is also to avoid being beaten by the opponent accidentally if you can't restrain yourself from rushing up...

     "I know."

     "Then, we'll I'm sure we'll meet again some day." Ye Ci said like it was played in a martial arts movie, arching his hands at two people. He recruited Ol’ Four and turned over. Quickly left.

     Only when Ye Ci was gone, she said to Absalom with half of her face black when she sang and whispered, "Why didn't you tell me this woman is so powerful in advance?"

     "How would I know!" Absalom said with a bitter face, "I only saw her once.

     "You saw her once and she was able to calculate Fleeting Time to protect her for a week, don't you know that she is good?" Qian Sing sighed and sighed. He really despised the other party today, but he didn't expect Gongzi to be killed. You are not only powerful, but the level of treacherousness is also very powerful.

     "That's Fleeting Time, okay, you have to stick it upside down on the pole? It's my business! Besides, she uses the mithril vein to exchange it. You don't want to change it for you?" Absalom criticized the whisper. Without buying it, he hummed his nose and looked so in the right and self-confident.Singing and groaning glanced at Absalom again, and sighed, Absalom was right. Anyone who knew the value of mithril, faced such a big temptation, and it was basically a temptation that was basically a free gift, it was impossible to guarantee that he would not be dizzy. What's more, Absalom was not dizzy at the time. Now that he can say nothing, he can only sigh that his opponent is too thief. He opened the contract he had just signed and looked at the terms he had just signed. He felt dizzy again.

     "I only hope that Shengshi can give a little bit more strength, and don't not to hear, not to question to mine veins for us, otherwise, these three thousand elites really lost me to vomit blood." Qian Sang whispered a few words and then said He turned his gaze to Absalom and said: "I didn't expect that Gongzi You actually mentioned in the terms not to Fleeting Time..."

     Absalom Zé Zé snorted, "What is this called? Trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous, trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous!"

     Ye Ci threw the contract signed with Genesis into the package and was in a good mood. This time the contract is really called the White Wolf with Empty Gloves. She feels that Shengshi will not be so stupid to use a trumpet to pile up the city again. If not, then these three thousand elites are equal to her for nothing, but no one is Shengshi. , No one is sure whether Shengshi will be in the end. What is this kind of business called? This is probably called venture capital.After the supplies in the city were finished, Ye Ci left the city. According to her current situation, it is best not to stroll around crowded places. After all, if she is besieged, she will suffer. She hasn't forgotten that in her last life, even after she became Fate's first Sorcerer, she was still chased by a large number of chasing soldiers and was embarrassed to hide in Tibet. At that time, I didn’t have a red name, but now it’s a big red name. Players on the hostile continent would kill without mercy to them. Players from the Alliance Continent can kill themselves to increase their reputation in the Alliance Continent. This is really true. Everyone is punishable. In a situation like her, the best way is to find a map with no one to hide with her tail between her tails, hide herself until the public forgets herself, and then come out. Otherwise, running around now is an aggro attractor. Necessary, really unnecessary.

     Ye Ci tightened the concealment cloak on her body and covered her face firmly. Although this can conceal the fact that the player's own red name is hidden, as long as she makes the sixth one, it is directly exposed. After the identity, the players are not fools. After knowing that the sixth child is the player's pet, it can be inferred immediately that the owner of the sixth child is definitely a big name after killing so many trumpets. Anyone who meets it will have to go up and stabbed twice to enjoy it.Therefore, Ye Ci simply put away Ol’ Four. Riding an ordinary pony, strolled out from the gate of Hero City. Although I'm not sure if anyone already knows his identity. It was like the wolf of Genesis following himself, but judging from the current situation, they were relatively calm.

     However, she was obviously a bit too optimistic.

     When Ye Ci’s little horse just ran to the gate of Hero City, she saw a slice of players sitting on the ground or the floor at the gate of Hero City. They were divided into two sides, glare like a tiger watching his prey. Looking at each other, it is still the skeleton of a place. It doesn't seem to be much different from when Ye Ci first came in. However, I don't know why Ye Ci feels something is wrong.

     So, at the moment when the little horse was about to step out of the city gate, she pulled on the reins abruptly. Stopped alive inside the city gate.

     Although Hero City is a neutral city. However, the guards are not for display. Although they were completely indifferent to the fighting outside the city gate, but. As long as someone wants to attack the player inside the gate, wait to die. Therefore, people often go to the city gate @ if they can't beat the gate, and they are extremely despised by the players. But this kind of thing is not impossible to avoid, for example, let Rangers set a thorn trap at the door. As long as you want to escape, you will immediately be entangled in thorns. Then set the fire to death.And now Ye Ci stopped on the edge of the city gate, as long as she took a step forward, she would walk out of the guard's protection range. If those outsiders are unfavorable to themselves, they will definitely flock to them, and they will surely become the target of a multitude of arrows.

