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Chapter Directory 381 Void Dragon
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Ci stood on the back of the sixth child, parked in mid-air, watching from a distance the plane rolled in the air for a few laps and hit the rocky mountain. Then, he heard a loud bang. The plane was worthwhile. The expensive mechanical airplane directly turned into thick smoke. As for the players in the airplane, they didn't know whether they fled before the airplane exploded or disappeared with the airplane. In short, the scene looked very tragic. But looking at such a scene, Ye Ci's heart inevitably became a little heavier. It was not because Sheng Shi had lost a lot this time, but because Sheng Shi was never a reluctant master. This confrontation, I am afraid that Upward Ho will be given to Upward Ho. Incur the trouble of the caseless.

     Recently, due to the output of the mithril mine, a lot of mithril was sold. Upward Ho has made a huge sum of money in the entire Fate. Bai Mo used this money to greatly develop Guild, and the number of people has also increased a lot. The last time Ye Ci asked him about the number of Upward Ho, he said that there are nearly 400,000, but there are still not many of these people who can really fight and kill the enemy. According to Bai Mo, these players have been training for a month. The equipment is almost accumulated, and you can participate in various Guild activities, but the loyalty needs to be further accumulated.And today’s Flourishing World strikes, many of these newbies have sharpen one's sword to gain some opportunities to play. Timely Rain will also encourage more newbies to participate in Guild activities based on the more DKPs of today’s newbie players. It's just a pity that there are still a few people participating, otherwise, it won't get into the embarrassing situation it is now.

     Ye Ci turned around and flew towards the fortress on the old sixth. There is still fire of war everywhere. The players who are transported by the Flourishing Age are all elites and are very good at street fighting. When they drop into the fortress by air, it is like a mouse got into the dark underground and can’t find it anymore. Even Upward Ho is here. A large number of players were dispatched, and it would cost a lot of Stamina to catch them, which greatly dispersed the combat power against the siege vehicle. Outside the fortress, six siege vehicles lined up. Keep firing at the fortress.

     This kind of siege vehicle is very light, the firepower is not too weak, the preparation time of the shells is short, the biggest advantage is that it only needs three players to move, and the randomness is very strong. So the price is very expensive. However, Guild, who is as big as Shengshi, should have his own engineering players, and he doesn't need too much money to come.The magic shells erected on the city wall by Upward Ho are fierce. It has a strong attack and is a natural enemy to deal with catapults, but when dealing with this kind of lightweight siege vehicle, many shortcomings are exposed. First of all, it takes a long time to load shells. The preparation time is also long, and the speed of adjusting the front sight is slightly slower. Often it was already aimed at the siege vehicle, and before the shells were released, the opponent had already pushed the vehicle to change places, which wasted a shell.

     It is also for this reason. Although the two sides fought for several hours, none of the opponent’s siege vehicles were lost. It can be seen that Sheng Shi did not blindly throw money in order to attack this fortress, but had done a very detailed understanding. Yes, so I worked out the most effective combat plan against Upward Ho. and. This scheme did play a very powerful role, but Ye Ci was a little confused. Sheng Shiming knew that Upward Ho had his own sacred dragon. The lethality is so great, how can you count yourself out?

     in case. They only attacked Upward Ho and only attacked the fortress. Without their own words, their tactics can be said to be too powerful. As long as they don't show up, it won't take long to drag Upward Ho to death. However, they should know that they will definitely appear, so why design such a tactic?Ye Ci was a little puzzled, and there was some faint anxiety in such doubts. She always felt that Shengshi could not be so stupid. However, the siege players, when they saw themselves riding the sixth child, they all turned around and ran, retreating very quickly, not at all in love with fighting. Ye Ci felt that something was wrong. Even if they were afraid of their own sacred dragon, they wouldn't be so quick to go. Could it be that they were playing tricks to lure the enemy deeper?

     The more I didn't understand, the more irritable he became. Ye Ci directly controlled the old sixth to fly to the head of the retreating player. The old sixth breathed out a dragon's breath, and a piece of red damage appeared underground, which looked magnificent. Suddenly, Ye Ci only felt that there was a kind of cold danger not far behind her. She turned her head suddenly, before seeing what it was, she found that a sharp arrow had flown towards her.

