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Chapter Directory 367 You Are Not My Opponent
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 61 You are not my opponent

     Ye Ci looked at Dong Yin, and suddenly she was a little strange. She clearly remembered that Dong Yin was Warrior. How come she is holding a Magic Staff in a body motion gown? It should be impossible to establish a second character in Fate, let alone change the profession on the basis of the original character. So how did Dong Yin change from a Warrior to a Sorcerer? Could it be that my memory is wrong? In fact, she has always been a Sorcerer, but she has become a Warrior by herself?

     Ye Ci deeply reviewed his memory and felt that he was still very young and his memory was very good. There would be no such fundamental mistakes. In that case, what method did Dong Yin use to change his career?

     She stood on top of the sixth child and looked at Dong Yin quietly, with hatred on her face, and the coldness of her eyes, and she couldn't help but hook her mouth. She let the sixth child land and stopped in front of Dong Yin and Yi Cang. Lao Liu flapped the huge fleshly wings and fell down. The strong wind brought up by its wings blew Dong Yin's robes up, exposing white and slender legs, which looked quite (of houses, scenery etc ) magnificent.

     Ye Ci looked at Dong Yin and did not speak, because she felt that she had nothing to say. To her, Dong Yin is a thing of the past, and Ye Ci has always had nothing to say or comment on the past. of."Ye Ci, light up the weapon!" Dong Yin saw that Ye Ci did not speak, and repeated it again, this time her tone was softer than the last time. Ye Ci didn't think it was because Dong Yin was still thinking about some old feelings that he let go. This was just a reason to beat the two armies. Fight once, fail again, and exhaust after three. This is called a formation. If the opponent is always called to refrain from a fight, the side of the formation will become impetuous and courageous due to the opponent's refusal, which is very bad for the engagement.

     Ye Ci turned his gaze on Dong Yin to Yi Cang, and saw that Yi Cang was wearing a paladin armor, standing quietly not far from Dong Yin, with something called indifference condensed on his face. The expression, I don’t know if it is for myself or Dong Yin or for the whole world. She smiled and said to Yi Cang, "Yi Cang, did you come to me to show the weapon?"

     Yi Cang didn't seem to expect Ye Ci to call his own name. He was taken aback for a moment before answering: "Yes."

     "Then why don't you come first? Ladies first?" Ye Ci smiled lightly, just like they used to be in childhood. Looking at Ye Ci's smile, Yi Cang was a little dazed for a while. He paused before walking forward, walked to Dong Yin's side, and whispered to her: "I'll come first."Dong Yin looked back at him, there was a persistent persistence in his eyes. There was no dialogue between them. They just looked at each other quietly for a while. Finally, Yi Cang lowered his eyes, sighed and retreated, and raised his head to Ye. Ci said, "This is Yinyin's choice."

     "Really?" Ye Ci smiled slightly and looked at Dong Yin in a blink of an eye. The more people who don't like to talk, they often speak surprisingly, but he didn't expect Dong Yin, who has always been hiding behind people, to rush to the front line. That day.

     "Ye Ci, light up the weapon." Dong Yin said this sentence for the third time. This time, he was not as aggressive as the previous two, and turned into a statement. In this statement, Ye Ci could not hear any emotion, as deep as an empty well.

     "Dong Yin, you are not my opponent." Ye Ci only faintly stated the fact that she respects every opponent, but she doesn't want to fight a duel that she knows will win, which is boring. In Ye Ci's view, the meaning of life lies in countless unknown suspense, not in known results.

     "How do you know if you don't try it?" Dong Yin snorted coldly. She waved the Magic Staff in her hand. She was very energetic: "Ye Ci, sometimes being too confident is not a good thing."Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and thought for a while and said, "I respect every opponent. Do you know what respect is for opponents on the battlefield?"

     "What?" Dong Yin asked with a dazed expression.

     "Just use your best." Ye Ci sighed: "Dong Yin, how much time do you think you can stop me from using my best?"

     "You don't talk nonsense! Come down and fight me if you have the kind! Don't be there chirping, I don't have the time and the mood to listen to your unreasonable reason!" Dong Yin's complexion sank, some fly into a rage out of Humiliation, she said loudly: "I know that you are a great god, but can the great god guarantee victory in every battle? Do you think we have little people like us in their early days? You also think too much of yourself!"

     Ye Ci thinks highly of himself? of course not. She thinks that Dong Yin must have some heaven-defying equipment, which will enable her to transform from Warrior to Sorcerer, and since Dong Yin is so sure to come to fight with herself, it means that this thing has something for her. It is very fatal. Dong Yin feels that he has at least 50% certainty to challenge himself.However, Dong Yin seems to be a little wrong. In pvp, equipment and level are important, but the most important thing is experience, but Dong Yin, who has only been in contact with the game for a year and a half, is technically stronger than the reborn Ye Ci in terms of experience? What's more, Ye Ci was also a Sorcerer in his previous life, and no one knows the operation of Sorcerer better than her.

