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Chapter Directory 354 Tamra Diary
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

As soon as the players saw the dragon flying back, apart from the remote players attacking while running, the melee players all dispersed with a bang and fled everywhere. After all, everyone has watched the official video and knows how powerful this dragon is.

     So, when Ye Ci's breath came down, to be honest, not many players were injured, but...

     Her luck was indeed not so good. She didn't calculate the extent of the old sixth dragon's breath, so... she accidentally sprayed a little bit on the guard at the gate of Hero City...

     Then...and then...

     I really want to say, there is no more, but it is a bit irresponsible, well, in fact, after Ye Ci’s dragon breath sprayed on the guard, Ye Ci immediately received the system prompt: "You attacked the hero city Guards, they will make a first-level defense counterattack, please be prepared for the battle!"

     Upon hearing these words, Ye Ci was shocked, and the player who could still be entangled in the underground and entangled him immediately turned the sixth to fly towards the distant horizon. However, NPCs are absolutely different from players. You have escaped players, and you may not have escaped NPCs.Ye Ci only felt that his blood was brushed, and the system kept reminding him that the Hero City Musketeer would inflict XXXX damage on himself. She was so embarrassed that she didn't even dare to turn her head back, she just filled her mouth with red, and then drove the sixth child to fly away.

     Who did she provoke?...

     Ye Ci just sighed and heard the system prompt her again: "You have left the attack range of the Hero City guards. The Hero City defense is wanted for the first level. The wanted time is 72 hours. Please be careful!"

     This time Ye Ci looked up to the sky and screamed, almost crying: "Who did I provoke me!!"

     Being wanted by the defense of a certain city means that the wanted player cannot step into the city during the wanted time, or they will be immediately caught in the prison. Not only that, but within 72 hours of being wanted, as long as the wanted players on the supply point on the map under the jurisdiction of this city are also not allowed to enter, otherwise they will be captured by the supply point guards.

     This is not the most perverted. The most perverted thing is that within these seventy-two hours, the wanted players had better find a mouse hole to hide. If they are found by a resident NPC under the jurisdiction of the city, they will inform them Oh~As for the result of the whistleblowing, you haven't watched the TV series Yang! Of course, the result of the whistleblowing was also taken to prison...

     So you can fully understand Ye Ci's grief and sorrow without tears.

     Feeling sad for a while, Ye Ci picked up his feelings and stopped thinking about being wanted. Anyway, it’s okay to be wanted. Just be careful not to meet any ordinary people on any map of the Central Continent. The humanoid NPC is fine. As long as 72 hours have passed, she will be safe. As for the red name...

     It doesn't matter, anyway, she is so red and black that she won't be able to become a good citizen for a while, just be so red. Now the equipment on her body is generally as long as the important equipment is bound with a little money, and the other equipment, even if it is dropped after death, is not a big deal. Ye Ci has always been very indifferent to such things as equipment, really...The Central Continent is not like the four continents in the south, east, north and west. In addition to the main city of a super city, there are many large cities. In the Central Continent, except for the super big city Hero City, other cities are deserted cities, but some of the deserted cities live in the general cognitive weird, which can be taken down by attack, and other cities are occupied by different races. With. These races are generally neutral races, such as the previously mentioned dark iron dwarves, drows, goblins, elemental people, etc. They have some relations with the races that participated in the crusade against the Naga Demon King's army, but more are alienated. The initial relationship between the player and these races is neutral, and they are not cities under the jurisdiction of Hero City. As long as the player’s reputation in these races reaches a certain height, not only can they buy things in these cities, but they can even get other players’ possessions. Unable to get the adventure.

     However, the map levels around these cities are relatively high, and the locations are relatively secretive. Players at this stage will basically not find the locations of these cities.

     Of course, these players obviously do not include Ye Ci.Because she has a sixth child, except for certain maps with monsters in the sky, she didn't dare to rush in. The other maps are unimpeded for Ye Ci. Of course, the prerequisite is that she didn't have the unlucky chance to meet the super BOSS who happened to fly in the sky from these maps without aerial monsters.

