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Chapter Directory 357 Sting Bee's Commission
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

If you follow the Quest prompts, Ye Ci has found the tomb of the sting bee, but she did not see the prompt for the next Quest on the Quest panel, let alone the prompt for Quest Completed, is it BUG?

     Ye Ci stepped back a few steps, then walked towards the tomb of the sting bee, and then heard the system prompt: "You have found the tomb of the sting bee." But the Quest on the Quest panel is still the same as before, there is still no next step Tips for Quest. Ye Ci tried a few more times, and it was the same, without any change, she stopped in the distance to think. Is this BUG or is there another hidden story?

     Ye Ci doesn't like to contact Customer Service immediately when encountering any situation. This is because Fate is different from traditional games. In this game, many Quests require players to observe and analyze from all aspects, so that they can be completed. , If you immediately contact Customer Service as soon as you encounter something different from your original awareness of the game, then you will lose a lot of meaning for game exploration.

     Just like the current situation, since the Quest of the Sting Bee Tomb was found but this step was not completed, it means that there must be some details of this Quest that Ye Ci did not find and solve. If it is not found and solved, then she estimates Will not complete this step of Quest.Ye Ci carefully observed the tomb of the sting bee, and then carefully recalled what Tamra said when he released the Quest.

     "Young man, it’s been a long time since I left here, and it’s been a long time since I visited him. Can you help me to see him? Look at him? Look at a dead person buried in a grave? Tomb-sweeping Ye Ci suddenly realized what she had overlooked. She set her eyes on the collapsed tomb and the messy bones everywhere. It must be like this! She immediately bent down, and the cautious and solemn will take it down. The scattered bones were picked up one by one, and the mud on the bones was wiped clean with the high-quality cloth cautious and solemn that was hit in the package, and then put into the package. At this time, I was looking at the bones in the package. At that time, she discovered that these bones had actually become a Quest Item with a name...unknown scattered bones.

     She smiled slightly, and it seemed that she had guessed right.Now that this step has been done right, Ye Ci will do the next step more smoothly. She began to clean up the tomb that had collapsed, and cleared out the debris on the half-collapsed tomb, exposing the bones that had been piled up in a mess. It can be seen that this tomb has been around for a long time, and Tamra has come to clean it a few times, but, as he said, he hasn’t been here for a long time, so he made this tomb. Like this.

     Ye Ci checked out the messy bones in the tomb, wiped them clean, and put them in the package. The name of the pile of bones displayed in the package is "The bones of the stinging bee." Ye Ci tried to combine the two piles of bones. The merging together succeeded easily. In her package, two piles of bones were combined into one pile, and a new name was given to "Completed Bone of the Sting Bee".

     After doing all this, Ye Ci exhaled and then began to build the tomb that had collapsed. In fact, to be honest, Fate’s game is very real. Although there are various races on the mainland, their bones are similar to human skeletons. That is to say, when Ye Ci was picking up the bones just now, so What I saw was no different from the real human bones, but Ye Ci was numb by the horror atmosphere of the game. If I put it on a newbie, I would be scared into a cold sweat.It didn't take much time for Ye Ci to build the tomb that had collapsed, leaving only a small hole that was not too big for placing the bones of the sting bee for a while. After doing all this, she found a piece of high-quality animal fur from the package, carefully wrapped the bones of the sting bee, and carefully sealed the opening with a cowhide tendon, and then took out a relatively large empty wine The jar, put the fur package into it, and finally she stuffed the jar into the small hole and carefully sealed the small hole.

     After doing this, Ye Ci straightened up and let out a long breath. At this time, open the Quest panel again, and sure enough, the Quest searching for the tomb of the sting bee has been completed, and the next Quest has become, and "talking to the sting bee".

     And the sting bee? dialogue?

     Ye Ci twitched the corners of his mouth, and there were a few black lines on his face, didn't he? How come this game is done every time, after cleaning up the bones of others, but also summoning the ghosts of others to come out and talk nonsense? Is it planning... Don’t you know about buried and at rest? If many players have picked up this Hidden Quest, wouldn't this make this sting bee uneasy even to death?

     She was indulge in flights of fancy like this, she felt a faint coolness rising behind her, she couldn't help sighing, and what she thought came.She turned around resigningly, and saw a trace of blue-smoke-like smoke slowly drifting above the tomb of the stinger bee. The smoke stayed above the tomb. After condensing for a while, she finally became a person. shape. No, it should be said that it formed the shape of an elf, but he did not have the pair of long pointed ears of the elf, and there was only a broken piece in the ears, which was the same as recorded in Tamra's diary.

     Qingyan began to form the shape of an elf from the head of the sting bee. He put his arms around his chest and closed his eyes. He waited until the entire figure was completed before slowly opening his eyes.

     It was a pair of beautiful, beautiful blue eyes, as deep as blue water. At this time, the gaze flowing from these sea-like eyes was falling on Ye Ci's body.

     "Look, what did I see? It's a young white elf." The sting bee's voice is very good. It doesn't reveal the weirdness of being a ghost, but it is as good as it was when he was alive. Of course, Ye Ci has never heard the sound of the sting bee while it is alive, but she can't think of a better sound than it is now."Hello, I am Gongzi You." Ye Ci respectfully bowed to the soul of the sting bee: "Salute to you, great hero." The sting bee did not have any meaning to the name Ye Ci He just looked at Ye Ci intently, with warmth and longing in his eyes: "Are you alive?" "Yes."

     "How long have I not seen such a young and alive white elf?"

     The eyes of the sting bee closed his eyes, exhaled a long breath, and then opened it again: "You don’t look like you came from the battlefield. You don’t have the smell of gun smoke from war. Where does it come?"

