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Chapter Directory 389 Chapter 83 Rebirth Also Has Something Bad At
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 83: Rebirth also has something not good at

     Chapter 83: Rebirth also has something not good at

     People who are born again have various benefits, the most important of which is to foresee what will happen in the future. Just like Ye Ci, the rebirth person, although he doesn’t know or understand other things, he is very clear about the things in the game. Although she works hard, she has to admit that rebirth is still for her success in the game. Laid an important foundation.

     It's just that rebirth can become a great god and can master the game, but rebirth people also have to take exams...

     People who took a rest at home for a semester due to a comminuted fracture will not escape the exam after all. As a reborn person, Ye Ci lay on the bed crying without tears the night before the exam. Why didn't she inherit the super supernatural power of 100 points in the exam after rebirth in the novel? Why does she, a reborn person, have to take the exam as hard as an ordinary student? God can open her eyes again, let her get full marks even if she closes her eyes, at least let her work hard to pass the course?Obviously, this idea of her is unrealistic at all. Even if Bai Mo helps her make up lessons, but she is afraid of the disease that every student will get in the final exam, even she is a reborn person. After tossing in bed all night, Ye Ci fell asleep in a daze until dawn. She was sleeping soundly and was picked up by Zuo Xiaolan again. She washed her face in numbness and ate breakfast. Finally was rolled out the door.

     Bai Mo was already waiting for her downstairs. Seeing her coming out of the corridor with a dead fish expression, he couldn't help but smile: "I said this is a good day, why are you looking like a dying face? Is it possible? Attempted suicide?"

     The cold winter air made Ye Ci couldn't help but sneezes twice. Then he walked to Bai Mo's side with a red nose, with a dead gray expression: "Isn't suicide attempted, is it about to commit suicide?"

     "Why? There is no end in the exam?" Bai Mo raised his brows and asked while looking at Ye Ci's bitter face.

     "Could you not ask me the unpleasant question." Ye Ci put his hands in his down jacket pockets expressionlessly, stomped a bit of frozen wood on his feet, and walked away from the community. go with.

     Bai Mo followed, walked next to her, and asked, "Why? Is it because I usually don't make up lessons well.""Can you not ask questions that make you unhappy?" Ye Ci glanced at Bai Mo blankly, there was nothing in his heart.

     Bai Mo was hit a little bit. He is one of the top students in the department... People who want to buy his syllabus are waiting in a long line. How come Ye Ci seems to have no effect at all...

     On the way to school that morning, an unprecedented low pressure surrounded the two people, and this low pressure continued until all the exams were over.

     Fang Susu stretched out. She usually works very hard. Even if she wants to fall in love and play games, she didn't let her put aside her study. Although it is not a top grade, it is easy to pass the test. She turned her head and looked at Ye Ci, who was sitting next to her with an expression similar to what she had just eaten shit, and smiled: "Hey, I haven't come to class for a semester, so I will take the exam right away. "

     Ye Ci pulled the corners of his mouth at Fang Susu with a dark face, and said with a sad face: "I think, I'm done..."

     "What? Did that department just die?"

     "No." Ye Ci was even more sad."What's that?" Ye Ci's expression of sadness and pain is rarely seen. In Fang Susu's heart, Ye Ci has always been an existence that is so strong that it does not look like an ordinary person, and it seems that there is no such thing in her world What can't be done, and the expression like this now makes people feel fresh.

     "I think I will fail when I study all the exam subjects." Ye Ci was already slumped on the table.

     "No, I don't think these questions are difficult, and many of them are the key points that the teacher has drawn. Didn't I give you all the notes and key points in class? As long as you read the book carefully, you shouldn't hang up." Fang Susu blinked.

     Ye Ci's expression became even more unnatural. She simply lay on the table. Would she tell Fang Susu about yesterday because she was too addicted to the game and forgot to focus on it? She will not, nor will she be killed. She groaned on the table a few times and then said, "Su Su, they know me for all questions, but I don't even know them."

     Fang Susu blinked and suddenly laughed. She never thought that Ye Ci would have such helplessness. This helplessness did not damage her powerful aura, but made her a little more amiable and The breath of approachable.The test results came down within a few days. Ye Ci looked at the report card and let out a long breath. Fortunately, the low score is too low. As long as you don’t pass the subject, the score is not within Ye Ci’s consideration. For a person like her who has lived once, all she needs is the graduation certificate to give her parents peace of mind. As for her grades What, I don't care at all.

