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Chapter Directory 361 Tacit Understanding
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci was stunned, and then cocked the corner of his mouth and said, "So generous? You know I can't afford it." Even so, Ye Ci accepted these supplies rudely. She has never been a hypocritical person. In this situation, if she does not have supplies, she will not only cause trouble for herself, but also a huge trouble for Fleeting Time who is teaming up together. Who knows how long the minions of Naga will have to delay before they end.

     Fleeting Time saw that Ye Ci had accepted the supplies and sat next to her, exhaled a big breath, looked up at the sky, and mumbled as if accidentally or deliberately, "Mine is yours. , Yours is still yours."

     Ye Ci thought that she had heard it wrong, or that she had heard a hallucination. According to the relationship between the two people, the probability of such a statement should be zero. She looked at Fleeting Time next to her with a little surprise and said: "You said what?"

     Fleeting Time took a deep breath, turned his head to look at Ye Ci, and asked, "What do you mean?"

     Ye Ci blinked and started to doubt himself, then he must have heard it wrong, it must be, this kind of words must come out only when he heard it wrong. She shrugged her shoulders: "Nothing." Then she turned her head and began to organize the supplies that Fleeting Time gave herself, placing them where she was accustomed to.Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci quietly, not knowing what he was thinking. Although he seemed to be watching Ye Ci, he didn't know where his mind went. After a while, he suddenly said, "Do you like surprises?"

     "Are you asking me?" Ye Ci was arranging the arrows, and when he heard Fleeting Time speak, he stopped what was in his hands and asked instead, pointing to himself.

     "Of course. You are the only one here besides me. Can I ask anyone else?"

     Ye Ci looked up and down the Fleeting Time. Then stared at him with a weird gaze, telling the truth: "Of course I know that there is no third person here except for the two of us. I just feel weird. My friendship with you seems not deep enough to discuss this kind of issue. That's it."

     Ye Ci's answer was honestly frustrating for Fleting Time. From what she said, she was really naked and glamorous, and she had separated herself from herself, which is what Fleting Time did not want. What's more, after Fleeting Time thinks they have gone through a lot of things, their relationship should improve, but. It doesn't seem to be the same thing for Gongzi You. According to common sense, after the occurrence of this series of things, aren't all girls more willing to determine the relationship? Why did you come here upside down? It's really helpless.Although my heart is somewhat depressed. However, Fleeting Time still did not show up. He just smiled: "Anyway, we have to wait for the next wave of monsters to arrive, and we are idle as well. It's better to just chat.

     Ye Ci is not suspicious of Fleeting Time's statement. She continued to bow her head to sort out the supplies, and then said faintly: "I don't like surprises."


     "Because surprise is a thing that is done well, it is called a surprise. If it is not done well, it is frightened." Ye Ci sorted out the last arrow, then looked up at Fleeting Time and said: "Don't you know , Many things in the world are muddled and completely collapsing because of so-called surprises?"

     Fleeting Time touched his nose. It seems a little helpless, although a little unwilling. But he really can't deny that Ye Ci is right. He wanted to say something, but the system began to remind him that a new wave of Naga minions had come. He could only put the chat aside and jumped up immediately. Now is not the time to talk about this, now the most important thing is to deal with the Naga minions.These Naga's minions seemed to be endless, wave after wave, making the two of them tired to cope. I don’t know how long time has passed. Ye Ci only feels that spirit weary, strength exhausted. This kind of fatigue is not caused by the fatigue of the game characters. It is a kind of fatigue that overflows from the inside out. It is a kind of mental stress. tired. After another wave of Naga's minions were repelled, Ye Ci lay directly on the red sandstone ground, gasping for breath.

     Fleeting Time is not necessarily better. He also lay on the side of Ye Ci, placed his body in a "big" shape, and stretched it out in the most comfortable posture.

     "The color of this map is really uncomfortable." After the two people rested silently for a while, Ye Ci spoke.


     The word "weakly and without strength" came out from the nose: "It's really uncomfortable."

     "Red represents enthusiasm. If you watch it too much, you will feel impetuous." Fleting Time just looked at the blue sky surrounded by red clouds and responded faintly: "It's really not as comfortable as green."

     "I feel very tired." Ye Ci closed his eyes, letting his world no longer have this red color.

     "Physical or mental?"

     "Very tired." Ye Ci exhaled a long breath: "You said, how many more waves are there?""I don't know." Fleeting Time's voice was mixed with a little exhaustion: "If you are really tired, go off the assembly line and rest. There is no end to staying like this."

