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Chapter Directory 365 War
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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In fact, to be honest, Fate's game is still very balanced. For any profession, for any player, with the same level and equipment, even if it is a top expert, it is still very difficult to choose one from five, but there are exceptions to everything, isn't it?

     There are many inconceivable things happening in the world because of the existence of exceptions. However, in all fairness, personally, I hate exceptions. After all, the so-called exceptions often represent the privileged class. Of course, this is not what we want to discuss in the story, so don't go too far.

     Why do top masters become top masters? In addition to operations, equipment, and levels, there are more or less things that ordinary players do not have, such as luck. It is undeniable that luck is sometimes a powerful ability of heaven-defying. If you don’t think so, then we have to say, why buy a lottery ticket, some people will win hundreds of millions, and some people will not get a dollar for a lifetime?

     This kind of explanation is equally feasible for the three people in front of them. In addition to superior operations, hard work, and excellent equipment and levels, they also have luck that other players can't have, and they finally achieved it. Current status.Most of the players who come here to level up are between 60 and 65, especially on the third floor of the cathedral. There are more than a dozen monsters refreshing points here. The speed is very fast and the number is large. Just hold one and brush for a few days. It’s not a problem. This has also become one of the leveling points for many big Guild players to compete. However, generally the big Guild’s leveling here will not be officially organized by Guild. Most of them are organized by various team leaders, only standing seven or eight. Just a refresh point is enough to do so that you can level up without offending the little Guild or casual players for being too domineering.

     After all, in the game, casual players add up to a terrible number, and the big Guilds are basically unwilling to offend these casual players. It may be difficult for casual players to make big things, but it's easy for Guild to be disgusting.

     It's just that there are few Guilds who are as arrogant and domineering as Shengshi, who just come up directly to book the venue, which is too offensive. Ye Ci didn’t know if it was Qingfeng’s own meaning. If it was his meaning, Ye Ci could only say that either Qingfeng is a silly x, or he is so excited to take the world’s bad things. The hero, thoroughly implement the hegemonic belief of walking my way and leaving others with nowhere to go.Ye Ci doesn’t really know Qingfeng, but after contacting them several times, he still knows a little about their style of doing things. It’s not difficult to see that Qingfeng is actually a low-key and extremely ambitious person. This kind of person is the least. Easy to deal with.

     There are only more than 60 players in the Flourishing World now, so it is a bit difficult for such a small number of people to book the third floor of the cathedral. However, if there are only such a few people, it also shows from the side that these players are very powerful.

     This idea was quickly confirmed. These players are extremely sharp in their operations, and with seamless heavenly clothes, even if three people first kill Healer professions such as Cleric and Priest, they have not completely succeeded many times.

     "The Cleric in the black robe at the back of their team is fucking awesome." Qiu Shui dodged the opponent dangerously without staining the dust. He set the fire, poured a sip of acceleration potion into his mouth, while dodge quickly, put down a large area of Ice Element Spell in the place where he was walking to slow down, so that the chasing soldiers could not catch up with him so quickly. If the average player encounters this kind of PVP with less to more, even if they are not in a hurry, at least they will not have time to chat, but for the three opponents, they are not nervous at all and even chat leisurely in the team channel. day."Well, he probably has some acceleration equipment on his body, and a quick dodge equipment. It is still a bit difficult to catch him." Ye Tong nodded. She had already fought against that Cleric, but that Cleric really knows how to hide. Every time when he was about to hit him, he cleverly avoided his arrows and hid behind the surrounding Warriors or Paladins, making Ye Ci's several attacks useless. .

     "The most annoying thing is that his milk is still full. If we don't kill him, we have been doing useless work." Fleeting Time said calmly. The Cleric's level is probably around 63 or 4, even if it is placed Now, he is also a relatively high-level player, and his equipment is excellent, and his position is so windy. Whenever he wants to kill him, he not only hides, but also saves a few players who are dying. It's an incomparable headache.