     After the exam, we ushered in the long vacation. This is the most hopeful moment as a student. You can play games without any scruples. For Tan Polang, this holiday has a different meaning. Before this holiday, he finally got the notice of the recommended school. This means that from now on until he enters his freshman year, he can be different. It's hard work. This is the best news for Tan Polang, who lags behind the public in both Dungeon's progress and level.

     Although he is not very young, he does have talent in playing games. Since he devoted himself to the game, both the level and the equipment have come quickly, and he has also quickly risen from the fifth group to the third group, as long as the level is higher. Some of the above, it is estimated that we will soon enter the First Squadron.But Ye Ci's game life is not as smooth as Tan Polang, she seems to be stuck in the Rocky Mountains. Two months later, she was still wandering in the Rocky Mountains, and she couldn't find the birthplace of the elf. It stands to reason that no matter how large the Rocky Mountains are, the terrain is complicated, and after so long of exploration, the map here should be ripe as a melon that rolls from its vine. However, the Rocky Mountains have a very **** situation here. It seems to have a very mysterious attribute. Every time it goes offline in the Rocky Mountains, it will be randomly transmitted to a certain place in the Rocky Mountains. Corners, which made the terrain explored yesterday become a waste.

     It is impossible for Ye Ci to stay offline. Even if she wants to stay offline, the game warehouse does not allow her to stay offline. This makes her entangled every time she goes online and offline.

     In addition, the map here is super large, the topography is very complicated, and there are many natural labyrinths in it. Therefore, after these two months, Ye Ci has only become familiar with the map of the Rocky Mountains. The details will still be unclear.Ye Ci finally understood why in the previous life, the map of the Rocky Mountains was called the "Road Crazy Terminator". It now appears that this map is not only a road idiot terminator, even people who are not road idiots will be suffocated here alive. However, it is not bad to wander around in such a place, at least let her be in other places. The ability to recognize the way in the map has been strengthened a lot. It used to be that I would get lost sometimes when walking on more complicated terrain, but now, there is no such time at all.

     Ye Ci, who is familiar with the details of the map while killing monsters and leveling, has reached the level of eighty-two glamorous. Although it has become more difficult to level up after the sixtieth level, but in the four months since the opening of the new expansion, she has quickly improved more than twenty levels. In addition to consciously practicing with her, More importantly, there is the helper of the sixth child.

     After sleeping for a month, the sixth child finally succeeded in evolving and successfully reached the eighth level. After the successful evolution, the body of the old six was nearly twice as big as the original, and the appearance was no different from that of an adult dragon. It was extremely majestic. The most important thing is that its current attributes are more powerful than before, and several good skills have been added, making Ye Ci's monster killing and leveling quickly reach the extreme.

     After killing another group of monsters, Ye Ci sat down to rest and began to eat to regain his strength.In the Rocky Mountains, the most monsters are all kinds of elves. White elves, black elves, drow elves, miniature elves... and so on, this is indeed the birthplace of the elven tribe, and all kinds of elves exist. However, because after the death of Elven King Dole, all the elven races went their own way. Many of them were gradually assimilated by the power of the devil and became evil servants. They were hidden in the valleys of various sizes in the Rocky Mountains, and they were village tribes . Therefore, as long as you find these tribes and release the sixth to kill the monsters, she keeps attracting the strangers, letting the sixth breathe out a few breaths of dragons, and the experience points will be turned into a weapon for screen cleaning.

     This level of leveling speed is really staggering. Ye Ci sometimes only thinks that the monster refresh is too slow, but her main purpose is to find the temple where it was born. When there is no monster spawning, it is just used to search carefully. map.

     During the break, Ye Ci took out the simple map here and began to draw the details she had explored for the piece she was walking now for later use. At this moment, she suddenly felt that something was brushing out behind her, she immediately turned over and jumped, and after a beautiful turn, the arrow in her hand had been shot out."If I weren't the gm account, I guess I would be a corpse now." Wang Jiangnan looked at Ye Ci with a green face. He drove the gm account, naturally invincible. Ye Ci's arrows are sharp. He passed through his throat and steadily stuck on the tree behind him. The arrow had already submerged into the trunk, and the tail feathers were still trembling slightly.