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Chapter Directory 390 Chapter 84 Because You Are Looking South
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 84 Because You Are Wang Jiangnan

     Chapter 84 Because You Are Wang Jiangnan

     Ye Ci looked at the person intently, although he changed a baffling face, but the rough novice outfit and the unabashed bug attributes nakedly explained the identity of the visitor. She put away the bow in her hand, raised her eyebrows, and said to Wang Jiangnan: "Yeah, another number?"

     "I just built it, how? Isn't it handsome?" Wang Jiangnan touched his cheek that was pinched with gm privileges, and smiled at Ye Ci proudly. I saw the figure in front of me with a tall figure and a dark complexion. The thin and soft novice outfit could not hide the bulging muscles on his body, and his face was unshaven, not care about one's appearance. Looks like his uncle.

     Ye Ci immediately felt full of black lines, she tugged at the corners of her mouth, and said implicitly: "It is not a category with you, and uses a unique flavor."

     "Ha, we are really heroes usually agree, I also think it's very handsome, a man, it's a worthwhile trip to grow up like this." Wang Jiangnan felt more proud of Ye Ci's evaluation and touched his scumbag. His chin narrowed his eyes with a smile.Ye Ci recalled Wang Jiangnan's face that could be a star, then looked at the current face, and sighed. How resentful she was about her face, she had to be like this before she was delighted to (do sth, idiom)? "What are you doing here? Don't tell me, you just pass by."

     "I'm gm, it's not impossible to just pass by." Wang Jiangnan was still immersed in the fantasy that his face was very good, and he seemed absent-minded to answer Ye Ci's question. However, when he saw Ye Ci's brow raised because of dissatisfaction, he quickly changed his words: "However, I am here specifically to look for you today."

     "Look for me?" Ye Ci wondered: "Why are you looking for me? I haven't used bugs to do offend Heaven and reason. I haven't done anything to disrupt the order of the game. Why are you looking for me?"

     "Am I looking for you only for this kind of thing in your eyes?" Wang Jiangnan rolled his eyes.

     "Ha, you are Customer Service, and I am a player. When you show up in front of me out of thin air, do you think I have other ideas?" Ye Ci is funny, Wang Jiangnan would not think that his appearance out of thin air would not give people a sense of psychology Stress it.

     Wang Jiangnan tilted his head and thought for a while, then laughed again, "It doesn't matter what you think, the important thing is that I have something I want to share with you now.""Oh..." Ye Ci didn't seem to have much interest, and went on eating. As for the sixth child, it is probably because of the special attributes of the Wangjiangnan GM that it did not notice his existence at all. Therefore, the sixth child ate the barbecue very calmly from beginning to end, even his eyes did not skew Somewhere else. "What do you need to share with me? Are you going to tell the secrets of how the Rocky Mountains went to the end to find the temple of the birthplace of the elves?"

     "Uh..." Wang Jiangnan was taken aback for a moment, and then scratched his hair: "This is not possible, how can gm tell the player this kind of thing casually, isn't this reducing the game playability?"

     Ye Ci snorted, raised his eyebrows and said, "I see, this map was not designed by you, maybe you don't know the secret here."This really makes Ye Ci right. Wang Jiangnan originally did Dungeon design in the planning team. Those rare large Dungeons are basically out of his hands, and in the wild map, He has never been responsible. Wang Jiangnan did not continue to talk about this topic with Ye Ci, but jumped to Ye Ci's side in three steps and two steps, sat down happily, and then reached out and took a piece of meat that Ye Ci was roasting on the bonfire. The rude guy stuffed it into his own mouth, and while stuffing it, he said vaguely: "Oh, oh, this is not the point, the point is what I want to tell you."

     Ye Ci was still a little disappointed. While eating meat, she carefully filled in the details of the terrain she had just discovered on the densely filled map. "Oh."

     When Wang Jiangnan saw that Ye Ci didn't care about what he said, he was a little bit entangled. He leaned his head to Ye Ci's side and said, "Hey, Hey, Ye Ci, you are not curious about what I have to share with you? "

     Ye Ci lifted his head and glanced at Jiangnan for a blank look: "You just say what you want, don't talk about pulling it down, there is so much nonsense."Wang Jiangnan touched his nose and sighed. It seems that if you want to find the gossip and extremely curious nature of an average girl in Gongzi You, she can only be brought back to the furnace and remade. He sighed, and instead of continuing to sell Guanzi, he said directly: "I am planning to be the master."

     This sentence successfully stopped Ye Ci's writing and drawing pen. She lowered her head and looked at the map on her knees, and she was stunned. She didn't recover for a long time.