     "I don't want to waste it. I have no experience in playing against them. There is no benefit except making me more popular. I am too lazy to fight with them." After a while, Ye Ci finally felt annoyed. This Cleric and a Warrior are one. The seamless heavenly clothes coordinated by the Paladin allowed the three of them to return without any achievement in several joint attacks. It was precisely because of his existence that the team of more than sixty people actually fell less than ten people.This kind of war of attrition cannot be fought by the Ye Ci trio. There are only three of them. No matter how strong they are, they can’t fight dozens of others. They can only win by surprise, and ending the battle quickly is king. If time is needed If you drag it too long, the fatigue of the three people and the consumption of medicines will greatly increase the odds of the opponent.

     "What do you want to do?" Although Fleeting Time knew Ye Ci's thoughts in his heart, he still asked with a smile.

     "I want to kill them directly! Although my pet level is not as high as theirs, as long as they don't wear a mithril shirt, I can burn them directly!" I can see that Ye Ci is really annoying, so back and forth. She was a little angry with her drag war.

     "Do you want me to help you?" Fleeting Time smiled, the smile on his lips had a scent of watching the world: "Just end the battle."

     Ye Ci heard what Fleeting Time said, and suddenly began to think about something: "Are you free to ride?" "There is one." "What is it?" "Slightly worse than your War Rank." Fleeting Time squinted Keep your eyes open, but don't make it clear.Since Fleeting Time can say this, it explains at least two things. First, Fleeting Time absolutely knows that the sixth child is his pet, and he absolutely knows the War Rank situation of the sixth child: second, his air ride is also one There are few races that are extremely enchanting and can be a little bit inferior to the dragons in Fate, and they can fly even less. Could it be...

     Ye Ci didn't guess because she had already summoned Lou Liu. The sixth was panting. Although the third floor of the cathedral was very high, it could not allow the dragon to fly. For the sixth child, it is still an aggrieved thing. Fortunately, his ability to fight on land is not bad, that is, his running speed is not a little bit worse than when he was flying in the sky. Fortunately, its dragon breath can spray a long distance, which greatly relieves it because of its short legs. Awkward situation.

     However, just when the sixth child was born, Ye Ci heard a very crisp chirp around her. When she looked back, she saw a huge bird with flame feathers burning all over her body. Stand not far from yourself.Ye Ci couldn't help spit on the ground, it was Phoenix, she should have thought of it just now. The air rider that can be a little bit inferior to the dragon clan has nothing to do with the phoenix. Although the Phoenix’s War Rank is one level lower than that of the Sacred Dragon, the Phoenix has an extremely abnormal skill, which is the rebirth of Nirvana, a four-hour cooldown CD, that is, within four hours, if the Phoenix is killed in battle It can be resurrected immediately, which is more heaven-defying invisibly.

     "You are too bullying! I have no chance of winning this way!" Qiu Shui Buran Chen saw that the two men recruited two behemoths, while slacking off behind their pets, he couldn't help complaining for himself.

     "Autumn water does not stain the dust, and the act of caring about even a gold coin is really ugly." While the leader spit out the breath of the dragon at the prosperous person, Ye Ci coolly accused the scumbag of the unethical misconduct of Qiushui not staining the dust.

     Qiu Shui Burenchen obviously doesn't think it is a bad thing to be too stingy. Standing between Lao Liu and Phoenix, the old god replied: "sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower."

     It makes people vomit blood.

     If the battle between three people and a group of people in the prosperous world was an operational level competition, then the current battle has become a one-sided killing. Without mithril equipment, players can't fight against advanced creatures such as dragons and phoenixes at all.In response to Fleeting Time, the battle ended directly. From recruiting two pets to harvesting a corpse, the total time was less than one minute. In addition to the corpse of the Shengshi player, there was also a monster on the third floor of the cathedral that fell, bringing honor, experience, guilt, and a lot of dropped equipment to the three people in this minute.

