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Chapter Directory 377 Do An Experiment
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

It has been almost 20 days since the mithril mine was mined, and then the mithril mine was mined. To be honest, Ye Ci felt that the time was a bit slow. However, she didn't know how long it took to mine the mithril mine in the last life of Shengshi. After all, such a secret thing is naturally the secret of Guild of Shengshi, and she would never say it, so she has no possibility of comparison. Therefore, when the fortress was installing various city defense machinery, Guild's miners had already followed Jasmine and the black iron dwarves to start mining.

     It’s just that Ye Ci didn’t expect that the digging would last for 20 days. In the first few days, she was still interested in asking Bai Mo every day if she got mithril, but she got no answers, so she didn’t ask at all, saving herself all day long. Fearful, but let Bai Mo have news to tell himself. However, Bai Mo never told her the good news, which made Ye Ci a little uncertain whether he had memorized something wrong, or that the mithril vein was a dream at all.

     It’s not to hear, not to question. After so many days, Ye Ci has already regarded it as no more, but did not expect Bai Mo to send good news at this time. Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then didn't think much about it. He clicked on the stone back to the city, recruited the sixth child, and flew into the fortress.Yolan is worthy of being a master architect. The city defense she designed is no different from ordinary city defense from the outside, but it is very clever from the inside. At least in the previous life, none of the fortresses that Ye Ci had guarded was so ingenious.

     There are two flying rocks in the entire building, but one is for entering the city and the other is for leaving the city. The two flying rocks are placed at both ends of the city. The buildings next to them are surrounded by flying rocks, which is very "coincident". A tangled and complicated road around the city. If it is the first time to attack the city, even if you enter this fortress, you may not be able to find a way out immediately. Ye Ci flew directly to the north of the fortress, and now Upward Ho's first outpost of Guild is here. She walked into the five-story building. There were not many people inside. Only some ordinary players were buying some buffs from the NPCs here.

     After the seventieth level. Ye Ci always wears a cloak, and she also put away the pet. So, when she walked into the lobby, no player noticed her, only if she was an ordinary Guild member. Ye Ci walked quickly to the meeting room on the second floor, where Bai Mo and Timely Rain were already waiting for her."This is the first mithril dug, the quality is not high, only seven, but the armor used to make mithril is enough and to spare." Bai Mo threw the mithril mine to Ye Ci. Then he said: "The output of the mithril mine is not large. Fortunately, the ore in the mithril vein will slowly recover, so I am not afraid of wasting too much."

     Ye Ci took the mithril vein, looked at the properties, and put it on the table, then looked up at Timely Rain, and then asked: "I have always wanted to know a question, we sent so many Miner, what if someone entrains mithril and doesn't hand it over?"Timely Rain laughed: "I thought about this before. However, the system is obviously more comprehensive than we thought. Because we have to hand in some of the ore to the Dark Iron Dwarf, there is a specially counted black on the edge of the mine. Iron dwarf. The miners we sent in must sign in with him before mining, and get a BUFF that can mine. Only with this BUFF can we dig mithril, and when the miners are leaving, also You must go to this dark iron dwarf to sign in, otherwise, against the mining BUFF, the ore cannot be taken out of this map, and the ore cannot be traded, let alone discarded. Only after the sign in, the mithril ore will be available. It will be unlocked, it can be traded, can be discarded, and taken away. It is this dark iron dwarf. We only need to go to this dark iron dwarf to find out how much ore each miner has dug, and they can't harbor it at all."Ye Ci can be regarded as answering her question when she heard this. In fact, this has always been a problem she couldn't figure out. Back then, Shengshi took charge of four mithril mines and sent tens of thousands of miners. It's impossible to find out if you take a few dollars. However, all mithril mines on the market are owned by Shengshi. Therefore, Ye Ci couldn't figure out this question for a long time. How did Shengshi control the ore from being stolen? Now that she finally knew the answer, she sighed: "Sure enough, sometimes computers are more rigorous than human brains."

     Then Ye Ci asked about the daily output of ore and then bowed his head in thought. After a while, she raised her head and asked Bai Mo: "What Dungeon have you hit now?"

     "Recently, I was hitting Dungeon on the outskirts of the Silent City."

