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Chapter Directory 396 Chapter 90 You Need To Explain Something To Me
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Charge section (12 o'clock)

     Chapter 90 You need to explain something to me

     Chapter 90 You need to explain something to me

     "No..." Huang Qi obviously still didn't believe it, but the other party had nothing to do without admitting him, so he directly cast his eyes on Tan Polang and said: "ppll, I just heard you call him king?"

     Tan Polang shrugged and grinned, "Manager Huang, you got it wrong, I didn't call that."

     Since both parties did not admit that there was such a thing, Huang Qi couldn’t get entangled in this matter anymore. He could only smile awkwardly, and changed the topic directly: “It’s cm001, forgive me for taking the liberty, I It just feels a little bit similar. Of course, I'm not looking for you for this."

     After Huang Qi's statement made King raised his beautiful eyebrows, he said faintly: "What's the matter?"

     "I think your technique is very good. Recently, our company organized its own team to enter the international competition. Are you interested in participating in the team studio organized by our company?" Huang Qi showed white teeth and smiled very brightly. , Their company’s team is now the top ten in the country, and it is very possible to hit the international competition.

     The king shook his head and refused without even thinking about it: "Sorry, I am not interested in this."Huang Qi didn’t seem to be surprised by King’s refusal, so he continued: "You don’t have to panic and refuse first. Let’s listen to our conditions? We are Warfire Studio. Our team is now the fourth team in the country. As long as you Join, the salary can be given..."

     "Sorry, I'm really not interested in this." King stopped listening to Huang Qi and interrupted him directly. Then he looked around more and more people around him and said to Tan Polang, "Find a place to drink. What not?"

     "Of course." Tan Polang nodded. Now this place is not a good place for conversation, so naturally it has to be changed. "I'll lead the way," he said, squeezing out of the crowd with a smile.

     The king followed Tan Polang, but he turned his head and smiled at Ye Ci: "Come together?"

     Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. Of course, she wanted to come together. She didn't bring a penny when she went out today. If she didn't follow Tan Polang, she would have to walk home. So she nodded at kin**, just don't know why, when those too beautiful Phoenix eyes looked at her, how could she feel a kind of scorching heat like a prairie fire. Do they know each other? Naturally, I don't know each other, but why does she have a sense of familiarity with baffling?"Cm001, wait a second, think about it again, it's a pity that you don't participate in the international competition with a technology like yours. Wait, wait..." Huang Qi saw a few people leaving, and was very unwilling to follow behind. .

     It is obviously a very wrong decision to let Tan Polang choose where to gather.

     No matter how high his level of playing games is, no matter how much he has the so-called quasi-great aura, after all, he is still a minor child, and the place he chose is actually a super cute ice cream shop. When Ye Ci was standing in front of this small house with pink and other cute colors as the base, three black lines appeared on her head. She stood motionless and didn't want to go in at all.

     There was King who stood at the door of the store like her and did not want to go in. He looked at Ye Ci and said, "Want to go in?"

     Ye Ci immediately shook his head like a rattle, clearly expressing his idea of not calling from such a place at all. So the two people looked at Tan Polang, who was standing in front of the store with a smile and sent a warm invitation to them, and said, "Can you change the place?"

     "Why? The ice cream here is delicious" Tan Polang looked at the two people tilted their heads and declared: "Our whole class likes to come here, the contents are really delicious."Ye Ci twitched his mouth, as it should be by rights refused and said: "It's winter now, eat ice cream?"

     Although King didn't use this reason, it was almost the same. He said: "I haven't eaten ice cream since I was eighteen."

     Tan Polang looked at Ye Ci and then at king. A very strange smile appeared on his expression. He retracted his hand that had opened the door of the store, and then said to the two people: "Then you can make a reservation." Up."

     At the end, the three people walked into a cafe opposite the shop and took a seat. After asking for something, Tan Polang first smiled at Ye Ci: "Sister Ye Ci, this is what I often mentioned. I was in the country. King took good care of me when he was in the team, and he is the one who has won the world championship for five consecutive times."

     Ye Ci looked at King quietly, and a sense of familiarity became more and more lingering around her. She looked at the young man quietly, and after Tan Polang introduced herself to King again, she faded Said: "Why leave the e-sports world?"

     King squinted his eyes and looked at Ye Ci with a full smile. She didn't feel abrupt because she asked such a question the first time we met. His upturned phoenix eyes seemed to swept infinitely with *light. After Ye Ci's cheeks, he finally landed on those indifferent and distant eyes. After a while, he slowly said, "There is no opponent."Ye Ci raised an eyebrow slightly when he heard this, and replied arrogantly, but it reminded Ye Ci of another person.

