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Chapter Directory 368 On A Business Trip
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci flew very fast, as if something terrible on this map was chasing her, the sixth huge fleshly wings waved in the air, bringing up a stream of air currents, making it impossible for others to approach.

     Ye Ci's mind is full of Dong Yin's distorted face just now. She just thinks it is funny, and has no other feelings.

     She suddenly understood what Bai Mo said, no one in this world can accompany another person for a lifetime, and only ourselves can accompany me, but in this long and lonely journey from life to death, There will be many people, maybe we like it, or we don't like it. However, it is these people who decorate our entire life journey and make it happiness or sorrow.

     If Ye Ci had complained about Dong Yin in the previous life, but in this life, she felt that it was nothing. Everyone has the hope that everyone will live. She is not qualified to comment on others from her own perspective, although she does not agree with Dong. Yin thought, but understood her. What's more, it is precisely because of her existence that in my childhood, there have been many happy past events.

     Yes, she should thank her.

     The appearance of spare no pains or effort in her past days made her life very lively.Ye Ci thinks that in this life, her heart is getting stronger and stronger. Instead of blame the gods and accuse others, she chose to pick up Lou. No matter what the process, no matter what the result, she chose to accept and face it with a smile.

     "That person hates you very much?" I don't know when Phoenix from Fleeting Time caught up with Ye Ci. He stood on Phoenix's back and flew side by side with Ye Ci's sixth child, and asked faintly in the team chat.

     "Why do you ask?" Ye Ci turned his head a little strangely and looked at Fleeting Time not far away.

     "If you are tired and don't hate you to the bone, you won't know how to lose to you, so you will rush up to die again and again. I think she has a strong feeling that I will die if you die today. I want to be so. People with extreme emotions probably hate you." Fleeting Time cast his gaze to the distance, where golden sunlight shot out from the clouds, shining on the human body, coated with a layer of golden light. It is really brilliant enough."Hate?" Ye Ci also looked at the golden sun in the sky. The light was so brilliant that she had to squint her eyes. She carefully pondered the phrase "Fleeting Time", then shook her head and chuckled: "Don't Speaking of hate, the feeling of hate is too strong, and too extreme. Besides, there is no hate for love? I think she hates me at most, and can't reach the point where she hates." "This is really rare, and some people think. I hate you?" Liu Dong has always been a short-term person. He thinks that the person he likes will love the house and its crow and love everything about her, including her shortcomings. But now that he hears the words of dislike coming out of Ye Ci's mouth, he really feels a little unhappy.

     "Are there few people who hate me?" Ye Ci laughed haha. "Go through the comments on the forums and the followers below. I hate me almost like shit. There are many people who have more than her. What's the problem?"

     Fleeting Time turned his head and glanced at Ye Ci. He had never seen such a bright smile on Ye Ci's face. Moreover, her open-mindedness made Fleeting Time respect. Most people who can tease themselves have a strong heart. And most people with a strong heart will also have a strong life.The two of them were saying this without a word, and suddenly Fleeting Time received a secret phrase from Absalom: "I said, Gongzi You are with you?" Fleeting Time is a weird one. It is an inconceivable. He immediately went around. After taking a look, there was no third person besides himself and Ye Ci in the vast sky, so how did this Absalom know? "You installed a remote sensing probe on me?"

     "No, no, there is absolutely no such thing." Absalom immediately denied how it was possible, not to mention that even if there is no such thing in the game, even if there is such a thing, it is impossible to make such a dishonest helmet thing. He is at most looking for someone. Just stare at him.

     "Then how did you know that Gongzi You was with me?" Fleeting Time was full of strangeness. No one should know his whereabouts. Where did the gossip man, Absalom, know it.

     "Yeah! It's actually true." Absalom looked quite excited.

