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Chapter Directory 360 In The Same Boat
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Chapter 54: Linked with Fate Ye Ci only felt that her temples had begun to jump up suddenly, she thought, she must have been too old recently, otherwise, why is she always smoothly playing games, why is she in this recent period? What happened one after another that didn't go well within time?

     Other things that didn't go well were enough. Anyway, she could figure out a way to deal with the game no matter how bad it was, but she would only feel a headache when facing this guy. Especially after something that she didn't want to remember happened, Ye Ci even hit the guy she didn't want to see in her heart, because every time she saw this guy, it was tantamount to reminding herself how embarrassed she had been.

     Counsel, oh, this is a word that has never been seen in Gongzi You's life history. As soon as I ran into this guy, all came out.

     However, she can’t completely ignore someone’s stalker, because this slut has no bottom line at all. For him, rejection and ignorance are equivalent to more stalkers, God, she still wants to Live a few more days.

     "I said, what kind of fate is this, how can I meet you when I randomly send a cemetery to resurrection?" Ye Ci sighed, turned his head and looked at Fleeting Time, who was sitting on a tombstone, only feeling a headache. Want to split."Are you also resurrected from a random cemetery?" Fleeting Time raised his brows when he heard Ye Ci's words, and condensed that silly look.

     "What's'yes'..." Ye Ci rolled his eyes, walked to the tombstone farthest from Fleeting Time, leaned on the tombstone, and looked at Fleeting Time with both hands on his chest and looked up and down. , Said: "Don't tell me, you were shot to death by some BOSS. Then the system asked you to randomly select a map of the cemetery to resurrect?"

     Fleeting Time rubbed his chin with interest. He looked at Ye Ci and thought for a while and said, "It looks like you are hanging out like this." This statement obviously made Ye Ci a little helpless. She looked at the sky and sighed. Although she didn't nod her head to admit, she just acquiesced. Fleeting Time nodded: "Actually, I am the same. Although there are some differences in the details, it is the same as you in that it is randomly transmitted to a cemetery by the system."

     Although Ye Ci always feels a sense of powerlessness when facing Fleeting Time, it is undeniable that this is a problem that is different from himself in terms of professional operation, meticulousness of the game process, or sensitivity to Quest. Comparable guys. So after hearing what Fleeting Time said, she was a little curious.

     "You were killed by Quest BOSS?""It seems that you were killed by Quest BOSS." Fleeting Time listened to Ye Ci's tone and made a very determined judgment.

     Ye Ci really has nothing to deny about this, she nodded: "It's not wrong, I was killed by Quest BOSS. It seems. You are the same." Then she sneered: "I can't see. Ah, the Fleeting Time who set up on high will hang up one day."

     Fleeting Time smiled and scratched his hair. Then he said, "Why? Gongzi You can hang up, so I can't hang up on Fleeting Time?" Then he stretched out and smiled: "From newbie to veteran, who didn't hang up."

     Fleeting Time originally wanted to chat with Ye Ci a few more words, but his face changed suddenly, he lowered his head and cursed, then raised his head to Ye Ci and said: "You, don’t talk about it. There’s still something to do today, and I’ll meet again next time. Have a good chat." After all. Raise your leg and run.

     This suddenly made Ye Ci and the second monk confused. According to reason, Fleeting Time is a stalker. It’s a surprise for Ye Ci to flash people so quickly today, but he can get rid of it so quickly. This guy still let Ye Ci breathe out easily. Although I don't know why she has such a little bit of discomfort in her heart, this discomfort is nothing compared to being able to say goodbye to this guy so quickly.She grinned, raised her arm and pointed at Fleeting Time and said, "Walk slowly or not, it's best to never see it~"

     Fleeting Time looked back at her as he ran, showing a noncommittal smile: "I'm so sorry, you didn't care about this." Although he was talking to Ye Ci, it was obviously anxious to let him leave so quickly. Yes, because Ye Ci has rarely seen Fleeting Time running at such a fast speed, it really makes people a little curious.

