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Chapter Directory 399 Chapter 93 What Do You Think Of Him?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 93 What do you think of him?

     Chapter 93 What do you think of him?

     Games are games, and reality is reality.

     No matter how real the touch and senses are in the game, it is completely different from reality.

     Even though he has had a lot of close contact with Fleeting Time in the game, in reality, Ye Ci is the first time to have such physical contact with Yi Qingchen, who is the identity of Fleeting Time. It's strange, unlike shaking hands frankly, this kind of touch actually made her feel like shaking one to the core. Her heart, which was always calm all the time, was beating excitedly in her left chest. Ye Ci swallowed, as if her ears were temporarily deaf, and she could only feel the strong and rapid heartbeat.

     Boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom.She worked hard to calm her inner turmoil, and when she took the plate that Yi Qingchen handed over, not a word or movement quietly raised her eyes and glanced at him. I saw that his face was extremely calm, as if nothing had happened just now. In fact, nothing happened just now, but I thought too much. Ye Ci thought so, as if she could calm down a little bit inside. She took a few deep breaths and seemed to be more calm again. After washing several dishes back and forth, she seemed to really recover. The mentality of that Furui Bubo just now changed.

     The kitchen lighting was warm and soft, calming and gentle the whole scene of unrest. Ye Ci looked up at the window next to the sink while washing the tableware that Yi Qingchen handed over. It was already dark, and the lights in the community came on, neatly interspersed in the middle of the green belt, making the trees with their fallen leaves a little softer. The children in the community were dressed in thick winter clothes, surrounded by lighted incense sticks in their hands to light fireworks. The bursts of laughter made this winter night so joyful.

     She was a little silly.She remembers that she was the same when she was a child. After dinner, she quietly ran out with a large pack of firecrackers and fireworks, and set off fireworks with everyone. But if her parents found out, of course, it would be a good meal, but, After playing, you still have to continue playing.

     "Did you set off firecrackers when you were young?" Yi Qingchen's voice suddenly rang in such a peaceful environment, so that Ye Ci, who had been immersed in her emotions, didn't immediately recover. She turned to look at Yi Qingchen's face. With a dazed expression, Yi Qingchen looked at Ye Ci who was a little empty of himself and laughed. He raised his foamy fingers and pointed at the child outside the window: "Like they set off firecrackers, did you ever have it when you were a kid?"

     "Yes, of course." Ye Ci came back to her senses. She turned her head to look at the children in the yard, and smiled softly: "But when you go home, you will inevitably be beaten."

     "Why?" This made Yi Qingchen a little surprised, and then reacted again: "I'm afraid you will get hurt."

     "Yeah. But I didn't think so when I was a child. I just think adults are really annoying, so I don't care. Then, the next day I still ran out secretly." Ye Ci couldn't help but laugh when he remembered how mischievous he was when he was a child. , And then she looked up at Yi Qingchen and said, "What about you? Have you ever been like this?""Yes, why not." Yi Qingchen looked at Ye Ci, her enchanting eyebrows became softer and softer, and the raised phoenix eyes were filled with water-like tenderness. He Looking at Ye Ci with a smile, focused and serious: "However, I rarely get beaten."

     "Ah? Wouldn't you be beaten because you are a boy?" Ye Ci raised his brows and looked a little surprised. This expression looked very cute on her face.

     "No, that's because I can run better, my mother can't run me. And, my dad indulges me, he thinks that even if the boy is blown up, there is nothing to do." Yi Qingchen smiled gently, and he again Thinking of the time when I was a child, my face became more gentle.

     "By the way, today is the twenty-eighth Chinese New Year, don't you go back to accompany your parents to celebrate the New Year?" Now that he mentioned his mother, Ye Ci followed Yi Qingchen's question.

     Yi Qingchen's phoenix eyes narrowed slightly and smiled faintly: "Ahhh." He replied, and then turned his head back, looking at the bowl in the sink and washing carefully: "My mom and My dad went to report from God. For the time being, I may not be able to accompany them for the New Year."

