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Chapter Directory 391 Chapter 85 Discovery
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 85 Discovery

     Chapter 85 Discovery

     Ye Ci watched the thief goblin slowly sat down again, and began to quickly recover his strength.

     The time for the Treasure Thief Goblin to appear is 30 minutes each time. During these 30 minutes, if no player attacks him, he will keep walking in a specific range and will not leave, but three Once ten minutes passed, he would disappear. Once the player starts attacking the treasure-thief goblin, this guy will run around the world, dropping shiny gold coins on the way to attract more players to chase and give the first place A player who finds and attacks him increases the pressure.

     Although this kind of monster will not fight back at all, has no attack power at all, and will give away treasures, but this kind of guy has very long legs, runs extremely fast, and does not eat Control Skills, if it is Sorcerer, Cleric, etc. The short-legged profession met him in the wild, and I was afraid that he would lose his life and not necessarily catch him.At this time, no one has seen the God of Wealth Monster Thieving Goblin, and no one knows what kind of benefits he has. If anyone knows, I am afraid that all the major Guilds are looking for things all over the world. went. What's more, because of the peculiarities of the Rocky Mountains, basically no one is looking for abuse here. At least in the two months when Ye Ci is looking for abuse here, she hasn't encountered a single player. Therefore, Ye Ci is not worried at all. When chasing this guy, it will be discovered by other players.

     Ye Ci had suffered from this guy in his last life. At that time, she was a sad Sorcerer with a broken leg. She stumbled upon a thief goblin in a 120-level map with men's footprints are rare. She chased him for nearly an hour, and finally before she was exhausted. Killed him. Although there was a big explosion of good things, but the process of running and breaking his leg in the middle still caused Ye Ci to slander the master planner of Jiangnan for a long time.

     In this life, although Ye Ci is no longer a Sorcerer with a broken leg, in order to avoid this guy's blood is too thick and have to chase for a long time, Ye Ci still intends to resume her stamina before proceeding with her pursuit of great cause. After a while, Ye Ci's physical strength finally recovered. She stood up, patted the dust on her body, and planned to attack this guy.Pulling the bow away, Ye Ci shot an arrow at the shifty-eyed thief goblin. The guy immediately noticed the existence of Ye Ci, screamed angrily at her, and then turned his head and ran. Ye Ci didn't dare to delay, and ran over. While running, he shot the thief goblin with a normal attack. If it weren't for the hunter’s arrows, it would disappear immediately. It is estimated that when the goblin dies To become a veritable hedgehog.

     The Treasure Thief Goblin is a special monster with no IQ. His escape route is completely random. As long as there is a way, he can run over it. In this case, it is normal that it will inevitably run into some strange piles, and if the players following it do not have the ability to kill monsters or dodge monsters in seconds, they will easily be besieged to death by monsters. The appearance of the last life must have been the cause of the happy and sad situation of one family.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci has a sixth child, so even though the treasure goblins smashed a mob on the way, but the sixth one followed a few skills and sprayed it down, and the mobs fell. In such a situation, Ye Ci only needs to keep attacking the treasure-thief goblins, and leave all other things to the sixth.Although I haven't seen such a small thing for a long time, after seeing each other again, Ye Ci loves and hates the small thing like the thief goblin, and loves and hates the rest. The escape route of this guy is completely unpredictable, Ye Ci can only run after it. Fortunately, she is a hunter in this life. Her legs are a lot longer. Even if this guy runs fast, she won't be out of breath when running like Sorcerer. Although it is impossible to hunt down that guy in a few steps, but, The run is very smooth, and has been following closely behind sb or sth, and will not lose his track.

     The Treasure Thief Goblin will not stop when he runs, so Ye Ci has no chance to stop and open the map to see where he has run. He can only follow him in the Rocky Mountains. Running in the dense woods. Brilliant sunlight projected from the gaps in the leaves to the ground, with tiny spots of light. The ground where the sun had not been seen for a long time was covered with thick fallen leaves. After the dampness of the earth, it became soft and elastic. Sometimes, water will seep out and wet people's shoes. The forest is filled with a special smell produced by leaves, it is not unpleasant, and even has a special aroma.The treasure thief goblin's pocket kept dropping gold coins, scattered in the forest, and it was exceptionally shining against the dark ground. It is precisely because of these gold coins that even if Ye Ci does not keep up with him occasionally, he can follow the gold coins to quickly find the location of the treasure-thief goblin.

