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Chapter Directory 369 Refuse
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The same name is not allowed in Fate, so Ye Ci thinks, there is only one Huashang she knows.

     That is the Huashang of the prosperous age, the breezy wife Huashang, the Huashang who almost aspired the top Rogue in the previous life.

     However, what Ye Ci doesn’t understand is that she seems to have nothing to do with Huashang. If she has to say yes, it’s the short contact in the sand snake and sand sea. If it’s bigger, it’s her and Shengshi. If there is a mismatch, it is equivalent to a mismatch with the guild leader's wife. In addition, she really couldn't think of anything that she could talk to with Huashang.

     Of course, the most important thing is that now she is in the Western Continent, and Huashang is from Eastern Continent. If she is not in the Central or Western Continent, she can't send herself secret words. With that said, where is this Huashang now?

     "Are you in the Western Continent?" Ye Ci paused for a while after hearing Huashang's self-report, and then asked directly.

     Huashang was taken aback for a moment. She probably didn't expect that the first sentence Gongzi You said to her was actually this. After a while, she smiled: "Gongzi You is Gongzi You, so I didn't say anything. I have already guessed where I am." "Are you near me?" Since Huashang is in the western continent, Ye Ci felt it was a natural thing to guess."I'm in a place where you can see you, but it's hard for you to see me." Huashang smiled. She really likes dealing with smart people, so that neither saliva nor time nor time will be wasted. IQ.

     Ye Ci stood on the back of the sixth child, adjusted his position, and carefully observed the ground and various buildings underneath him. He didn't find Huashang. It seemed that this woman was well concealed. "What is it for me?" "If I say hello to you, will you believe it if you are tired? After all, we are from the mainland." Hua Shang smiled lightly, her voice very relaxed.

     Ye Ci smiled with her chuckle: "This is a good reason. If you believe it, I can also believe it." Huashang was not talking, she laughed lowly, and then said, "Just I'm afraid I believe it, and you won't believe it." She didn't say this in a loud voice. Ye Ci didn't hear too clearly. However, she didn't bother to ask. She always felt that there was nothing between herself and Huashang. What to say. Since there is nothing to say, it doesn't really matter if you can hear what she is saying.

     Gongzi You was not keen on her own words. Huashang naturally noticed it. She sighed. This is really hard to handle."If it is convenient, can we come down? Let's talk about it." Hua Shang had already walked out of Stealth state when she said this. Ye Ci only discovered that she was hiding in a cellar, and she was still in Stealth state, obediently, how could she find her in this way.

     "I don't think there is anything to discuss between us." Ye Ci directly rejected Huashang's proposal without even thinking about it. What's more, now she's leaving the job without permission during her part-time job, causing bad consequences. Those three thousand elites are the chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken. Ye Ci has never been a curious person. Even if the other party is the first wife of Shengshi, she has no need to go down.

     Huashang didn't expect Ye Ci to reject herself so directly. All her words were choked for a while, and she couldn't say a word. After a long time, she had to find a word for herself and said: "Don't you wonder why I am looking for you?"

     Ye Ci lowered the sixth child this time, hung his head in the air and looked down at Hua Shang and smiled softly: "I'm not curious." After these words, Ye Ci successfully saw Hua Shang's face turned black. It's not very good to think about it.Hua Shang sighed. She should have known that Gongzi You is definitely a hard bone. She seems to have never had a good impression of Shengshi, not to mention that Shengshi has been handed over with her several times. In this case, it seems that besides being patient, she also needs A bit cheeky, so after Hua Shang paused for a few seconds, he spoke again: "Gongzi You, can we not be the enemy?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, the expression on her face was very strange, and her voice was also Can't hear the emotions: "Huh?"

     "How about reconciling with you on behalf of Sheng Shi?" Huashang looked at Ye Ci in midair and sighed. She had a bad feeling that she would return without any achievement in today's negotiations.

     "Reconciliation?" Ye Ci suddenly laughed and said, "Shengshi reconciled with me? Huashang, don't you think this is a joke? Your people from Shengshi besieged me, and you besieged us Guild. Now you come to me like no one else. Speaking of reconciliation with me? Although I don’t know what your Shengshi is making, don’t you think it’s too much for Shengshi to come to me for reconciliation in this situation?