     "I came from my hometown and met Tamra. He asked me to visit my old friend." Ye Ci's answer was very simple. Since Tamra can understand where my hometown is, then this sting bee must also understand.

     "Hometown?" The Sting Bee was really stunned, and then there seemed to be some damp water in his eyes. He approached Ye Ci, took a deep breath, and said with emotion: "Yes, you have hometown on your body. The smell of elm trees, I like that smell." He raised his head, looked at Ye Ci, and sighed: "So, the war is over?" "Yes, hero." "So, Even if King Dole passed away, wouldn't the elves perish?""Yes, it is because of your heroic fighting that saved the last fire for our elves, so that we can survive and develop." Ye Ci said, kneeling down on one knee, placing his arms on his chest and charging. The sting bee made the most respected salute in Fate: "On behalf of our living elves, I extend my highest respect to you."

     The sting bee looked at Ye Ci quietly, and sighed after a long time: "That's good, that's good." He raised his head and looked at the gloomy sky here, not knowing what he was thinking. After a long time, he extended a hand to Ye Ci, "Get up, young white elf, I am very happy to see you."

     Ye Ci stood up and looked at Sting Bee quietly, while Sting Bee retracted his hand and asked, "Is Tamra still hiding in that cave?"

     "Yes, he said he hasn't left there for too long, and hasn't visited you for too long, so he entrusted me to come and see you."The piercing nodded, and a sad smile appeared on his lips: "After all, I killed him. He is different from me. He is just a refugee hiding in the back, and I am a Warrior fighting on the front line. It is me who died in battle. His glory and the hope of living and continuing the race is his mission. I shouldn’t impose my Quest on him. He hasn’t come to see me for so long. It must be because he blames me like this.” Ye Ci carefully Standing up to every word the Stinger Bee said, Ye Ci had realized from the time he picked up Tamra’s diary that Elven King Dole’s secret must be the Concealment in this Quest, but his Concealment was extremely deep, so Ye Ci absolutely dare not let go of any word and word that the NPCs said, only in this way can she analyze what she wants most from their words.

     And although the words that Sting Bee said just now seem to be nothing, but as long as you contact the second half of Tamra’s diary, you can know that the Quest that Sting Bee said must be a very important thing. He took this piece before dying. The things were entrusted to Tamra, which led to Tamra being chased by Naga's minions, and finally hiding in the deep cave for the rest of his life."Elves are all races with a crystal-like heart. If Tamra complains about you, he will definitely not miss you so much, nor will he let me look at you, so don't worry." Ye Ci smiled slightly, hoping for this. Can comfort the sting bee, after all, if you want to talk from his mouth, you still have to make a good relationship with him.

     Sting bee just looked at Ye Ci with a gentle gaze, and said after a long time: "Young man, thank you for your comfort, whether this is what Tamra thought of it or not, but I was comforted by you.

     You must have experienced a lot of difficulties when you came here from your hometown. Now I want to know, are you a brave person? "

     "Yes, hero, if you have any unfulfilled wishes, I am willing to fulfill them for you." Ye Ci keenly sensed the meaning in the words of the sting bee, so he took the initiative to ask.Obviously, Ye Ci's answer made Sting Bee very satisfied. He extended a hand toward Ye Ci. After spreading it out, he saw a chic brooch in his palm. "This is the tower of the year." Mulla gave me something to encourage me to live, but I let him down, and eventually I died. Today I will give you this brooch, please take it back to Tamla and tell him, I Ask him to pass the burden to you, and ask him to accept this brooch, just as he encouraged me back then, I hope he can live and return to his hometown alive, don’t end up burying his bones like me. We. It's an elf, and the elf's destination is under the elm tree in his hometown, not under the cold stone of the opposite sex."

     Ye Ci stretched out his hand to pick up the brooch, but didn't want to stab the bee but shrank his hand back. Ye Ci looked at him in a puzzled way: "What's the matter?"

     Sting Bee looked at Ye Ci with some concern: "Young man, do you know what it means after you accept Tamra's burden?"Ye Ci tilted his head and thought for a while, then smiled: "What can there be? The worst is death. I'm not even afraid of being alive. Am I still afraid of death?" Ye Ci's answer made the sting bee stunned. After a long time, the smile on his lips was as bright as the sun: "I saw King Dole's courage in you, I think, my decision is not wrong." He stretched out his hand again and handed the brooch over. Give it to Ye Ci, and then, holding Ye Ci's hand tightly with both hands, Ye Ci only felt that the icy chill was crawling down her skin all over her body: "Go, young man, if you don’t understand A place, you can come here to find me, as long as you touch my grave, I know you are calling me."

     Having said that, Sting Bee let go of his hand, and his entire image broke apart in half, turning into blue smoke and dissipating.

     Ye Ci waited until the blue smoke of the sting bee had completely dissipated, and then summoned the sixth child, leaped to his back, quickly left the dangerous place, returned the same way, and headed for the Tamla Cave in the Desolate Canyon. .When Ye Ci returned the brooch to Tamra and told Tamra all the sting bee had said, he fell into deep contemplation. He looked at the brooch, his shoulders trembling slightly. , I can see that Tamra's emotions are very excited now, although his expression is still so indifferent, but the water in his eyes reveals all his feelings.

     After a long time, Tamra raised her head and looked at Ye Ci with a sigh: "I'm old, too old to go back to my hometown. Have you forgotten the sting bee? I even have to go home. I don't remember anymore..."

     Ye Ci looked at that young face and suddenly felt a little emotional. Whether in the game or in reality, the scars caused by the war will always be borne by the living people.