     Compared with the four continents in the southeast, northwest, the central continent is much more dangerous, whether it is from PVE or PVP. However, the four continents, southeast, northwest, and northwest are still the base camps for all players, and the prosperity of the central continent does not conflict with their prosperous process.

     Ye Ci did not want to rush into the advanced map, because although there is no NPC under the jurisdiction of Hero City, the risk factor is also very high. She is currently in the status of a big red name, if she hangs in these places, she has not explored the nearby neutrality. In the case of the city, there is a 90% chance that she will be resurrected in the cemetery of Hero City. Doesn't that mean that she has thrown herself into the trap?

     In Ye Ci's current level, there are not many NPCs under the jurisdiction of Hero City, and there are not many maps suitable for her to level up. The closest to Hero City is Desolate Canyon.The Gorge of Sadness is a rare map in the Central Continent without a supply station. The level of this map is also very strange. It is one divided into two sides by a river. One side is a middle-level map from level 80 to level 85, and one side. It is a mid-to-high-level map of one hundred to one hundred and two. In other words, this map can accommodate two players of different levels to practice here at the same time.

     Ye Ci's destination is the eighty to eighty-fifth level map in the Gorge of Sadness.

     In the current level, most of the players are between fifty-five and sixty, and there will never be players who venture into such a map to die. Of course, it's different for Ye Ci. She has super pets like the sixth child, and it's easy to level up here.

     Although Lao Liu's combat effectiveness has been greatly improved after the advanced level, and his belligerence has also improved, this does not conceal his true character as a foodie. Fortunately, Ye Ci has not learned it in the Xicheng District of Hero City. For the less new recipes, you can buy a lot of seasonings to make more advanced meats. Otherwise, Ye Ci would just grill it all day long, and don’t need to do anything else.Distributed in the Gorge of Sadness is a kind of humanoid monster called the Dark Cultist. They wear black robes, have cloaks on their faces, cover their heads tightly and hold short sticks in their hands, strolling aimlessly at this kind of humanoid. The strange blood is not much, the defense is not high, but the attack is terrible, even if it is a heaven-defying pet like the sixth, it can drop a large amount of blood by a dark cultist with a skill in his hand. , You know, the sixth blood is now hundreds of thousands.

     (The sixth is currently only forty-seventh level. Although he is a dragon, he is also very tough, but when facing 80-odd level monsters, there is a level penalty bonus. Therefore, 80-odd level monsters beat him. There will be consecutive Critical Hits)

     This also made Ye Ci only dare to attract two at a time to make the sixth one when he met such a monster. After all, the sixth one had MISS.

     They beat Lao Liu Yi with a perfect match. Fortunately, as long as these monsters hit the sixth one, they can squirt one to death without hitting them, and the experience is also very rich, which makes the sixth one's level rise very quickly.In addition to the humanoid monsters of the Dark Cultists, there is also a flying monster, the Screaming Vulture, in the Gorge of Sorrow. This kind of monster generally flies in the air 100 yards above the ground, with a level of about ninety, basically appearing individually, never walking in groups, and from time to time it will fall from mid-air to the ground and eat corpses. Since they are animals and their biological level is lower than that of dragons, it is much easier for the sixth child to deal with them. As long as a shock spray passes over, they can basically stop the other party.

     In general, this map is very suitable for leveling the current Ye Ci and the sixth.

     After staying here for a few hours, Ye Ci picked up a lot of things from the Dark Cultists and the Grieving Vultures. In addition to the high-grade cloth used as tailoring materials and feathers with enchanting materials, the most are some called Tamra's diaries. fragment stuff.

