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Chapter Directory 394 Chapter 88 E-sports
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 88 E-Sports

     Chapter 88 E-Sports

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes, and really didn’t want to yell with Tan Polang among so many people. Let’s not say whether they can hear all their conversations in such a noisy crowd, just say that the yelling thing is Not Ye Ci will do it. From Ye Ci's point of view, yelling in a loud voice is a physically exhausting thing. If there is this Stamina shouting here, it would be better to let her run a few laps of 800 meters.

     So Ye Ci muttered in a low voice: "Of course I know about e-sports. I am not a brainless creature living in outer space. I just said so many people, why join in the fun..."

     Of course, Tan Polang couldn't hear her mumbling. Even if he could hear her, he wouldn't agree with it. After all, he was also playing e-sports at the beginning. Ye Ci understands Tan Polang's love for e-sports, so he just mumbled a few complaints on his mouth, but did not actually object.

     After all, she understands how excited, impulsive, and uncontrollable emotions are when a person meets something she likes.There are ten dedicated gaming machines in this exhibition area. They are shaped like a speeding car. The man who controls them can relax and relax their whole body very comfortably. There is a circle of small flashes around the display. It is used to block the sight of the player of the next machine, so that the player of each machine is an independent individual.

     The ten machines are relatively divided, and each one has a player sitting on it, but Ye Ci does not see what kind of player it is, because the outside of each machine is crowded with not one drop by the onlookers can trickle through, people burst out from time to time with such and other exclamations. Among them, there are the most people around the third machine. And the exclamation they heard just now also came from here.

     Tan Polang's height has grown by leaps and bounds recently. From the 1.65m when he got home a year ago, he has grown nearly 20 centimeters taller. Coupled with his sunny face, he has attracted the attention of many girls. However, Tan Polang is not in the mood to respond to these girls' gazes now, and his full attention is focused on the players in that crowd.

     He is itchy.What kind of person would get such praise? Counting it all, he hasn’t played e-sports for several years. There are some things that you think you put down, but in fact they are only temporarily frozen by you. As long as there is a little stimulation from the outside, this thing will erupt like a volcano. Gushing out, making you unable to clean up.

     Just like Tan Polang now, he was eager to squeeze into the crowd to see what the so-called master looks like, to see if he is really as amazing as everyone is not just in name only, but also in reality. However, this is not about shooting TV or filming. How can people take their best position bow and give way? Tan Polang originally dragged Ye Ci into the middle of the crowd, but later misplaced Ye Ci and squeezed into the crowd. However, after squeezing for a long time, he didn’t squeeze in. His nose was anxious. Sweating: "Let me see if it's done, let me see"

     Ye Ci stood behind Tan Polang, looking at his anxious look, couldn't help but laugh. Don't look at Tan Polang's flat fashion. At this time, it seems that he is just an underage child. . In a blink of an eye, I saw that the player on the penultimate machine was about to leave. She quickly grabbed Tan Polang, who was still jumping around pretending to be a monkey, and said, "Come with me.""Why?" Tan Polang was dragged by Ye Ci towards the last machine, yelling anxiously: "I can't go, I won't be able to see it after I leave."

     Ye Ci turned to the last machine and said, "Rather than going to watch, wouldn't it be better to play against this in person?"

     Tan Polang paused slightly and laughed suddenly. There is nothing wrong with him. At any rate, he was also a trained member of the national team. Although he did not even make the top 40 when participating in international competitions, his level is higher than that of ordinary players. It's not one and a half. To see if the other party is really good, don't you know as long as you try it yourself?

     He immediately rushed towards the last machine. The player on the last machine obviously failed the battle, and the technology was not very good. The people around him were sparse, and even his own face had a look of regret. Tan Polang rushed to him and grinned at him, showing a big smile: "Hey, man, are you still playing?"

     The man looked up at Tan Polang, although he was a little angry because of the failure, but he did not hit the smiley man with his hand, not to mention Tan Polang with such a bright smile, he couldn't say anything. Just sighed: "No, you want to try?"