     If I agree to reconciliation, wouldn't I be overwhelmed? ,,

     Ye Ci is not a person who likes to talk too much, let alone someone who doesn't catch a cold with him, and he doesn't want to talk too much, but she said a lot in this tone, which shows the anger in her heart.So let's take a step back. "Hua Shang sees the reconciliation is not justified," she had to sigh, and she looked up at Ye Ci: "Your mithril, I bought it at a high price. "After saying this, Ye Ci was stunned. She looked at Huashang with an almost inconceivable gaze, and she didn't know what to say for a while. There was only one question in her mind at this moment. How did they know mithril? How did Shengshi know that they had mithril in their hands?

     Even if the city defense is built, the only people who know what is inside the city defense are only a few high-level members of Upward Ho. Other players have no idea why the city defense was built there. It is calculated that the battle that day was only completed as a Guild Quest. of. Come to think of it, Genesis is like this now. Only a few high-level leaders know about the existence of the mithril vein. So, where did Shengshi know about it?

     If you froze for too long, it will definitely make Huashang see the flaws. Therefore, Ye Ci just paused and replied with a calm expression: "I don't understand what you are talking about." For Ye Ci's answer, It seemed that Huashang had expected it a long time ago. She just smiled: "Gongzi You, you don’t talk secretly, the place where you built the city defense that day, and what is behind the city defense in Genesis today, you won’t I really think this is something that God knows and you know I don't know."Ye Ci's gaze gradually cooled down. She looked at Huashang quietly. She ignored her or denied anything, but kept her consistent indifference. After a long time, she suddenly laughed: "Even so, then So what? Does this have anything to do with your prosperity?"

     "Gongzi You, you don’t know why Shengshi is praised." Huashang played with the dagger in his hand, his voice was calm and light: "Although the reputation is not very good, but, I think, as long as it is a game, I hear Shengshi’s None of these two words is not a headache.

     A game is still helpless to us, Gongzi You, you won’t think you’re a little

     Guild can resist us. "

     "Are you threatening me?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows.

     "How is it possible? I have never liked to use violence to control violence, although that is a very direct method." Hua Shang's lips curled up. "I always like to live in peace with others, I think, Gongzi You I hope I can live together peacefully."

     Ye Ci looked at Huashang in front of her, the extremely enchanting face lining her lips and the smile on her lips turned out to have an extremely charming charm. Such arrogant words came out of her mouth, and there was something that people couldn’t refute. pressure.Isn't this a threat yet? Ye Ci sneered silently. She calmed and unhurried and said: "Hua Shang, according to your prosperous style, if you are really sure to win Upward Ho, you won’t come to talk nonsense with me. Even if I am personally capable, it’s better than Since you are insignificant after all, I believe you will definitely not come to me because you are scrupulous about me. According to your statement, using violence to control violence is the best way, and I think the same way. We Upward Ho didn’t that day. If I am afraid of you, I will not be afraid of you today."

     "So, you still refused?" Hua Shang sighed, and she knew that this was the final result. Gongzi You is not wrong at all. For Shengshi, Upward Ho is small,

     It is a time bomb that cannot be touched. It is in front of the way that Shengshi dominates Fate. Although this bomb is very small, it involves too many things. There is really no way to get rid of it. This is the flower. Shang came to find the purpose of Ye Ci today.

     Although the mithril vein is indeed one of the purposes, it is just a side product of destroying Upward Ho. But now it seems that it is impossible to win Upward Ho without abandoning a single soldier. This battle will undoubtedly be fought. Although it seems that from the current situation, there is still some time to wait for Shengshi to fight Upward Ho, but it can be foreseen that in the future, this battle will not be easy to fight."I'm waiting for you to kill Upward Ho." Ye Ci smiled, Xia Rong on her lips was full of mockery.

     Huashang finally gave up the idea of talking to Ye Ci, and said: "Well, in that case, we will see you again in the future."

     Shang looked at Ye Ci, paused, and said, "I have an unsympathetic request." "What?"

     "When we see you later, let's fight a battle. ...

     Ye Ci smiled slightly: "Okay." "That's goodbye." Hua Shang said, throwing a smoke bomb in front of him, and the sky full of white mist floated. Ye Ci immediately picked up the sixth child and flew towards the sky. Look, where is Huashang's figure.

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci was stunned. Fleeting Time had come to Ye Ci's side riding a phoenix. He looked at the white mist and frowned and said, "The Rogue of the Prosperous Age?"

     "Well, I don't deny that it's a hu word. She pondered for a moment, then turned to the peach-looking face and said: "Fleeting Time"