     "What do you mean by me?" Fleeting Time's eyes narrowed. It seems that this guy hasn't been beaten for a long time, and his skin is itchy again."Where, I heard from Guild's people, it seems that you have seen your windy phoenix in the abandoned cathedral, and there is a dragon next to it. I guess if you are with Gongzi You, so I try my luck and ask. I didn't expect that you were really together." Of course Absalom would not tell Fleeting Time. In order to prevent this guy from disappearing suddenly, people often report his trail to him. Otherwise, he will probably be pinched to death by Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time's eyes were narrowed. He would never believe the coincidence Absalom said. He didn't bother to pursue this gossip man's careful thoughts, and asked the point directly: "Say, what's the matter?" "Oh, you inform. Gongzi You said, we are going to start building the city defense in two days so that she can get her in place." Absalom also seemed to be very busy, did not continue to talk to Fleeting Time, and directly explained the purpose of finding Fleeting Time and hung up the news. .Fleeting Time thought for a while, and then told Ye Ci the news, and then asked: "You can't go back to Eastern Continent through the teleportation stone, so how do you plan to go to the Western Continent? Do you fly there directly?" Ye Ci gave it a go Time, and then sighed: "Yes, I can't find other ways to go to the Western Continent. However, if I go to the Western Continent, where will Absalom let me stay? Can't let me Just stay on a map, besieged by people from your western mainland, I can't run away."

     "This" is indeed a problem. Fleeting Time contacted Absalom, but Absalom has turned off the secret. It can be seen that something is really going on. He simply said: "I will fly over with you. In this case, there will be a caring for you along the way."

     Ye Ci looked at Fleeting Time and did not immediately agree. She thought for a while and said, "Okay, thank you." The joy of the journey from the mainland to the western continent made him completely ignore this feeling.

     The time to fly from the Central Continent to the four Eastern Continents is the same. Therefore, it didn’t take long for the two of them to fly to the Western Continent. Fleeting Time brought Ye Ci to the sky above the map for the construction of the city defense, and Ye Ci got off. Line up.Although I don't know what will happen in the next few days, I can know that it is an extremely time-consuming thing, so Ye Ci plans to take a good rest and preserve and nurture one's spirit.

     On the day the city defense was built, Ye Ci went online. When she first went online, she saw a phoenix on fire next to her. She was taken aback for a while, and then she saw Fleeting Time. "Why? I haven't been offline?" "It's offline, and I've only been online soon. I'm afraid you can't find anyone when you're online, so I'll wait for you where you're offline." Fleeting Time said calmly, as if this It's an extremely common thing, but Ye Ci sounds a little touched, and this person's mind is actually very detailed. Actually, I also thought about what to do if I couldn’t find someone to respond to when I went online. I signed a contract with Absalom. It is impossible for everyone in Guild to know about this kind of thing. She and Absalom are hostile to the mainland and can’t. It is really inconvenient to send secret words.But she did not expect that the person she was worried about had already thought of it, and done it properly, so she had to be moved in her heart: "Thank you." "You are welcome." Fleeting Time just smiled, and then switched to Phoenix. The head flew downwards: “Let’s go, Absalom is waiting for you.” It’s strange to say that after being locked up in the prison in Hero City for a few days, it was precisely from Fleeting Time that he said “I like it. "After that, when they met again, the relationship seemed to become a little more subtle. It turns out that when they meet, they always fight and kill, no matter whether they try their best, whether it’s true or not, they always have to fight in the dark, and the guy Fleting Time has always been cheap, and he always plays with himself on the World Channel. After a while, it's finished if you jump your feet with anger. But now, they seem to have become a very ordinary and ordinary relationship, more familiar than strangers, and stranger than acquaintances. Speaking neither salty nor indifferent, the action never oversteps.

     Although Ye Ci hoped not to marry this guy more than once, when she saw a Fleeting Time that was completely different from before, she suddenly felt a little at a loss to know what to do. Fleeting Time, which has an itchy mouth, can be beaten and killed, so how do you deal with the current Fleeting Time?After thinking for a while without a clue, Ye Ci suddenly felt that he was really boring. What is there to think about this kind of thing? They are hostile to the mainland. It is an indisputable fact that they will kill when they meet. Why waste brain cells? Thinking of this, Ye Ci didn't think much anymore, and directly manipulated the sixth child to quickly keep up with Fleeting Time and went to Absalom.

