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Chapter Directory 376 Qualifications To The Dark Temple
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

In fact, Ye Ci is also sure that the heavy smoke will really stop. After all, she is not sure if this NPC will be as bloody as the plot in the bubble drama. As long as she shouts to stop, the NPC will also be brain-dead. Come and go straight to her.

     However, it turns out that her aggro is unstable, or she has no OT at all. That group of non-adult-type NPCs is not brain-disabled at all, and her brain-disabled sentence stop did not attract the attention of the NPC at all. The NPC continues to fight with the sixth child so badly that it will be dysfunctional when the sixth child is seen, Ye Ci also cares. I don’t know if I’m hurting all over my body right now, so I rushed up quickly and started to treat the sixth pet with a few pets.

     How about it, in Dungeon, what the leader fears most is to heal the excess Healer? This Healer pull aggro is second only to the tank. Ye Ci went up and lost these treatments. On the one hand, he helped Lao Liu raise the bloodline, and on the other hand, he also attracted the attention of the invisible NPC. He stopped his attack on the sixth child, turned his head to look at Ye Ci, raised his hand and waved at her, Ye Ci felt like he was thrown away like a rotten egg.your sister. If you have a high level, you don’t need to bully people like this, okay? Your sister, the boss doesn’t need to treat the player as a human being, okay? Ye Ci only feels that his bones are going to fall apart. Fate is a broken game, dare you set the minimum pain lower? After falling like this, her blood volume has not bottomed out, and she is going to see the god of death first.

     This is nothing. This time Ye Ci has not had time to eat the blood bottle, and the First Squadron smoke has already drifted towards him. Seeing that he is about to die under this guy's paws, Ye Ci hastily Lifting the heart of darkness in his hand, he shouted at the black smoke that was drifting towards him: "I will smash it if you come over again!"

     The words in this desperate situation really work. Looking at the dark heart in Ye Ci's hand, the black smoke stopped floating, and stood quietly ten yards away from Ye Ci. The thick smoke on his body rolled very fast. It can be seen that his mood is not peaceful. Ye Ci didn't dare to leave him at all. One hand held the Heart of Darkness, and the other hand quickly took a blood bottle and poured it into his mouth. your sister. This leapfrog hitting too many BOSSs that surpassed oneself is simply looking for death, just for a while. She drank a few thousand gold just potion, it really burned money."The race I hate the most is the elves." The black smoke looked at the dark heart in Ye Ci's hands, thick smoke billowing, but the tone was not so good.

     In order to avoid the sixth being chased and killed, Ye Ci quickly turned him into a passive attack mode. The sixth child returned to Ye Ci's side, glare like a tiger watching his prey watching the thick smoke. At this time, Ye Ci turned his gaze to the black smoke and said: "I have no intention of offending you. I just take a look at the Heart of Darkness, and have no other thoughts."

     "Really? Then you give me the heart of darkness!" The group of black smoke snorted, and stretched out the black smoke of First Squadron like a hand toward Ye Ci, indicating that she would return the heart of darkness in her hand. for myself.

     Ye Ci shook his head: "If you didn't attack me just now, maybe I would have paid it back to you just now, but now, I don't believe you. This dark heart seems to be extremely important to you, if I give it back to you now , What else do I use to ensure my own safety?"

     "Lying." The black smoke withdrew his hand. Disdainfully sneered: "Elf are the most hypocritical creatures in the world! If I didn't stop you just now, you would be like the last elf and steal my dark heart."Ye Ci couldn't help but complain about what he said. This most hypocritical race is obviously whether human beings are good or not. This is something that even the National Library recognizes. Elves are relatively kind and simple races. However, when she complained to herself inwardly, she didn't forget what this guy said just now. He mentioned another elf. Elf, Heart of Darkness, the two are linked together. The only person Ye Ci can think of is one person, Elven King Dorgon, whom she has been looking for.

     Could it be that... Ye Ci thought slightly unkind, that Elven King also did imitate the dog and steal chicken.

     She shrugged, neither acknowledging or denying what the black smoke said: "It really doesn't make much sense to say this now."

     "Where did you learn about this place? Who told you? Was it the elf!" The black smoke obviously didn't want to continue discussing this issue with Ye Ci. He looked at Ye Ci quietly. Although Ye Ci couldn't see his face, she could feel that this guy was staring at her for no reason, and the gaze was severely evil and straightforward.