     Ye Ci was there for a moment, and she quickly apologized: "Sorry, I didn't mean it, I really don't know...""Needless to say I'm sorry, they walked very happily. They left when there was a car accident when they went to spend their honeymoon again." Yi Qingchen shook his head and interrupted Ye Ci's sorry: "They are in a very good relationship. , Often discuss the question of who dies first and who dies later, and they often fight to be the one who died later.

     "Why?" Ye Ci was surprised, her emotional aspect was rather thin and lacking, and sometimes she couldn't understand what was thinking in the minds of these people who loved each other.

     "Actually, the living talent is the one who is working hard. When he dies, he doesn't know anything, but the living one has to endure the endless long night and never-ending thoughts." Yi Qingchen smiled slightly: "However, God takes care of them very much, so they left together. There is no one who is lonely and who misses them. That's good."

     Ye Ci listened quietly. She looked at Yi Qingchen's smiling face quietly, feeling a little unspeakable melancholy, faint, faint. "But you are left behind."Maybe even Ye Ci didn't realize that when she said these words, she felt a bit of empathy with her body. Yi Qingchen looked at Ye Ci's calm face, but raised the corners of his mouth. He shrugged, "Actually, there is nothing wrong with being left behind." When he said this, Ye Ci's eyebrows were lightly raised. After that, Yi Qingchen went on to say: "If I don't stay here, I won't have a chance to meet you."

     The corners of Ye Ci's mouth opened. She wanted to say something, but her throat seemed to be stuck and she couldn't say a word. Her lips squirmed, and finally she could only turn her face away, focusing all of her attention on washing the dishes. She thought of herself in the last life, and also of Fleeting Time in the last life. Fate is really a wonderful thing. In the last life, her relationship with Fleeting Time was probably only one duel in a pvp competition. The ending was just as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly. At that time, she was arrogant and selfish and cold, and probably never thought that one day she could do it all over again, and she never thought that she would have anything to do with the person known as the Hunter God.

     However, in the end, Fate shuffled everything and everything was done again. Sometimes she even wondered, did she really exist in the previous life? Or, in the last life, she just had a nightmare that was too real?After a long time and thinking for a long time, she finally took a long breath and said in an indifferent and self-deprecating tone: "It's not a good thing to meet me. Generally speaking, I am not a good person."

     Yi Qingchen didn't even raise his eyes. He was still washing the dishes slowly, and then said, "So what? Even if you are a badass wicked beyond redemption? You are still Ye Ci. What is the other important thing? ."

     Ye Ci paused slightly when she heard this, and then her lips curled up, and said in an almost cool tone: "Blind." She sneered at Yi Qingchen: "Except you know my name is Ye Ci. What else do you know? What do you say?"

     "Why do you want to know anything else?" Yi Qingchen raised his eyebrows.

     "Why don't you know? Do you know my character? Do you know my temper? Do you know my beauty? Do you know my ugliness? You don't know anything, just say something else, if not Blindness is a lie." Ye Ci calmly and rationally pointed out the unreasonable parts of Yi Qingchen."What does this have to do with the fact that I like you?" Yi Qingchen asked as it should be by rights. He didn't understand what Ye Ci's thinking was. He always felt that these were not too much to do. And when he saw Ye Ci's eyebrows gradually raised because of his discomfort, he nodded in submission, and followed her words: "Okay, it's very relevant. But, I know the character of Gongzi You, I know Gongzi. You’s temper, I understand the beauty of Gongzi You and the ugliness of Gongzi You. Isn’t that enough?"