     King went on to say: "It took five years to wait for the growth of the opponent, but finally found a waste of time. How many years are there in life?

     "You remind me of someone." Ye Ci lowered her eyes slightly. She suddenly remembered that in the last life of Fleeting Time, that person became vanish without trace after winning the pvp championship. Isn't it the same idea as King?

     "Oh? Who?" King asked with a soothing smile on the corner of his lips.

     "Opponents, rivals..." In the face of the person who met for the first time, there were some things that she didn't need to say, but I don't know why. When Ye Ci faced the king, she naturally said some things unnaturally. . After a slight meal, she laughed at herself again and said, "Perhaps there is something else."

     Tan Polang's gaze turned around on the faces of the two people and then around. Finally, he was sure that the two people didn't care about the light bulb at all, so he touched his nose, took out his mobile phone and read the novel. Come, anyway, others don't care about yourself, so you should not join in the fun.

     "Your name is Ye Ci?" King asked softly. He spoke slowly, as if feeling the mellow fragrance of those two words sliding across his lips and tongue."Yes." Ye Ci nodded, and then said in a somewhat alienated tone: "Are you not going to introduce yourself? It's not impolite to come and go."

     The king looked at Ye Ci's slightly arrogant tone and couldn't help but laughed in a low voice, and he stretched out his hand. Speaking of his name very slowly: "I am Xia Demei."

     "An Neng crushes the eyebrows and bows the waist and makes me unhappy?" Ye Ci naturally thought of Li Bai's famous line when he heard the name. She stretched out her hand and shook Xia Zimei's hand lightly before letting go again.

     "Yes." Xia Zimei felt the icy edge of Ye Ci's cold fingertips when she flicked his fingers. He only felt as if even the tip of his heart was trembling, and the corners of his lips were charming. With an endless smile, he looked at Ye Ci quietly, and then said slowly, slowly, one word at a time: "Little childe, I am Fleting Time."

     Ye Ci didn't get back to her senses until she got on the bus to go home. She felt like she was dreaming. The Fleeting Time of the Western Continent, the Fleeting Time that is technically arrogant, the Fleeting Time that is the old enemy, the goal of the Fleeting Time, the Fleeting Time that has been haunting you, and the Fleeting Time that you decide to like, The Fleeting Time that appears and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost...... How could it just appear like this? how can that be possible? There was no warning, it just appeared suddenly.This, this is not logical.

     After the initial shock, Ye Ci's sanity and calmness returned to her body again, and she began to realize that there was something wrong with it. She never told Fleeting Time where she was. The chance of them meeting should be equal to zero. How could they have met so soon now?

     Wait, Ye Ci frowned. Fleeting Time=Xia Zumei=king=E-sports five consecutive championships=Tan Polang’s teammate.

     She turned her gaze to Tan Polang who was on one side, sharp and sharp.

     Tan Polang of course felt this look like feeling brambles and thorns in one's back, but he just bit the bullet and pretended not to feel it, shaking his hands and feet to make the music sound louder, and his body even exaggerated. Swayed to the sound of music in the headphones.

     He didn't see Ye Ci's murderous eyes anyway. If you don’t see, you don’t see, oh yeah

     "Tan Polang, don't you think you have something to explain to me?" Ye Ci's left hand propped his chin, his right hand flicked lightly on his knee, and his eyes were coldly looking while trying to hide it makes it The more conspicuous Tan Polang, her voice is very soft, but she has a sense of oppression that cannot be ignored.Tan Polang pretended not to hear it at all, and even hummed in the headphones. He said to himself in his heart, hold on, Tan Polang, hold on, as long as she plays stupid in the end, she can't beat you like a girl, hahaha, can't beat you...

     Sometimes the consequence of self-deception is becoming less and less confident, just like the current Tan Polang, although he is extremely calm on the surface, but his heart is already as unbearable as a hundred claws. Just thinking about one question, when will we arrive...

     The music suddenly stopped, Tan Polang looked back, only to see Ye Ci holding his earphones in his hand, smiling faintly at him. However, in Tan Polang's eyes, the smile was as terrible as the Asura of hell is demanding one's life, and he couldn't help but shudder...

     He swallowed, and smirked at Ye Ci, slowly, with a okay expression. He blinked a few times and stared at Ye Ci, trying to impress with his cutest side. The heart of the female evil star can finally start off leniently: "Sister Ye Ci." (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly pass. Your support is my greatest Motivation.) (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote recommended votes, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)