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Chapter Directory 382 Young Master Yi
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Standing on top of the fortress tower as leaders, Milu and Zhen Shui Wuxiang were the first to discover the situation in the sky not far away.

     "Is it wrong? It seems that the one who is fighting with Gongzi You is also a dragon?" Zhen Shui Wuxiang can be regarded as a person who has seen more dragons, so he can always see himself from a distance. When the body turned into a void-like creature, I asked Milu next to him a little uncertainly.

     Milu also looked in the direction where Zhen Shui Wuxiang was looking. He squinted for a long time. The speed of both sides was not slow, especially the giant creature in the void state was even faster. It will be obvious that in terms of speed, the sacred dragon under Gongzi You is definitely not as fast as that guy. However, he is not willing to admit that the other party is a dragon in his heart. You must know that Upward Ho has a dragon, which in itself is extremely worthy of showing off. However, if there is a dragon in Shengshi now, that step represents So, are their advantages gone?

     Based on this kind of psychology, Milu is reluctant to admit that the fight with Gongzi You is a dragon. "No, you're wrong, how could it be a dragon. The dragon in this game is not a snake, so it's easy to get one.""That's the truth, but from the point of view of the size, appearance and attack mode, it feels like a dragon." Zhen Shui Wuxiang felt that she couldn't see clearly with the naked eye, and she didn't even know where she got a mechanical telescope. Go to the front of your eyes and carefully observe the air combat.

     "Hey hey hey, Wuxiang, where did you get this high-end product!" When Milu saw the real Shui Wuxiang binoculars, he immediately envied and hated him. He stretched out his hand to get it: "Lend it to me."

     Zhen Shui Wuxiang immediately stretched out his hand and patted the paw he touched, and said, "You take a blue engineering drawing and exchange it with Kazuki Flower. It's not that he won't give it."

     "Our group has been contaminated by Gongzi You's black hands. I haven't seen the drawings for a long time. Let me have a look." Milu can go straight up and grab it, and look in front of his eyes. While fighting in the air, he looked at the situation, his heart sank slightly, and his voice was uncomfortable: "Your sister, it is really a dragon. What kind of dragon is this dragon? Why haven't I seen it!""The dragon of the void." Zhen Shui Wuxiang is also not sure: "The only guy in the dragon clan who can void the body is the dragon of the void." Then he noticed Milu's puzzled eyes, curled his mouth and said: "Illiterate. If you have time to go to the library, you will be rewarded. As a leader, this knowledge is too narrow. "Your sister" Milu was hit again invisibly, and he looked to the sky again, regardless of Ye Ci I can't hear you yelling: "Childe, come on! ! Kill that guy! ! Make him arrogant, make him arrogant! ! "

     Although victory is everyone's mind, from the current situation of the two people, the chance of Gongzi You winning is obviously not large, and even in all aspects has been restrained by the other party. This kind of battle has made all the people of Upward Ho agitated. In fact, Gongzi You is not so much the guild leader of Upward Ho, but the spiritual idol of all the players of Upward Ho, whether it is her operation or position. All have been deified. All members of Upward Ho don't think Gongzi You will lose in the battle, and she can't lose. I have to say that this is actually a huge pressure. Although Ye Ci himself had never had this kind of knowledge, Bai Mo knew it clearly. He looked up at the two people fighting in the sky, deeply worried and sick at heart.There are some things he never told Ye Ci, but that doesn't mean these things exist.

     After watching the battle in the sky for a while, he lowered his head and threw himself into the battle again. Ye Ci has never been a person willing to give up. She is a person who has to die and struggle as long as there is a chance. Therefore, although Bai Mo is worried that the final result will have some impact on the entire Guild, she is not worried about Ye Ci at all. . Although it looks like she is at a disadvantage now, Bai Mo never thought about asking her about her situation. No matter what the final result is, Bai Mo believes in Ye Ci.

     Believe unconditionally.

     So, what he needs to do now is...

     "Everyone, cheer up! Let this group of locusts roll back wherever they came from humble!"


     "Get back!"

     "Go back!" In response to Bai Mo's words, all Upward Ho members on the entire battlefield began to repeat. For a while, the ear-splitting sound reverberated throughout the battlefield, which was refreshing.Even Ye Ci, who is above the sky, has heard it. She is now in the most tangled moment with the other party. She has suffered a lot of injuries. The sixth child is not much better. Many parts of her body are not full of wounds However, the sixth child didn't shout hungry, nor did his mood lower. He seemed to be in an extremely excited state, thinking about attacking and fighting all over his mind. Just like there is no dragon, the militant blood that has been lurking in the blood vessels from the moment of birth is completely boiling at this moment!