     Ye Ci's curiosity hadn't fully emerged. Suddenly, her system prompt sounded: "Naga minions have locked your position, and a large number of Naga minions are coming over. Please be prepared."

     what? Naga minions?

     Ye Ci immediately thought of Ronaldo’s tough level, not all of the same level...

     Just as this idea got into her head, she couldn't help but shiver. No way! If all of them are as tough as Ronal, wouldn't he be equal to death?

     She looked around quickly, and didn't see Naga's minions coming in any direction, but there was nothing wrong with running quickly now. She didn't think too much, she immediately recruited the sixth child, climbed on his back, found a direction and took off quickly.After flying for about a minute, Ye Ci was soaring in the sky while looking around, but still did not see the so-called Naga minions coming over. She was wondering whether the system was fooling herself. Just thinking about it, she heard the wind whistling in her ears, and subconsciously turned her head to see that Ye Ci's heart almost didn't stop beating. I saw that a huge gap suddenly opened in the sky, and a huge monster was squeezed out from the gap, like a centipede with many claws, spraying clouds and mist and rushing towards him!

     Ye Ci immediately took the sixth child and flew back, but when she turned her head, she yelled badly. A similar monster appeared behind her, and she escaped dangerously, but. She flew sideways and flew a few steps, only to feel that her head was as big as a fight, and the entire sky was constantly cracking large and small gaps, and countless centipede monsters rushed towards her. Although this is a holographic game, it can fly 360 degrees without dead ends, but the opponent's monsters also spread 360 degrees without dead ends. In less than a minute, all the distance Ye Ci can walk is blocked.

     She looked at the monster rushing towards her, and exhaled. All the elites at level 120 could not be defeated. It seemed that she was going to die again this time.simply. Just give up resistance like this, there is no way out. Sighed. Ye Ci simply grabbed it, but after the blink of an eye, she became a corpse again. She couldn't pick up the corpse. She could only resurrect the cemetery. But this time she didn't use random, she was still resurrected in the Scarlet Highland.

     Just after being resurrected, standing in the cemetery, I heard the voice of Fleeting Time again. This time, there was no nasty smell in the voice, but rather surprised: "No, why are you hanging up again!"

     Ye Ci looked over and saw Fleeting Time standing in the middle of the cemetery in embarrassment. It appears to have just been resurrected. She was not without surprise: "Did you hang up again?"

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci and said after a pause, "Did the system prompt you that something special appeared, and then it died..."

     Ye Ci was slightly taken aback when he heard Fleeting Time say this. Squinted his eyes: "Is it that you hung up like this?"

     "I think you are almost the same." Fleeting Time laughed haha, and then grabbed his head: "Did you get chased and killed by Naga's minions?"

     This time Ye Ci was really surprised. Although she had been guessing that Fleeting Time had done a similar Quest, but she didn't dare to confirm that the situation was the same as her. Now she is almost certain to hear what Fleeting Time said. They seem to be stuck in the same Quest: "What Quest did you receive?"Fleeting Time just wanted to say something, and suddenly he said, "I'll talk about this later. I'm about to remind me that Naga's minions have appeared. If it weren't for us, I just hanged it because there were too many blames. It's more than Only one can attend to hang up. If there are more of you, we should be able to handle it."

     Ye Ci agreed without even thinking about it. There is nothing to say about the technology of Fleeting Time. In the situation just now, she also found that she could not deal with it by herself. If two people deal with two monsters, it is definitely better than one person deal with a wave of blame. The odds of winning are higher. Although I don't want to have too much relationship with Fleeting Time, in this case, one more person will have a higher chance of surviving. Not to mention that the Quests of the two people seem to be the same. In this way, they are absolutely neutral. There is no reason not to fight the enemy together in the Central Continent.

     After all, no matter whether it is Ye Ci or Fleeting Time, no one wants to make jokes with their own experience points.After forming a team, Fleeting Time ran towards the east of the cemetery. Ye Ci follow closely behind sb or sth. The two of them ran and chatted. Soon Ye Ci learned that Fleeting Time is indeed the same as his own Quest. They all received the Concealment branch about Elven King Dole, and the undead was also commissioned by an NPC to protect an arrow, but this NPC is not Tamra. It seems that in Fate's game, this relatively large branch Hidden Quest is not unique, as long as the player meets the trigger conditions, it is completely unrestricted to accept.