     "Peripheral Dungeon?" Ye Ci thought for a while: "Is that the betrayal plain?""Well, that's the Dungeon, but this Dungeon is a bit difficult. The monsters have high damage, especially spell damage. This is a 65th level Dungeon, but our First Squadron is basically a 65th graduate. It’s set, but even the mobs are difficult to play against this one. Healer is under a lot of pressure. A team of 100 people can still hold it when you meet three mobs. If you meet more than three mobs at once, 100% It's T." Bai Mo said of this very distressing: "I have already replaced 30 Healers. If you add Healer DPS, it is definitely not enough. Now everyone is basically killing mobs, and even the boss hasn't seen it. ."

     "How many teams do we Guild have to open up this wasteland?"

     "Four teams are reclaiming wasteland and betraying the plains, and three other teams are preparing to reclaim the wasteland." Bai Mo frowned and sighed: "But...I see." After saying that, he suddenly said again: "However, now we are out. After the mithril mine, you can try to make some mithril armor pieces on your body. This should increase your resistance.

     "Do you know what other Guild hits?" Ye Ci asked after hesitating for a moment."Basically all betrayed the Plains. I had dinner with Sir Ditty that day. This guy kept spitting out bitterness with me, saying that they were also stuck in the Betrayal Plains. He changed several team formation modes. The farthest is to push down the side of the boss. When you meet the squad leader, you will be finished. You can't even touch the boss." Bai Mo shook his head: "I don't know why, it seems that the difficulty of Dungeon after 65th level has suddenly increased. But ah."

     "If I remember correctly, five mithril mines can make a mithril shirt. How many people know the drawing of this mithril shirt, Guild?"

     "Seventeen." Timely Rain replied: "The drawings of mithril shirts are not difficult to type, and there are quite a few. Do you mean to make mithril shirts?"

     "Yeah." Ye Ci nodded: "That's it."

     "It's too extravagant!" Timely Rain shook his head immediately: "This is mithril! Used to make nails, they are all high-grade nails with attributes above blue, but for shirts, they are only white equipment, and there is no additional. Attributes, we have no shortage of ore for practicing proficiency. Isn’t it too luxurious to use this to practice?"

     Ye Ci laughed: "Make one and try it out first."Timely Rain and Bai Mo look at each other in dismay. They don’t understand what medicine Ye Ci sells in the gourd. Seeing their expression, Ye Ci had to say half true and half false: "mithril nails can have magic resistance. There should be a mithril shirt too. After all, the shirt is worn on the whole body, more than covered by the armor."

     "..." Bai Mo and Timely Rain looked at Ye Ci speechlessly, with a face that this was not the speechlessness of a family.

     Ye Ci stood up and smiled: "Cousin, classmate, you will be a test product. Get a Dungeon and a lot of meat." Then she walked outside: "Here. Don’t forget to tell me the effect."

     "I just came back now, where are we going again?" Bai Mo said, looking at Ye Ci's back.

     "Something, let's go first." Ye Ci looked back at Bai Mo and suddenly remembered something. She threw the key to the secret room of the Red Monastery to Bai Mo: "This Dungeon's BOSS is level 70, and it is mainly a poisonous attack. , This is where the shield came from. If you can't beat the Betrayal Plain, go here and try your luck first."

     Bai Mo reached out and received the key, he put it in his pocket and said: "What? You have played, so there is no strategy?""The hardest part is the third stage." Ye Ci thought for a while, and then said with a smirk: "Dear, three hundred and sixty degrees no dead angle venom spray attack. Dear, students with short legs will be unlucky After that, she turned and left, and waved as she walked: "I'm really gone this time. Don't forget to tell me if you have the results of the experiment."

     Saying that she had walked to the window of the conference room, with her right hand propped on the window frame, her whole body jumped out of the window cleanly and disappeared.

     Jumping out of the window, Ye Ci landed on the street. Her next destination was the Kila Mountains in the southern mainland, but before going there, she had to contact Moon Green Hill.

     Moon Green Hill can show off to anyone, but in the face of Ye Ci, he is always a messenger of newsmen, so when Ye Ci contacted him, he immediately greeted him terribly: "Look, this Who is it, this is our childe god, do you always take time out of your busy schedule to come here to inspect my work?"

     "Moon Green Hill, when did you become so poor-mouthed?" Ye Ci frowned helplessly.

     "It's not silly, it's sleek." Moon Green Hill smiled in a good mood: "I'm a businessman, I'm happy to see everyone, otherwise I won't be complained?"Ye Ci raised the corner of her mouth, really didn't want to continue talking with this guy, she thought she also thought the words of Fleeting Time made sense. Idiots are contagious. So she ignored Moon Green Hill's nonsense and cut into the subject: "Could you please contact Jù Dú for me."