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Chapter Directory 372 Forgotten Key
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

"What?" Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci, inevitably nervous.

     "Your past has nothing to do with me." Ye Ci spoke slowly. As she said, she felt that her heart suddenly opened up to a wide panorama. Some things are like this. Before you speak, you just feel that the cutting is still messy, but when you really decide to say it, you realize that, in fact, it's just like this. Why did you never figure out such simple things? Ye Ci now feels like this.

     Fleeting Time's heart sank. I didn't know what to say. I just looked at Ye Ci, but heard it continue to say: "What I have to do with me is your present and future."

     "Huh?" Fleeting Time was taken aback for a moment. He didn't know what was wrong. His brain seemed to freeze suddenly. How could he not understand anything that was originally organized after hearing Ye Ci's words. What is related to her is her present and future. What does this mean?

     He looked at Ye Ci with a tangled expression and didn't look as smart as usual. Ye Ci glanced at him from the corner of his eye, then retracted his gaze without speaking. The corners of the mouth are cocked, but the heart is laughing, why? Silly? Don’t you understand something so simple?After thinking about it for a while, Fleeting Time finally understood Ye Ci's Ye Ci, but his eyebrows wrinkled again. Why is this different from what was shown on TV? It seems that Absalom once complained to him that it was a very wordy thing to persuade a woman to accept him, so he had already prepared for it, but what is the situation now? Why did you skip the middle process and skip to the end? This is not right, this is different from the script, is it the way he opened it just now?

     "You mean..." Fleeting Time thought about it for a while, and then slowly, cautious and solemn asked, "Aren't you angry just now?"

     Ye Ci glanced at Fleeting Time. She thinks this person is not very smart? Why is the understanding of certain things so poor? However, Ye Ci does not intend to let Fleeting Time think about it on its own. There are often only two results of things that you can't say clearly and let others think about it, or the other party is thinking about it. Or it's just over-understanding. In short, Ye Ci likes to explain things directly and clearly. Even if you regret later, you don't need to be ambiguous. So, she decided to make it clearer.

     "You said you like me. Are you planning to go back?""No!" Fleeting Time immediately shook his head, and his heart suddenly lifted up. Today was a thrilling day, he felt his heart was running up and down. Let him feel the pain of the heart patient in advance.

     "Although I don't know how to respond to your liking, I think I can give it a try." Ye Ci turned his head and looked at Fleeting Time with a faint smile.

     "Try it?" Fleeting Time felt his mind confused again. He has never felt this way. He has always been smart and has strong logical ability, and his understanding ability is even better, but. At this moment, it seemed that these abilities had all gone away from him. Only the most stupid and inconceivable side of him was left in his mind, leaving him confused. "try what?"

     Fleeting Time now looks really stupid. He just looked at himself straight, repeating his words, his face full of tension and anxiety. As if a child who has done something wrong is quietly waiting for the final sentence of his parents, Ye Ci really wants to laugh. However, the current atmosphere seemed to be a little bit unpleasant to laugh out of, so she resisted, and answered his question seriously, which was really choking: "Try to like you."Fleeting Time blinked, then blinked again. At this moment, his heart suddenly wanted to stop beating. Not only did it stop beating, but his breathing also stopped. He just looked at Ye Ci like this, for fear that it was a dream, and as long as he lost his mind, he would wake up without a trace. After a while, he finally determined that it was true. He lowered his head and took a deep breath, feeling a little ashamed of his own restraint and his clumsiness. Then, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Ci: "Little childe, I have a question."

     "What's the problem?" Ye Ci is in a good mood now. The things that have been stuck in her heart are all solved at once, making her feel full of vitality. Isn't life like this, living in the present, no matter what tomorrow will happen.

     "Didn't you always dislike me? Have you always hated me? Why did you agree to me suddenly?" Fleeting Time now feels dizzy. He always thinks he has to go a lot to get Gongzi You's response. Not to mention the 25,000 miles of the Long March, at least 15,000 miles, but, after working hard for a long time, why suddenly jumped directly to the perfect ending? Is this too fantastic? He felt like he was hit in the head by a pie.Ye Ci also began to think about this question, yes, why did he agree? Just to live in the moment? Not all. She looked at the good-looking face of Fleeting Time, but she felt like a world away. In the last life, the closest distance between her and him seemed to be just so close. At that time, his fierceness and cruelty really made her unforgettable. But in this life, she originally only wanted to defeat him, but she didn't want to, accidentally, before she knew it, they were getting closer and closer.