     I didn't shirk my word, and went offline after saying goodbye to Fleeting Time. To be honest, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time never seemed to have such a tranquil and even-tempered and unsuspecting conversation. It turns out that every time they meet, they are always full of gunpowder or unclear hostility, even in Western Continent. The second cooperation is also the vigilance of there is no knowing what is in a man's heart, and the relaxation like today is really an unprecedented first time.

     Ye Ci thinks that Fleeting Time can actually be regarded as a good chat partner, at least he will not understand what he is talking about, and there will be no cognitive conflicts. This is really commendable. She sometimes thinks, maybe Fleeting Time knows herself, otherwise they would not be so speculative.

     Even if the chance of this kind of speculation is a tiny bit, once it occurs, the tacit understanding is terrible.

     This is probably the kind of saying that the person in the world who knows you best is your enemy.

     Is the enemy? Ye Ci smiled, maybe, she and Fleeting Time are strange enemies.

     And Fleeting Time turned his head and looked at the place where Ye Ci was lying just now. After a while, the deep sleepiness kept attacking his body, reminding him that the long continuous game has already made him. His body couldn't take it anymore, so he was also offline.After a night of rest, Ye Ci felt that her body and Stamina had recovered to their best condition, and then she entered the game. I didn't meet Fleeting Time in the map of Crimson Heights in the game. Ye Ci stood at the place where he was offline yesterday, tilting his head and thinking for a while whether to wait for him to go online, and finally decided to wait for him. Not to mention anything else, just talk about supplies, she really can only count on Fleeting Time. I just don't know when he will be online. Fortunately, Ye Ci's patience has always been good.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci didn't wait long to see Fleeting Time online.

     The fact that Ye Ci still did not leave on the spot surprised Fleeting Time, and then he laughed, "I thought you would leave?"

     Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at Fleeting Time, and answered calmly: “First, I don’t know if Naga’s minions will appear or not. Second, if they do, I can’t deal with it alone. I don’t want to take me. I’m joking about my experience, and finally, and most importantly, I don’t have any supplies."

     Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows higher and higher while listening to Ye Ci's words, and finally he laughed.

     "What? I said it was weird?" This made Ye Ci a little puzzled. She carefully reflected on what she had just said. Is there anything ridiculous? However, after deliberation, she did not feel that she was wrong.Fleeting Time shook his head and put his hands on his chest: "No, I just think you are the most direct and least concealed woman I have ever seen."

     "So, do you like going round the curves and skirting the corners?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows following Fleting Time.

     Fleeting Time just smiled and didn't talk. After watching Ye Ci for a while, he calmly discussed the facts and said: "I like your directness." After all, he didn't wait for Ye Ci's reaction to turn around. Leave the back to Ye Ci: "Let's go to the ruins of the cathedral, where the camp provides the supplies we need."

     Fleeting Time spoke calmly, as if this was an extremely ordinary thing, this was an extremely ordinary sentence, but Ye Ci was stunned. This is not the first time I heard the word like from Fleeting Time, but I don't know why, but Ye Ci felt that this sentence of like gave her the most shock, and she couldn't recover for a long time. It wasn't until Fleeting Time walked a few steps and didn't see her following before turning his head to look at her and said, "What's the matter?"

     At this moment, Ye Ci suddenly recovered. She glanced at Fleeting Time's dark as obsidian eyes, hurriedly lowered her eyes and stood up, took a deep breath, stabilized her mind, and walked a few steps. Fleeting Time's side only raised his head, looked at him as usual and said, "Can you keep up with me?"

     After that, she was already running towards the ruins of the cathedral.Fleeting Time listened to Ye Ci's words and was slightly stunned. He saw Ye Ci's figure was already running fast, and he rushed to follow him, but a smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

     The cathedral ruins are a map next to the Scarlet Highland. It is not high-level. It is distributed with monsters of level 65 to 70, and most of them are humanoid monsters. They are refreshed very quickly. The most popular map for players at this stage. However, there are many inconveniences to come here to level up. For example, flying from the original continent is a huge expense, and there are too many advanced maps between the hero city and the ruins of the cathedral. It is also a problem to arrive safely.

     Therefore, not many people come here to practice leveling, and they are basically the Guild team.

     Because the NPCs didn’t pay attention to Ye Ci, the purchase of supplies was solely in charge of Fleeting Time. Ye Ci stayed at the exit of the camp and waited bored. She was looking down at the stones under her feet, and suddenly listening A voice came: "Gongzi You? It really is you."

     Ye Ci looked up, saw the person coming, couldn't help but squinted his eyes, this is really meeting an old friend in a foreign place...