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Chapter Directory 395 Chapter 89 KING
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 89 King

     Chapter 89 King

     However, cm001 doesn't seem to be as easy to talk as Tan Polang. The staff worked with him for a long time before he finally agreed to broadcast the match live to everyone. In the meantime, Tan Polang has been prepared and brought earphones exclusively for gaming, in order to make his Stamina more focused and not to be affected by outside sounds.

     Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang. He closed his eyes and put on earphones, leaning on the chair, making the final mental preparation. Then she turned her head to look at cm001, hoping to see what kind of opponent it was. However, she could only see dense crowds in the past, if it weren’t for cm001’s machine, there was a big big It is estimated that she can’t even find the location of cm001.

     Since there were no people in sight, Ye Ci simply turned around like a public player and looked at the display screen on the booth to see the broadcast there more clearly.

     After about ten more minutes of preparation time, the host and the narrator were already in place. After they announced the start of the battle to the two people, the two immediately started the battle.Ye Ci is not proficient in e-sports. In fact, at best, she can only be regarded as playing with fur. However, even so, looking at the comparison on the screen of the two people, she can still feel that Tan Polang is slightly worse than that of cm001. Little bit, in fact, they just started, and they didn't see any results, but in her heart she already faintly felt that Tan Polang had encountered an incredible opponent this time.

     The commentator is obviously an expert. He seems to be what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job for such events. The explanation is very simple and easy to understand and humorous. He often joked with the host on one side. Telling some jokes caused a burst of laughter from the onlookers. Gradually, more and more people came to this exhibition area, which made the already crowded crowd more not one drop can trickle through. Ye Ci was also crowded closer to Tan Polang's machine. .

     From time to time, the crowd burst into exclamation sounds, nothing more than sounds of praise and admiration.

     "This is really a high-level game. It's not worse than any domestic game. It's so exciting. I thought I couldn't explain such a high-level game in my life..." The host is still relaxed and humorous. He explained the game, but Ye Ci saw Tan Polang's defeat during the game.She looked at the time and found that 28 minutes have passed since the start of the match. Although Tan Polang has been actively attacking until now, and cm001 is only defensively against it, Tan Polang has not broken through cm001's defense. Judging from the current situation, Tan Polang seems to have the upper hand. However, I don’t know why, Ye Ci feels that Tan Polang is not far from failure. It will not take more than fifteen minutes at most...

     Ye Ci's prediction is fairly accurate, but it is not fifteen minutes, but two minutes. In other words, less than two minutes.

     Just after Tan Polang launched another round of fierce attacks on cm001, cm001, who had been passively coping with it, suddenly seemed to have changed his temper. He began to attack Tan Polang continuously, wave after wave, fast and firepower. It's not like a normal player can do it at all. Tan Polang was beaten back again and again, cm001's offense seemed to have pulled up a long line of fire, and it was in full bloom, so that Tan Polang had no strength to fight back. In less than a minute, his original advantage disappeared.

     In less than a minute, he was defeated across the board."Oh, cm001 is a magic trick. This trick is too fierce, too ruthless, and so happy that ppll can't fight back at all. Oh my god, this kind of tactic is terrible. I dare say that it's not just ppll. It is not easy for an international master to survive such a tactic. The ppll technique is already perfect, but the opponent of cm001 is really terrifying..." The narrator’s emotions are high and his speech is very fast. It seems, This battle made him fired up.

     Not only him, but all the players who followed the game were shocked by cm001's amazing tactics. Dumbstruck, this is an international level, too enjoyable, and too powerful for a time. Discuss spiritedly.

     Tan Polang looked at his black-and-white screen, did not recover for a long time, and sat there blankly. Ye Ci thought he had been hit, and reached out and patted her on the shoulder, beckoning him not to be sad. However, Tan Polang did not feel her comfort. Instead, he removed the earphones, jumped on the seat, and looked in the direction of the cm001 machine.