     Ye Ci took the old six and turned a corner in the air and stopped, and the Void Dragon, which had been chasing her non-stop, also stopped.

     There was not a trace of wind in the sky, and the sunlight hit the body naked, making people's skin a little bit painful. In such a quiet sky, every movement on both sides can be heard clearly.

     The sixth man was breathing heavily, and he could see that he was very tired. However, the opponent's Void Dragon seemed to be panting more severely than the sixth one. Its whole body was trembling, especially the chest area was violently ups and downs. It is also very tired when it comes out.

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then, the corners of her lips curled up with an invisible smile.

     It seems that her opportunity is coming.Everything in the world has two sides. I only have honey, and things like arsenic are everywhere. It's like the Void Dragon. Although the speed is the fastest among the dragons, the Void Dragon is indeed the worst in terms of long-lasting ability. It is suitable for assaults, assassinations, and no time to deal with it in the shortest time. However, it is not suitable for protracted warfare.

     This is interesting.

     The sixth long lasting ability is stronger than that of the Void Dragon, but Ye Ci is not suitable for fighting attrition.

     It seems that both sides are negative to positive, not far apart. However, in fact it is not always the case.

     Although the sixth man and the dragon of the void are controlled by others, the main operation is all with the owner, but don't forget that this is an air battle. No matter how powerful the players on the back of the air knight, as long as they are free from the air knight, there is only one way to fall in the sky.

     And now the Void Dragon's stamina is starting to run out. If the opponent does not exhaust the Void Dragon's stamina before defeating Ye Ci, there will be no chance of victory.

     Ye Ci understands this, and naturally the other party also understands this.

     This is the main reason why the other party stopped.Until this time, the opponent who had been wearing the cloak took off the hood, and together with the dragon of Lou Kong, was released from the void state. It was not until this time that Ye Ci could see the situation of the other party clearly. At the time, she had always only known that the other party was a hunter just like herself, and other not knowing anything at all.

     But when the other party exposed his appearance and other things, Ye Ci was stunned. What did she see? She felt like she was looking in the mirror.

     The other party is also a huntress just like her. This huntress, like herself, has the same silver long hair and a pair of amber eyes, and even her height and appearance are exactly the same. At this moment, she faced herself with a longbow in her hand, showing a shallow mocking smile: "Long Yang, Gongzi You, I've been looking forward to this battle for a long time." Although Ye Ci was stunned for a while, but , I quickly recovered. Even if it is exactly the same, Gongzi You cannot be copied. There was a hint of coolness at the corners of her lips: "Since you can call out my name, isn't it a bit bad if you don't tell me your name? I don't like to fight against unknown people."

     Ye Ci's indifferent and mocking words obviously made the other party a little unhappy. She snorted and said: "My name is childe Yi."Childe Yi Ye Ci chewed on the name, and the ridicule on his lips grew thicker. Although she didn't want to say that the other party was copying herself, but the appearance, the name, and even the release and operation of the skill were almost the same, which made her think so. what is this?

     Fight with your own copy?

     "The name and my tǐn words cocked the corners of my mouth, and said lightly, but the smell of Concealment in the words made people imagine it.

     Childe Yi doesn't seem to care about Ye Ci's words. She even quite generously admitted that she copied Ye Ci's thing: "It's pretty much like it. You are my enlightenment teacher for playing games. I just watched your operation. The video only decided to play the game. And I have only one purpose for playing the game." "What?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, facing this childe Yi Yi had a taste of interest.

     "Beyond you." Childe Yi gently stroked the longbow in his hand: "I know you and Shengshi are not happy, so I joined Shengshi, but I said in advance that I have no interest in Upward Ho and Shengshi's festival. All my interests are only you, I want to surpass you, I want to be the SOLO king of Eastern Continent not just in name only, but also in reality!"

     Childe Yi didn't speak again after saying what she said. She looked at Ye Ci quietly, with a fierce perseverance in her eyes, as if she was going to burn everything in madness."You take all kinds of false names, I never care." Ye Ci said as he opened the bow in his hand, and said lightly: "But, if you want to surpass me, ask about the bow in my hand first. "