     "I came here by accident, and I don't know the elf you mentioned." Ye Ci cautious and solemn answered while looking at the black smoke."Occasionally?" The black smoke paused, suddenly wondering what it was like: "Why haven't you been harmed by the fire of hell!"

     The fire of hell? Ye Ci looked at the non-scorching flames in the room. She still wanted to know the problem, could it be a BUG? If it's a BUG, this NPC shouldn't ask that way, then... who knows. Ye Ci was thinking about how to answer the black smoke, but suddenly he heard the black smoke laugh again, and the laughter was full of joy, "So that's it."

     "Elf, how much sin do you bear?" The black smoke asked leisurely after laughing to himself for a while.

     Ye Ci immediately understood that this girl was saying that he was a big hit. However, starting to think about the hidden meaning of Ye Ci in his words, does he mean that because his guilt value is too high, he is so bad that he can't harm him even by the fire of hell...

     If this is the case, this setting is really cheating. Only people with no guilt value or low guilt value will be burned alive when they enter here, so there is no harm in entering the big red name of guilt value... Isn't this a naked despise of "good people"?

     Seeing that Ye Ci didn't speak, the black smoke said to himself: "It turns out that you can come here entirely because of your own desire for darkness."Hey hey, I haven't said anything yet, don't give me a reason for baffling, okay? Ye Ci frowned and looked at the black smoke. Are NPCs so arrogant? Especially this kind of BOSS-level NPC doesn't listen to what she is saying at all, and doesn't care what her reaction is. But that's okay, she can adapt to the BOSS without changing, and see if she can know a little bit about Elven King Dorgon.

     So Ye Ci just started chatting with the black smoke. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that the elves in the past also came in by mistake, but the situation was much more tragic than her, almost Being burned to death by the fire of hell, but before he left, he took away a heart of darkness, which was also considered a bargain. The Heart of Darkness can actually be regenerated, but it takes a lot of effort. Therefore, the black smoke that once lost a Heart of Darkness pays more attention to this one now. This is also quite afraid of the consequences. The reason for Ye Ci, otherwise, he would have lost Ye Ci in seconds.After chatting with this NPC for a while, Ye Ci lost interest when he saw that there was no more Elven King Dorgon information. Anyway, according to the current situation, this black smoke did not dare to kill himself, but if he did not turn the darkness into If the heart is returned to him, he won't let himself go out. The two sides are stuck in such a stalemate.

     In the end, Ye Ci suggested that the two of them step back and let the black smoke let her leave here, and return the heart of darkness to him before she leaves here. If Ye Ci disobeys, Black Smoke can keep chasing and killing her. Anyway, she has been chased and killed too much, and she doesn't care if there are more lice. The so-called lice will not be itchy. And if the black smoke violates it, Ye Ci will pack the dark heart into the package, so that the black smoke will never be able to get it.

     Although the black smoke has yet to be verified for Ye Ci's character, it seems that there is no other way other than this method, and he can only reluctantly agree. So Ye Ci had the most fucking awesome trip back to the city in his life-escorted by a BOSS who was at least 50 levels above him. She came out of the hole and returned to the hall where the black widow fù just now, looking back at the black smoke, although she was a little unwilling, she could only return the heart of darkness to the black smoke.Hei Yan was very satisfied with this result. He nodded and said: "Elves, your trustworthiness has changed my shameless impression of the elves. For this reason, in order to reward your integrity, I intend to tell you a secret. "

     "Secrets?" Although Ye Ci has never been curious about the secrets of players, he is always full of quests for the secrets of NPCs: "What secrets."

     "You now have the qualifications to open the Dark Temple. If you can enter the Dark Temple, you will gain special power." Black Smoke put the dark heart in his hands into his chest, laughing loudly Disappeared in front of Ye Ci's eyes.

     And Ye Ci is thinking about this question secretly, the dark temple, in the previous life, this place was not discovered by the player, and it seems to have only existed in the book, did not expect that there really is this place? According to the words of the black smoke, it seems that the prerequisite for entering the dark temple is a super red name. Ye Ci was thinking about when to find this place. Her whisper channel rang and took a look. It was Bai Mo: "Why? Still not reconciled for the orange shield?"

     "Come on, grandma, don't irritate me, my heart is fragile. Come to the fortress quickly." Bai Mo smiled bitterly.The so-called fortress of Bai Mo is actually the city defense located in the habitat of the evil demon. Now it has been named "the first fortress" by Bai Mo, who is under the aesthetics.

     "what's happenin?"

     "It's mithril."