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Chapter Directory 383 Seriously Injured
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Ci looked at Childe Yi, and suddenly felt that she was yesterday's self.

     Once, she also imitated Fleeting Time so madly, and even rushed up to a showdown in this life. No, maybe I am not as crazy as her. Her imitating is always at the bottom of my heart, cautious and solemn, unlike her, dare to take it out so openly and tell everyone, what happened to me just imitating? From this point of view, she is actually more brave than herself. After all, how many people in the world can endure humiliation as part of an important mission with the word "cottage"?

     Facts have proved that the hero does not ask where it comes from, even if it is a copy or a copy, as long as you can stand out among one's peers, no one will ever care about your origin and your purpose.

     The childe in front of you, Yi Xianglai, is also an extremely high-end player. There are not many such players who can beat himself to such an embarrassing situation. One, and the childe in front of him is also considered one. However, the embarrassment returns to the embarrassment, the outcome is uncertain.Ye Ci looked down at the Void Dragon under Childe Yi's feet, and its chest was still gasping uncontrollably. It didn't feel relieved because Childe Yi stopped and rested for a while, but it became more intense. It seems that the air battle just now has reached the limit of the Void Dragon's physical strength. If it continues to fight like this, it may enter an injured state. Ye Ci wants to fight again, but the situation of the sixth child may not be any better. He has many wounds on his body, some of which have deep wounds, even gurgling with fluorescent blue blood, and so on. , I don’t know how long it can last.

     The sixth child probably felt Ye Ci's hesitation. He lifted his hair and let out a loud dragon chant. Ye Ci's heart shook slightly, and then she smiled clearly, and she let out the full bow without hesitation. This is an arrow without any skill attached to it. The speed is fast and sharp, screaming and rushing towards Childe Yi.

     A cold expression appeared on Childe Yi's face, as she watched the arrow shoot towards her. He manipulated the Void Dragon to dodge, and then he drew his longbow towards Ye Ci and began to release one skill after another.Ye Ci is not in a hurry to counterattack. Rather, while dodge in the air at the fastest speed of the youngest, from time to time, he put back an arrow. Sometimes it is a normal attack, sometimes with a skill, which looks like a panic fleeing.

     Childe Yi also knew that her Void Dragon could not withstand such strenuous exercise, and she chased Ye Ci. One side shouted: "Gongzi You! Is this your secret skill to become the SOLO king? Will fighting with others only hide? Do you dare to stop and fight me upright!"

     Ye Ci looked back at Childe Yi. Her somewhat irritated expression made Ye Ci smile. She said unsatisfactorily, "Isn't I always beating you upright? Did you see me looking for help? I used a bug you don’t know about? How come it’s not upright?"

     "Don't run if you have the ability! Stop!" The Void Dragon's physical strength is getting worse and worse, and Childe Yi is getting more and more impatient.

     Ye Ci stopped abruptly, looking at the childe in the distance and laughed: "Okay, stop." After that, the arrow with venom in her hand had already shot past.Childe Yi didn't expect Ye Ci to stop suddenly. She knew that Gongzi You must have known that the physical strength of her Void Dragon must have reached its limit, so she moved so fast. According to Childe Yi's conjecture. Gongzi You must directly consume the vitality of the Void Dragon, drag it down alive, and then flash. However, she never thought of it. Gongzi You will suddenly stop at this moment, turn around and release an arrow towards him.

     In a hurry, she did not react at all, and she did not even subconsciously dodge. She was severely pierced with an arrow in her chest. Fortunately, she was still a little short of the vital part attack, even though this arrow belt A lot of his own health was gone, but it was not a fatal injury. It's just that the poison attached to the arrow made her little remaining life value continue to decline. While manipulating the Void Dragon to dodge the damage that Gongzi You might cause in the future with an "S"-shaped route, she slammed into her mouth a few red bottles and pulled up her declining blood line. .

     Childe Yi's movements are fast, and Ye Ci's movements are faster. Just as soon as she poured a blood bottle in her mouth, the sixth child suddenly jumped in front of it and sprayed out a dragon's breath!Although Childe is wearing a mithril shirt, but after such a breath of dragon, the bloodline she just lifted up began to drop rapidly, so that she could not be in a hurry, so she could only retreat temporarily, avoiding such a dragon's breath, and continued to drink red. bottle.