     Now the key is, are those people who are making trouble for themselves?

     Ye Ci looked at the players on both sides and was a little bit undecided. On the surface, this was two players who had just finished fighting and were resting. However, why did she faintly feel a little uneasy in her heart. Standing at the gate of the city, squinting and observing the players on both sides for a while, the two groups of players all stood up and started another round of melee. They didn't seem to notice Ye Ci, who was wearing a hidden cloak and covered his entire body in a cloak Players in the game.

     At this time, Ye Ci walked towards the door, but even though she saw the players on both sides outside fighting in a melee, she did not relax her vigilance. She is still ready to summon the sixth child to come out at any time, anyway, the video of the sixth child is now on the official website.

     Ye Ci walked out of the gate, and it seemed that there was no danger, so she rode a horse around the scuffled crowd, intending to run from behind the crowd. Just when she thought it was safe, suddenly a Fireball exploded on her body.Then she heard the system prompt: "You are being attacked by a Northern Continent player's'Last Love You'. As your crime value is too high, as a punishment, you don't enjoy the opportunity to fight back. Please be prepared for the fight!"

     Missed? Ye Ci immediately looked in the direction of the Fireball flying out, and saw a Sorcerer wearing a purple robe holding up a Magic Staff singing Spell. From his position and from his direction, it didn’t look like a fight. Wrong, it seems that the target has locked himself. Just when Ye Ci was about to dismount and attack, she received several consecutive system prompts.

     "You are being attacked by the Northern Continent player "Baby Babe". As your crime value is too high, as a punishment, you do not enjoy the opportunity to fight back. Please be prepared for the fight!"

     "You are being attacked by a Northern Continent player'short-eared cat'. As your crime value is too high, as a punishment, you do not enjoy the opportunity to fight back. Please be prepared for the fight!"

     "You are being attacked by a player from the Western Continent. Because your crime value is too high, as a punishment, you don't enjoy the opportunity to fight back. Please be prepared for the fight!"


     For a while, her system prompts kept ringing, and her blood kept dropping. Of course, this was not the most unlucky. The most unlucky thing was that she had also hit a lot of DEBUFF in succession, what dizziness, what stiffness, what Entangling, in short, is to keep her in place and unable to move.Ye Ci couldn't help cursing in a low voice, damn, he is a pig! Sure enough, I have been hunted and killed a lot in my previous life, and I am particularly sensitive to this kind of trap. Now that I have noticed something wrong, why don't I make preparations early? What luck? I have such a big red name now, where is there any luck?

     When the first Control Skill appeared on his body, Ye Ci did not hesitate to turn on the darkness on the ring to disperse. After removing all the DEBUFF on his body, he immediately summoned the sixth child, jumped on its back, and immediately turned towards Flew high in the sky.

     At this moment, Ye Ci really wants to thank her for her experience of being chased and killed many times in her previous life. If it weren’t for this, she might have been lying down under such a powerful artillery fire. How could it be that she could be in the blink of an eye. Open and disperse skills, summon the youngest, every day on the run!

     Climbing on the old sixth body, Ye Ci immediately dug out a bottle or two of the best replenish health agent from his pocket, and poured it into his mouth without hesitation, slowly increasing his bottom-out health. However, because she still had the poisoned condition that Druid put on her head, the blood continued to drop after drinking one bottle. She had to pour two more bottles and waited until twenty seconds later. The poisoned state disappeared, and her blood drop finally stopped.This Druid is really poisonous. Ye Ci exhaled. Fortunately, he brought a lot of medicine. If he hadn't escaped the fire, he would be poisoned alive.

     The sixth man has flown away from the gate of Hero City for a long time. Will Ye Ci leave? No, absolutely not, Ye Ci has always been a master who must report to him. It is obviously not Ye Ci's style to run dingy after being caught up by so many people. So after her HP was restored, the first thing Ye Ci did was to turn the sixth dragon's head and fly towards the gate of Hero City.

     The players who besieged Ye Ci just now, most of the long-range players chased them out, but the melee players had no way to deal with the air knights. They only looked at Ye Ci no strategy left to try. At this time, the local defense channel was constantly scrolling, such as: "The player who rides the dragon has appeared! Everyone hurry up and watch!" "The big red name has appeared, come out and hit the big family!" and so on. As a result, more and more players flock to or toward the gate of Hero City.

     Ye Ci killed a carbine and came back. She originally thought that the people at the door should see that she was flying away, but she didn't expect that there would be more and more trends. She didn't think too much about it, floating in the air, while avoiding The remote player's attack, one side sprayed a fire dragon's breath towards the players at the door...