     I don't know how long it has been running, Ye Ci saw that the health bar of the thief goblin finally had only blood skin left. With a sigh of relief in her heart, she shot an arrow at him more quickly. Finally, the goblin fell down with a scream, and the huge pocket fell on the ground, still emitting a golden light.

     Ye Ci rushed to the thief goblin in a few steps. She glanced at his body and confirmed that it was not killed before squatting down and began to put her hand into the golden pocket and take out something.

     As expected, the guy who is known as the God of Wealth Giving Treasures, the things given are really good. I don’t know if it’s the first monster to be brushed out. Ye Ci feels that this gift-giving God of Wealth has exploded more things today, even more than in the previous life.

     In addition to a large number of gold coins, the Treasure Thief Goblin also burst Ye Ci with four pieces of equipment, and three of them were hunter's equipment for the first time. The three pieces of equipment are a level 85 crossbow, a purple quiver and a talisman.The keen two-handed crossbow that the snake swallows: Purple Equipment, strength 298, agility 642, Vitality (Endurance) 310. Attack Speed 15, Critical Hit rate 45, Critical Hit damage 10, equipment gold drop rate 8. With a certain amount of Viper poisonous damage, after three consecutive Critical Hits, the skill "Swallowing" can be triggered. Level Requirement: 85, required occupation: Hunter, Rangers. Bind after equipment.

     Devour: Use the power of the snake god to create a black hole, swallow the opponent's random individual with the highest health value, and cause 5*5 yards of dark damage.

     Aquila’s Leech Blood-sucking Quiver: Purple Equipment, Agility 120, Vitality (Endurance) 80 Attack Speed 15, which can steal the opponent’s life and convert it into your own life after one second of fatal injury to the opponent.

     Elemental Endurance Amulet: Purple Equipment, Vitality (Endurance) 275, Critical Hit rate 30, Critical Hit damage 5, increase gold coin and equipment drop rate by 10.

     As for the other piece of equipment is a Cleric ring, the attributes are also very good, but Ye Ci can't use it, she threw it directly into the package, and was going to give it to Bai Mo, so that Bai Mo could allocate it to Guild for use. Cleric on. Looking at the three pieces of hunter's equipment, Ye Ci suddenly felt sad and cheeks streaming with tears, and a bitterness finishes, sweetness begins.

     Not easy, not easyFrom the beginning of the game until now, she has pushed down countless bosses and touched countless corpses. However, she has never touched more than one hunter's equipment on the same corpse. Like this, she has produced three pieces that she can use at the same time. Equipped, Ye Ci has only a sense of illusion as if he is dreaming. Does this mean that she finally got rid of the sad title of God of Black Hand?

     Although the two-handed crossbow needs a level 85 to wear, because Ye Ci has the heaven-defying equipment of this fraud brooch, it is easy to carry this thing. Then he took the quiver, and after putting on the amulet, and then looked at his attributes, it was a lot better than before. She looked at her original equipment and couldn't help sighing, because her hand was too dark. After she had exchanged equipment from level sixty, she never changed equipment again. Now, although her own position is in the middle of fighting monsters. I can't hang it, but the damage to the monster is obviously not enough. If it were not for the strong pet of the sixth child, Ye Ci would not be able to level up so fast.

     She has been curled up behind her sixth child and beating soy sauce for too long. This time she has changed her weapon and can finally be violent. Ye Ci is really overjoyed.After replacing the equipment, Ye Ci looked around and began to observe where he was now. Looking at it this way, she couldn't help feeling a little strange. She seemed to have never been here before. She took out the map and looked at her position on the map, and found that this was a place she had never involved. Located in a very hidden corner on the map, usually blocked by the lines of two mountains, Ye Ci never found it.

     where is this place?

     Ye Ci looked at the surroundings and saw that there seemed to be a very majestic building here, but it had already collapsed long ago. There are crumbling fences and dilapidated walls everywhere. The place where she is standing seems to be a small square, with some stone carvings on the square, but because of the perennial disrepair, the original look can’t be seen for a long time. Now there is only one place with broken bricks and thick wet black Leaves, and in front of her is a large ruin. It looks like it was a big house, but now there are only a few half-person-high pillars that record the glory of the past. It's already a piece of rubble.

     Ye Ci walked towards the ruins. After not taking a few steps, he heard the system prompt: "You have found the elves temple, the experience value is 35489."Elf temple? Ye Ci was taken aback for a while, and then a kind of ecstasy struck her heart. This is really wear out one's iron shoes. Nowhere to find it, it takes no effort (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to start () vote) Recommended tickets, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)