     Ye Ci was taken aback by Tan Polang, and then immediately reached out to pull him off: "What are you doing, come down quickly, how can you step on someone else's machine"

     But Tan Polang didn't care about Ye Ci at all. He shouted in the direction of cm001: "king, is it you, is it you?"She is a stone cold 9 tails fox
A boiling cauldron of voices in the hall hummed and soon drowned out Tan Polang's voice. But Ye Ci, standing next to Tan Polang, can hear clearly.

     king? Why does this name sound so familiar? She thought for a moment and immediately thought, isn't this the king of e-sports who has won the world championship for five consecutive times? Before she had time to think about it, she saw Tan Polang jump off her machine and ran towards the cm001 machine. Ye Ci quickly followed: "Polang"

     Tan Polang didn’t know where his strength came from, and quickly pushed aside the blocked crowd and rushed towards cm001, while Ye Ci followed him and continued to complain about those who were pushed aside by Tan Polang. People apologize.

     When she finally followed Tan Polang, he had stopped. I saw him standing in front of an e-sports machine, dumbfounded and silent. Ye Ci rushed to Tan Polang, her ankle hurts badly. Why didn't this guy even think about what shoes she was wearing, and let her follow such "travel over land and water", dying?

     But before she could say anything, she heard Tan Polang shouting at cm001 excitedly: "king, are you back, why don't you tell me in advance"Ye Ci looked at the direction of the man named king. This is a very young man who looks like he will never be more than twenty-five years old, or younger, and he will be able to win five consecutive international e-sports championships. It is really you can't judge a person by appearance. He was wearing a large black turtleneck sweater, a pair of calfskin half-length gloves, and an old pair of jeans wrapped around his slender legs, making him casual and unruly. As for that face, Ye Ci has to say that it is a pity to be on a man's body.

     There are many types of men in this world, such as handsome, handsome, such as Bai Mo as gentle as jade, such as Tan Polang as sunshine. The appearance of the man in front of him is really hard to describe. It is a kind of beauty. It is more or less inappropriate to describe a man because of its practical beauty. However, the man in front of him is beautiful, a kind of feminine beauty. Lifting his glasses, Ye Ci actually felt like a peach blossom blooming gorgeously.

     He raised those enchanting phoenix eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly, as if he was not surprised at all, everything was as calm as water waves. He looked at Tan Polang, then stood up, smiling calmly: "It's been a long time, Polang."Tan Polang yelled and jumped up, almost hanging on King's body: "You came back and you came back. I thought you would stay in America for a long time."

     The king was taken a step back by Tan Polang's sudden movement. He quickly raised his hands and gently pushed away Tan Polang's overly passionate hug. He smiled and said, "Hey, hey, Polang, calm down. I'm not a comrade." When he said this, his eyes had already fallen on Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci tilted her head and looked at Tan Polang and King. She knew that Tan Polang admired King very much, so she absolutely understood the joy of reunion with her comrades after a long absence. However, I don't know if it was her illusion, why did the king's eyes keep falling on him?

     "By the way, king, let me introduce this. This is..." Tan Polang smiled like a child. Anyway, he is a child himself. After he calmed down a little bit, he immediately took King and looked at Ye Ci. , Planning this introduction.

     However, before he had time to introduce him, the staff had already squeezed into the crowd. The headed one was dressed in a neat suit and had a headset on his ear. He smiled at King: "Hello, cm001, I am " Huang Qi, manager of the FireWire exhibition area, may I ask, have you ever participated in an international competition?"King then turned his gaze on Ye Ci to the uninvited guest. He narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Huang Qi's outstretched hand, and also stretched out his hand and shook it gently with him before letting go. , Then smiled faintly: "Manager Huang, what's the matter?"

     "I am also an e-sports enthusiast. It may be a bit presumptuous to say that. I think your layout and game rhythm are very similar to the former world champion king. Please allow me to boldly guess, are you a king?" Huang Qi actually listened to it. It was only when Tan Polang yelled just now that he suddenly remembered where the familiarity he felt came from. However, Tan Polang yelled, and he was not sure if he heard it wrong, so he came. Go to him and plan to confirm it.

     There was a slight sarcasm on King's lips, he just cocked the corners of his mouth: "No."

     "No?" Huang Qi's eyes widened in surprise. He looked at Tan Polang, and saw that Tan Polang was also looking at King strangely, and he became more determined that he had no wrong judgment: "How can I be a king's hardcore? Fans, I have watched and figured out every game of his. Your operations and tactics are just like king..."King didn’t let him finish, so he interrupted him. He glanced at Ye Ci next to him, and then said to Huang Qi with certainty: "I am not." (To be continued. If you like this work, welcome You come to the starting point () to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation.)