     In fact, Ye Ci’s target is not her, but the Void Dragon under her crotch. She has just discovered that the Void Dragon is not equipped with protective equipment. The Void Dragon’s defensive power is not the strongest among the dragons. , At least much weaker than the Holy Dragon, its main attack method is the spurs on the tail, and a few Magic Attacks, which can’t match the attack power of the Holy Dragon. Therefore, this dragon’s breath blows down. The Void Dragon, who had already reached the limit of physical stamina, felt better.Sure enough, the Void Dragon couldn't dodge it. After receiving the breath of the dragon alive, he let out a stern cry, and saw it curled up and trembled, and even the childe, who was affecting its back, could not stand still. . Childe Yi Ben wanted to fight back, but didn't expect that after the dragon's breath, the Void Dragon looked very painful. Her whole body was trembling, and she even thought of turning around and running away. She hurriedly scolded the Void Dragon, although she successfully stopped it The idea of running away, but Childe Yi also discovered that there is a DEBUFF called "fear" in the attributes of the Void Dragon, and the most uncomfortable one of the bad effects of this DEBUFF is-moving The speed drops by 30%.

     She can fight the sacred dragon, the most important weapon is the speed of the void dragon, and now the speed of the void dragon has dropped, so that her only advantage comparable to the sacred dragon is gone. Although Childe Yi wants to continue to fight Ye Ci continued to fight, but she was not so irrational. She knew that if she continued now, she would endanger the life of the Void Dragon. Compared with battle, the life of the Void Dragon is of course more important. After all, Gongzi You can't run, but after the Void Dragon dies, it is not so easy to resurrect.Although it seems that she is about to win, but if she does not give up fighting at this time, she will the gains do not make up for the losses! Childe Yi quickly weighed the pros and cons, and could only say with regret: "Gongzi You, look forward to the next battle!" After all, she manipulated the Void Dragon to leave, but she didn't expect it at all, Void Before the dragon was about to leave, he severely screamed and raised his tail. The row of sharp spikes immediately stood up and flew towards Gongzi You.

     When Ye Ci saw the Void Dragon raising its tail, he hurriedly pulled Lao Liu and flew towards the sky. Others don't know, but she understands that the Dragon Race is the most battling creature race, not one of them. Not only that, but the dragon clan is also very careful. For the opponent's aggro, it will attack desperately when it encounters a chance, until it dies. The current attack of this Void Dragon, I am afraid it was the unwilling response of all kinds of unwillingness until the battle had been defeated.

     After this, Ye Ci is enough to drink a pot.

     The sixth person who reacted faster than Ye Ci. It is a dragon family. Although it has not grown up with its own kind since childhood, the kind of inheritance in the bloodline cannot be forgotten. The moment he saw the Void Dragon raise its tail, he had already made it. In response to an instinctive and loyal response, he leaped towards the path of the spur, trying to stop the spur.The dragon's scales are extremely thick and hard, making it the best armor. However, the dragon's tail spines are harder and sharper than its scales. Few dragons can withstand the tail spurs of the same race. The sixth child is no exception. All those spurs were nailed into his body. Although they were not nailed into the vital part, they suffered serious injury. One of them was nailed to his heart and it hurt. She screamed sternly, almost rolling over her body.

     After releasing its tail thorn, the Void Dragon called again, turning into nothingness. This is not death. If the dragon dies, the corpse will fall directly and disappear, which only means that it was seriously injured and went into the pet space to rest.

     Childe Yi did not expect the Void Dragon to react like this, so when this series of changes happened, she was stunned for a while, and then, as the Void Dragon disappeared, she also quickly landed towards the ground. . And she looked at the sixth child who was screaming in pain in the air, and smiled knowingly. This battle is just a tie.

     Compared to childe Yi's ease, Ye Ci feels very distressed, her sixth child, her sacred dragon! The loss in this battle was so great that it hurt the sixth child. What's even more depressing is that it was just a tie...She didn't want to stay in the air anymore, lest there were other air knights coming out again, and she couldn't fight again. While soothing the painful sixth child, she stumbled towards the fortress. Finally, she rode the sixth child and landed in the fortress. However, the sixth child now does not have the ability to find an empty place to land. Seeing that it has reached a safe place, it fell directly from the air and crushed several rooms. The house, and Ye Ci was also thrown directly from its back. If she hadn't reacted quickly, I was afraid that she would also be thrown to the ground and half dead.