     Absalom didn’t talk to Ye Ci about this and that too much. After all, it’s an important moment in Genesis. Whether they can become the overlord of the Western Continent not just in name only, but also in reality depends on whether this city defense can be built. Up. In fact, Ye Ci knows that this time, Genesis’s city defense construction can be much more difficult than the time when it was built every day. Let’s not talk about the time bomb of Shengshi, just the Upward Ho’s construction of the city’s defense. Guild who was waiting and watching this time is definitely They won’t hold back one’s troops without moving. Even if they don’t know what’s inside the city defense, they must come to make trouble. After all, this can hurt Genesis’s vitality and development will not be so fast.

     There are no eternal friends or enemies in the world.

     Even if there are some unfair things in Guild in normal times, but now, when facing the common wrongdoer, Genesis, they will definitely join hands and do sth when least expected.Absalom naturally thought of this. Ye Ci found that he had placed heavy soldiers everywhere near the city defense. As for himself, he only needed to solve the prosperity, but he didn't need to participate in the Western Continent gang battle. In fact, Ye Ci knew that the reason why Absalom only allowed himself to deal with Prosperity and not Western Continent’s other Guilds was also helpless. After all, whether Genesis or Genesis’s hostile Guild, Ye Ci is a glamorous honor. If this is the case Everyone understands the dragon breath.

     What's more, Ye Ci doesn't like to be nosy. The contract she signed with Absalom is just to set fire to prevent theft and flourish. She doesn't care about other things. She rode her first six and flew to the sky above the border between the map and the teleporting stone. From here, we can observe whether anyone has entered the map or see if anyone is coming through the teleporting stone. It's really a good position. As long as someone shows up, as long as someone from the prosperous age shows up, she has only the Leader to spit out the breath of the old six, and she just waits for the honor value to be received.

     And all she needs to pay is a little bit of rations for her sixth child. In fact, overall, this is still a slack job, which is very time-consuming.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci is very patient.

     The first day passed, and the prosperity did not appear, but the Genesis carried on intimately with.The next day passed, the prosperous age still did not appear, and Genesis had entered a white-hot war, even if she was far away there, she could faintly hear the sound of ear-splitting battles, accompanied by explosions from time to time. The voice came, and it seemed that for this war, both Genesis and Guild, who came to attack Genesis, had made full preparations, and everyone had lost their money.

     Until the third day, Genesis still did not appear.

     Ye Ci sat on the sixth child and yawned boredly. Maybe Absalom had miscalculated this time. How could Shengshi fall on the same stone twice? Let’s not say that they invited themselves to collect the teleportation stone and the border of the map. , It is said that Genesis itself also has the fellow Fleting Time, and his Phoenix is not a vegetarian. It seemed that this time, I was picking up three thousand elites for nothing.

     Just as Ye Ci was watching the time leisurely, waiting for the end of the final battle, her whisper channel suddenly rang.

     She came here on a "business trip" to greet everyone in the union. There shouldn't be anyone looking for herself. Isn't there anything important in Guild? Ye Ci's heart sank, and he quickly connected the secret message, only to find that it was a stranger and did not show his name. Who could it be?

     To pick up or not to pick up? Ye Ci hesitated for a while, and finally got connected. There was no other reason, just because it was so boring to stay here alone."Gongzi You?" The other party is a very nice female voice, this voice is like a glass of aged red wine, and the meat is soft, flowing into the heart, and people can't help but feel a little drunk.

     "I am." But Ye Ci was not sure she knew this voice, she hesitated: "Who are you?"

     The other party smiled lowly, and then calm and unhurried replied: "Gongzi You, Lou is Huashang.,