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Chapter Directory 375 Heart Of Darkness
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Ye Ci stood at the entrance of the cave and stretched out her head to look inside, only to see that there seemed to be bright and dark rays of light coming out from the entrance of the cave, and she was a little strange in her heart. Is this the situation? Although Ye Ci has played Fate for more than ten years in the past two lives, she will still be made more than one can attend to by those ideas in Fate planning the fantastic oddities of every description. Fortunately, she has been from The old monk who was in a hurry from the beginning to the present enters Ding, no matter what the moth comes out again, he can face it indifferently without being surprised.

     It's like this hole that appears under the BOSS. If it is a newbie who has just entered the game, it will definitely be amazed, but for Ye Ci, it has begun to judge the situation. According to the general evil taste planned by Fate, either there are countless mobs in this kind of hole, which makes you sick, or a BOSS makes you vomit blood. In addition, there is a third possibility. Not big.

     Standing on the edge of the cave and turning around, Ye Ci was thinking, should she go down and get sick or vomit blood? After hesitating for a while, she finally decided to go on. When she made such a decision, Ye Ci suddenly felt that the inner cow was full of faces. Was she being mad? There is nothing good in Mingdi, but still insist on going down?But this kind of complaint obviously can't stop Ye Ci's determination to be abused. She didn't hesitate to jump down, and the sixth child also jumped down, but her too fat belly was stuck in the hole, listening to his dissatisfaction. Ye Ci is determined not to look back. She decides to pretend not to see. Anyway, if she has gone far, the system will automatically default to the sixth to follow.

     This time Ye Ci seems to have guessed that there are no disgusting mobs in this cave, and no BOSS that makes people vomit blood. It is just a cave. The length of the caseless is so long that Ye Ci feels a bit inconceivable. Of course, the most important thing is that there is no strange thing in such a long cave, which is really amazing.

     Ye Ci went faster and faster, and finally ran. She wanted to see what the end of this long cave was. While running, she did not feel the heat brought about by the exercise, but became colder and colder. This cold is not cold in the ordinary sense, but a cold with a deep sense of fear. The whole cave is getting darker and darker, and finally it is pitch-dark.

     Must be weird

     This feeling became stronger and stronger. In the depths of the hole, she must have reached the point. She reached out and touched a cold rough touch. This was a door. Ye Ci is more sure of the current feeling than ever before, and now is a door in front of him.She put her hands on the door and pushed it so hard that her eyes were pierced by the fire in front of her. However, she opened it immediately, because it was often the moment when she closed her eyes that she would be dropped by the monsters that came on the surface. Therefore, her long-standing habit allowed her to open her eyes in the shortest possible time and restore her original state. .

     However, this time she seemed to guess again. There are no monsters behind that door, not a single monster.

     This is a huge room with burning flames, but, what is strange is that these flames are not hot at all, and they don’t even have a burning feeling. They brave the flames of the flames, but they don’t make people. Feeling a bit of discomfort, as if it had never existed before. Ye Ci stood at the door and watched everything in this room. The room was empty, but in the center of the room there was a huge pothole from which flames continued to emerge.

     What's in there?Ye Ci thought for a moment, and decided to go in and take a look. Now that he has reached this place, if you don't make a as the water recedes, the rocks appear, it is really not Ye Ci's style. As for the dangerous ones, go aside. She quickly ran to the edge of the pothole in an offensive posture, and did not encounter any, and the flames did not cause any harm to her. Standing on the edge of the pothole, Ye Ci stretched out his head and looked down, and saw a black stone the size of a fist among the billowing smoke and flames.

     The stone is unpretentious, without any luster. If it weren't for the blackness of the whole body, it would make people feel strange. If it were thrown on the side of the road, it would definitely make people never look at it.

     However, its location, the process Ye Ci has gone through, and the thrills along the way all show that this stone is absolutely important. Ye Ci looked at the stone for a long time, suddenly lowered her gaze. She observed that the journey from the edge of the pit to the stone did not seem to be difficult, so she jumped into the bottom of the pit and headed towards the stone. Go.It's really strange. It stands to reason that the stone hidden in such a hidden place must be very important, so even if there are no mobs guarding it, then the flames around it must be very harmful, but for Ye Ci it has a little effect. nothing? Ye Ci couldn't figure out this question, and she didn't want to think about it anymore, now all her attention was on the rock.