     The only problem that still bothers Ye Ci is...

     "What arrow is that arrow for you?"

     "Flame Arrow." Fleeting Time does not hide Ye Ci. Originally, he admired Ye Ci's operation and sensitivity to Quest, not to mention that after adding another layer of thought, he regarded her as My own, although Ye Ci does not seem to agree, this does not prevent Fleeting Time from being unreserved of Ye Ci. "This is not yours?"

     "No, mine is a poisonous arrow." Ye Ci answered honestly, "Have you collected a few Elven King arrows?"

     "Two, and a dark arrow." Like Ye Ci's Quest, Fleeting Time has a lot of topics in discussion: "What about yours?""I am also two, and the other is the arrow of the holy light." Ye Ci thought for a while, and then worried about another question: "In other words, the arrows we take are different. Does it mean that these five arrows can only appear once? ?"

     "This is not very clear, wait until you have dealt with these chasers before you think about this problem." Fleeting Time sighed and frowned slightly: "I will blame a lot, you will be careful."

     "I have a dragon, recruit it to fly into the sky."

     Fleeting Time immediately shook his head: "No, you can't recruit pets that fight in the air. If you recruit a pet that fights in the air, the chaser will become a monster in the air. You have to know that the monsters in the air are much more powerful than the monsters on the ground. Up."

     Hearing this, Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then frowned: "Is the refresh of this chaser based on the level of the highest creature in the squad?"

     "That's it, so I gave up air riding and only ran on the ground. I didn't even dare to recruit pets. I was afraid to increase the level and intensity of the chasers. It's just that the hunter profession is in the wild without pets. Certain drawbacks, congenital insufficiency, there is no way." Fleeting Time said very calmly. He didn't hear the frustration in his tone at all. On the contrary, there was a kind of excitement of being eager to give sth a try."There will be two monsters, be careful not to be surrounded." Ye Ci can understand the excitement in Fleeting Time's heart, just as she is also excited. Every top player is probably full of fight intents for insurmountable challenges. Standing on the top for too long, it really takes different heights to hone oneself.

     While talking, two sets of Naga minions arrived one after another. Since Ye Ci and Fleeting Time did not recruit pets, the two sets of Naga minions were refreshed according to their own level and strength. A group of ordinary monsters with a level of about 75. Although there are no elite monsters, there are plenty of them. The two of them kept flying and wandering on the red high ground, and the bows and arrows in their hands shot brilliant skills.

     They cooperated extremely well. They couldn't see that it was a long-lost hostile camp. The two did not communicate during the entire battle. At most, they only met occasionally, and then turned away. However, they seemed to have known each other's movements and actions a long time ago. Tactics, the degree of tacit understanding is almost horrible.

     Such high-intensity running and shooting are actually physically exhausting. Fortunately, the system was not abnormal enough to not give them time to rest, so after about ten minutes of fighting, all the two monsters fell.As the last monster screamed and fell to the ground, Ye Ci felt that her arms could not be lifted. She turned to look at Fleeting Time, but Fleeting Time looked as usual, smiled at her slightly, and then threw it at her. A bag of drinks said, "The tequila in Hero City that can restore energy the most."

     Ye Ci is not polite to Fleeting Time. He took the tequila and poured it into his mouth. Sure enough, this thing recovered quickly. After drinking it, his reddish stamina quickly became a symbol of Stamina. Energetic green. She exhaled and looked at her package. The supplies are running out. If they can't supply them in this battle, I'm afraid she will soon become a useless person.

     Fleeting Time walked to the side of the rock where Ye Ci was sitting, opened the transaction, and placed a string of various supplies, which surprised Ye Ci: "What are you doing?"

     "You have a big red name and a wanted criminal in the Hero City, do you want to tell me this? Out of ammunition and no food left." Fleeting Time cocked the corner of his mouth, regardless of Ye Ci's expression and pressed confirmation.