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Chapter Directory 355 Tamra
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Sorrowful Canyon is a flat land sandwiched between two mountain ranges. A clear and bottomless river flows slowly through the flat land. There are many trees sparsely growing on the flat land, although they are not towering giant trees. However, the branches are very dense, which makes people feel hiding the sky and covering the earth when they walk under the tree.

     There are no buildings in Desolation Canyon, and I really don't know where these dark cultists came from. According to the distribution of monsters in Fate, such a large number of humanoid monsters will not appear for no reason, and there must be such a humanoid camp near where the humanoid monsters appear. But Ye Ci didn't see such a camp after walking for a long time, which made her somewhat curious.

     Gradually, all the ingredients on his body were used up. Fighting humanoid monsters would not be like killing animal monsters. Therefore, in order to supply the food of the sixth child, Ye Ci almost exhausted all the ingredients on his body. Fortunately, although the humanoid monster will not drop ingredients, it will randomly drop some finished dishes. Although the burst rate is not very high, it can also supplement the declining rations of the sixth.Ye Ci has been beating the dark cultists and the screaming vultures, and it seems that he is not ordinary. He went down to eat a meal and slept again. Calculating the time, she has spent more than fifteen hours fighting against the Dark Cultists and the Screaming Vulture in the Gorge of Grief. Although a large number of diary fragments have been produced, many of them already exist, but few are new. It seems that the burst rate of each diary fragment is different, and the burst rate of those fragments that record important information is much smaller.

     Ye Ci pieced together the fragment in his hand. The first half of the diary is basically clearly visible, but the first half has nothing of value. Basically, they were all about Tamra's various feelings after the outbreak of the war, as well as the various situations in which he escaped from the home of the elves, and most of these things were expressed by Tamra's own feelings. Everything is more subjective, and it is mostly based on poetry and singing. It looks a lot like a light travelogue.However, in the second half of Ye Ci's most relevant diary, there were few fragments about the elf soldier and Dole. Ye Ci feels that his greatest strength is his patience. If someone is asked to do the same thing repeatedly, then everyone will feel bored, but the length of boredom is different, and Ye Ci is the kind of person who can calm down even if they are bored. Those who continue to do it, probably because of this advantage, can make her quiet and even-tempered hiding in the library for a whole year when she was hunted and killed in her last life.

     Although the act of playing fragments is also very boring, it is much more interesting than reading in the library management. At least she can look forward to the level.

     Although leapfrogging monsters can gain more experience points, in view of the large number of levels that are needed to upgrade now, Ye Ci has since moved to the Canyon of Sadness to level up. Her experience value only increased by about 15%. It was the sixth grader who had risen sharply, but in more than ten hours, his grade had risen from forty-seven to fifty-one.

     The higher the sixth grade. The stronger the attributes of oneself, the more lethal it is to deal with these monsters higher than oneself.

     Go online and offline, fight monsters and level up. After killing monsters with “have nothing to do” for more than 36 hours, Ye Ci finally picked up a description of Tamra’s hiding place from a dark cultist."...I ran around, fled around, and took several risks. They almost caught up to me, but. They let me escape their tracks. I want to thank me as an elf and my race allows me There are more chances of survival in in the wild, I shuttle in the woods, I run in the wild, I think I will get rid of them..."

     "...As a Druid, although I am not qualified, what I usually learn is still enough. I transformed into a variety of animals and hid in this not dense forest, quietly watching Naga's The minions passed by me. I am curious why they didn't find me? There are not many Druids on the battlefield, maybe I don't have a fight intent..."

     "Naga's minions have finally left, and I finally have a chance to thank this woods that saved my life."

     "I decided to live here and make this my home, my grave. I want to stay here, waiting for the people who inherit Doll's will to find me."The fragment of the diary is here with a grunting sound it stops. Ye Ci only feels that it is full of black lines. It seems to indicate where Tamra’s final habitat is, but it is too stream of consciousness. To do Quest is not to write novels. To do Quest, you need an exact location and what are the coordinates. What is the latitude and longitude, whether the nails are riveted or riveted, so that it can be done. The place recorded in Tamra's diary is too vague, which greatly hinders Ye Ci's judgment.

     Ye Ci looked at the diary fragment on her body. They had automatically synthesized a book when Ye Ci was reading it, but there were still many pages missing in this book. It seems that only by collecting all the pages of this book can we get the most accurate position.

     After reading Tamra's diary carefully, Ye Ci confirmed that his judgment was correct, and walked deeper into the canyon.In Ye Ci’s memory, I don’t remember that someone did this Quest in the previous life. Maybe is someone did it and didn’t want to send it out to share. Maybe is no one found out. After all, in Fate, this kind of Concealment is extremely deep Quest. It's all triggered by luck. For example, in the current Quest, the text on the fragment is the lingua franca, which stipulates that players must be proficient in the lingua lingo to understand it. If other players want to understand the text above, they must learn the lingua franca. . But in fact, Fate involves too many races, each race has its own unique language, and it would be a huge expense to learn the language of each race, so there are common lingua franca in the game. Most players are unwilling to spend money to learn the languages of other races. This also makes some race special Quest can receive very few people.

     Secondly, even if you find that the players of these diary fragments are elves and can read the above text, if you have not accepted the Quest about Elven King Dole, it will be useless to read them.

     For things that test patience, Ye Ci generally does a good job.