     So she laughed, quiet and beautiful: "Because you are Fleeting Time."

     Fleeting Time just sent Ye Ci to the border of the western mainland. In fact, according to Fleeting Time’s idea, he wanted to go directly to the central mainland with Ye Ci. However, Ye Ci also knew that the city defense of Genesis had just been repaired, and there were many more. Things need to be done. At this time when manpower is needed, Absalom will never release Fleeting Time, so the two said goodbye on the border.

     Compared with Ye Ci's relaxed suit, Fleeting Time is full of grievances. At this time, he was reluctant to go back. Ye Ci looked at his resentful face and thought about Absalom's days for a while, and suddenly felt very happy.Naga’s minions are not chasing for the time being. Although Ye Ci doesn’t know when their next attack will be, waiting for “have nothing to do” is not the same thing. She remembered the graveyard behind the cathedral and wanted to turn on Elven. King Dorgon empty tomb needs a bow, I don't know where to find this bow. In Ye Ci's mind, there are two NPCs who know this thing best and are the most straightforward. One is Natasha and the other is the ghost of the sting bee.

     But it doesn't seem to be a good idea to go back to the Central Continent now. After all, she has already been to this place. It seems an inevitable way to go back to Red Lake City for supplies. Then she had better go back to Newbie Village to find Natasha.

     She flew directly to the newbie village. Before entering the newbie village map, she still recruited Ol’ Four. However, even so, her big red name is not a small threat to newbie. Newbie along the way only sees her bright red color, and all avoids them far away, for fear that they will become the next red contribution bricks and The paint for tiles for a building.This is not without benefits. Ye Ci went straight to the fork in the road and found Natasha. After she explained her intentions, Natasha fell into deep thought. Ye Ci didn't bother her, but just stood on one side. , Quietly waiting for the final result given by Natasha. After a long while, she exhaled a long breath: "In the Kira Mountains, it is the birthplace of our elves. There is a temple there, which may have been dilapidated a long time ago, but there is a handful of ancestors. The bow used by Elven King, maybe that's what you are looking for."

     After getting the answer, Ye Ci immediately respectfully said goodbye to Yu Natasha, and then ran in the direction of Red Lake City.

     The Kira Mountains are located on the southern continent. In ancient times, the four continents were a whole, and they were separated later. Therefore, the original elves all thrived in the Kira Mountains, and only after they separated later did they survive on their respective continents. If she wants to go to the Kira Mountains now, she must first go back to Red Lake City for supplies.

     When he arrived in Red Lake City, Ye Ci went to the warehouse first, and cleaned up everything on his body. By the way, he was tidying up the warehouse. At this time, she found a key in the corner of the warehouse, and after looking at the key for a while, she remembered where the key came from.

     The key to the secret room of the Red Monastery.In the previous life, she had never entered that secret room, and she didn't know what secrets were hidden. In this life, she suddenly became curious while holding the key, and she must go and see it. At that time, they got the key with Four Sea and they met to have a look at the 40th level. However, afterwards, everyone should have their own things to do, and they forgot all of them. Now she sees it. When I arrived, the idea of going to have a look came up again.

     The red monastery is only a ten-person Dungeon at level 40. For the current level of Ye Ci, you don’t need to invite teammates, you can go by yourself. Therefore, she did not contact Four Sea again, and directly replenish them in Red Lake City. Later, he went straight to the Red Monastery.

     The red monastery is a Dungeon that players must go to at level 40. However, Ye Ci seemed to be walking around the map at the time and did not follow Guild to fight this Dungeon. Therefore, this time she was still the first in this life. This time I came to the Red Monastery. It’s just that this Dungeon was already bad in the last life. Ye Ci knew how to fight with his eyes closed. So, there was no hesitation at all. She brushed the entire Dungeon by herself, and looked after it. Time, but half an hour.Therefore, in the game, level is the most powerful equipment. I wanted to fight this Dungeon with a powerful team when Ye Ci was at level 40 in the last life, and she wanted to cry, but now, it’s really wrong. .

     After the last BOSS fell, Ye Ci found a key from his body and opened the door of the study on his left, and the secret room was in this study.