     The font on the fragment of Tamra’s diary is written in Elf lingua franca, and Ye Ci does not seem difficult. Ye Ci didn't care when this thing first appeared, and just threw it away as ordinary garbage. However, when this kind of thing became more and more, she realized that this thing is definitely not ordinary to sell for some money. "Garbage" began to pay attention.Most of the things written in these diary fragments are only a few sentences, and because the fragments require a lot, Ye Ci still didn't get much information from the piecework, but from these words and phrases, she still saw some information that aroused her interest. .

     "...Lola told me that Naga's minions are coming, and I'm scared, what can elves like us who live at the bottom can do? Fight? That's the hero's business, and we... "

     Only... the village was destroyed, and my home did not escape bad luck. Tina is missing. I sit by the pool where I used to date her and write down today's diary. Oh, I am very sad. Why are we not the one who started the war but want us to endure such destruction? "

     "...Yesterday, I found a new place to stay. The sky here is very gloomy, and the air is full of the smell of gunpowder smoke. I think I may be very close to the battlefield. It's strange, I don't think it. Fear, is it because facing too much death, I have become numb?"

     "There are a lot of corpses in the swamp to the west. There are orcs, dwarves, Dwarf, humans, undead, and elves. I found a lot of dry food bags from them, which is enough for me to be in the next one. Live in the month...""...Today, I went to the swamp again to find food. New wars broke out there every day, and new corpses appeared every day. I saw an elf, a white elf there today. She is so beautiful, and Like Na, she is so young, but she sleeps in the cold swamp forever..."

     "How long will the days of living like a rat in the ground last? I don't think I'm like an elf anymore. I'm like a dirty goblin."

     "...It's been two years, Naga's army is still fighting with the rebels, heh, it's so lively...

     "So there will be living corpses in the swamp? It's really strange. I found a corpse that I still recommend today. He looks like an elf. Oh, he's really embarrassed. We have no beautiful ears. He seems to be alive. I don’t care about him. If he is alive tomorrow, I will bring him back."

     Only..., I really shouldn't have picked him up, he will eat my ration..."

     Only..., he is very ill, probably, probably will not survive tomorrow..."

     "...Oh, thanks to Elven King, it's strange that he didn't die. I'm very happy. After being alone for so long, I can talk to the people again..."

     "he died.""...He said, Dole is dead. The Elf's spine is dead. From then on, the Elf will never be as strong as before. I don't feel sad, but tears shed in my eyes... …"

     "Why leave this thing to me! I'd rather be a mouse with a panting, I don't want to be a hero, I don't want it! I don't want it!"

     "I'll find a place to hide, don't find me again, don't"

     The diary fragment is gone here. Obviously, there should be more diary fragments to piece together the complete event, but from these just a word or two, Ye Ci can roughly guess the story. The elf named Tamra picked up a living elf from a swamp. The elf experienced the battle between the rebels and the Naga army. The elf brought the news of Elven King Dole’s death to Tamra, and was on the verge of Give something to Tamra before he died.

     This thing should be very important, otherwise there won't be any enemies chasing him.Ye Ci was suddenly very interested in Tamra, anyway, she is still idle when she is leveling. She wants to collect more diaries to see if she can find the last place Tamra appears. It is undeniable that Ye Ci is very interested in the biggest war set in that game. From the beginning of the game until now, she has met many NPCs related to this war, but none of them have this Tamra. There is a lot of information, she thought, if you can find this Tamra, can you find more information about Dole?

     With this thought in mind, Ye Ci took the youngest and walked towards a place where the dark cultists were more dense...

     One one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one, one one one one one, one one one one one 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 This morning, he took Tang Baozi to get a vaccination. He actually snorted and there was no movement. The other little babies screamed world-shaking as soon as they were stabbed by the needle. When I looked at him, I suspected that he didn’t feel the pain that Jian Xia Du was engaged in various activities during this time. I really want to go back and play, ah, ah, Tang Baozi said his father, you can recharge but I am in the monthly card area. I don’t have time to play at all, I’m so entangled...In addition, I bought a Diablo 3 CDK the day before yesterday. I originally wanted to play when I was idle, but eventually became a plaything of Tang Baozi's father. I was very sad and indignant.