     Although most people in Shengshi don't like saliva, it is inevitable that there are still people who like to talk. Among the corpses in one place, dialog boxes appeared on several corpses, filled with cordial greetings to Fleeting Time and the female members of Ye Ci's family. However, these were basically ignored by the two because of the Cleric. A dialog box popped up on his body, and he said a powerful word.

     "Aren't you too stupid to confront us directly against Shengshi? What about top masters? Can you be an enemy of the whole Shengshi?" He said very sensibly, even very reasonable, but this sensibility, this Ye Ci's reasoning is so aggressive. She sneered and sneered: "What do you want? The three of us lie down and let you take turns?""That's impossible." Then Cleric knew the basics very well. He said: "You are in the world to apologize to us, this matter is over, if you don't apologize..." Ye Ci really doesn't bother to listen to such meaningless nonsense. She turned her head and said to Qiu Shui Burenchen, "The lost equipment will be collected and sold. It will be enough for you to earn one month of leveling."

     "Ah, Gongzi You, you are a real person!" Qiu Shui Burenchen immediately went to collect the equipment happy and excited.

     "We want to share it." Fleting Time absolutely didn't want Qiu Shui to be dusty after one's heart, and said something that made Qiu Shui not be dusted and almost fell to the bottom of his heart, making his steps to pick up equipment suddenly staggered.

     Cleric saw that the three people were not listening to him at all, and some of them fly into a rage out of humiliation: "Gongzi You, Fleeting Time, you will regret it!"

     However, what responded to his words was that the two turned and left their backs and Qiu Shui Burenchen calmly picked up the equipment and trot for joy.This map is not too big, and the cemetery is relatively close, so when the three Ye Ci walked out of the cathedral, it was no surprise that they met Shengshi players again. However, this time the scale was obviously larger than before. Ye Ci stood on the stairs of the cathedral, looked down, and gathered a dense crowd of players. To be less, there were four or five hundred people. The leader was the Cleric just now. He pointed at Ye Ci: "Gongzi You, Fleeting Time, autumn water does not stain the dust, I said just now, you will regret it." Before his words fell, he heard a roar of arrows, and the arrows with the flames passed straight through. Up his throat. This arrow came too fast, so fast that everyone did not see how Gongzi You made it, and the arrow had already taken Cleric to the cemetery again with huge damage.

     Next, there was another melee. Although the battle this time could be carried out compared to the old six and the Phoenix, it was not easy. Due to the large open space, the players in the Prosperous World seemed to be prepared. They drank the acceleration potions one after another, running scared of flying, and kite two air riders while running, so that Dodge and Dodge was knocked out by them.However, facing this kind of pet is still in vain. Although it was not sprayed by the dragon's breath, some blood was still injured. The Cleric were unable to learn from the players far away. They went around several times. A lot of players were damaged by the edge. While the three of Ye Ci were still chasing and fighting, they suddenly heard Cleric yell: "Don’t panic, everyone! Reinforcements are coming soon!" Ye Ci was really big head when he heard these words. She has no intention of continuing to entangle with Sheng Shi, after all, she is not idle all day to do PVP with them specifically, originally thinking that this batch is finished, she rode the sixth to leave this place of right and wrong, now if there is another batch Reinforcement, then when will it be the head?

     People in Shengshi are not afraid of death, she is a waste of time!

     Obviously, Cleric’s words didn’t make the players in the prosperous age below much excitement. They are now fighting the air cavalry, which is completely strike a stone with egg. Even if there are more reinforcements, they will not come and die. Even if Cleric keeps encouraging everyone, the player's interest in Shengshi is not very high.

     Just when Ye Ci felt that the war was about to end, she suddenly heard a familiar voice saying: "Gongzi You, long time no see."

     Ye Ci stabilized the sixth child, lowered it slightly, and then saw the person coming. Her gaze swept over him, and she didn't know how to respond to his greeting for a while.