     So fast……

     Has it become Fate's master planner to look at Jiangnan so quickly? She remembered that in her last life, Wang Jiangnan did not become the master planner until at least three years after Fate opened. Now it is a year ahead of schedule. It seems that there are so many things that have changed in this life, and they have almost run in the opposite direction from the previous life. She blinked, raised her head and looked at Wang Jiangnan with a brilliant smile: "Well, congratulations, I was actually promoted. Has my salary increased?"

     "This, this..." Wang Jiangnan scratched his hair again, and said with some embarrassment: "Now it's just the agent planning, and the salary won't increase."

     Ye Ci didn't understand: "Agent?"Wang Jiangnan nodded, and briefly told Ye Ci about what he and Qiao Liang had said, and did not say the details, but only let Ye Ci understand the general outline, and then said: "So whether the promotion plan mainly depends on Can I succeed in the next patch."

     Ye Ci didn’t talk to each other. In the previous life, she and Wang Jiangnan had no intersection at all. She didn’t know what specific things Wang Jiangnan experienced before becoming the master planner, nor did Wang Jiangnan ever act as an agent master planner. Planting a job that won't please his father, and don't know what he did before the expansion that made him famous. However, even Wang Jiangnan, who is reborn in this life, still possesses the feeling of innocence of childhood, but the essence of a person will not change.

     Wang Jiangnan is Wang Jiangnan. His unwillingness to surrender and his domineering dominance in his bones will not change because of changes in the external environment. Therefore, Wangjiangnan will sooner or later become that Wangjiangnan who is watching the world, and it will not change because of the appearance of Ye Ci. As for the appearance of Ye Ci, it was just that Wang Jiangnan, who stood in front of everyone and became the father of Fate, appeared in advance.

     She smiled, chop the nail and slice the iron and said, "I can."Such a positive answer surprised Wang Jiangnan. I don’t know why Ye Ci always has a strange magic power. If this sentence is spoken from someone else’s mouth, Wang Jiangnan will most likely feel it is a comfort or a blessing, but it comes from Ye Ci’s mouth. He actually had a feeling of being prophesied.

     It seems that if she says that she can, she can.

     Wang Jiangnan didn't know how to describe this feeling. He blinked, then blinked again: "Ye Ci, why are you so sure?"

     "Because you are Wang Jiangnan." Ye Ci's mouth is full of a sweeping arc: "Just like I am Gongzi You. There are some things in the world that others can't do, but Wang Jiangnan can do it, just like the world. There are some things no one can do, but Gongzi You can do the same."

     Wang Jiangnan laughed, these words are really...Gongzi You's style too.

     Ye Ci sat on the ground bitterly to rest, poured a can of wine into his mouth, and watched his strength slowly recover. This Wang Jiangnan is really an excessive guy. After coming to my own place to find confidence, he patted his butt and left, without telling her where the temple is. How can she use people like this? She severely tore off a piece of barbecue, as if she was tearing someone's meat.I just hope that this guy’s expansion won’t succeed at all, and he won’t be the master planner for a lifetime

     Just as Ye Ci cursed Wang Jiangnan, who had disappeared a long time ago, the sixth child suddenly screamed. Its voice was not loud. It seemed that it was deliberately lowering its voice not to attract attention. Ye Ci glanced at Lao Liu, a little confused, just asked, "What's wrong?"

     The sixth child continued to scream in one direction, Ye Ci looked in the direction it was screaming, and saw a gleaming little figure near the corpse of a black elf. It carried a large pocket with long pointed ears, but it was not as tall as an elf, but a small one, looking like it had just finished stealing, shifty-eyed everywhere. As he walked, the shiny gold coins fell from the pocket on his back and spread out on the road he had walked.

     "Treasure Thieving Goblin" Ye Ci jumped up with excitement.The Treasure Thief Goblin is a special mob in Fate that specializes in sending money and equipment to players. Their level is the same as the map that appears. According to the map’s high-level and low-level health, it also differs to some extent. It will not attack the player, and after the player finds it, it will only run away quickly, and will open a time-space door. . Such mobs usually have a lot of wealth in their pockets, such as gold coins, advanced equipment, gems, recipes, and other advanced goods. Although the player only hurts it a little at a time, as long as you keep chasing him and killing him , Don’t give him time to open the door of time and space, it won’t take much time to kill it and reap the wealth of a place.

     Therefore, in the previous life, this thing was also called the God of Wealth.

     But what makes Ye Ci strange is that according to reason, this kind of monster will not appear in this expansion. She clearly remembered that this kind of weirdness only appeared in the expansion after Wang Jiangnan was called the master planner. How could it appear now?

     Suddenly, she remembered that when Wang Jiangnan left, she mysteriously told her that she would give her a gift. That's how it happened. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly pass. Your support is my biggest motivation.)