     "Well, I want to try it." Tan Polang nodded, "Which has the highest points now?""That cm001." The speaker stood up: "I think my skills are pretty good. The first few games went smoothly. I didn't even have the power to fight back when I met him in the last one. This girl didn't feel like it at all. Taoist Master..." He sighed and walked off the machine: "Do you want to challenge him?"

     Tan Polang nodded vigorously, "Of course."

     "Then you have to be mentally prepared, don't be hit like me." The man curled his lips, and he didn't seem to be optimistic about Tan Polang. He got off the machine, and Tan Polang immediately sat on it. I just listened to the person walking and saying to his friend: "I thought we didn't have a master here, but I didn't expect there to be any. Concealment is deep enough.

     "It's alright, let's go back to play Fate, your hand speed is not good, hurry back and accompany me to kill Arena..."

     Ye Ci tilted her head and watched the two people walk away, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly. The Fate player base is really large, and she can meet them whenever she comes out. She retracted her gaze from the two people and put it on Tan. On the top of Polang’s display, he had already created an account and was starting a game. I don’t know which player behind him was fighting with him.Tan Polang deserves to be a member of the original national team. Although there was no outstanding result in the end, it is really not a problem to deal with some ordinary players. Although Ye Ci is not proficient in e-sports, looking at Tan Polang's operation and layout can tell that he is indeed a master, not to mention his speed is really fast, it is no wonder that he has always won so many games. , And the victory was quick.

     Gradually, many players gradually surrounded them, and voices of praise and exclamation came from him from time to time.

     Ye Ci found that Tan Polang is in group b, and cm001 is in group a. If they want to meet together, Tan Polang needs certain points in addition to defeating all the opponents in this group. This is why Tan Polang has been constantly challenging his opponents.

     As time passed by, more and more people were around them, and a lot of discussion came out.

     "The person on the last machine over there is also very powerful. I think it is even more powerful than that cm001."

     "At first glance, you are a layman, you see that his hand speed is not as fast as cm001, and the layout is not very reasonable."

     "I don't think, I think I prefer the layout and attack rhythm of ppll (the account registered by Tan Polang). I think he is more sharp in this way."

     ...Everyone around was whispering, discussing the difference between Tan Polang and the cm001.

     Standing next to Tan Polang, Ye Ci looked down at him as he was about to end the battle, and asked in a low voice: "How long will you have to challenge that cm001?"

     "Alright, there are a lot of people challenging him. I'm still in line, and there are three people in front of me. If these three are not good, I think it will be my turn soon." Tan Polang said. Then, one side accepted another person's challenge and opened a small map to start the battle.

     Tan Polang's game passed quickly again. He stretched his waist and moved his body. Then he looked at the queue for his challenge to cm001. There was another player. In that case, he would not take up the challenge for the time being. Instead, a single player game was upgraded from the e-sports machine and started playing.

     While Tan Polang was waiting, suddenly a man with a work card squeezed into the crowd. Ye Ci glanced at the name on the work badge on his neck. It turned out that it was the staff of this booth. While saying sorry, he squeezed to Tan Polang's side, patted him on the shoulder lightly, and smiled at him: "Is ppll?"

     "Oh, I am." Tan Polang turned his gaze away from the monitor and looked at the staff member: "Is something wrong?""That's it. We monitored the battle between you and cm001 all the way backstage. We think you are all first-class masters, and the queue for you to challenge cm001 is about to arrive. I believe there are a lot of e-sports hobbies here. Or, they will also be interested in this battle, but your current battle can only be seen by people around you. We want to broadcast it live, don’t you know if you agree?” The staff member pointed to the three on the stand. A huge display screen, asking in a good manner.

     Tan Polang thought for a while, looked at Ye Ci and asked her what she meant. Ye Ci shrugged his shoulders and motioned for him to make his own decision. Tan Polang scratched his hair again, pondered for a while, then nodded, "Okay."

     The staff member smiled and nodded: "Thank you." Then he lowered his head, bent down and pressed a button under Tan Polang's current machine, then made a "you continue" gesture toward Tan Polang and left. Up.Ye Ci looked up at the booth, and saw the Tan Polang display on the left display screen, and the largest display screen in the middle was obviously used for explanation, and the rightmost display screen was still unconnected. The status is used to connect the cm001 display. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly pass. Your support is my biggest motivation.)