     "That's gameplay and reality are two different things." Ye Ci didn't know what was wrong with herself, she was actually trying to persuade Yi Qingchen. What to persuade him? In fact, Ye Ci didn't know, maybe it was persuading him to realize that he was not suitable for him, maybe it was persuading him to let him leave after careful consideration. She didn't understand what kind of mentality it was."Because it is a game, so long as Gongzi You is Ye Ci is enough." Yi Qingchen shook his head gently. His calm and Ye Ci's faint anxiety formed a sharp contrast. He used neither too Fast nor too slow said: "Because the real identity of the game can be Concealment, all the people in the game are more arbitrary of the consequences of the consequences, and they will amplify their bad side endlessly. In fact, this is not more Reality, can I see a person more clearly? And in reality, because everyone has a real identity hindered, everything I see is not necessarily true. Yangchun Baixue, the lower Liba, is just the appearance of that layer of skin. That being the case, what do you care about so much?"

     Ye Ci pressed her lips tightly, and stared at Yi Qingchen's calm face. In the end, she slowly spit out two cold and rational words: "Stupid."

     Yi Qingchen was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed lowly. His laughter did not stop, as if he heard something very funny. His low voice reverberated between his chest, unspeakably calm and pleasant. Ye Ci looked at Yi Qingchen like this, not knowing if he was angry or what was wrong.After a while, Yi Qingchen stopped laughing. His flying phoenix eyes were bent, and there was a gentle light in them. He moved closer to Ye Ci, and then gently, using only two people. The voice that can only be heard said: "That's because I love you."

     A "bang" sounded outside the window, and then, large and brilliant fireworks bloomed in the dark night sky, grand and magnificent. The colorful colors were projected into the room against the night sky, dyeing everyone's body in different colors.

     Ye Ci looked at Yi Qingchen's face, as if the warmth in her heart was about to melt. She turned her head and looked outside the window, and suddenly felt that the fireworks tonight are so beautiful.

     On the twenty-ninth Chinese New Year, Yi Qingchen left the city.

     Ye Ci and Tan Polang stood in the airport lobby, facing the taxiway where the plane took off. Ye Ci leaned on the railing through the thick glass and stared at the plane taking off. She didn't know which one contained Yi Qingchen.

     "Sister Ye Ci, what do you think of Fleeting Time?" Tan Polang stood beside Ye Ci, leaning on the railing, and asked quietly while looking at Ye Ci's calm face.

     "How about what?" Ye Ci naturally knew what Tan Polang was asking, but was too lazy to answer him, so he asked back."Yes, that is, what do you think of him? Have you considered developing and developing with him in reality?" Tan Polang immediately said eagerly when he saw that this question had a way.

     Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang's eager look, squinted her eyes, and saw that Tan Polang's heart was guilty for no reason. She curled her lips: "What benefit did Yi Qingchen give you? How do I think you are now Is there no difference from the **** in the ji courtyard?"

     Tan Polang was taken aback, too. What benefit did Fleeting Time give him? It seems that there is nothing, but, but... he scratched his scalp and shook his head into a rattle: "What good is it, I just think you and him are very suitable, you two stand together just like that. Besides, Brother Fleeting Time likes you very much. Wouldn't it be perfect if you could also like him?"

     Ye Ci gave Tan Polang a white look, straightened up, turned and walked outside, and said, "Stupid."

     "Huh?" Tan Polang was stunned when he heard these words, and immediately followed: "Sister Ye Ci, how can you call me stupid? I'm the number one pick, I think my IQ is quite high, how can you do this? Say I say it again, and I don’t think I’ve said anything wrong...""I mean Yi Qingchen is stupid." Ye Ci couldn't help but jumped up, evoking an incomprehensible smile: "Didn't you ask me what I think of him? Then let me tell you, he is stupid. people."

     "Huh?" Tan Polang didn't understand even more. He looked at Ye Ci's slender figure and only felt as if he couldn't understand Chinese anymore. No way, the image left by Brother Fleting Time to sister Ye Ci was unexpected. It's stupid, this, this...

     Ye Ci looked back at Tan Polang and said with a grimace: "Hurry up and be careful I won't take you away." Then she turned her head and walked forward with her hands behind her back, but the quiet and indifferent face rose. There was a slight smile, and the smile became bigger and brighter... (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation, monthly pass, your support, Is my biggest motivation.)