     The speed of the arrow is too fast, and the distance is too close. Although Ye Ci has used the flicker, he still hasn’t avoided it. Although it has avoided the vital part, the arrow still penetrated deeply into her. Below the collarbone on the right, a piercing pain immediately passed toward her extremeities and bones. Not only that, the arrow also carried a huge momentum, and when it was nailed into Ye Ci's body, it even rushed out of her unprepared.Ye Ci's body turned a somersault in the air, and immediately whistled at the sixth. The sixth had already whizzed and flew towards her, letting her fall firmly on his back. However, Ye Ci hadn’t stood up yet, and one after another’s arrows shot towards her again. Not only that, but I don’t know what, the huge smoke covered her. In that dense smoke, she and the sixth The blood keeps dropping.

     Ye Ci didn’t have time to find the enemy, so he poured himself a few bottles of blood. During this period, a huge momentum came towards her and the sixth man. This time Ye Ci was already prepared for it. When the wind was blowing towards her, she had already pulled her sixth child into a 90-degree bend in the thick fog. Although she had avoided most of the impulse attacks, she had also suffered a great deal of damage. 'S health almost went to zero. She hurriedly manipulated Lao Liu to fly towards the "8"-shaped path in the sky.

     Along the way, she kept pouring the red bottle into her mouth, while letting the sixth flight swiftly follow a curved route. Behind him, there were cold arrows shooting towards him. Ye Ci barely recovered his blood in the skill of have one's heart pierced by thousands of arrows, so he violently pulled the sixth to stop, and then disbanded the sixth. Ye Ci's body quickly fell towards the ground.The people who originally chased Ye Ci obviously did not expect Ye Ci to do this. The skills that originally chased Ye Ci lost all traces of her when she fell. Ye Ci looked up towards the person who tracked her as she fell. The player looked and saw a huge figure stopped in the sky. The player on that figure seemed to be looking for her everywhere, and finally found her location, carrying the huge figure and hurriedly chasing in the direction where she fell. Come here.

     Seeing that she was about to fall to the ground, Ye Ci blew a whistle, and the sixth child was born into the sky and caught her immediately. Ye Ci pulled the sixth child and ran towards the figure immediately. This time she finally saw clearly that the other party was also a long-range profession, either hunter or Rangers. Of course, this was not the place that attracted her most attention, but the one that attracted her most attention. The place is his riding pet. It turned out to be a dragon, and it was an extremely rare dragon in the void!

     In the dragon clan, the Void Dragon belongs to a relatively small race like the sacred dragon. However, the Void Dragon is not as strong as the sacred dragon. Its attack ability is only medium in the dragon clan. However, its movement speed is The fastest among the dragons, it can’t help being so, and it also has a very powerful race skill-Stealth! This kind of Stealth is similar to the player's Stealth. When entering the Stealth state, the movement speed is reduced by 50%. Once the dragon uses the skill, it has a chance to emerge from the Stealth.It is precisely because of these characteristics of the Void Dragon that it has always served as a Quest for assaults, assassinations, and vanguards like Rogue in dragon battles. However, as a mount, the Void Dragon is the fastest one to do my part.

     Sheng Shi has actually gotten a dragon in the void...It's not surprising to say that it is fake, even if Ye Ci is a reborn player, but in the last life, she has not seen a few dragons in the void, but she did not expect her current opponent It was actually a dragon in the void.

     The sixth child has not advanced to the highest level, and the Void Dragon has not advanced to the highest level in terms of size. However, despite this, the sixth child's speed will not be as fast as the Void Dragon. The biggest difference between air warfare, naval warfare and land warfare is that air warfare and sea warfare are three hundred and sixty-degree full-angle warfare, while battles on the ground are only 180-degree plane battles. This also means that in air combat and naval combat, players need more powerful predictive capabilities if they want to judge the opponent's actions.

     Although Ye Ci felt that her anticipation ability was very strong on land, she did not have such unbelievable self-confidence in the sky. She carefully observed the opponent's movements, but she had already taken the initiative to attack.The opponent's level is not as high as her own, and will not exceed 70 at most. This gives Ye Ci a slight advantage in level. However, the opponent is obviously more familiar with various operations in air combat than her. In this way, her That little advantage has disappeared again.

     Ye Ci released several skills in a row, but all of them dodged because of the opponent's Void Dragon's rapid movement, and the opponent released several skills towards him, but one of them directly hit her. Although the damage was not high, Ye Ci can also see that it is definitely not going to consume energy with opponents.

     She couldn't hold back the war of attrition. Let alone the speed issue, she said that there were not many red bottles left on her body, and the opponent had just appeared, indicating that his supply was not a problem. Ye Ci suddenly realized one thing. This was her first battle in the air. Whether she wins or loses, this battle will bring her the most direct and best experience in future air battles!