     Nearly fifty hours have passed since the game time. Ye Ci finally made up enough fragments of the entire diary on the dark cultists."...I like it here. It is very similar to my hometown. The tall and dense trees allow the elves to make their homes on the trees. There are wild flowers blooming on the flat ground with green grass, and a clear river flows through the middle of the flat ground. It’s like a place where I used to date with Tina. Oh, I think of Tina again. I miss her a lot recently, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old."

     "I didn't put my place on the tree. It was too dangerous. Who knows when Naga's minions will come back again. The cave on the mountain wall is the best place to go. Maybe, eventually, I will bury my life. Here. Although the elves never put the corpse in the cave, but I have forgotten what the elves are like..."

     "I am not a Warrior. I am not a follower of Dole either. I am just an elf living at the bottom. Elven King Dole has always been just a name for me, but. I don’t know why, I am special now Miss him."

     "People who inherit the Elven King's will, can you find me? I don't know how long I can live..."

     ...These fragments have clearly described the location of Tamla. Ye Ci compared the description in the diary and felt that the place described looked like a bleak gorge. Fortunately, Tamra did not make a home in the tree. Knowing that finding an Elf Druid in a tree is much more difficult than finding an Elf Druid in a cave.

     For Ye Ci, it is necessary to find a cave on the walls of these two high mountains. That's a very simple thing. Who told her to have the sixth child? Sitting on the sixth child, Ye Ci was looking for him on the edge of the sad and desolate gorge. On the eighty-level side, he was able to let go of the courage to fly. After all, the monsters here would not constitute a deterrent to the sixth child, but Once you fly over the river bank and fly to the 120th level Ye Ci, you have to be cautious and solemn. Because there are also flying monsters floating in mid-air over there. They are huge poisonous mosquitoes. Fortunately, their speed is not fast and their distribution is scattered. Ye Ci flies against the mountain wall, be more scared than hurt. After avoiding a few poisonous mosquitoes, finally found a very hidden cave in the corner.

     The entrance of the cave is very small, and the big man, the sixth one, can’t get in. Ye Ci can only let it float on the side closest to the cave entrance. He took out the cat’s claws, hung it on the cave wall, and then violently. Pulling himself easily jumped into the cave.After recovering the sixth child, Ye Ci began to walk towards the inside of the cave.

     This is a low cave. In fact, to be precise, it should be a gap in the mountain. It is narrow and tortuous. Ye Ci will inevitably bend over during walking. This cave is extremely hidden. If it weren't for the engraving of some elves on the mountain wall at the entrance, Ye Ci would almost think that he had gone wrong.

     She lit the torch and walked along the cave. After walking for a long time, she heard a low voice coming from ahead. The voice is low and hoarse, full of traces of the vicissitudes of time, and the lyrics are really familiar to Ye Ci. This is a song that every elf will hear when he is born.

     "...The lily of the valley on the mountain has been waiting, the troubadour's instrument has been playing and singing, my love, where are you in the smoke of war?..."Ye Ci stood in the cave and thought for a while, called up the action of the characters in the game, and chose singing. Then a few options popped up. It was a song that every elf would sing. Ye Ci chose one, and then her character began to sing automatically. Although the voice came from her throat, she didn't need Ye Ci to think, and the system arranged and operated on its own. This was Ye Ci's most satisfying point. If this were not the case, Ye Ci wouldn't be able to remember what the lyrics are under that song even if he was killed. Even if she remembered it, she wouldn't be able to sing that tune.

     "Have you forgotten me? Have you forgotten me? My love, the smoke of war has been extinguished, where are you? Where are you? The way home is here, don't be confused, don't be confused anymore. "

     "Who is there?" The singing in the cave stopped, followed by the low, hoarse voice.

     "It's me." Ye Ci replied loudly, and while answering, she walked towards the cave: "I am an elf from Maga." Ye Ci had already walked into the deepest part of the cave when she said this. I saw an elf sitting on the ground or the floor in the deepest part of the cave.Although the elf has a face that will never age, this elf has snow-white hair and eyebrows, which indicates that he is already very old. Under his white eyebrows, there are a pair of green eyes. There was a sharp light in the eyes.

     At this moment, these sharp eyes are staring at Ye Ci closely. Although this elf looks very thin and very old, Ye Ci can still feel the faint pressure and unmatched strength from his body. Ye Ci looked at his attributes, and his level was as high as one hundred and twentieth. Ye Ci thought, if he didn't do a good job somewhere, he might be able to kill himself with a single paw.

     "Hello, respected tribe, my name is Gongzi You. When I was venturing around here, I occasionally saw a diary fragment of a tribe named'Tamla'. I collected the fragments and found this place according to the above tips. I didn't want to hear the songs from my distant hometown, and I was moved to sing along with me. I'm sorry to disturb your Yaxing." Ye Ci respectfully saluted, and the wording of the answer was very careful.

     The elf looked up and down at Ye Ci, and an old smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: "So you found that thing..." He sighed, "I am Tamra, that diary." I wrote it when I was young, and I don’t write that anymore."Ye Ci also peeked at him when Tamra was looking at him, looking at him without showing a trace. It seems that the records in the diary are not entirely correct, at least this Tamra is not as incompetent as written in the diary. Ye Ci is sure that this Tamra is also a NPC of the big boss level, with infinitely high combat power.

     "You are from hometown, can you tell me what it is like now? Is it still devastated?" A trace of helplessness and longing appeared in Tamra's green eyes.

     "The hometown is very beautiful, and there is life everywhere. I can't see that there has been a war, and the elves are flourishing again." Ye Ci thought for a while, and then replied in a refined way.

     "Oh? Is this a dream?"