     Soon, she had walked to the side of the stone, and the stone was suspended in front of her eyes. She stretched out her hand and grabbed the stone.

     It was too late and it was fast. The moment she grabbed the stone, a huge force threw her out for life. Ye Ci didn't even have the ability to resist, as if she was thrown violently. The egg that went out, severely hit the wall in the room. The only difference between her and the egg is that if the egg is broken now, she won't be broken. However, even if it was not broken, this violent impact caused her health to drop to the bottom.Ye Ci didn't care about the pain, and subconsciously drank a few bottles of Scarlet to save her life, which made her have half blood when she fell to the ground. Not only was she thrown out, the sixth child was also thrown onto the wall by that huge force, but because the sixth child did not follow her down to the pit, he did not suffer too much injury when he was thrown out. However, it was obvious that this impact made him dizzy, and saw it swaying and staggering a few times and couldn't stand up.

     Ye Ci saw that the sixth child was okay, so she couldn't take care of him. She withdrew her gaze, only then did she feel the bones all over her body were breaking, and her pain was severe. But the stone was still held firmly in her hand. Ye Ci looked at the stone and couldn't help but laugh. He was really a greedy lord, almost killed, and the stone could not be dropped. She was about to take the stone to see if it was an attribute, but suddenly felt that an invisible hand grabbed her neck and lifted her up.

     "Elves are elves again, you damn creatures are not extinct yet" A hoarse and terrifying voice rang, Ye Ci walked through the prestige with difficulty, only to see a human figure exuding dark smoke standing there floating Above the pothole. "Give me back what's in your hand" The thick smoke stretched out a hand-like smoke toward Ye Ci, and the invisible force pinching Ye Ci's neck was aggravated.Ye Ci only felt out of breath, but she didn't mean to hand the stone to the cloud of smoke. She said with difficulty that you let me go first. "

     "As long as you give it to me, I will let you go" the black smoke said slowly.

     "You let me go first." Generally speaking, people who say this will definitely kill people after they get what they want. There are too many acts in movies on TV, so Ye Ci won't be fooled. She repeats what she said just now. It's just that the force of pinching her neck is getting stronger and stronger, and she can't even breathe.

     "Elf, I am not negotiating terms with you, if you give it to me, I will break your neck"

     Ye Ci only feels that the whole cheek has become red and swollen. She refuses your request with great effort. If I put it in the backpack, even if you pinch me to death, you won't be able to get it back."

     In Fate, the Quest Item that is loaded into the player's backpack, the NPC cannot be taken away forcibly, unless some special means are used.

     "Are you threatening me? Elf" Smoke was obviously angry, and the strength in its hands became stronger.The health bar that Ye Ci was watching was declining, and it was about to bottom out soon. She put the stone into the backpack with the last of her strength, and the smoke screamed, I’m not going to kill you, nasty spirit. It’s you... Ah, Shenglong damn it.” The hand holding the neck seemed to be scalded all of a sudden. Ye Ci suddenly let go. Ye Ci fell to the ground with a touch. There was only blood skin left. Her health has dropped by dozens of points again. She has some spectacle too horrible to endure. Is she going to be beaten to death alive?

     Fortunately, her luck is not too bad, she still has four points of blood left, and the owner of that hand seems to be entangled with the sixth child, and the sixth child is obviously at a disadvantage, she quickly stuffed a few scarlets, After letting his life value returned to full, he struggled to get up, ready to take out the stone and return to the city. But the system ruthlessly reminded her that the Huicheng Stone could not be used here, she could only give up, and looked back at the door that had just entered, it was already closed. It seems that if you don’t share the heavy smoke, I live is absolutely impossible to get out. She looked at the heavy smoke and saw all his information and even his name are question marks. It’s obvious that this guy’s. The level is definitely over high, and it is an unmanageable type.

     So Ye Ci could only do what she wanted. She took out the black stone and took a quick glance, but was stunned. Because the attribute of that stone says...heart of darkness.Heart of Darkness? Is it the Dark Heart that Elven King Dole used to make the Dark Arrow?

     real or fake?

     However, this is not the time to think about this problem. The most urgent task now is to save the sixth child. Yes, the creature like the sacred dragon is dead. It's not like ordinary pets that can be resurrected casually. Even if it's her, this Those who are born again do not necessarily resurrect a dragon. So she stopped at the thick smoke tunnel."