     This is the main reason why Ye Ci is sure that Dong Yin is not his opponent, nothing else.

     "Since you are so sure, come on." Ye Ci smiled.

     "You hurry down, do you still have to ride a mount with me?" Dong Yin glared at the behemoth in front of him, angrily.

     Ye Ci laughed and laughed out: "Dong Yin, you don't think this dragon is just my mount. I am a hunter. Hunters can recruit pets. Don't you know that?"

     "Did you say this is your pet?" Dong Yin's voice suddenly increased a few points, and it was a bit harsh.

     "Why? No? Do you think my pets can only be cats and dogs?" Ye Ci's voice was a little indifferent.

     Dong Yin obviously did not expect that this dragon was Ye Ci's pet. She always thought that this dragon was Ye Ci's mount: "How is this possible?""Dong Yin, you have turned over the biggest problem in pk." Ye Ci jumped from the sixth, standing in front of the sixth, looking at Dong Yin, who is not too far away from him, with his hands on his hips leisurely. Said.

     "What?" Dong Yin looked at Lao Liu's face a little pale.

     "Know yourself, know your enemy, you won’t even know what equipment I have or what pets you have, so you rush to challenge yourself, even if you have heaven-defying equipment, don’t you think it’s a build a cart behind closed doors? Is it?" Ye Ci's voice did not fluctuate at all, as if facing a stranger indifferently and remotely. In fact, for Ye Ci, this was indeed a stranger.

     Dong Yin's face turned paler, and her hand holding Magic Staff trembled slightly, and she couldn't say a word.

     "Are you still fighting?" The sixth child dropped his head and pressed the big head to Ye Ci's cheek. Ye Ci reached out and stroked the sixth child's lips, and asked Ye Ci very easily, and the sixth child was extremely enjoying it. Ye Ci squinted his eyes comfortably with his caressing, but this doesn't mean that the domineering arrogance from his body has disappeared, but it puts more pressure on people.

     "Hit..." Dong Yin stared at Ye Ci for a long time before trembling and speaking out his unwavering decision.The moment she spoke, Ye Ci lowered her head and looked at her fingers, and blew her nails leisurely, while the old six who stood behind her breathed out with a breath of dragon, and all that was left on the ground was Dong Yin's body is gone.

     "I said, you are not my opponent. Dragon's breath is continuous damage. No one can hold it under the dragon's breath for more than five seconds, let alone you a Sorcerer with brittle and blood thin skin." Ye Ci blows his nails as he blows his nails. He said lightly, as if Dong Yin's life and death had nothing to do with him: "Are you coming? The cemetery here is very close. If you want to come, I will wait for you."

     Dong Yin's body quickly became a skeleton. Dong Yin was resurrected again. She just recovered and rushed to Ye Ci: "Come again!"

     And what greeted her was another breath of dragon.

     In this way, the cycle comes back to the start, and I don’t know how many times later, Dong Yin who was lying on the ground with only blood skin shouted oneself hoarse: "I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it! Ye Ci, why all the good things are It’s occupied by you alone! You operate well and have a high level, and you can still hit Dungeon. He Xiao’s eyes will always be on you. Even if you oppose each other with equal harshness, he still can’t let go of you! I’m not convinced! Why am I? I can't beat you! Why I can't beat you! I want to prove that I am better than you!! It turns out that if we are friends, you can be so selfish that you don't help me at all! Love doesn't help me, friendship doesn't help me, so still What do you want!"Ye Ci couldn't help rolling his eyes when listening to Dong Yin's words. Where are these? She couldn't help her head full of black lines, how could she listen to Dong Yin's words so wrong and so awkward! She obviously has nothing good with that Thousand Sunsets. Why did she say it out of her mouth and feel that she has become her love rival? This is everything in disorder: "Thousand Sunsets just wants to use me to make his own Career, and I just don’t want to be used by others. It’s that simple. Also, your rival is Peacock Blue, not me."

     Dong Yin struggled from the ground and sat up, waiting for Ye Ci to look like a poisonous snake. She yelled and rushed up: "Ye Ci, go to death!"

     This time, without waiting for the sixth man to do his hands, Ye Ci has already moved and disappeared. When her shadow reappears, Dong Yin has fallen to the ground, and Ye Ci is standing behind Dong Yin. The dagger was inserted in the waist, turned to look at her and said quietly: "I said, you are not my opponent."

     Having said that, she directly crossed Yi Cang and walked towards the sixth child, and said as she walked: "If you still want to die, you might as well get some superb help. For me, fighting that is too difficult is completely uninteresting. "She walked to Lao Liu's side, jumped up, and lifted Lao Liu to fly away.